Monday 31. 01. 2011 - 06:38 Uhr - ET Tool: Set Affinity Version 1.4

A new tool was released, to automatically set CPU affinity to the ET process within Windows


Make sure that this file resides inside your Enemy Territory directory

Default: C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory

Updates (28th Jan 2011)
* ET Affinity now supports other applications(v1.4).
* ET Affinity now makes Enemy Territory an important process.
* ET Affinity now forces ET to start quicker.
* ET Affinity now supports up to 32 core processors.
* ET Affinity now features a new icon.
* ET Affinity now starts up quicker.
* ET Affinity had a problem with 31 cores, now fixed.(v1.4).
* Optimised code a bit more.
* Fixed form resize problem.
* App now has an icon.

Download the tool here


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Sunday 30. 01. 2011 - 17:42 Uhr - Q3 - Getstatus Exploit - IPTables - workaround

Like the most concerned serveradmins know, the Q3-Engine as actually abused to generate a high datavalume over the net.

For admins of ET 2.60B server, YADA from developed a patch to limit the responsed from attacked server to 1 every 4 seconds.
Read more about the "bug" and the patch here

Since this patch only fits 2.60B server, I developed a quick and dirty script to stop the
getstatus-packets with iptables from reaching your gameserver engine from offending sources.
You`re free to set the limit of request from an IP per second.
(Abusers often send over 200 requests per second)

Hint: Run the script with a cron-job every 10 minutes.

This script should work for the most Q3 engine based game server

The script automatically add Drops in iptables for offending IPs, and check with the next run if the attacks from this IP still goes on. If not, the Drop rule will be released.

You can find the concerning forum thread here

The script is for download available here

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Saturday 29. 01. 2011 - 10:08 Uhr - ET Map: Bloody Hill (ETNam related)

thunderpwn released his map Bloody Hill.

Test or download the map here

Source: SD-Forum

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