tuesday 20. 01. 2015 - 23:24 Uhr - RtCW SP Vendetta 1.2

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= Vendetta 1.2 =

This mission pack is an improved version of the Vendetta 1.1, with more levels.


= Storyline=

The Allied Intelligence Agency has learned that the German Armed Forces are developing a new air apparatus, known as the  "Helicopter" combat prototype, which can destroy armored vehicles and infantry.

You are an agent of the resistance who has the task of locating and assassinating all important persons of the Third Reich involved in this top secret project. However, your mission becomes even more difficult as you strive to find as much evidence and documentation of the project as possible, before these deadly military prototypes take to the battlefield.

= Screenshots =

Download & installation information HERE

Yo$hik's website HERE

Source - Vicpas - via shoutbox


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tuesday 20. 01. 2015 - 09:44 Uhr - RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers

RtCW SP Mod: Flying Saucers - 10 playables and 2 cutscenes
This mission pack is a fantastic adventure having as background the mystical flying saucers.
About Russian soldier whose name Alex Barbariskin must capture the German 
documentation and deliver the experimental piece of the flying saucer.
Download the mod here (gamebanana)

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tuesday 20. 01. 2015 - 09:41 Uhr - RTCW SP VENOM MOD V1.5

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Singleplayer Venom Mod 1.5 by HEllBaron89
The goal of this little modification is increase the general feeling of the game with a more aggressive and modern IA of enemies and the best graphic possible for the original game, 
with HD texture for some weapons and enemies.
- New model Mg42 (ported from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) - I think was perfect to replace the old model mg42 of RTCW; this still a lowpoly model, but realistic. 
My wish is improve the ejecting shells effect of the multiplayer and W: ET, very nice and realistic, in the SP version all shells fall down like nails on the wood.. 
I hope it will be included in the future versions of IORTCW!
Copy all the content of the package like it's on your RTCW installation folder. 
The cfg. file is facoltative, but increase the graphic quality to max possible for the engine. 
(is necessary the game patched to 1.41 to apply the wide patch and extreme quality cfg file!!)
Download the mod here (moddb)

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