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ET-Music: Siegfried

12.04.2009 : 20:53
shagileo made a new ET-Song with Seawall Battery as scenario that tells us the story of allied soldiers disabling the Siegfried cannon.
Really worth to listen to it.

--> shagileo: Siegfried
shagileo via PM

QW-Map: Canal (Beta 1)

12.04.2009 : 16:53

~ Download ~
After successfully destroying a nearby Strogg Facility the GDF now have a pretty clear attempt at gathering important information on the location of the Strogg's offshore facilities. To obtain the information the GDF must infiltrate a Strogg stronghold in the city and capture the Data Brain that contains the facility locations.
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Map: Tourian (Beta 1)

12.04.2009 : 16:52

~ Download ~
After successfully halting the production of Stroyent from the Maridia Sea Platform the GDF are now focusing their efforts on the much larger Tourian Sea Platform that is also producing Stroyent. Unable to make a safe landing on the Facility the GDF are attempting a daring air assault on the facility which is guarded by a squadron of tormentor fighters.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Prefabs: paZur's Shaders & Models

12.04.2009 : 14:11
New stuff for mappers from paZur Mapping. Screenshots and ReadMe is included into the download file.


--> B-25 (Model):
This is the B-25 from Natterbase. He included the source .max files as well. You will notice that the bomb and the fire have animation. You might use that for scripting.

--> Ba 349 Natter (Model):

The Ba 349 Natter itself from his map Natterbase. Just drop in a misc_model.

--> Lamp Shader:

This simple white shader in the lamp emits light. The glow has an autosprite parameter.

--> Goldrush Sky Shader Reloaded:

Rewrite of the Goldrush sky shader using Penumbra shadows and foghull fog. You need to add several keys in worldspawn to make it work properly.

--> Falling Leaves Shader:

This shader requires a target_smoke entity.
paZur Mapping

ET-Tool: Decompilateur v1.1.3

12.04.2009 : 13:04
The team of made a small tool to decompile maps from ET, RtCW & Q3. It has a function to clarify the result after the decompilation.

--> Decompilateur v1.1.3

The program is in english and french.
If you're interested in translating it, contact cidelcreateur[nospam]hotmail.frWolfMap Forum

RtCW-WildWest-Map: El Paso

12.04.2009 : 12:51

~ Download ~
In response to the recent lynching of Gen. Jesus Montoya, the Bandits are set to raid the town of El Paso. Will the cowboys be able to defend their town in time?
nUllSkillZ via PM
| ModDB

~ Urbi ET Orbi ~

12.04.2009 : 01:38
Frohe Ostern!

Happy Easter!

Joyeuses Pâques!

Feliz Pascua!

Buon Pasqua!

Wesołych świąt!

We wish all our visitors a happy easter with their family!

Wir wünschen all unseren Besuchern ein frohes Osterfest im kreise ihrer Familie!

ET-Tool: Cfg Valid

12.04.2009 : 01:25
Cfg Valid made by is a software written in (frameworks 2.0). This software checks the directory of your choice (can be a hard drive) from .cfg files. Then it reports if .cfg files are correct or not.


--> Cfg Valid

Checking process:

  • syntax of cfg files
  • checking if cvars are part of game/mods cvars
  • checking if cvars are restricted via punkbuster
  • checking if cvars are fixed at a value via punkbuster
  • checking looped executions (tool)
  • sorting cvars in cfg files (tool)

CVars checking:

ETmain (vanilla), ETpro, NoQuarter, ETpub, Jaymod, Domination, PunkBuster (don't forget PB cvars & commands). Soon: ETtv & TC:E

Cfg Valid shows you results by config.

There are 3 types of nodes:

  • Cheat cvars - produce kick or bans
  • Restricted cvars - range fixed in order to balanced the game and avoid exploits
  • Incorrect syntax - malwrited configs can be source of kicks (flood)

In each case, Cfg Valid purpose the solution that get more sense to solve the problem.WolfMap Forum

ET-Map: Dutch Haze v2

11.04.2009 : 23:22
The previous version was an unfinished version for testing.
This is the real 2nd version.

~ Download ~
Allies have to destroy the power generator to the bunker forcefield. Then blow the bunker doors to the golden joint. Fight your way trough the streets and canals of Amsterdam. Don't get stoned on your way to the objective private! Move...
Blowfish via PM
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-Map: OGG Snipers v2

11.04.2009 : 22:13

~ Download ~
An unlikely yet choice location for snipers to duel it out. GL and HF!
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Music: 'Where to?' & 'Grenades'

10.04.2009 : 13:32
Juu, a music producing hobbyist and ex-gabber DJ made two techno tracks that use the W:ET sound files.

--> Juu: Where to?
--> Juu: Grenades

QW-Map: BattleStrogg Galactica (Beta 1)

09.04.2009 : 16:59

~ Download ~
It's time to take the Strogg on in the one place they feel safe. Space. We have there is a fleet of Strogg ships in Earths orbit for some time. So an order has been given to load up a cruiser with the best campers on the planet and head for the space orbiting Anansi flight deck. Destroy the five key parts of the Strogg mothership. While at the same time avoiding destruction from flying asteroids.
Community Enemy Territory

ET Machinimas

08.04.2009 : 16:17
Machinimas regarding to W:ET made by Nudels. It's really worth to watch them all at YouTube.
--> ET Timeout Finale

--> GameStream #1
--> GameStream #2

--> ET Lession #1: Spawncamping
--> ET Lession #2: Cheating

--> ET:QW Promo

--> ET X-Mas 2005
--> ET X-Mas 2007

shagileo @ SplashDamage

Wolfenstein is not a WWII game

08.04.2009 : 15:34
Wolfenstein creative director Eric Biessman has told VG247 that Wolfenstein isn't just another WWII shooter. In fact, according to the developer, it's not a WWII game at all. We said: "Why should we be excited? This is just another 'spooky' WWII FPS, right?"

Eric said: "There's a lot to be excited about in Wolfenstein! The core gameplay of Wolfenstein is based on fast-action, visceral combat and heavy-duty firepower. Looking deeper at the game, you see that it's set in a very compelling universe. While the game is set in WWII, it's not a WWII game - that's like saying the Indiana Jones movies are WWII movies."

"Dark science and strange occult mysteries combine to create larger than life characters, weaponry and enemies. This also lets us stray outside the realm of reality to create compelling game play - we don't have to have realistic enemies and weapons, we can do things just for the sake of being fun and exciting. It really opened a lot of creative doors for us."

"When we started development of the game we asked ourselves, 'What if?' What if the Nazis had access to an unlimited power source? What if the Nazis could create beam weapons? What if the Nazis could create suits of powered armour? It was pretty cool to imagine the possibilities and see them come to life in Wolfenstein."
Planet Wolfenstein
| VG247

ET-Skinpack: Terminator (Final)

07.04.2009 : 18:48
Brink back in action the Gouvernator with this skinpack made by thunderpwn.
Not only the playerskins are changed, also changed the design of a few weapons and sounds.


--> Terminator


ET-Map: The Rocket Run (Final)

07.04.2009 : 12:58

~ Download ~
The Allies must destroy the axis rockets. Axis have to defend their rockets.
WolfMap Forum
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ET Mapping Sites in PDF

05.04.2009 : 12:12
whoosaaa converted the mapping sites of 2bit, paZur and Haradirki into PDF form to save the tutorials so that you can read them offline.


--> ET Mapping Sites in PDF
Wolfenstein Files

~ Palace Wolfenstein ~

02.04.2009 : 22:15
Viele werden sich noch an erinnern, der großen deutschen Communityseite für RtCW und ET seit 2000. Unerwartet wurde die Seite mitsamt dem immensen Inhalt vom Betreiber gelöscht. Die Community aber zog um und startete ein eigenes Projekt:

--> <--

Bereits schlossen sich namhafte Seiten wie an und überreichten der neuen Seite ihren ganzen Inhalt. will eine zentrale deutsche Communityseite für Wolfenstein werden, und dabei den Spielern ein sicheres, immer aktuelles und spaßiges Zuhause bieten, das jedem gerecht wird. Die Spieler können künftig auch sich selbst am Aufbau der Seite beteiligen, indem sie selbst verfasste Schriftstücke zuspielen, sich in Kolumnen beteiligen, etc...

FileFront is back!

02.04.2009 : 08:27
FileFront has been acquired by the original founders of the site and will NOT be suspended as previously announced. This is NOT an April Fool's Joke.
After learning about Ziff Davis Media's plan to shut down FileFront at the end of March, the original founders of FileFront made the decision to buy it back from Ziff Davis Media.

Read the original statement here.FileFront

ET-Map: Battle of Wolken 3 (Final)

01.04.2009 : 18:26

~ Download ~
After the embarrassing defeat in the outer regions of Wolken, Axis forces plan to attack and Allied controlled area where Axis intelligence have indicated that Allied forces have gathered information about how to get out of Wolken and return home. The Axis are planning to steal the documents from the Allied controlled region of Wolken and escape with these documents by any means possible.

| Servers running this Map

Minister vergleicht Spiele mit Kinderpornos

01.04.2009 : 13:27

Bayerns Innenminister vergleicht Spiele mit Kinderpornos

Stigmatisierung der Spielebranche seitens CSU-Politikern nimmt an Schärfe zu

Bayerns Innenminister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) hat in einer Pressemitteilung die Spielebranche auf eine Stufe mit Kinderschändern und Drogendealern gestellt. Horst Seehofer, Ministerpräsident des Freistaates Bayern und Vorsitzender der CSU, blieb zudem der Preisverleihung des Deutschen Computerspielpreises 2008 fern.

Lest den kompletten Artikel auf:


Äußerungen von Joachim Herrmann:

"Ich fordere die Computerspielbranche auf, den schönen Worten endlich Taten folgen zu lassen und auf Herstellung und Vertrieb von Killerspielen in Deutschland freiwillig zu verzichten."

"Killerspiele gehören bislang zu den intensiv beworbenen Hauptumsatzträgern der Branche. Mit derartiger Tötungstrainingssoftware, die zum Beispiel von der US-Army zur Vorbereitung von Soldaten auf Kampfeinsätze verwendet wird, dürfen in Deutschland keine Geschäfte mehr gemacht werden."

"[...] der andauernde Konsum derartiger Spiele, in denen Gewalt und Brutalität anders als bei Filmen aktiv ausgeübt und gesteuert wird, die Gewaltbereitschaft fördert und die Fähigkeit, Mitleid zu empfinden, verkümmern lässt."

"Killerspiele widersprechen dem Wertekonsens unserer auf einem friedlichen Miteinander beruhenden Gesellschaft und gehören geächtet. In ihren schädlichen Auswirkungen stehen sie auf einer Stufe mit Drogen und Kinderpornografie, deren Verbot zurecht niemand infrage stellt."

Wolfenstein: Enemy Trailers

01.04.2009 : 13:22
These trailers share a tiny bit of footage with the official trailer, but they're primarily full of completely new gameplay footage.

--> Heavy Trooper
--> The Despoiled
--> Palooza
Wolfenstein Zone

QW-Map: Free Spirit City Pro (Beta 3)

31.03.2009 : 15:43

~ Download ~
This is a shortened version of Free Spirit City. It has had the MCP and bunker objectives removed so you are left with the hack the shield generator objective and the destroy the temporal generator objective. This version has a 8k only megatexture and some other memory hogs like the siren are removed.
Community Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Reviews & Screenshots

31.03.2009 : 02:17
A few previous and fifteen screenshots about the upcoming new Wolfenstein. It's confirmed that "The "Veil" will be a part of the multiplayer.

--> Preview @ Joystiq
--> Preview @ IGN
--> Preview @ Kotaku
--> Screens @ Gamespot
Wolfenstein Zone
| Palace Wolfenstein

RtCW-Map: DesertFox (Final)

30.03.2009 : 23:37

~ Download ~
The Axis must destroy the two Oil Derricks and the Radar Station located in the city. The Allies must not let their key oil location get destroyed. Protect the two Oil Derricks and Radar tower at all costs.
WolfMap Forum

Freie Plätze in der Liga4Fun

28.03.2009 : 20:58

In der Liga4Fun gibt's noch freie Plätze. Clans die noch mitmachen möchten sollten sich schleunigst anmelden!

6on6 ET: 3 freie Plätze
3on3 ET: 3 freie Plätze

ET-Map: Berlin 1.2.0

28.03.2009 : 19:15

~ Download ~
A Berlin street, 1945. Allies have to capture the street in house-to-house combat. The first buildings to capture are marked by a red flare (which turns blue when Allies capture the flag and red on Axis recapture).

Flags (which are always on the ground floor) must be held by the Allies for a total of 90 seconds to make the capture permanent.

At that point the flare turns yellow, indicating that Allies must now eliminate all Axis defenders in the building to secure it. So long as at least one Axis defender remains alive in the building, it remains unsecured. When the flare turns yellow Axis have 20 seconds to re-occupy the building - after that time as soon as no Axis soldiers remain alive in the building it is secured.

When the first buildings are secured the yellow flares are extinguished and red flares are lit outside the next buildings to be captured. In this way Allies progress up the street, trying to secure a total of 7 buildings to win.

There are no dummy windows in the map, which means every window opening potentially conceals an enemy soldier: so advancing in the open street is a risky business. Allied cov ops will need to provide smoke cover and seek out enemy snipers to assist the advance of Allied troops.

The flares are an important element in the game, and are produced using ET smoke generator entities. Some players will have disabled smoke, perhaps to help performance on low-spec machines or maybe to gain a small visual advantage, and so will not be able to see the flares.

To see flare smoke you need to set cg_wolfparticles to 1 (on NQ you need cg_smokeparticles set to 1).

| 2bit

Open Letter to the Developers of Wolfenstein

27.03.2009 : 09:50
After reading the Wolfenstein Community site and other fan posts, I have gotten a pretty good understanding of what the Wolfenstein community is looking for in the upcoming Wolfenstein game. The following is a list of concerns and suggestions that I feel that the community shares as a whole. As with any controversial topic, there will be those who disagree so feel free to comment and tell me if you disagree, that is partly why I write this articles is to see your input. Consider this an open letter to the developers of Wolfenstein. ~Torrent

--> Read the letter here

QW-Mod: New Shaders v1.2

27.03.2009 : 02:00
The New Shaders mod, made by Dafama2K7, is designed to give you some serious eye-candy that will tweak this game to a whole new level!


--> New Shaders v1.2


Copy the .pk4 file into the base folder of the ET:QW game, that's all.
Dafma2K7 via E-Mail

Farewell FileFront, Farewell to a Friend...

26.03.2009 : 17:40
Sad news for gaming... FileFront, the largest filebase for many different games is closing on March 30, 2009.
Read the original statement here.

Dear FileFront User:

We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions we are forced to indefinitely suspend the FileFront site operations on March 30, 2009. If you have uploaded files, images or posted blogs, or if you would like to download some of your favorite files, please take this opportunity to download them before March 30th when the site will be suspended.

We would like to give a warm thank you to all of you who have been part of the FileFront communities we have built together. Your support has had a meaningful impact for all of us here at FileFront. Again, we want to give you a sincere “thank you” for your support over the years and wish you all the very best.

Keep gaming alive,

FileFront Management and Team.