Thursday 03. 02. 2011 - 15:40 Uhr - ET Map: EA Base 2

Freshly grabbed from the EA gameserver,
a new map for you
EA Base 2

Test or download the map here

Found over Splatterladder-Maplist

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Wednesday 02. 02. 2011 - 06:32 Uhr - ET Map: Ia Drang

Thunderpwn released his CTF map Ia Drang.

Test or Download the map here


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Wednesday 02. 02. 2011 - 06:27 Uhr - ETNam installer and patcher

The Belgium Fraggers, an Enemy Territory community supporting ETNAM,
has created 2 executables including W:ETNAM installation.

The executables are being made to increase the ease of use
for W:ET players who are interested in playing ETNAM.

The clan wants to increase the activity on this new modification of ET,
which is described by .Be|FiRe&Wall' as "a new opportunity for the revival of the W:ET community".
After 7 years of W:ET existence and the failure of Wolfenstein 2 MP, ETNAM gives the necessary refreshment to our so beloved FPS shooter.

With the executables the .Be| community want to encourage the players in playing ETNAM.
The installation is very simple and you will be able to play on an ETNAM server within a few minutes after the installation.


The ETNAM PATCH installer contains all files you need to play ETNAM when you have W:ET installed already.
Just run the installer, point to your W:ET directory and the installer installs everything you need and generates an ETNAM icon on your desktop. You are ready to experience ETNAM!


The FULL ETNAM installer has being made for people new to the game.
It contains the full setup of ET, required files for ETNAM, automated punkbuster update and a minimizer.
No previous installed version of ET is required, this installer will install a full operational 2.60b ET(NAM) version on your machine.
Ready to give you the awesome experience of ETNAM just by clicking your desktop icon! By the way don't forget to activate your minimizer.

Download the full installer here
Download the patcher here

Source: belgium-fraggers via mail

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