Friday 29. 04. 2016 - 14:23 Uhr - AoS Day : Saturday , April 30th


Now... it is time for a new funny day on AoS, we will try to make some fun at Saturday 30th April.
It starts around 19.00 CET, maybe we are earlier on our server so just try log on.
Also we updated our facebook site , you can also have a look at:

As always we will be on our teamspeak...
Feel free and connect to : or

Amadeus Chief of Staff


Source: AoS-Clan

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tuesday 19. 04. 2016 - 14:54 Uhr - Wolf ET Map - Raid Final

= Raid Final =


This is the final version of  Magic's Allied-attack map, "Raid".

= Storyline =

The Axis forces have hidden a stash of gold in a nearby library, located in a beautiful Italian village. The Allies must steal a truck and fight their way through the village to the library. Once there, they must raid the library vault, steal the gold crate, put it on the truck and make their escape.

= Screenshots =

Download the new version HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Magic

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Thursday 14. 04. 2016 - 14:58 Uhr - Wolf ET Map - Thud in the Sand

= Thud in the Sand =


This is a new Allied-attack map created by WuTangH. The map environment is situated in a small Egyptian-styled town and ends up in underground Axis bunkers.

Allied Objectives:

Primary: Steal the Dynamite and deliver it to the truck.

Primary: Escort the truck and destroy the city gate.

Primary: Destroy the tunnels gate to gain access into underground bunkers.

Primary: Use the button in the control cabin to move the rockets out of safe.

Primary: Steal the Captains key from his table and deliver it to the safe to open it.

Primary: Steal the case, moneypack 1 and moneypack 2 and deliver them to the green truck in the rich part of city.

Secondary: Destroy the hovel wall to gain one more access point that leads to the dynamite.


Download the new map HERE

Source - SplashDamage - WuTangH

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