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Serverbrowser: Game Scanner

03.03.2009 : 02:02
The open source project "Game Scanner" is a lightweight, non-bloated and low-memory footprint free software for easy browsing of your favorite or any supported internet game servers without starting the game itself.


--> Game Scanner Homepage

With just an instant of an click and you're away to join the selected server. It also supports features such as RCON*, in-game minimizing (for fast and easy switching between desktop and the game) and keeping track of your buddies to see which server they currently is playing on. Integrated mIRC status messaging when joing

ET-Tool: Enhanced Wolfcam

27.02.2009 : 09:36
This is an enhanced version of wolfcam, with some added features. You can watch a demo from other player's point of view, with ETpro hitsounds, aim statistics, player names, and even a 'warpometer'.


--> Enhanced Wolfcam

Windows only! No Linux version at the moment.Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Forteresse Sado (Final)

26.02.2009 : 19:35

~ Download ~
The allies have to destroy the radio and the fuel depot. Axis have to prevent this.

Changes from Beta 1:

- Added missing textures
- Added missing shaders
- Reduced filesize
- Translated description
- Reworked command map

ET-Map: The Station (Final)

24.02.2009 : 22:00

~ Download ~
Its "Capture The Flag" - but its small and short spawntime - and you can't deliver the objective if the enenmy got yours, and you can't secure your own flag if you got the enemy flag. This map could also fit well for 2vs2 I think. Anyway - hope you will have fun on it.

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ET-Map: Space Sniper 2 (Final)

24.02.2009 : 21:52

~ Download ~
Again a snipermap why? Because I like making them. :-) There are 2 giant spaceships in this map. The gravity is set to 250 that you feel like really being in space. It's not really a serious map but it's real nice sniping. There is no passing, when you fall of the ship you die! Die! Die!

For questions or something else you can always visit our forum at

Changed stuff:

  • Lag-problems fixed for some people
  • Crates gone
  • Other teleporters
  • More sniperspots

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ET-Map: Underwater Sniper (Beta 2)

24.02.2009 : 21:47

~ Download ~
Take a deep breath and ... snipe. This map is set at the bottum of a lake. You can breath in the temples and small eilands for the rest is it swim swim swim to youre sniperspot. The map is crosseble because the big Octopussy has some air under her arms.

Changed stuff from Beta 1:

  • Tunnels for getting to sniperspots
  • Shader-update of the shark and sea horse
  • Some patches replaced by brushes
  • Other texture for terrain

Extra features in this map are:

  • 4 shootable sharks
  • Lot's of seahorses
  • Of course the water
  • Big Octopussy
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ET-Map: Irmgard Complex (Beta 3)

22.02.2009 : 11:31

~ Download ~
A small allied group is trying to gain access to the Irmgard Complex. They attempt to blow up Irmgard, a mighty Axis Sea Gun which only could be located through the radiowaves it is emiting. All this troup knows is that there somewhere is a gate. And by passing through this gate they will gain access to the base.
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ET-TC: East Front (22.02.2009)

22.02.2009 : 00:48

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. This release includes the mod and all the patches released after it.


--> East Front (22.02.2009)


  • Download this or this (252 MB).
  • Extract the zip contents into your Enemy Territory folder.
  • Run ET with the following added to your command line (without the quotes): "+set fs_game ef +set com_hunkmegs 192"

NOTE: This version also includes a MyMusic folder in your ef folder. You can copy mp3's or ogg music files there and run the bat file included to listen to your own music ingame instead of listening to internet radio.

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at their homepage:


  • New gametypes: Co-Op, Supremacy and Supremacy Campaign.
  • Full custom bot support, and a waypoint generator built in that will make bot support for any map automaticly. (note: occasionally it may be required to manually add some waypoints - the system is not yet perfect, but it is very close).
  • Full NPC support. These are like bots, but do not use player slots so you can have up to 255 of them ingame at a time.
  • Driveable Tanks, APCs, Artillery and Flak. nearly all planned vehicles are already completed and ingame.
  • Bot fireteams. Bots will make their own fireteams, but players can request bots join their fireteam with voicechat commands (follow me). They can also give bots orders using the right mouse button and a key set by the player in the options menu to toggle what alt fire does.
  • Ironsight and advanced sniper zoom system and graphics.
  • New weapons based on the Eastern Front.
  • Realism modes added. (New setting in hostgame screen - cvar: g_realism [0/1/2]).
  • Movement speed changes based on animation.
  • Enhanced pain/death animations.
  • Flamethrower pain animations.
  • Advanced (realistic) weapon spread system. Bullet accuracy adjusts based on what the player is doing.
  • Advanced supression system. You can supress the AI and it will try to take cover. Supression also affects accuracy with weapons for both players and AI.
  • Players can set up heavy weapons on windows and other objects of the correct height.
  • Pain and Death sounds.
  • Wizz sounds of bullets flying past.
  • Shell Shock. Affects player movement and visuals.
  • Bloody View (as your health gets lower).
  • Enhanced weather system. Weather for any map can be easilly changed to suit your server, it can also be randomized via the new maps/*.atmospheric files.
  • Enhanced fog system. Replaces the boring bugged grey wolfenstein fog with a new system that addapts in realtime, meaning that fog range and density varies over time. The standard fog is now white, but it is possible to set any fog color at all. Any map's fog can be modified as the server host likes by adding a new maps/*.fog file.
  • Enhanced Textures. Most textures (even normal ET ones) have been changed to high resolution replacments resulting in much nicer looking maps.
  • Particle Systems - advanced FX support. Can be used for many things, but you can see an example when anything explodes.
  • Many other (currently) undocumented updates.

ET-Minimod: Carneval NQ

19.02.2009 : 19:12
eCo|katta and eCo|Ischbinz made a Carneval pack for Fun and for the Party Time.


--> Carneval NQ
Ischbinz via MSN

Movies at Kool-ET

18.02.2009 : 09:26
Here are a few funny videos about ET, you can watch them over at Kool-ET. Enjoy!

--> Ode to Wolfenstein
--> Landmine Runner
--> Play the Game
--> Sparta: Enemy Territory
--> Wrobel: The Frag Movie

--> Bill O'Reilly Flips Out (Dance-Remix)

Night of Fight 9

17.02.2009 : 21:55

Datum: 21.02.2009
Start: 20.00 Uhr
Server :
Infos dazu, sowie die Stats der vergangenen Events sind wie immer auf abrufbar.hAcky via ICQ | schnoog via E-Mail

ET-Minimods: aipid's Weapons

17.02.2009 : 21:39
aipid made a few mini-mods for ETpub to replace existing weapons. There come along with a few new features and for the Pc 550 you can choose the style of the weapon-skin

Pc 550:
Replaces the allied Thompson.

--> Download here

New version of the knife.

--> Download here

Replaces the binocular with a telescope.

--> Download here
Wolfenstein Files
| Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Minimod: Emot v0.2a

12.02.2009 : 23:33
With this small addon made by [xD] JenkinS you get Emoticons above head for specified vsays, Class specific icons for a 'Function' vsay, Misc. icons above head for specified vsays, Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay.


--> Emot v0.2a

Changes in 0.2a:

  • All icons are remade (including emoticons).
  • 'We need an engineer' icon is now different for axis/allies.
  • Deleted [emot6] ':X' emoticon
  • Shader fix included
  • Added vsays:
    • FTAttack_emot with [angry] above head
    • Cheer_emot with ':D' above head
      (Take a note that only your team can see those icons)
Emoticons above head for specified vsays:
  • :D - Thanks
  • :) - You're welcome
  • :( - Sorry
  • :O/:S - Oops

Misc. icons above head for specified vsays:

  • Where to?
  • We need an engineer
  • Hold your fire [axis/allies]
  • Fire in the hole [axis/allies]
  • Deploy landmines
  • Disarm the dynamite
  • Escort the vehicle
  • Destroy primary objective
  • Destroy secondary objective
  • Destroy the vehicle
  • Deploy mortar
  • Command acknowledged
  • Command declined
  • Yes
  • No
  • Provide sniper cover
  • I'm constructing
  • Repair the vehicle
  • Resupply squad
  • Call in artillery
  • Call an airstrike
  • Go undercover [axis/allies]
  • Disarm landmines
  • Clear the mines [axis/allies]
  • Mines cleared

Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay:

  • emot1 = :)
  • emot2 = :D
  • emot3 = :(
  • emot4 = :/
  • emot5 = :O
  • emot7 = :S
  • emot8 = [angry]


  • [axis/allies] means that there are other icons for each of sides.
  • This addon may not work if others are installed.
  • This addon may work even if others are installed but then others may not.
[xD] JenkinS via PM

Wolfenstein Set for Summer Release

12.02.2009 : 17:04
"Activision today revealed that Raven's upcoming shooter Wolfenstein, the latest installment in the classic FPS franchise, will be released sometime this summer.

Set in World War II, Wolfenstein stars series regular B.J. Blazkowicz, who must once again stop the Nazis from conquering the world with supernatural powers. An alternate dimension called the "Veil" will be involved, as will plenty of guns.

The game will hit stores simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3."
| ShackNews

ET-Map: Maccupicu (Beta 2)

12.02.2009 : 07:16

~ Download ~
Axis need to defend the maccupiccu city and the two symbols (sun symbol and moon symbol) protected on the two pyramids temples. Allies need to capture the city and secure the two symbols on the truck stationed on the bridge.

The map is based on original photo and the anime film Mysterious City Of Gold.

Fun stuff:

  • special command post
  • 2 MG42 constructible and destructible for axis
  • 2 constructible and destructible assault ladder for allies
  • 2 constructible destructible defence ladder on city for axis
  • 4 dynamitable for allies

Special stuff:

  • find the secret way
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: Kmod 1.5

11.02.2009 : 18:24
KMOD is a small shrublike variant to etpro similar to ETAdmin_mod.

Download & Info:

--> Kmod 1.5
--> Features

Thanks to [Your]Father[CZ]

ET-Maps: ESL Map Contest Entries

11.02.2009 : 17:49
Many newcomers of the mappingbusiness tried their best and achieved some remarkable results! The ESL is proud to present you the seven entries of their mapping competition.

--> The Station (CTF)
--> Osiris (CTF)

--> Barroca's Battlefield (DM)
--> 1v1 Garage (DM)
--> 1v1 Matrix (DM)
--> Market (DM)
--> Pandemonium (DM)


RtCW-SP-Mod: Reich Re-Animation

10.02.2009 : 13:56
Looking for a good reason to load up "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" once again? Well answer me this question!

When your surrounded by the fallen and there is no one left to recruit, just how do you replenish a decimated army on the brink of collapse?.. Well, for "Deathshead", the temporary answer is simple! You animate the dead to re-stock the once strong Axis Infantry! He has combined the forces of science and the super-natural as a quick fix remedy and feels this is the right, or should I say "Reich" answer to the infantry shortage problem!


--> Reich Re-Animation

His more permanent solution is just now coming online and is one that Allied "Agent Blazkowicz" will find even more disturbing than the first! "Cloned Troopers", under Axis mind control, have been generated at the "X-Labs" facility and who better to clone than our hero "Agent Blazkowicz", one of the Allies best commandos now sadly at the disposal of the "Axis of Evil". Bear witness to "Hell on Earth" as the fallen are "Re-Animated" once again and pressed back into Axis service! The "Officers" and "Black Guards" will make sure that our hero "Agent Blazkowicz", will have his own private "Hell" to deal with!... They seem to know his every thought!!!

Hey! Ever wonder what it would feel like to be "Hugh Hefner" and have 3 beautiful women "Follow" you around where ever you go? .. Well here's your chance! As an added mod bonus, I have altered the "Inge Sister's" or "Village Girls" scripting so that they will be enabled to "Follow" you about, if you so wish! Once they see you and play out their intended scripting roles in either level of "Village1" or "Village2", just shoot off a gunshot sound away from them and they will be triggered to "Follow" you around! Once they catch up to you, they will pause and stand idle again! You can either leave them behind or fire off another shot and they will continue to "Follow" you as you wish through the whole level if you want! You will notice that when you fire off a gunshot sound, I programmed them to give you a little finger to mouth "SHHHH" sign as if to be "Quiet!" I would recommend using either the "silencer pistol" or "silencer sten" ( found after meeting "Hilda" at the "Officers Inn" - Village1 ) to do most of your "Follow" activation as these weapons are nice and quiet and won't draw any unwanted attention once fired! The "Village Girls" now give the "Elite Guard-Honeys" a run for the money! ... So the next time you play "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", don't leave "Eva" behind stuck in her room to sulk, take her to a hotel... To visit "Inge" of course!!!

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Mod: ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly (2009-01-12)

09.02.2009 : 18:03
A new nightly build of ETpub was released.
Should work on any distro.


--> ETpub 0.9.0 Nightly (2009-01-12)
ETpub Forum

ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.1.8 (Beta)

09.02.2009 : 17:50
Jaymod 2.1.8 has been released. This is from the experimental branch and is considered beta quality.


--> Jaymod 2.1.8 (Beta)
Jaymod Homepage

ET-Minimods: Dragunov & M24

09.02.2009 : 17:35
thunderpwn made a few replacements for the sniper rifles.


Replaces the axis sniper rifle.

--> Download here


Replaces the allied sniper rifle.

--> Download here

QW-Map: Free Spirit City (Beta 3)

09.02.2009 : 17:27

~ Download ~
The Strogg have taken over Spirit City. A small GDF force have been dropped outside the city near an old communications bunker. They will have to repair the communications computer to call in an MCP. Once they have escorted the MCP to the compound at the city limits an SSM will fire and attempt to create an access point to one of the buildings which contains a Temporal Generator. It is likely that they will already have deployed some form of shield. In this case covert-ops will have to hack the shield to enable the SSM to hit its target successfully. Once this has been achieved the attacking forces must enter the building and destroy the Temporal Generator. With this Temporal field generator the Strogg intend to travel back in time and destroy humanity once and for all. You must stop them, you must free Spirit City.
Community Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein Review at G4

09.02.2009 : 17:16
"The game once again pits you as American Army ranger BJ Blazkowicz against a whole passel of Nazis for some first-person shooter mayhem. This time around, major plot elements of sci-fi and occult black magic keep this game from reminding you of Call of Duty: World at War. “When you take into account the science fiction and the mysticism, calling Wolfenstein a good WWII game is like calling the original Indiana Jones a great WWII movie."

Read the review here:

--> Review @ G4

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Blackops House of Pain (Final)

08.02.2009 : 17:10

~ Download ~
Allies and Axis just have to kick eachothers asses and make as many frags as possible.
Blowfish via PM
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: East Front (Alpha 0.7)

08.02.2009 : 17:07

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. Alpha 0.7 is released!


--> East Front (Alpha 0.7 - Full Version)

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at our homepage:


  • Fixed tank turret and barrel movement and positions.
  • Fixed artillery code.
  • Added BT7 russian light tank.
  • Added artillery to fueldump supremacy map.
  • AI pathfinding fixes.
  • Fixed an NPC crash bug.
  • Reduced CPU usage of server code.
  • Improvements for AI pathfinding multithreading code.
  • Misc AI fixes.
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Skinpack: War against Terror

07.02.2009 : 17:25
thunderpwn made two skinsets to turn ET into the war in Iraq.


--> War against Terror

Wolfenstein Preview at IGN

06.02.2009 : 19:07
"Blazkowicz is undercover on a Nazi ship when he slips on an admiral's jacket and finds a strange amulet in the pocket. In a moment of fear -- which wasn't shown tonight -- Blazkowicz wields the true power of the medallion; a power known as the Veil. Now, the Veil is another dimension that's existing on top of our own and can't be seen by the likes of you and me. When Blazkowicz activates the Veil -- the amulet is in the lower left corner of the screen and has a meter showing how much juice the dimensional wormhole has -- the screen turns to a creepy shade of blue, things start floating around, and little creatures can be seen by our hero. Of course, these effects aren't all purely eye candy; with the medallion activated, Blazkowicz can slow down time and scream around the stage waxing bad guys who are now brightly colored."

Read the preview here:

--> Preview @ IGN

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Breakout 2 v1.4.0

04.02.2009 : 11:49

~ Download ~
Continuing where the previous Breakout left off, the Allies must fight their way through surrounding Axis forces and to freedom.


  • Axis barracks spawn given extra routes out, to prevent spawners from being mown down by tank MG at tunnel.
  • Axis barracks spawn and bunker spawn doors given glass panels.

Objectives and Gameplay:

Allies must escort the tank to the exit rail tunnel to win, starting at a disused mine and then along the railway track to the station.

Axis will try to dynamite the footbridge over the railway to block the tank. If they do, Allies must dynamite the wreckage to clear the path.

At the station the Allies must then build a ramp to lift the tank off the rail track and into the station courtyard. Axis can construct a tank barrier just beyond this, so these objectives are fought over at the same time.

Once past the barrier the tank must go through the tunnel under the railway. Axis will try to dynamite the tunnel to block the road. If successful, Allies must dynamite the rubble to clear the way.

The road then leads into the Axis bunker - Allies must escort the tank through the bunker and out the other side.
The final chance for the Axis to block the tank is a desperate measure - they can destroy their own overhead bunker control room, so that the debris blocks the bunker exit. But this damages and buries the Axis CP located there.

If the bunker control room is destroyed, the Allies have to dynamite the debris to clear the path. This also clears the rubble from the Axis CP, allowing it to be rebuilt.

Finally the tank gets back onto the rail tracks and can escape through the exit railway tunnel.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Chartwell 1.4.0

04.02.2009 : 11:43

~ Download ~
Chartwell, England, 1943. Axis have launched a surprise paratroop attack on Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.

This is a small map of 20 mins duration, centred on the Axis attempts to enter the house and obtain the plans, best for 6-16 players per team.


  • Fixed the exploit in which docs could be taken from the closed safe.
  • Added ammo supply in outbuilding.
  • Made the fire in the chimney hotter.


Axis initially spawn at a building nearby, but they can quickly enable their paratroopers to attack by damaging the AA gun or the AA gun controls. With either of these out of action, the Axis spawn location is randomly changed to any location on the map for each Axis respawn. This allows the Axis team to attack from potentially any direction.

Allies need to repair both in order to force the Axis back to the original spawn.

The main Allied spawn is in the basement. There is an Allied-only flag in the pavilion, which if captured gives the Allies the option of spawning outside the house.

To get into the house, Axis must either dynamite the main entrance (non-repairable) or satchel either of the stairwell doors (repairable).

The Key must be taken from the ground floor dining room to the safe in the top floor study. To get into the study either of its doors must have been destroyed (one by dyna, one by satchel, both non-repairable).

On delivering the Key to the safe, the safe door opens and the Plans can be stolen. They must be taken to the Command Post in the grounds, and the Command Post built to secure an Axis victory.

Although all of the windows visible in picture 3 can be broken, getting out of the house with the Plans is a little trickier than it seems, as the broken windows are too narrow to jump through.

In this map Axis Cov Ops can set booby traps at the AA gun and AA gun controls in an effort to safeguard the paratroop attack from interruption. The booby traps are detonated if an unwary allied soldier touches the faint translucent white bar that reveals their presence. Allied Cov Ops can defuse the booby traps.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Tool: Capture 1.1

03.02.2009 : 13:08
'Capture' is a tool for movie makers. It executes the config, captures screenshots and the sound.
The downloadfile includes a version for ET and for RtCW.


--> Capture 1.1


  • What it does is produce a series of cfgs, from a list of demos, with a frag frame time added for each demo, which allows the cl_avidemo command to be started at the correct time.
  • You then run the script via a bat file, which loads up ET starts your first demo and then fast forwards until the specified frame time. It then captures until the designated stop time. Afterwards it will load the next demo, and repeat the process.
  • The tool is designed to work only with image.exe, as image.exe allows unlimited screenshots, and organises them for you into time and dated folders.
  • The point of the program is to eliminate the boring process of waiting to capture screenshots from your demos, as once youve set up the tool, u can leave your PC on over night and have all your screenshots ready to make your clips.
  • Place the program in your ET root directory
  • global offset - this is the time in frames (1000 ~ 1 second), the script will start recording before your frag and stop recording after it.
  • timescale - the fastforward speed between demos (advised to use vid_restart feature in Capture 1.1 if you use a high timescale here).
| crmbs