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Liga4Fun: Medalliendesigner gesucht

11.05.2009 : 01:04

Die Liga4Fun sucht einen fähigen Designer der ihnen die nächsten Medallien entwirft.

Die Medallien sollten rund sein und eine größe von 5cm aufweisen.
Beinhalten sollten sie die URL und ''Sieger'' o.ä.
Gedacht sind die Medallien für Final Cups, sollten aber allgemein gehalten sein, d.h. keine Wolfenstein-Symbolik o.ä.

Für Fragen ist die L4F im IRC vertreten: #Liga4Fun @ QuakenetMaxPauer via ICQ

Eigene Kolumne auf

08.05.2009 : 01:35 stellt einen eigenen Kolumne-Bereich zur Verfügung, wo die Besucher von ihre eigene Kolumne starten können. Das heisst, User können über ein beliebiges Thema schreiben, updaten, etc...
Egal welches Thema: ob zum neuen Wolfenstein, zu Enemy Territory, zu sonstigen Games oder DVD's oder sonst irgendwas. Auch über Feuerwehreinsätze oder Clanfortschritte, was auch immer, kann hier geschrieben werden.

Lest den kompletten Artikel auf:

General Wolfens via ICQ

StockenfelS: The last ET song (Preview)

07.05.2009 : 01:31
The 'Making-Of' video of the last ET song by tgs.AccepT aka StockenfelS.

--> The last ET song (Preview @ YouTube)
The German Server

1. deutscher Trickjump Contest

07.05.2009 : 00:52

Am 23.05.2009 um 16:00 Uhr veranstaltet der 3 Generationen Clan den ersten deutschsprachigen Enemy Territory Trickjump Contest!

Bei diesem Contest geht es um schnelligkeit. Wer schnell springt, gewinnt! Als Map haben wir uns für "Kob Trickjump" entschieden. 21 Mapjumps und ein kleiner Gammajump muessen so schnell es geht bewältigt werden.

Für die drei bestplatzierten gibt es auch einen wunderschönen, 24cm hohen, hochglanzpolierten Pokal!

Jeder, der seinen Wohnsitz in Deutschland, Österreich oder der Schweiz hat, kann mitmachen!

Hier geht's zur Anmeldung:

--> 1. deutscher Trickjump Contest
hAcky via ICQ

RtCW-SP-Mission: Arkot Mappack

06.05.2009 : 02:04
These maps were initially created for the “Winners” project, but for various reasons these maps were not added into this project and have now been released separately.
This pack contains six excellent levels wich are worth to be played!


--> Arkot Mappack

Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Ulmen (Beta 3)

02.05.2009 : 10:42

~ Download ~
Axis took the village under their control and used it as their control center for upcoming missions. Surrounded by hills it is nearly impossible to reforce the Axis power. Therefore axis send their best troop to this village in order to secure two boxes full of very important and top secret documents! Though, Allied Intelligence found this village and made several air attacks and send soldier to that place to gain the power of the secret documents!
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Prefab: Baserace Source

02.05.2009 : 10:37
CptnTriscuit putted together a little pack of source files (.maps & .scripts) of a couple versions of his map, baserace. The source of Baserace Final was made by Jecolia and is included into the downloa file.


--> Baserace Source

There is also a new, simplified baserace 'template' .map with a super-commented .script file.SplashDamage

Wolfenstein Blog on IGN

02.05.2009 : 10:29
"We are setting up this blog to bring you some behind-the-scenes information on Wolfenstein, the latest game in the legendary franchise. Over the next few months I will be posting blogs here about the game’s development and the people from Raven, id and beyond who are working to make this game great. We will cover the unique art style, the familiar music that fans have come to expect and everything that Raven does in house from cinematics and mo-cap to laser scanning."

Read it here:

--> Wolfenstein Blog
Planet Wolfenstein

[ZT] Last Man Standing Weekly Tournament

28.04.2009 : 23:11

Join us on ET Pro this Tuesday and every coming!


Date: Every Tuesday at 19:30 GMT (Arrive 19:15)

1 Class - 1 Weapon - 10 Lives


Hosted by the 5 year running clan ZeroTolerance.


  • ZT Certificate
  • Hall of Fame

All participants will be recorded in the ZT Leader board.

For full details see the LMS Page.vade via E-Mail

RtCW-Bot: Omni-Bot v0.72

27.04.2009 : 18:06

The Omni-bot development team is pleased to present Omni-bot 0.72 for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This release includes new mod features, bot enhancements, bugfixes, new waypoints, new script goals, and improvements to existing waypoints and scripts.

A complete changelog is here and an updated Readme is here.


--> Omni-Bot v0.72 for RtCW

Note: For best results, it is recommended that you completely uninstall version 0.71 before installing the new version.Omni-Bot Website

ET-Map: Color Arena (Final)

27.04.2009 : 17:22

~ Download ~
This map is a frag map. But you can find your enemies easier when you activate the detection round by grenading the well and drop into it. Then go through a teleport and move to the stairs to push the button to win a detection round. If you won 10 detection rounds you win the game.

There are three kinds of detections: object detection, wall detection & floor detection.

A detection round can be won by both teams. If your team won the detection round the enemy can't hide himself behind a wall / on the floor / behind an object. The computer randomly chose which detection you won.

And by the way, the well is in the middle underwater (for the ones who can't find it).
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: XSO Frag (Final)

27.04.2009 : 07:59

~ Download ~
Very simple frag map, with no objective. No Omni-Bot waypoints. Max 6-8 players for good gameplay. Offers days of fun.
WolfMap Forum
| XSO Frag

Official Wolfenstein Wallpaper

26.04.2009 : 17:31
A official wallpaper from for your desktop.

Click the thumbnail to get the full-sized image.

ET-Tool: Campaign-Creator (php + MySQL)

24.04.2009 : 23:23
schnoog made a Campaign-Creator based on php and MySQL. Runs local with, for example, XAMPP.


--> Campaign-Creator (php + MySQL)

Extract it in a directory and import the db.sql in MySQL. Then add the login-datas to the MySQL-DB in the dbinc.php and start.

In the current version it's made for 4 Campaigns á 10 maps.
Type in the needed datas, choose the maps and the tool generates 3 files:

  • The pk3-file with the campaign
  • The campaigncycle.cfg
  • A Filelist.txt that includes all the needed map-pk3's
WolfMap Forum

ET-Tool: gmScriptMod v1.1 (Source/Linux)

24.04.2009 : 23:06

gmScriptMod goes OpenSource

The "Team Neelix", known for their "Neelix Campaing Creator" and the QMM Plugin "gmScriptMod" released the Sourcecode of the QMM Plugin "GameMonkeyScriptMod".


--> gmScriptMod v1.1 (Source/Linux)
--> gmScriptMod v1.1

Apologet by PM:
"After Dutchmeat developed the DutchFix for True Combat Elite as a QMM Plugin, I played around with QMM and realized, that such a Plugin is very powerfull. The bad thing with QMM was, that QMM is very static. You need average programming skills to create your own individual QMM Plugin.

At this time I started playing around with the scripting language GameMonkey and thought, that the combinition of both could help Admins with scripting skills, but without coding skills.

So I started the gmScriptMod Plugin as a proof of concept for me to see, if GameMonkey is fast enough for such a task... It is!

I gave the prototype to Dutchmeat and he helped me with the QMM hooks after the basic script routine was implemented and fast enough. The project grew! im2good4u and Dr.Evil (Omnibot Project) started with helping and finally, we released the binaries 1.0 and 1.1. But after the release, I was very busy with my education and was forced to stop the project. Dutchmeat became Project leader, but due to other pending projects and his education, the gmScriptMod development stopped.

It's a long time since our release of gmScriptMod, but there are still regularly people asking for it.
If we still support it, if we keep on developing it or if they can get a copy of the source code.

So, we (Dutchy + Me) asked all developers that worked on this project, and all agreed with the OpenSource move.

We hope that others can help us finishing this project.
Would be cool, if somebody can make a Windows and Mac Version. The support for RtCW and all other QMM supported Games would be nice too.

Or somebody can move GameMonkey scripting to the 'No Quarter' Mod.

We both would enjoy to see, the project results inside the game. We believe that it can make the Server more flexible and is worth to keep the project alive."apologet via PM

ET-Prefabs: Barricade & Power Line

20.04.2009 : 23:56
Two prefabs made by nukits002 for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.


--> Barricade
--> Power Line
nukits002 via PM

ET-Prefab: Streets of Italy +15 ASE Models

20.04.2009 : 12:50

"Here is a source of Streets of Italy FP2 map for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory, a map by IndyJones, Pazur and Isbowhten. The file is including 15 custom ASE models made by me, IndyJones.

Inside this rar file, I've also included .map file of never released FP3 version with very small changes, like damaged ramps. It doesn't contain sky brushes that block VIS, therefore you should export them from FP2 version or make your own.

You are allowed to do any changes to the .map file, but if you are going to release changed version, don't name it Streets of Italy as I can't guarantee that the map is good enough to release. If you want to make a 'official' next version of SoI, please contact me before."


--> 'Streets of Italy' Source +15 ASE Models

ET-Mod: ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly (2009-04-16) RC1

18.04.2009 : 21:17
A new nightly build of ETpub was released.
Report bugs here.


--> ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly (2009-04-16) RC1
pierre via MSN

~ Last Man Standing Tournament ~

17.04.2009 : 21:17


1st - Special fun commands on the server (like !pants etc.) with a special level named "LMS winner" and custom made personally designed medic and ammo packs for your clan/community

2nd - Custom made personally designed medic and ammo packs for your clan/community

3rd - Custom made personally designed medic pack for your clan/community

If you're not in a clan/community and you are THE BEST player without clan/community between the 1st, 2nd or 3rd places, we will happily give you special commands and a special frag movie to show off your skills, made by our very own eCo|Mrbluesky and eCo|Shyguy.ischbinz via MSN

ET-Map: Steal v1

17.04.2009 : 18:08

~ Download ~
Use the teleporters to get to the enemies base, here you must try to steal all five Gold crates. Stolen gold crates have to be deliverd to one of the pillars in own base.
WolfMap Forum
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Bathroom Panzer (Beta 1)

17.04.2009 : 17:59

~ Download ~
It's a giant bathroom where you can jump around. There are lot's of hidden teleporters to get you on the closets and jumppads to fly high. The gravity is set to 200 for gameplay. Have fun!
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Cartoon Panzer (Final)

17.04.2009 : 17:56

~ Download ~
Pretend yourself in an cartoon. But then with a Panzer.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Ghetto Panzer (Beta 1)

17.04.2009 : 17:52

~ Download ~
This panzermap is set in a comicbook style map. It looks like a comic because of the cel shading. Two towns competing against eachother for business. Let's see who wins.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Trickmaps (Beta 1)

17.04.2009 : 17:35

~ Download ~
It's not a hard map yet.

Extra features:
- Lot's of sounds
- Some girl models walking and dancing in the map
- You can undress them by pushing the button
- One way crossing ability
| Servers running this Map

ET-Tool: Mapdev Tool v0.5

17.04.2009 : 16:48
Dinius made a small tool for map development. To use it you need to edit the config file manually, shouldn't be too hard. Files must be placed in your ET directory, check Readme.txt in the download for an example.


--> Mapdev Tool v0.5

New Wolfenstein Trailer

17.04.2009 : 16:08
GameTrailers has a cut-scene movie from the singleplayer of Wolfenstein.

Watch it here:
--> New Wolfenstein Trailer

Wolfenstein: For today's hardware

15.04.2009 : 23:11
"B.J. is back. William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz was the gung-ho hero who single-handedly conquered Castle Wolfenstein and the man who really won World War II. One of the longest lived and best-loved franchises in gaming history, Wolfenstein is reborn, rebuilt from the ground up using state of the art development tools and ready for today's advanced computer hardware.

First introduced by John Carmack and his friends as a shareware legend in 1992 and later voted into the gaming Hall of Fame, Wolfenstein 3D single-handedly started the first-person shooter (FPS) category of computer games and was the predecessor to such venerable heroes of today as Gordon Freeman from Half Life and Master Chief from Halo. Now, 17 years after the groundbreaking original Wolfenstein 3D was first released, comes Wolfenstein - an all-new game from one of the most recognized names in computer gaming."

--> Read the whole article here

Recommended System Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7 Processor 2.97 GHz
Graphics: PCI Express 2.0 Multi-GPU Graphics 512 MB or greater VRAM
Media: DVD
OS: Microsoft Windows VistaRtCW4ever!

ET Moviemakers Pack v0.9 Beta

15.04.2009 : 12:31

After the success of Moviemaking Pack, and after get some good and not soo good feedback, ag0n decided to improve the pack and make it more user friendly.


--> ET Moviemakers Pack v0.9 Beta

ET Moviemakers pack v0.9 Beta has a pre-installed Enemy Territory version with all you might need to make a movie properly. He collected some software he found useful. The pack contains a installer and all the needed software/settings.Wolfstuff

ET-Tool: cfgCheck v1.0 Beta

14.04.2009 : 16:42
This tool made by cl4ym4n will only return cheat-cvars that are set with (set|seta|setl|setenv|sets|setu|eth_set|eth_vec) - e.g. seta kik_aim "1".
Why? To avoid as much false positives as were returned in version 0.1.
However you are able to scan all config-groups for cheat-cvar-matches. Tick the respective box under the textarea, but keep in mind that this is also no guarantee for any matches. Although he collected 1.800+ different and unique cheat-cvars there is a shitload more that aren't scanned here. If you would like to support him with any more cheat-related cvars, feel free to contact him.
What is the '(n/a)'-shizzle? - He collected a list of cheats / hacks / aimbots and their cvar-prefix. When a possible cheat-cvar is identified by it's prefix, it will show you the respective hack(s). - cfgCheck

--> cfgCheck v1.0 Beta

Features in v1.0 Beta:

  • Basic check by pasting the config into the textarea
  • Advanced check by just entering the crossfire-user-id
  • Grouping into:
    • Cheat-cvars
    • Suspicious / unknown cvars, binds, vstrs
    • Key bindings
    • Comments
    • Official / known cvars
  • Optional scan of all groups for cheat-cvar-matches
  • Output of possible hacks (according to the respective match)
  • Simple stats about the amount of total cvars etc.

How does it work?

  • Actually its just a simple filter that seperates the cfgs content into the above named groups using a list of official wolfenstein/etpro/whatever cvars and commands.
  • Pure cheat-cvars are - from now on - only detected when theyre set with (set|seta|setl|setenv|sets|setu|eth_set|eth_vec) - e.g. seta kik_aim "1". This is to avoid the false positives from v0.1 (and ofc also to reduce the whine :D).
  • However i highly recommend you to scan all groups for possible cheat-cvars, since such cvar can also be set with - e.g. bind x "vsay Hi; kik_aim 1".

How to use it?

  • Just paste your config into the textarea and (un)tick the checkboxes below whether you want specific groups to be scanned for cheat-cvars or not. Then just press 'Check'.
  • or
  • Simply enter the respective crossfire-user-id in the field below the textarea to fetch the config directly from xfire. However this only works with single *.cfg-files. Compressed archives (*.zip, *.rar) are not supported (yet? who knows :D).

ET-Map: Superhero Sniper (Beta 3)

13.04.2009 : 11:11

~ Download ~
This snipermap is set in a comicbook style map. It looks like a comic because of the cel shading. Two towns competing against each other for business. Let's see who wins.

Extra features:

  • Celshading
  • Lots of sounds
  • Some girl models walking and dancing in the map
  • You can undress them by pushing the button
  • One-way crossing ability
Niek via MSN | [UJE]Clan
| Servers running this Map