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ET-Map-Mod: Venice with Turbulent Blue

24.07.2009 : 21:54
*WF*McBeth made a map-mod wich gives Venice a new skybox. Readme is included.
Skybox made by Avoc.


--> Venice with Turbulent Blue

PunkBuster for RtCW 1.0

22.07.2009 : 13:17
dutchmeat managed it to develop a PB patch for RtCW 1.0. The patch is based on the PB system from RtCW 1.3 and is full working.
For Windows and Linux.


--> PunkBuster for RtCW 1.0

Wolfenstein not for Linux

21.07.2009 : 23:36
LG reader Tweet wrote id Software's John Carmack about the status of Linux ports for the first-person shooter developer's upcoming titles (minus QuakeLive, which has a Linux port in active development already):

"Wolfenstein is pretty unlikely, since it was developed at Raven, and published by Activision. There are no firm plans for linux ports of the idTech 5 titles, but it certainly isn't off the table. I don't think it will be very difficult to get them running on the binary nvidia drivers, but bringing them up to functionality and acceptable performance on other OpenGL drivers would probably be a more significant undertaking than we could afford."

idTech 5 is id Software's next engine, being used for Rage and the as-of-yet untitled DOOM sequel.

--> LinuxGames: John Carmack on Linux ports
--> No more support for Linux (Google translated)
--> Wohl keine weitere Unterstützung für Linux

Source: nUllSkillZ

ET-Map-Mod: MLB Temple with Nightsky

21.07.2009 : 09:53
Just a little map-mod wich gives MLB Temple a new skybox. Readme is included.
Skybox made by Avoc.


--> MLB Temple with Nightsky

ET-Skinpack: Zawiro Mod

21.07.2009 : 09:32
A pack from Zawiro, this time for ET (except NQ). His Mod is splitted into different pk3's, each is changing a bit of the game.
This is a second version of his mod.


--> Zawiro-Mod


Playerskins, Sounds, Effects, Textures
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Prefab: VW Käfer (VW Beetle)

21.07.2009 : 09:03
Volkswagen Type 87 Model

This vehicle is not made for escorting, use it only as a static model.
Now available in a temperated- and desert-version.


--> VW Beetle


Wolfenstein: Enemies & Weapons

19.07.2009 : 15:17
Not much new to report about Wolfenstein, only a few enemies and weapons was added to the official site in the 3rd update.
One month left until the release and the site is still closed for visitors from germany. :p

Older news from the official site:

--> Screens & First Impression
--> Concept Art & Screenshots

Drachen Troopers (Flame Troopers)

The Drachen Troopers, also known as Dragon Troopers, use flame throwers to burn their victims to ashes.

Elite Guard

Highly trained in the use of hand to hand weaponry, the Elite Guard also controls the dark power of the Black Sun. The Elite Guard uses the bodies of fallen comrades to create the twisted undead creatures know as the "Despoiled".

The Altered

The Nazis' early forays into the realm of the Black Sun resulted in many unfortunate deaths. Those who entered the Black Sun, returned as horribly twisted and mutated creatures. While some of these aberrations could be harnessed, others were transformed into insane beasts known as the Altered.

General Zetta

General Zetta is the mastermind behind the initial takeover of Eisenstadt. He also produces powerful weapons that use Veil energy. However, General Zetta has his own agenda - one he does not even share with his superiors in Berlin.

Flammenwerfer: Flamethrower, 200 charge 3 units continuous
Panzerschreck: Rocket Launcher, 500 charge
Particle Cannon: Veil Beam Weapon
Tesla Cannon: Electric charge weapon
MP40: Automatic Submachine Gun, 32 clip/200 pouch
Karabiner 98: Bolt Action Rifle, 5 clip/30 pouch
MP43: Automatic Assault Rifle, 30 clip/200

5 Jahre Karottes Gemuesegarten

19.07.2009 : 14:24

In diesen Tagen hat Karottes Gemuesegarten seinen 5. Jahrestag.

Wie die Zeit vergeht, als wäre es gestern erst gewesen. Die letzten 5 Jahre waren teils sehr emotionale Jahre, denn man steckt auch sehr viel Herzblut in so eine schöne Gemeinschaft.

Am Anfang stand Karottes Gemuesegarten als Stammspielergemeinschaft, des heute nicht mehr existenten Clan's Cemetery Squad. Den älteren Enemy Territory Spielern dürfte der Clan, bzw. deren Server (CS:Feld der Seelen) noch etwas sagen.

Da aber der drang bei einigen Stammspielern nach Ligaaktivität stand, nabelten wir uns langsam immer mehr von Cemetery Squad ab, denen wir heute noch recht dankbar sind, das diese uns am Anfang einen Server und deren Forum zur Verfügung gestellt hatten.

Was geschah weltbewegendes in den letzten Jahren?

Da der Erfolg am Anfang ausblieb, hatten sich einige verabschiedet aus dem Clan. Jedoch wurden immer neue Leute gefunden, die in die Gemeinschaft passten.

In den letzten Jahren, hat sich Karottes Gemuesegarten stetig mehr und mehr zu einem Multigamingclan entwickelt, deren Teams, nach höheren Zielen streben wollen. Dazu suchen wir auch immer Teams, die zu uns passen und unseren Anforderungen entsprechen.

Was geschieht in naher Zukunft?

Vom 21.-23. August 2009, werden wir dieses Jahr unser Clantreffen bestreiten, wobei wir noch das Fussballturnier "Wir sind keine Amokläufer" ausrichten werden. Wo Clans dazu eingeladen worden sind. Leider sind noch einige Plätze frei, wo sich noch Clans melden können, die daran teilnehmen wollen.

Des weiteren wollen wir uns in anderen Spielesektoren auch ausbauen, so das wir noch weiter wachsen werden, mit Eurer Unterstützung. Neue Member ab 18 Jahre sind bei uns jederzeit gerne gesehen.


Wir danken den vielen Besuchern unserer Homepage und würden uns freuen, Euch auch in Zukunft auf unserer Homepage begrüßen zu dürfen.

Eure Karotten

~ ~

18.07.2009 : 01:47
A good news for our polish friends. After a few days downtime is back with a new layout.


Wolfenstein Achievements

18.07.2009 : 01:14 released a list of achievements available for Wolfenstein today. From these achievements, it's possible to gather several bits of information on Wolfenstein MP.

--> Achievements: Wolfenstein


  • The game will have ranks like CoD4
  • There will be 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points
  • There will be a total of 50 Ranks for MP
  • Points can be collected in MP and SP
  • There will be veil in the MP
  • The veil will be a weapon
  • The veil will only be available to the solider
  • It looks like the melee has been removed from MP


There will be 8 maps. Note, all of these maps confirmed in the achivements are exactly the same as though leaked a few months ago. It can be said the other leaked information provided by wolf1337 is all true. Screenshots of all the maps can be seen here.

Thanks: Crossfire

High Quality Skyboxes (2048x2048)

16.07.2009 : 12:18
Avoc released so far four high quality skyboxes for your mapping needs. Everyone has an size of 2048x2048 pixels per side. More to come.

--> Grab the skyboxes here

Don't forget to tell him if you use a skybox he made in your own map.SplashDamage

ET-Map: Vulcano Escape (Beta 7)

15.07.2009 : 23:13

~ Download ~
The Axis are stuck between two vulcanos that are about to erupt, they need to get away from there before they do! Axis must escort the tank, open the gate, build the bridge, and get away with the truck before there out of time! Allies must prefent all of this!

This is an axis objective map. It's set near a vulcano. If you want action, this map has it because the spawns keep on changing. The axis have to escort a tank till it blows up a wall inside the mountain. Then they must try to get the flag. After that they must escort a truck to the end.ET Only Mapping
| Servers running this Map

New Wolfenstein Release Date!

15.07.2009 : 23:12
The rumours were flying yesterday as people noticed retailers had changed their release date for the new Wolfenstein to August 18th from the previously list August 4th date, but it's all been confirmed at IGN and the game's release has indeed been pushed back a couple weeks. Here's the word:

"In order to facilitate a simultaneous global release window for id Software's Wolfenstein, Activision has realigned the game's release date for the week beginning August 17th," a representative from Activision told IGN.

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Mod: TJmod 1.2.2

15.07.2009 : 02:10
The new version of TJMod (1.2.2) has timeruns, similar to defrag and alike. For those who doesn't already know, the point of this is to compete for the best times at different runs. There's already quite a few maps made explicitly for timeruns, and there's new scripted timeruns for realmaps daily, e.g. from Allies first spawn at oasis to the old city wall.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.2.2

All records set while logged in are added to the online record system.
There is also an overall ranking, which can be seen here.
Currently it's only the records set on the official TJMod servers which are added to the online record systems, due to the possibility to fake records, but the timeruns and such are still usable on any server.

Anyways, check it out (and remember to login).
Some map examples: Dinirun6, Dinirun7, Shorties

To login you simply do /login in the console, this removes some of your general abilities like noclip and forces your speed to be reset when you load, and basically makes everything a little stricter so the chance of abusing or exploiting anything in order to get better times are minimized. Automatic login for any timerun map can be enabled with tj_autologin 1.
Saving and loading is always enabled, for those of you new to this it means that you can save your position, and then load it whenever you wish, so you don't have to walk back to the specific place or related.

Normally when you start a timer, all your previous saves are removed, to prevent saving in front of the stoptimer in order to get a very fast time. But we have created something we call "noreset" areas, at most realmaps there is a global noreset area. A noreset area means that your saves inside this area won't be removed when you start a timerun, but instead the timerun will be reset when you load. So when you load, it will be as if you didn't start the timerun, and this makes it impossible to exploit anything with saving and loading.


ET-Map: CTF Metro (Beta 1)

15.07.2009 : 01:56

~ Download ~
The Metro God is thirsty for an tremendous amount of Cola. The team which brings him 3 tubs of Cola first will gain his love and victory!
| Servers running this Map

ETpro LUA: Dynamite Counter

11.07.2009 : 19:37
To prevent 30 players to spam up the chat with their 1337 client-side dyno counters, I wrote this small server-side dyno counter.


--> LUA Dynamite Counter

Build for and tested on ETpro. (since ETpub 0.9.x has built-in team-only dyno counter, but the LUA should work flawlessly on ETpub aswell).

ET-Mod: Kmod+ v0.5.6

11.07.2009 : 16:39
KMOD+, built from clutch152's kmod, aims to bring complete admin support to the ETpro mod.


--> Kmod+ v0.5.6


  • Complete shrubbot support
  • Comes with a set of most used admin commands
  • Ability to write your own commands and share them easily (drag & drop)
  • Killing spree's / multi-kills
  • Banners
  • Player inactivity
  • and lots more...

Alot of the stuff, like the killing spree's, multi-kills and banners are compatible with the ETpub mod, which means you can use the same banners.cfg spree.cfg with KMOD+, and you dont need to rewrite everything.

Kmod+ 0.5.5 contained a small typo. This version fixes it.

Installation notes:

  • Extract the into your etpro directory, and add "kmod+.lua" to the lua_modules cvar.
  • Make sure the fs_homepath and fs_basepath cvar's set correctly to the ET directory.

Please report bugs back to

You can find more LUA modules I've made on
And don't forget to share your custom made commands with us.


Petitionsausschuß schaltet Mitzeichnung frei

09.07.2009 : 20:36

Der Petitionssausschuss des Bundestages hat gestern, 09. Juli 2009, nach mehr als einem Monat die Petition gegen das Verbot von "Killerspielen" freigeschaltet. Peter Schleußer bekam den Zuschlag.

Zur Petition:

--> Straftaten gegen die öffentliche Ordnung - Gegen ein Verbot von Action-Computerspielen

"Der Deutsche Bundestag möge sich gegen den Beschluss der Innenmisterkonferrenz vom 5. Juni 2009 entscheiden, der ein "Herstellungs- und Verbreitungsverbot" von Action-Computerspielen vorsieht.


Aktueller Anlass ist der am 5. Juni 2009 erfolgte Beschluss der Innenministerkonferenz der Länder, der ein "Herstellungs- und Verbreitungsverbot" von Action-Computerspielen vorsieht. Dieser Beschluss ist eine Reaktion auf den entsetzlichen Amoklauf eines 17-jährigen Jugendlichen im baden-württembergischen Winnenden, der die Diskussion um die Wirkung von Computer- und Videospielen neu entfacht hat. (Vor-)schnelle Verbotsforderungen werden den vielschichtigen Aspekten solcher Ereignisse nicht gerecht, wirken im Gegenteil eher verharmlosend und verhindern so eine gründliche Aufarbeitung. Mit Bedauern stelle ich fest, dass die Debatte von Unkenntnis, Polemik, Unsachlichkeit und Vorurteilen geprägt ist, gerade aus den Reihen der Politik.

"Gewaltverherrlichende" Medien hingegen sind aus gutem Grund verboten. Doch ein prinzipielles Herstellungs- und Vertriebsverbot von Filmen und Computerspielen für Erwachsene steht aus meiner Sicht im Widerspruch zu Artikel 5 unseres Grundgesetzes ("Eine Zensur findet nicht statt").

Vielmehr gilt es, Kinder und Jugendliche vor Inhalten zu schützen, die nicht für ihr jeweiliges Alter freigegeben sind. In Deutschland gelten schon jetzt die europaweit strengsten Gesetze; Mitte 2008 wurde das Jugendschutzgesetz auf Initiative von Bundesfamilienministerin Ursula von der Leyen noch einmal erweitert. Seit 1. April 2003 versieht die USK (Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle) Computer- und Videospiele - analog zu Spielfilmen - mit eindeutigen, auffälligen Alterskennzeichnungen; fünf Prozent der im Jahre 2008 geprüften Spiele sind auf ein erwachsenes Publikum zugeschnitten und werden daher mit "Keine Jugendfreigabe" eingestuft. Diese Kennzeichnung ist ein hoheitlicher Verwaltungsakt durch die Obersten Landesjugendbehörden. Produkte, die den strengen Kriterien nicht genügen, werden nicht gekennzeichnet und können demnach von der Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (BPjM) indiziert werden. Als volljähriger Bürger und Wahlberechtigter bitte ich Sie nachdrücklich, ...

  • den irreführenden und diskriminierenden Begriff "Killerspiele" aus der politischen Diskussion zu nehmen.
  • das Vertrauen der Öffentlichkeit in die bestehenden staatlichen Jugendschutzmechanismen zu stärken.
  • den Vollzug bestehender Gesetze zu verbessern und zu gewährleisten, dass Kindern und Jugendlichen nur Computer- und Videospiele entsprechend der USK-Jugendfreigabe zugänglich gemacht werden.
  • Eltern, Pädagogen sowie erzieherisch verantwortliche Personen bei der Förderung der Medienkompetenz zu unterstützen.
  • die Computer- und Videospiele-Branche in Deutschland und insbesondere die Ausbildung in diesen zukunftsträchtigen Berufen zu fördern."

QW-Map: Maridia (Final)

09.07.2009 : 20:25

~ Download ~
The GDF trying to put an end to the Maridia off shore stroyent facility located in the North Sea where the strogg are experimenting with new ways of making the stroyent. The GDF must first bypass the outer security before being able to enter the main area of the facility. Once inside they must first knock out the main stroyent exchange module in order to proceed to the main stroyent processing plant area where they must destroy the main stroyent processor to complete their mission.
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Map: Retake of the Andes (Beta 1)

09.07.2009 : 20:19

~ Download ~
Strogg attack, GDF defend.
Community Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein am 6. August in Deutschland

07.07.2009 : 18:31
Das ungewisse Warten hat ein Ende! Das Wolfenstein Release-Datum für Deutschland steht fest. Es ist der 6. August! Also nur 2 Tage später als das US-Relase (4. August)

Ausserdem kommen Playstation, X-Box und PC-Version zeitgleich in die Läden. Die Wolfenstein PC-Version ist ab 18 Jahren und ab dem 06.08.09 in allen üblichen Fachgeschäften erhältich.

~ BraveHeart 4vs4 Tournament ~

04.07.2009 : 21:45

16 teams! 64 players! 1 Goal! Eternal Glory! ...till the next battle

Join today with your team!
Signup here

Also post your team in these: 4vs4 Tournament forums with all the teammembers names.

Starting 18-07-2009 with 2 matches each day, till the final on 25-07-2009! All info's: Tournament page

This is a fun tournament! with no prize just the honour.

ET-Map: Rhineland Bridge 4 (Final)

01.07.2009 : 23:52

~ Download ~
1945, Southern Germany. Allied forces are trying to cross the Rhine river at the last functional bridge. Axis forces are struggling to keep them from crossing, if the Allied forces succeed it may be the turning point of the war.

New in version 4:

  • Use of better textures
  • Smaller filesize
  • Changed mapscript
  • Fixed and better shaders

Etch via E-Mail
| Servers running this Map

PunkBuster Client Update 2.190 (W:ET)

01.07.2009 : 15:32
"Version 2.190 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This version fixes a bug in v2.186 related to cvar checking."

ET-Map: Falkenstein SW2

01.07.2009 : 12:22

~ Download ~
The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret Axis base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the success in this war.


  • General bug fixes
  • Removed flagcap delay
  • Reduced the trainyard's size
  • Moved the bridge closer to the generator
  • Added a way in the middle of the bridge to jump of from
  • Added more cover in the trainyard
  • Speeded up the lowering gates
  • The axis teamdoor on the side of gates also opens when generator is destroyed
  • Generator room is a bit more open
  • Added a hole with ladder from cp to lower entrance
  • Added a entrance at the back of cp, so you can get to the up entrance faster
  • Widened the escape train area
  • Added axis constructable fencedoors at the back entrance of the escape train
  • Basiscly changed the complete inside area, it's more open now
| Servers running this Map

Wolfenstein: Minimum Specifications

01.07.2009 : 12:16
The minimum specifcations for Wolfenstein:

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP or Windows Vista(R) (Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are unsupported)
Microsoft DirectX(R) 9.0c (included & required for Windows XP & Vista)

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 3.2 GHz or AMD Athlon(TM) 64 3400+ processor
Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA(R) Geforce(R) 6800 GT or ATI Radeon(TM) X800
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
HDD Space: 8GB (Plus an additional 800MB for Windows swap file)
Media: 100% Microsoft Windows compatible DVD-ROM drive
Internet: Broadband connection and service required for multiplayerCrossfire

PunkBuster Client Update 2.186 (W:ET)

30.06.2009 : 17:13
"Version 2.186 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release."

According to warren the ape the 'PB GUID Auth' kicks disappeared with this update.

ET-Mod: Kmod+ v0.5.4 Alpha

30.06.2009 : 11:43
KMOD+, built from clutch152's kmod, aims to bring complete admin support to the ETpro mod.


--> Kmod+ v0.5.4 Alpha

I don't remember all the features right now, so I will list some from the top of my head:

  • Complete shrubbot support
  • Comes with a set of most used admin commands
  • Ability to write your own commands and share them easily (drag & drop)
  • Killing spree's / multi-kills
  • Banners
  • and lots more...

Alot of the stuff, like the killing spree's, multi-kills and banners are compatible with the ETpub mod, which means you can use the same banners.cfg spree.cfg with KMOD+, and you dont need to rewrite everything.

  • This is an alpha release. Due to lack of time it was rushed to release. Some of the stuff, mainly the last implemented feature - killing spree system - wasn't tested on a live server.
  • Use at your own risk.

Installation notes:

Extract the into your etpro directory, and add "kmod+.lua" to the lua_modules cvar.

Please report bugs back to

You can find more LUA modules I've made on
And don't forget to share your custom made commands with us.


ET-Map: C2 Missile (Beta 2)

29.06.2009 : 23:27

~ Download ~
A C2 Missile is about to be launched by the axis forces. The allies are trying to break into their base and try to prevent the rocket from launching.
| Servers running this Map

PunkBuster Server Update 1.747 (W:ET)

29.06.2009 : 15:34
Two days ago, Evenbalance released a new Punkbuster update. It has been over 6 months since the last update for Enemy Territory was released.

"Version 1.747 of the PB Server for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release."

The spontaneous PB kicks on No Quarter 1.2.3 PB enabled servers should belong to the past, according to NQ developer Irata, "The current dev build runs [...] without kicking the windows clients. I assume 1.2.3 does too".

If you are getting kicked from servers with messages like 'General PB Client Authentication Failure', run the pbweb.exe program from the 'pb' folder to update your installation or update with PBsetup.
Prime Squadron