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ET-Map: Wiesbaden (Final)

04.06.2009 : 22:32

~ Download ~
The allies must destroy the missile controls before the V2 rocket finishes fueling!
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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Wolfenstein: Unconfirmed MP Facts

04.06.2009 : 22:15
On Crossfire you can read a nice article about the multiplayer part of the upcoming Wolfenstein. There from one of the sixty beta-testers who leaked the information.

--> Wolfenstein MP inside info @ Crossfire

Source: Crossfire | Thanks to Bane

~ EnemyTerritory-Stuff is back ~

03.06.2009 : 11:13

Some will already know it, since the last crash our partner site EnemyTerritory-Stuff is now fully restored and the site got a new and fresh design.
Go and check out EnemyTerritory-Stuff.

ET-Map: Fliegerhorst (Final 2)

02.06.2009 : 21:35

~ Download ~
1945, Southern Germany. Axis forces have developed a very poison gas that they plan on releasing over the enemy by air. Allied forces have found the hiding place and secured the gas, but can they hold it. Safest way to be sure is to destroy the airplane that the Axis forces are planing to use for the gas release.

This second version has enhanced textures and is much smaller in filesize.EnemyTerritory-Stuff
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Texture-Pack: 447 Skyboxes

01.06.2009 : 15:47
I'm sure you will find a fitting skybox for your mapping-project.

- 447 Skyboxes
- TGA format
- Size: 512x512


--> 447 Skyboxes


  • Dramatic clouds
  • Mountains
  • Snowy landscapes
  • Firey landscapes
  • Forests
  • Swamps
  • Cities
  • Ruins
  • Alien worlds
  • At the sea
  • Under the sea
  • Space
  • Wild skies
  • Crazy skies
The Wadfather

ET-Tool: Prefab Generator (online)

28.05.2009 : 19:09
C once made a prefab generator. Maybe useful to some mapper/scripter:

--> Prefab Generator

It can make prefabs of:

  • Tanks/trucks + splines + (max 4) barricades + the mapscript.
    Of course the tank-owning team is also selectable.
  • Command-Posts: allied, axis or neutral + mapscript.
  • Different kind of spawnpoints + mapscript.

Easy to use. Click-click and download the .map, .script or both .map+.script in one zip.nUllSkillZ via PM | SplashDamage

ET-Map: Ostra Brama (Final)

28.05.2009 : 19:01

~ Download ~
Operation Ostra Brama (lit. Operation Sharp Gate) was an armed conflict during World War II between the Polish Home Army and the German occupiers of Vilnius. It began on July 7, 1944, as part of a Polish national uprising, Operation Tempest, and lasted until July 14, 1944. The Germans were defeated. Victory!

Allies will start in the forrest surrounding Vilnius, escorting the tank to the river and capture the Axis flag. Then cross the river to Vilnius where the Axis Ammo Supply documents are (in Gediminas Tower). Steal the document and get them back to the radio tent!Blowfish via PM
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Wolf-Music: Bill Brown - Midtown Combat

27.05.2009 : 00:09
Activision: What can players expect from the music in Wolfenstein?
Bill Brown: Big, dark, angular, intense, dense orchestral music that feels sonically like it could have been imagined and created in the 1940's... You might feel a connection to the music from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but it has all been taken to the next level... just like the game.

Download & Info:

--> Bill Brown: Midtown Combat (mp3)
--> Bill Brown's Homepage
--> Interview with Bill Brown at IGN
| PalaceWolfenstein

ET-Tool: ETscript 4 (Beta 2)

26.05.2009 : 23:52
"This release is meant mainly to receive some feedback from the community. If you find bugs, let me know. If you find something you don't like, let me know. If you have a question, or can't find something, let me know!
You can post in this thread, or you can email me directly at r0fnick [at] gmail [dot] com (yes, that's with a zero)." ~Flippy

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher


--> ETscript 4 (Beta 2)

ETScript is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map script files. These script files are usually written in simple text editors like Notepad, which offer very little extra support. ETScript is different. While it hosts all useful features popular text editors like Notepad have, it also hosts a ton of features designed specifically for W:ET script files. You will probably find ETScript superior over Notepad, simply because it looks and handles identical to Notepad, plus a ton of extra features. These features are mostly aimed toward W:ET script files and help you to write your scripts quicker, easier and with less errors.SplashDamage

ET: Command Map Icon Tutorial

02.06.2009 : 21:27
UPDATE: IndyJones added a missing texture to the tutorial.

If you're a mapper and have problems to create a icon for the command map, IndyJones made a tutorial that helps you to solve this problem.


--> Command Map Icon Tutorial

Wolfenstein Fan-Paket

25.05.2009 : 19:11
Unsere Partnerseite Club Wolfenstein verfügt über Beziehungen zum Großhandel, deshalb dachten sich die Jungs und Mädels dort das sie eine kleine Aktion für die Community auf die Beine stellen.

Wer sich das kommende Wolfenstein über Club Wolfenstein bestellt, bekommt zusätzlich noch ein T-Shirt und bezahlt nicht mehr als den Preis des Games.

Wie das alles im Detail ablaufen wird erfährt man hier.
Toady Christ on Jag via E-Mail

Wolfenstein: Concept Art & Screenshots

24.05.2009 : 18:03
Überraschung, überraschung... auf der offiziellen Wolfenstein-Seite hat sich doch noch etwas getan. Ein Gegner aus dem Singleplayer wird vorgestellt und es wurden Screenshots und Concept Art hinzugefügt.
Da es immer noch keine offizielle deutsche Version von für Besucher aus Deutschland gibt, könnt ihr Euch die Bilder - allesamt Zensiert, in Originalgröße und ohne dämliches Wasserzeichen - eben bei uns ansehen.


When resonated at certain frequencies, Black Sun energy can revitalize dead tissue. The 'Despoiled', are creatures created by the Elite Guards through the revitalization process. However, there are rumors that the Elite Guards may be misusing their power.

Concept Art:


W:ET Mapscripting Tutorial

23.05.2009 : 19:44
"This Tutorial will teach you the very basics of W:ET Mapscripting. It is a beginners guide, quick to read, and comes along with example maps. You will learn how to start a script, how to handle Mapevents and much more." ~Qualmi


--> Mapscripting Tutorial

ET-Tool: Package to test gamechars

23.05.2009 : 19:04
This package made by ailmanki is all configured for local testing a map with ETpub and Jaymod (Windows & Linux).


--> Test Gamechars

ET-Mod: TJmod 1.1.1

23.05.2009 : 17:01
TJMod is a new Trickjumping Mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It's based on the original etmain source and it includes a lot of bugfixes and enhancements. All aimed towards making a mod to give an optimal trickjumping experience. Read more about all this and more on the forum!

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.1.1

Some key features:

  • save / load which removes your speed when you load.
  • Instant spawn. There IS no spawntime!
  • Ability to show keypresses. Will show the keys pressed by the person you spectate, and it also has multiple keysets. Configurable on client-side and will work in any demos recorded with TJMod. (Tj_drawkeys)
  • Cgaz hud to show (near) perfect strafing angles. (Only works with forwards fullbeat at the moment)
  • Score table which shows the pmove_fixed and FPS settings of all players.
  • Unlimited adrenaline.
  • Permanent Nofatigue, with client-side toggle to turn it on or off (tj_nofatigue)
  • Server-side ability to disable all ending of maps (sets unlimited timelimit and disables wm_endround)
  • Hardcoded ws and callvote exploit fixes.
  • Speedometer (tj_drawspeed)
  • Clock (tj_drawclock)
  • Custom mapscript support, inlcuding a fixed script for nejijump5_b5.
  • Very easy to set up, all server-side settings are prefixed with TJG_ and all client-side with TJ_. Type tj_ and then press tab in the console to list all settings, same with tjg_ (if you're on local server).
  • Server-side setting to enable /god and /noclip without enabling sv_cheats. (tjg_noclip and tjg_god)
  • Open source!
  • More features, ideas and fixes coming pretty much every day!
  • The mod is created and actively under development by Dinius, Setup and Zero.

ET-Tool: Q3 Model Tool v1.5.0 (Build 5)

06.06.2009 : 23:40
The 'ET Model Tool' got a new name: 'Q3 Model Tool'.
It supports now all Q3-Engine based games.

It's a tool for playermodel-makers, mappers and modders.

Download & Info:

--> Q3 Model Tool v1.5.0 (Build 5)
--> 'Q3 Model Tool' Website

The powerful features:

  • General Usage
    • Selecting a range of frames
    • Changing surfacenames
    • Changing shadernames
    • Embedding skins
    • Showing normals
    • View options
  • Playermodels (MDM/MDX & MDS)
    • Converting to MDM/MDX from MDS
    • Editing Calculating Level-Of-Detail (LOD)
  • Models (MD3)
    • Converting to MD3
    • From MAP
    • From playermodel's frames-range
    • From MS3D (MilkShape)
    • From ASE
  • Adding frames to an MD3
    • Frame[0] from one MD3
    • Frames[0] from a sequence of MD3's
    • All frames from another MD3
  • Deleting a frame from an MD3
    • Remove the current frame
  • Manipulating tags in an MD3
    • Inverting & swapping axis
    • Adding a tag manually
    • Adding tags from a .tag-file
  • Editing MD3
    • Fixing Gaps
    • Smoothing surfaces
    • Rotating
    • Manipulating coordinates & normals
    • Changing the model's origin
    • Scaling

ET-Map: Energie 1.1

20.05.2009 : 08:43

~ Download ~
There are strange experimences with Crystals in a secret Lab. Find it and use them for your Team!
Sternschubser's Lager
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ET-Map: Burg Rabenhorst (Final)

20.05.2009 : 08:39

~ Download ~
The Allieds attack Burg Rabenhorst (Castle Ravens Nest) to steal secret documents.
Sternschubser's Lager
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ET-Map: Casinorun 1.2

20.05.2009 : 08:31

~ Download ~
Steal the Gold and run!
Sternschubser's Lager
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1. Rifle Tennis Match

20.05.2009 : 08:12

Hallo Enemy Territory Gamer!

Wir laden euch recht Herzlich zu unserem Rifle Tennis Match (ET 2.55) ein. Meldet euch an unter, registriert euer Team und Zockt mit.

Geplant sind 6on6, aber wir sind offen wir kleine und größere Paarungen.

Wie funktioniert das?
Es werden jeweils 2 Teams gegeneinander Antreten als Engineer mit Rifle. Das Team mit den meisten Kills am Ende gewinnt das Match und kommt in die nächste Runde.

Was erwartet euch?
Viel Spass und am Ende einen schönen Pokal den ihr in eurere HP integrieren könnt.

Powered by und

Prefab: WWII Tanks

19.05.2009 : 09:15
A set of low poly ASE models with texture maps. Includes, wireframe map guides and AO bake maps for diffuse texture use. Textures are 512x512 or smaller. These models were originally intended to be used as middle distance+ objects so wheel and tracks are simple solid shapes. However, using alpha transparency will allow the appearence of tracks and running gear where necessary.


--> WWII Tanks


  • British Universal (Bren Gun) Carrier
  • British Cromwell
  • British Churchill
  • German Panzer II
  • USA (Allied) M5A1
nUllSkillZ via PM | KatsBits

ET-Map: Spear of Destiny 2 (Final)

19.05.2009 : 01:52

~ Download ~
Duke's knife, the Spear of Destiny is feared among many. Last time the Allies were success full in stealing The Spear of Destiny. The Axis HQ have learned where the Allies keep Duke's knife and gone try to steal it back. The Axis need to repair the tank, take control over the city and use the tank to break into the bank. If the Axis are successful then the train stands ready to bring them to safety.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map-Mod: Venice Gondola

17.05.2009 : 02:41
"A small mini-mod for Wolfenstein ET. It replaces the Venice Speedboat with a traditional Venetian rowing boat - Gondola. The PK3 include a changed command map icon and the engine start/stop sounds are removed. You will probably notice a new music while escorting it... but it's not my 'fault'. It was always there, but it was silenced due to loud engine sound.

Feel free to use it on your server.



--> Venice (incl. the map-mod)
--> Gondola for Venice (if you already have Venice)

IndyJones via MSN

ET-Tool: ETPlus (Mac OSX)

16.05.2009 : 19:32
The ETPlus server IP manager is for users running Mac OSX only and it packs several handy features to make your online adventures.

Download + Info:

--> ETPlus Homepage


  • Add / remove servers IPs favorite from WET servers
  • You can see at a glance free slots and ping
  • Ability to sort by ping
  • Ability to obtain information from the server. (maps, version, etc.).
  • Chance to see players with their score, and which side they are.
  • You may find a player of all connected servers.
  • Ability to export and import lists of servers to share them with friends.
  • It has an automatic updates are always available for the latest version.
  • Possibility to start the game directly into the server to select from the list.

Thanks: PlanetWolfenstein benötigt Unterstützung

15.05.2009 : 16:32 benötigt Unterstützung aus der Community in den folgenden Bereichen:
Scripter, Grafiker, Newsposter

Interessenten lesen bitte hier weiter.General Wolfens via ICQ

StockenfelS: The last ET song

15.05.2009 : 13:37

~ Download ~
StockenfelS aka tgs.AccepT released for the community his third W:ET related song.

The song is available in two versions, english and german.
To download the song along with a few extras simply click the image on the left.

Have fun!

"This song is dedicated to all "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" players!
Keep the best game ever alive!!!"

ET-Map: Castle Trap (Final)

14.05.2009 : 23:52

~ Download ~
It's a nice 1vs1 map but you can play with more players too.

ETc|jay via E-Mail | Clan ETc
| Servers running this Map

ET-Prefab: WWII Flags

14.05.2009 : 01:10
IndyJones made a set of flags along with an example-shader for your maps.
The flags are available in a used and destroyed version, texture size is 256x512 pixels.

Nine flags from Germany, Italy, Japan, France, United Kingdom, USA and USSR.

--> WWII Flags
IndyJones via MSN

ET-Tool: Campaign Creator (Online)

12.05.2009 : 12:55
Schnoog reworked the Campaign Creator a bit. This version works now online, campaigns are saved and can be edited later.

--> W:ET Campaign Creator

Works really easy:

  • Register (Nickname & Password, nothing else)
  • Create Campaign
  • Choose Maps
  • Create Files:
  • Download the file
    • The downloaded file contains:
      • The Campaign (pk3)
      • The required CFG
      • The file list with all needed map-pk3's
Special feature:
Every user can manage and edit any amount of campaigns.
WolfMap Forum

ET-Tool: HTML Nickname Generator

11.05.2009 : 13:57
The HTML Nickname Generator made by unf4z3d has the proper HTML colours, some missing codes, and the same colours as the console part you usually type on.


--> HTML Nickname Generator

Anyone can use this, no need for credit, no copyrights. Enjoy!SplashDamage