Monday 30. 07. 2018 - 13:39 Uhr - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Lan Event

= Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Lan Event =

= Return to Krefeld Battleground =


Dear Wolfenstein: ET Community,

Many people have been messaging us lately, asking if the LAN event will happen. The community want us to make it happen and we are willing to host it for you. After the last newspost we did not get the response we'd hoped for, resulting in our long silence.

After having another internal conversation, we decided to try and make the event happen, for you, for us and for all those unforgettable moments, the offline events of this beautiful game. We have to pay the location in exactly one month, that being said, this is the final deadline!

We need exactly ten 6on6 teams and twelve 3on3 teams to make the event happen. If we can surprise ourselves and make it, the event will happen from November 2nd 2018 to November 4th 2018. We need the teams signed up and paid by August 30th 2018! Every 6on6 team pays 390€ (65€ per player) and every 3on3 team pays 105€ (35€ per player). We still have the location booked and would love to host the event and the needed seeding tournament.

The prize pool the teams are competing for will be 3160€!

We have reset the recruitment post, to give you all the chances to form or/and find teams. See HERE

You don't have a full team? No problem. Sign up for the event and you will be assigned to a team by the event organisers.

Greetings from Chosen, Ekto and stRay

Many thanks to:

Moe, for his donation of 550€ to the prize pool.

The three winning teams of the "ETernal Damage Cup", for their donation of 450€ to the prize pool.

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Friday 27. 07. 2018 - 15:34 Uhr - RtCW Cooperative - Timegate

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative Mod =

= RtCW Coop - Timegate - Version 2 =


Yo$hik has updated his release of "RtCW Timegate" for the "Return to Castle Wolfenstein Cooperative" mod, which fixes many of the bugs found in the original version.


- The level of "labor2" has undergone decompilation and subsequent rebuild and optimization. The reason is that the number of entiny-objects exceeded the limit of the cooperative engine, which led to the drop of dedicated servers.

- The train on "ber" now passes the entire railway, from the beginning to the end.

- A new room and secret have been added to the  "vil01" map.

- Also added, "some little thing xD"

Download the updated version HERE

Yo$hik on Youtube HERE

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Monday 23. 07. 2018 - 23:27 Uhr - RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade)

= Return to Castle Wolfenstein =

= RtCWCoop (Anniversary Upgrade) - Special Weapons Facility =


William and Charles enter the dark realm of Oberstgruppenführer Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse and his scientific creations. This will be another hard fight.

RTCWCOOP (Anniversary Upgrade) website HERE

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