Monday 09. 05. 2011 - 19:16 Uhr - ET Mod: ETForever 2.70 (Windows only)

DAZ2007 released his ET modification ETForever 2.70

Added AABB collision optimisation from IOquake3 (FPS Speed-up)
Added zlib Library and FS_Seek For Faster PK3 Loading
Small Fix in the Vanilla Renderer with Alpha Textures
Added Mouse Acceleration from IOquake
Improvements to the Vanilla Renderer
added r_mode "11" for 720HD and r_mode "12" for 1080HD
changed R_customwidth/R_customheight to "R_width" and "R_height"
Implanted "Which" Command from IOQuake
Removed Usless BOT Cvars from the Console e.g. Bot_developer/Bot_minplayers
ATI Skybox Fix (ioquake3)

(Requires new ET Keys "ETFkey" )
added unique Server GUID from IOquake3

Increased the Limit of CL_Maxpackets to 125
Increase Default com_hunkmegs to 96MB
This Build Works only on Servers that have no Punkbuster

The pack includes the executables for Windows client and dedicated server (ETF.exe, ETFDED.exe).

Download the package here

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tuesday 03. 05. 2011 - 11:10 Uhr - ET-Maps: TLR Map Contest Betas

The first deadline for submitting maps to the TLR Mapping Contest were hit,
5 Maps were submitted.

Those are:
Aus/Ein-klappen Tounine

Aus/Ein-klappen Castle

Aus/Ein-klappen TM Jungle

Aus/Ein-klappen Pirates

Aus/Ein-klappen Frozen

Source: re:lax &

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Monday 02. 05. 2011 - 21:33 Uhr - Prime-Squadron#5 goes N!tmod and invites for Party

-|PS|-#5 changed to N!tmod 2 weeks ago and celebrates this with a little funwar on comming saturday.
The poll, if we do Sniperwar or Panzerparty and more information can be found at
Prime-Squadron#5 - Forum

Visit for a look at
12.00 GMT+1

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