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ET-Map: Decrypted 2 (Beta 2)

28.06.2009 : 18:15

~ Download ~
Axis intercepted a transmition and decrypted it. Allies must send it back to their HQ to ensure of operations safety.
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RtCW-Mod: Upgrade Weapons Mod v1.0

28.06.2009 : 18:07
This mod made by Jakob changes weapons sounds in high quality, weapons textures and some effects.


--> Upgrade Weapons Mod v1.0

What is?

RtCW: UW allows you to relive the materpiece of ID games and activision, in most right and realistic way.


Great part of the textures has been modified with photoshop and saved in 32bit format for a better, deep quality of color. Textures based on original weapons photos, for a new and realistic look.


The mod changes weapons sounds (reloading, fire, shells...) in high quality, gret part of sounds are recorder from original weapons sound.

New Effects.

RtCW: UW adds some little effects.
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Tool: ET MediaManager v2.1

28.06.2009 : 17:47
If you are a passionate Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory player, then this software will definitely help you to keep track of your demos.


--> ET MediaManager v2.1

Quick overview:

  • Playback Demos from any directory
  • Remote control over ET and Q3 directly from the Mediamanager (Play, forward / jump) demos
  • Comment your demos, comments are stored eventho you move the demo to another directory
  • Rate your demos, ratings are stored eventho you move the demo to another directory
  • Easy navigation within the folders (XP like, Backspace = one directory up)
  • Rename / Delete Demos
  • Detailed Server Information
  • Player Information (kills / deaths)
  • Frag history for each player
  • Ability to scan for Fragsprees from any player in the demo
  • Complete Chatlog (Server, Chat, Teamchat)
  • Filters the are applied on the fly. Searching for maps / demos / players made is easy as never before
  • Export the demo as an XML file, so other tools can easily postproccess this information

ET-Skinpack: Zawiro-Mod

28.06.2009 : 17:37
Again a pack from Zawiro, this time for ET (except NQ). His Mod is splitted into different pk3's, each is changing a bit of the game.


--> Zawiro-Mod


Playerskins, Sounds, Effects, Textures
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Tool: Nickname Generator

25.06.2009 : 18:43
This is an html/javascript Nickname generator made by unf4z3d for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory but will work for any Quake 3 based game, and also Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.


--> Nickname Generator

Anyone can use this, no need for credit, no copyrights. Enjoy.SplashDamage

ZeniMax Mediy Inc. buys id Software

24.06.2009 : 18:40
ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks has purchased id Software. Read on for the answers to some of the many questions you'll already have.

--> Read all at Planet Wolfenstein

"ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced it has completed the acquisition of legendary game studio, id Software, creators of world-renowned games such as DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein, and its upcoming title, RAGE. The acquisition by ZeniMax Media joins together two of the finest, most respected videogame developers in the world, combining the first person shooter (FPS) expertise of id Software with acclaimed role playing game (RPG) developer Bethesda Game Studios – creators of the 2008 Game of the Year, Fallout 3, and the 2006 Game of the Year, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Bethesda Softworks will publish the titles of id Software other than upcoming releases previously committed to other publishers."Planet Wolfenstein


23.06.2009 : 23:33
This skinpack made by Zawiro for ''True Combat: Elite'' contains not only playerskins, he also retexured a few guns.


--> TC:E Skinpack

Wolfenstein Files

TC:E-Soundpack: Terrorists Chat

23.06.2009 : 23:28
Zawiro made a soundpack for the ET-Convertion ''True Combat: Elite''. It contans custom-made voicecats for the terrorists and new music for the main menu.


--> Terrorists Chat
Wolfenstein Files

Wolfenstein Aktion 2009

23.06.2009 : 00:32

Club Wolfenstein, Partner von bietet Euch für 44,90 € die PC Uncut Spielversion in einem hammermäßigen Wolfenstein Fan Paket an!

  • Wolfenstein Spiel
  • Wolfenstein T-Shirt
  • Portofrei!

für die

  • PC Version (44,90 €)
  • Xbox (59,90 €)
  • PS3 (59,90 €)

WICHTIG: Da Club Member einen besseren Preis bekommen als im Shop angegeben müsst Ihr bei der Bestellung unter: Fügen Sie hier Ihre Anmerkungen zu dieser Bestellung ein folgendes eingeben:

Bestellcode: clubwolfenstein
T-Shirt Größe: L/X/XL oderXXL

Wer auf der sicheren Seite sein will, gibt noch den Club Preis - wie oben angegeben - entsprechend zur Hardware an. Den korrigierten Preis erhaltet Ihr dann in der Bestätigungsmail von game4game.Toady Christ on Jag via E-Mail

ET-Map: Al Abbasi (Final)

22.06.2009 : 07:38

~ Download ~
Summer 1943, the Axis forces have taken a small village in North Africa, called Al Abbasi. Here the Axis forces meet the Allied forces, who are trying to free the people of this small village. In the middle of the village, the forces meet upon the holy grounds.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Stuff: AdminScreenshot (.cfg)

21.06.2009 : 11:26
Pressing arrow keys puts you in spectator mode, opens your console and gives you options.


--> AdminScreenshot (.cfg)

Pressing arrow-up:

Will automatically take screenshots, and starts recording a demo, then it will open your console screen while showing you !listplayers, and make 2 more screenshots.
After a few seconds the console screen will close again, and it will generate a logfile in your etpub map called __log_file__admin-screen-shot.

To stop recording the demo type /stopdemo or press F12 two times.

Pressing arrow-down:

Will put you into spectator and opens your console and shows you !listplayers
Now the only thing you have to do is look for the slot number of the player you are looking for, and type /follow [player/slotnumber]
Use mouse button to scroll so your console screen stays still.

Pressing left-arrow:

Will put you into spectator and will follow the next player if you hit it multipule times.

Pressing right-arrow:

Will put you into spectator and will follow the previvous player if you hit it multipule times.
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Minimod: Pliersmod (Final)

21.06.2009 : 11:14
Axis have a red plier & Allies have a blue plier.


--> Pliersmod (Final)

Completed Edition
Fixed: The Red and Blue pliers are now shown in first person
Other: Improved plier texturesWolfenstein Files

ET-Map: CTF Metro (Alpha 2)

16.06.2009 : 20:35

~ Download ~
CTF map for fun- and pubgameplay. Supports 64 players.
Qualmi via PM
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ET-Map: Artic Gun (Final 2 / Fixed)

16.06.2009 : 20:33

~ Download ~
It's Winter 1944. The Axis have constructed three massive long distance guns, bombing targets from great distance. After a successful allied dropping into the mountains, they will need to steal a tank out of the small outpost the axis have build there. Once the tank has been stolen from out the axis outpost, they will need to escort it through the small village of Saurburg and blow out the side wall of the axis base where the massive guns are stationed. a alternative route will be found through the underground tunnels wich can be opened once the tank had blown out the side wall. Good luck soldiers!
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Minimod: Medbox-Satchel (Final)

14.06.2009 : 20:24
It's replacing covert ops satchel with medic medpack model. There are 2 versions - one with the 'hum' sound, and the other one without it. Made for fun, hopefully you will enjoy it...


--> Medbox-Satchel (Final)

Tested with etmain, ETpro, & No Quarter 1.2.3

IndyJones via MSN

ET-Map: Le Lac (Beta 4)

14.06.2009 : 16:40

~ Download ~
Allieds need to steal the Axis boat first. Then escort the explosives to reach the prototype missile, then plant dynamite to blow all up!
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Tool: Auto Seamer v1.0.1

14.06.2009 : 15:59
The program takes an ordinary texture (it loads and saves bitmaps, or you can just copy and paste the textures in which is easier) and provides you with three little algorithms to seam it. It has a weighted averaging system which works well with pretty much any texture, an offset algorithm which works really well with some textures and not with others, and a speckle algorithm which is like a logical noise algorithm to help add some randomness back into the seam.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''Auto Seamer v1.0.1''
--> Auto Seamer Website

The program is NOT optimized in any way. It works fine with small textures (like 256x256) but starts to slow down significantly when you get up to around 512x512. Thats it. Hope you find it useful.IndyJones via MSN

ET-Prefab: VW Käfer (VW Beetle)

14.06.2009 : 15:41
Volkswagen Type 87 Model

This vehicle is not made for escorting, use it only as a static model.


--> VW Beetle

S&M Mapping

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Barracks

13.06.2009 : 00:59
Since the 6th birthday of W:ET SplashDamage opened a small portal site for W:ET with download links, a leaderboard and other things.

--> Click here to check out SD's portal site for W:ET

"A massive, enormous, colossal, firm yet still sensitive thanks to everyone who made Wolf:ET (and not-very-indirectly-at-all Splash Damage) the success it/we is/are. It's been and remains a splendid and extraordinary ride and we have you to thank for it." ~BongoboySaadi via ICQ

Internetsperren für Online-Gewaltspiele

11.06.2009 : 23:13
"Der CDU-Bundestagsabgeordnete Thomas Strobl sieht das von der Innenministerkonferenz geforderte Herstellungs- und Verbreitungsverbot von gewalthaltigen Spielen als bedenkenswerte Maßnahme an, es sei sorgfältig zu prüfen. Auf dem Politiker-Befragungsportal Abgeordnetenwatch schreibt er darüber hinaus, in der Debatte zur Gewaltprävention sollte die von den Bundesministern Ursula von der Leyen und Wolfgang Schäuble vorgeschlagene Sperrung von kinderpornografischen Seiten im Internet "mit Blick auf Killerspiele neu diskutiert werden". Auch müsse das Zustandekommen von Alterskennzeichnungen solcher Spiele überprüft und die Arbeitsweise der Unterhaltungssoftware-Selbstkontrolle kritisch hinterfragt werden."

lest den kompletten Artikel auf

--> heise online

Zusätzlich gibt's zu dem Thema noch einen guten Artikel auf Clan DooC.

only4noob auf

11.06.2009 : 22:27
Die für Configs beliebte Seite only4noob ist nun auf vertreten.

--> only4noob @

Inhaltlich wird einem das altbekannte geboten, sei es eine Einführung ins Skripten über eine Erklärung der verschiedenen Befehle bis hin zu fertigen Skripten ist alles vertreten.

ET-Map: Rushers 11 (Beta 2)

10.06.2009 : 17:02

~ Download ~
The Allies have to Rush the Gizeh City and Destroy the Axis Generator before Allies start their Air Attack. The German Afrika Korps had to be stopped from threatening the vital British supply line across the Suez Canal.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: Space Frag (Beta 3)

09.06.2009 : 12:52

~ Download ~
Axis vs. Allies frag
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ET-Map: Falkenstein SW

07.06.2009 : 18:27

~ Download ~
The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret Axis base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the success in this war.

Falkenstein SW is a stopwatch version of Falkenstein (Beta 1) made by 0range. Stopwatch modifications by via ICQ
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ET-Map: Ambush (Beta 2)

07.06.2009 : 12:39

~ Download ~
The Allies are attempting to steal the radar components. The Axis must guard their two radars and prevent the Allies from escaping with any stolen parts.
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ET-Map: Valley Escort 2 v1

07.06.2009 : 12:37

~ Download ~
The axis went into an ambush by the allies and the only vehicle was left is the tank. Axis have to escort the tank into the allies base. Then the tank wil blow up the main gate and the axis can destroy the generators. Allies have to prevent this all.
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ET-Map: The Ghetto (Beta 6)

07.06.2009 : 12:32

~ Download ~
The Allies have occupied the ghetto and have set up a gang house. The Axis must push the Allies back to the gang house, get a tank there to break into the gang house, and steal their combat maps.

Special stuff:

  • Moving girls added by [UJE]C
  • Funny sounds
  • Chopper for getting to objective
  • Alarm when there are axis on the roof

| Servers running this Map

Weiterführende Internet-Zensur

07.06.2009 : 00:49

Wie berichtet gibt der SPD Abgeordnete Wiefelspütz offen zu, natürlich denke man mittel- und längerfristig "über andere kriminelle Vorgänge" nach.
Er könne sich auch vorstellen Seiten mit verfassungsfeindlichen oder islamistischen Inhalten zu blocken.

Erneut zeigt eine weitere Aussage "Es kann doch nicht sein, dass es im Internet eine Welt ohne Recht und Gesetz gibt.", daß man hier völlig außen vor, daß Gesetze auch im Internet gelten.
Etwa volksverhetzende Propaganda ist im Netz verboten wie im Realen leben. Zensur dagegen verhindert das Bilden einer eigenen Meinung, stellt das Volk unter Generalverdacht, entmündigt es, schafft die Möglichkeit einer einfacheren weiterführenden Zensur, führt zu Selbstzensur und ändert am eigentlichen Problem überhaupt nichts.
Daher sind die Zensurinitiativen der CDU und die Kompromisse, wie sie die SPD gerade versucht, kategorisch abzulehnen.

Quelle: Clan DooC

Verbot von ''Gewaltspielen''

05.06.2009 : 18:01
Wie Welt Online berichtet haben sich die Innenminister auf ein Verbot von Herstellung und Verbreitung von Actionspielen geeinigt.
Daß die von ihnen in der Erläuterung beschriebene Spiele aber bereits nach aktuellem Recht und Gesetz verboten oder indiziert sind scheint dabei nicht zu interessieren.
Das Gesetz soll, geht es nach den Innenministern, vom Bundestag noch vor der Bundestagswahl verabschiedet werden.

Siehe auch einen Spiegel Online Artikel.

Niedersachsens Innenminister Uwe Schünemann von der CDU behauptet als Begründung solche Spiele würden die Hemmschwelle zur Gewalt senken.
Das Jugendamt dagegen sagte über ein eSport Turnier: "Ein Rapkonzert wirkt aggressiver"
Es wurde nie gezeigt, daß tatsächlich eine Hemmschwelle sinkt.
Im Gegenteil:
Studien haben gezeigt, daß sehr wohl Realität und virtuelle Welt unterschiedlich wahrgenommen werden, bereits im Gehirn, und daß sich Rennspiele auch nicht auf das Fahrverhalten im realen Leben auswirken. (siehe auch hier)

"Amokläufer haben sich vor ihren Taten immer wieder mit solchen Spielen beschäftigt."
Tatsächlich wurde in einer Studie der TU Darmstadt gezeigt: Nur 4 von 7 untersuchten Amokläufern spielten regelmäßig gewalthaltige Computerspiele.

Quelle: Clan DooC

bTc Fightnight No. 2

04.06.2009 : 23:36

"In the next few weeks one of our clan-founders, our FragZone-server-owner and uber-soap-taker |bTc|ClawFire will become father. After this he won't have much time for us, so we decided to start a Fight Night to give him a great goodbye! It's title is Claw's Schnullerparty (Schnuller = Soothers)."


This weekend!
From: Saturday, 06.06.2009 at 18 o'clock (GMT+1)
To: Sunday, 07.06.2009 at 12 o'clock (GMT+1)
(German time: World Time Map)

For more information about this event, click here to read more.|bTc|ClawFire via PM