tuesday 08. 03. 2011 - 07:44 Uhr - [UJE] Inca Sniper Beta1 + Waypoints

Map [UJE] Inca Sniper Beta1, made by [UJE] Phrankhi - The theme is set to inca land. When you play the map you will notice that there are a lot of sniper spots. You can reach those places using the underground. This map is crossable but on a very hard way.

Map [UJE] Inca Sniper Beta1, erschaffen von [UJE] Phrankhi - Die Mapumgebung ist das Inkaland. Wenn du die Map spielst, bemerkst du, daß es viele Heckenschützenstellen gibt. Du kannst jene Stellen mit Hilfe des Untergrunds erreichen. Diese Map ist überquerbar, aber auf einem sehr schweren Weg.

Test or download the Map here

Omnibot Waypoints you can download @

Source: Splatterladder

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tuesday 08. 03. 2011 - 07:35 Uhr - RtCW: Map Adlernest Beta 3

RtCW Map Adlernest (Beta 3) converted by Homie, original (ET-Map) by Dersaidin - Axis strategic base / supply base located high in a mountainous region of Germany.

RtCW Map Adlernest (Beta 3) konvertiert von Homie, original (ET-Map) von Dersaidin - Strategisches Basislager der Achsenmächte / Lager liegt hoch in einer gebirgigen Region von Deutschland.

Beta 3 changes/Änderungen:
- changed spawntime for allies to 25 (from 30 original)
- removed "pipe door controls" and just put a side door there named "pipe side door"
- changed "courtyard door controls" in "door controls" (and both doors will now open when you blow this as allies)
- fixed bug: if you plant dynamite at documents as axis / allies you get message "dynamite planted at hitler documents
- improved target_locations
- made map a bit brighter at basement & courtyard
- made a new pic for the main blast doors (at limbo menu)

Download the Map here

Source : Splatterladder

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Sunday 06. 03. 2011 - 10:45 Uhr - ET Map: Comic Clash (Beta 1)

GR4n4TE released version Beta 1 of his fragmap Comic Clash.

Test or download the map here

Source: Trackbase-Forum (thanks to SL Rippchen for the link)

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