Friday 24. 10. 2014 - 08:24 Uhr - 1944 Huertgen Forest (Final 2.1)

Meteos released a new Version of the map 1944 Huertgen Forest


Story: 1944: Huertgen Forest was thickly wooded, cut by steep defiles and trails.

The Axis built deep, artillery-proof bunkers, surrounded by fighting positions.


AXIS - The Allies are attempting to steal valuable supplies from the Axis Truckyard, stop them at all costs!

ALLIES - The Axis Truckyard contains valuable supplies. We must secure them to claim victory in the Forest!





Changelog (since previous public release)


 Further development
> Final 2.1
    * Time limit management:
        - Initial time limit reduced to 20 minutes;
        - Extension when the Tank is stolen (not on first repair) (+10);
        - Extension when the Truck is stolen (when exiting the Truckyard) (+5)
    * Slightly improved VIS blocking.
    * Optimized T-Junctions some more.
    * Caulked more non-visible surfaces.
    * Rewrote shaders and cleaned map script.
    * Added a flash animation and a firing sound to the AT-Gun when used.
    * Adjusted the Tank turret rotation angle while shooting the Truckyard Gate.
    * Fixed the trigger time of the AT-Gun: it will shoot only 5+ seconds after a shot.
    * Updated the map coordonates so the original Command Map fits with the objectives locations.
    * Terrain lighting is now on a single lightmap, for a smoothed lighting. However, func_group's still affect it.
      Also note that the texture blending is affected (only the brushes going through the skybox).
> Final 2.0 Fixed
    * Optimized T-Junctions a lot.
    * Caulked a lot more surfaces inside the buildings.
    * AT-Gun: trigger time increased from 0.1 to 5 seconds.
    * Fixed Flipped Triangles during MergeMetaTriangles pass.
    * Smoothed shadowing on terrain, less pixelated tree/bush shadows.
    * Fixed brush/texture alignment on the Foot Bridge (Thanks Tardis).
    * Spawn areas are SK/Arty/Mortar/Landmine-protected (Thanks |MTC|).
    * Removed solid brushes at the bottom of the bushes models (Thanks |MTC|).
    * Reduced AT-Gun blast radius, so behind the house is safe now (Thanks |MTC|).
    * Renamed the Health and Ammo cabinets, depending on their respective locations.
    * The Axis Door, east from Farm, can no longer be trickjumped by Allies (Thanks |MTC|).
    * The Axis North Path door wasn't destructible (Brush was solid): fixed (Thanks Tardis & Harry Homers).
    * Added Push Targets above Axis North Path building and above Village Bunker to prevent double-jump TJ (Thanks |MTC|).
    * Changed Axis North Path Command Map icon behavior:
      - When it is built, it will show up as a Grenade for Allies and a custom icon for Axis,
        while before it was only showing a Grenade for Allies (Nothing for Axis, could be confusing),
      - When it is destroyed, it shows Construction Materials for Axis,
        while before it was showing a custom icon for them.
    * Colored locations in Fireteam:
      - Red (^1) for Destructibles.
      - Green (^2) for Spawns.
      - Blue (^$) for Water.
Additionnal thanks to Dragonji, Micha, Sedra12, Smurfer, Teuthis, Thunder, WuTangH and |MTC| clan peeps for their feedback!



Download or test the map here


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Monday 20. 10. 2014 - 08:25 Uhr - Transmitter Spring

Tardis has created a nice spring version of the map transmitter







Story of Transmitter Spring:

Civilians manipulated by the Volksempfänger's propaganda program are resisting the allied forces.
To break the resistance, Allies have to overtake a local Transmitter, which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for

local receivers.
They have to manipulate the transmission-frequency by installing a radio Modification Kit on the Transmitter.
The Allies also have to rotate the Antenna towards their pirate sender.

// Axis Objective Descriptions
1 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from building the Bridge."
2 "Primary Objective:**Don't let the Allies carry the Modification Kit to the Transmitter."
3 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from rearranging the Antenna towards their pirate sender."
4 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Grate Door from the Allies."
5 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Forward Hut from the Allies."
6 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Serpentine Barricade from allied sabotage attempts."
7 "Secondary Objective:**Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post in the Forest Hut.**Construct a Command Post!"

// Allied Objective Descriptions
1 "Primary Objective:**Construct the Bridge."
2 "Primary Objective:**Carry the Modification Kit to the Transmitter-Station inside the Castle complex."
3 "Primary Objective:**Rearrange the Antenna towards our pirate sender."
4 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Grate Door. Keep the attack rolling!"
5 "Secondary Objective:**Capture the Forward Hut from the Axis. Keep the attack rolling!"
6 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Serpentine Barricade to secure the Forward Hut."
7 "Secondary Objective:**Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post in the Forest Hut.**Construct a Command Post!"

Objective's Not listed - Allied 

Constuct The Cave Ladder
Destroy The Bunker Wall ( AmmoBunker Side )
Destroy The Tunnel Wall ( Grate Side Only distoyable from one side )

Objective's Not listed - Axis

Prevent the Allies from building The Cave Ladder
Defend the The Bunker Wall ( AmmoBunker Side )
Defend the The Tunnel Wall ( Grate Side Only distoyable from one side )


Loglist can be found here

Download or test the map here

Download Fixed Version


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Wednesday 15. 10. 2014 - 07:13 Uhr - TEAMMUPPET INFECTED HALLOWEEN EVENT

TeamMuppet Infected Halloween event - Friday 31st of October - - 7PM GMT

Our Next event will take place on Halloween night which is Friday 31st October ...
The event will also take place on our very own Micha's Infected Mod!
Time of the event will be at 19:00 GMT (UK Time)

Server IP is and/or ( you can use either of the following IP's )

Please also do not forget to join our TeamSpeak server for an evan more fun night!
The infected Mod is one of the most popular event we have and what a better night than to have it on Halloween ...
All maps will follow the theme night so mostly / all spooky based map!
Anybody is allowed to join our event so feel free to come and visit us :D

Hope to see you all there on the night.
Happy Hunting!  


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