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ET-Minimod: Gun Pack

01.02.2009 : 18:34
The 'Gun Pack' made by aipid contains a lot of pk3's wich allow you to change the look of the MP40 or Thompson to another weapon.

Screenshots are included into the downloadfile.


--> Gun Pack

You can change the MP40/Thompson to:

AK47, Bar, K43, M1 Garand, M16, M4, MP34, MP40, MP44, PPSH, Stg44, Thompson
Wolfenstein Files
| Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Obersalzberg (Final)

01.02.2009 : 08:24

~ Download ~
Axis developed a serum wich will get them substantial advantage during further war.Therefore Allies need to conquer the serum to investigate it and obviate the Axis soon advantage.

| Servers running this Map

Minimizor 1.8

01.02.2009 : 08:13
The purpose of this program is the minimizing of games. This program minimizes all games that allow to be minimized using OpenGL, DirectX 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.

Download & Info:

--> Minimizor 1.8

Tested Games:

RtCW, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Quake 2, Quake 3 - Challenge, Quake 3 - Arena, Quake 4, QuakeLive, UT2004, UT3, CoD1, CoD1 - United Offensive, CoD2, CoD4, Doom 3, F.E.A.R., Warsow, MoH:AA, WoW, Rose Online, HL1 /HL2 Engine games (CS, CS:S, TF2, etc), Civ 4, Starwars Jedi Academic, Battlefield 2, Stalker


  • You can change the Shortcut for minimizing.
  • You can set 1 to 3 keys for minimizing.
  • Automatic startup at windows.
  • Automatic switches to the right game when minimizing.
  • Support multiple games.
  • Changes screen to desktop resolution when minimized.
  • Cannot start when game is running.
  • Cannot close when game is running.
  • Now and then checks for new version on start up.
  • Change windows gamma and reset gamma on game crash.

QW-Tool: ETQW Tweaker v2.0.1

01.02.2009 : 08:06
A new version of the tweaker is avaliable! Based on the TweakerCreator system, it has a much better user Interface with XP/Vista style buttons, pictured descriptions, language file editor (soon) and many other improvements. The TweakerCreator was developed with VisualStudio 2008 (unlike the previous tweaker, which was developed with VS6), so you'll need the .net Framework 3.5 to run this application.


--> ETQW Tweaker v2.0.1
Clean Desperado

~ Euro-Fun-Liga ~

30.01.2009 : 23:30

Es gibt eine neue, reine Fun-Liga!
Was unterscheidet die Euro-Fun-Liga von anderen Ligen?
Dort wird der Fun in den Vordergrund gestellt, das heißt im Klartext:

In der EFL gibt es keinen Spawnkill!

Somit haben auch Anfängerclans die Chance hier mit viel Spaß Wars zu bestreiten.

Und hier geht's zur EFL:

--> Euro-Fun-Liga
[Z.U.Z.] Highlander via ICQ

~ maxXHouse VI ~

29.01.2009 : 21:24
Längste und ausgefallenste LAN Deutschlands

Über 1200 Gäste haben in den vergangenen Jahren bereits an diesem Event teilgenommen. Mehr geht einfach nicht! Vom 06.06.09 bis 14.06.09 könnt ihr mit nur 4 Tagen Urlaub bis zu 9 Tage Häuser LAN Spaß genießen. maxXHouse, was ist das eigentlich?
53 Standard- und VIP-Häuser werden in einem gemütlichen Feriendorf am See mit Gigabit Netzwerk untereinander verbunden, damit 300 Gäste bisher nie dagewesenen LAN Spaß erleben können.

Hier die harten Fakten:

Termin: 06.06.09 bis 14.06.09
Größe: 53 Häuser und 300 Teilnehmer
Ort: Ferienpark in 17252 Mirow

Was es sonst noch so gibt:

Quadtour, Beachvolleyball-, Fußball- und Pokerturnier, Kanurennen auf dem See, WWCL Support, Lagerfeuer am See mit Stockbrot, Fassbier und Gitarrenmusik, tolle Turnierpreise, Singstar und Guitar Hero Contests.

Last but not least könnt ihr den Vorbestellservice nutzen, um euch Lebensmittel vorab zu bestellen und in euer Haus liefern zu lassen. So bleibt mehr Platz für Mitfahrer im Auto und der Geldbeutel wird geschont.

Bis zum 15.3.2009 gelten die Frühbucher-Preise. Anmeldung unter

Man sieht sich in Mirow.

Homepage & IRC:
--> Homepage
--> IRC-Channel@Quakenet

Hansi via TS

How ET:QW got Ray-Trayced

27.01.2009 : 09:33
Since Intel's ray traced version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars first surfaced last year, it has generated a fair bit of interest and excitement among graphics gurus and gamers alike. For those wanting to get an idea of what went into the thing and why it was created in the first place, Intel has now released a detailed Making Of in PDF form written by the man behind it, Daniel Pohl. The feature is quite detailed and goes over all the various bits and pieces Intel and Daniel had to create for the demo and concludes with a look at the future of ray-tracing in gaming. Go have a read!

Eine deutsche Version des Artikels gibt's hier auf ComputerBase.

~ Steve "badman" HesselSplashDamage

QW-Map: Estate (Beta 6)

27.01.2009 : 09:31

~ Download ~
GDF have recently gained intelligence that the Strogg have begun work on an Enhanced Railgun (ER) project in a old parcel depot in the deserted English village of Stonybridge. The GDF must break into the depot and steal the ER documents and transmit the data to high command before the Strogg can develop the weapon to devastating effect. If GDF can learn from the railgun technology it could help turn the tide of the war.
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

Unofficial ET-Strategy Guide back online

23.01.2009 : 18:50

"Short sidenote: I put Rajs' abandoned Unofficial ET-Strategy Guide ( online again at I had an offline-copy of 2006 stored as I worked on a german translation for him back then. Unfortunately, I've got no contact to Raj anymore, but his site is just too nice to leave it down. It's left widely untouched, all credits go to Raj a.k.a. velocity." ~pr0t3st


ET-Map: Falkenstein (Beta 1)

23.01.2009 : 16:58

~ Download ~
The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the success in this war.
Planet Wolfenstein
| ET-Stuff

ET-Map: Supply Night (Final)

19.01.2009 : 12:40

~ Download ~
Allied intelligence has discovered that the Axis forces are temporarily storing a large shipment of gold at a supply depot near the German border. The Allies have to drive a truck into the supply depot to steal the big ass crate of gold using a crane. The Axis have to defend the Depot and protect the gold till the end of aggression.


  • map's lighting (the night theme)
  • truck has the health bar (it's destructible/repairable now)
  • the truck stops few metres away from the gates
  • MG42 bunker & tunnel's entrance
  • new, modified from supply3 piece of bunker in the base
  • 2 glass windows in the base, near crane controls (undestroyable)
  • ammo/hp cabinets (axis base)
  • spawn protections over the sky - (off by default)
  • some door & window frames are wider
  • mine protection (can't arm a landmine near allies' primary spawn)
  • more spawns (better possitions up to 28 vs 28)
  • clock is set to 20 minutes
  • new textures
  • more clipping
  • corona lighting (except tunnels)
  • and many small things...


  • the broken-for-artillery roof in axis' supply depot
  • scripting (details in the .script file)
  • gold's loading process (pure animation)

Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

~ Wolfenstein RPG ~

16.01.2009 : 17:40
"Save the world in Wolfenstein RPG! Walk in the combat boots of Sergeant B.J. Blazkowicz, prisoner of the ruthless Axis Army. Battle through 9 challenging levels to complete your mission and take down the Axis' diabolical Paranormal Division. Use strategy and a wide array of conventional and mysterious weapons to defeat super soldiers, zombies and the shadowy Harbinger. Discover books and syringes full of special powers. Enter the mysterious 3D world of Wolfenstein RPG... if you dare."

More info about

--> Wolfenstein RPG
Planet Wolfenstein

Freie Plätze in der Liga4Fun

16.01.2009 : 17:30

In der Liga4Fun gibt's noch freie Plätze. Clans die noch mitmachen möchten sollten sich schleunigst anmelden!

6on6 ET: 3 freie Plätze
3on3 ET: 3 freie Plätze
MaxPauer via ICQ

ET-Mod: East Front (Alpha 0.6)

15.01.2009 : 22:30

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. Alpha 0.6 is released!


--> East Front (Alpha 0.6 - Full Version)

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at our homepage:


  • Removed NPC names to reduce lag.
  • Reduced CPU usage of NPC code.
  • Fixed a lot of text colors to make them readable on snow background.
  • Some other general AI and UI fixes.
  • Reduced bot CPU usage by about 65 to 80%. Most servers should now be able to use 62 bots.
  • Reduced CPU usage of NPCs by about 50 to 70%. Most servers should be able to use the max value (unless running bots as well).
  • Fixed enemy locating code for bots and NPCs.
  • EF AI is now multithreaded, on windows a large percentage of AI code now runs on a second CPU if you have one.
  • Improved navigation code for bots and NPCs.
  • Bots that are stuck for 45 seconds will now suicide to reduce lag and latency.
  • Fixed some other misc code for bots and NPCs.
  • Added the new MP-40 model to the game.
  • Added the fog fix pk3 that was missing from the previous versions. (needs to be in etmain for some strange reason).
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN

ET-Skinpack: Dewpack v1.2.3

14.01.2009 : 17:43
DEW reworked his skinpack to make it compatible with NQ 1.2.3
He also improved the look of the playerskins again and added improved HUD icons. At Level 9 all players wear the default officercap.


--> Dewpack v.1.2.3


  • added skins without class-symbols
  • added helmets without class-symbols
  • added realistic skins for Thompson and Garand M1


  • added skins without class-symbols
  • added helmets with decals
  • added fieldcap for cvops
  • added realistic skin for the Mauser rifle
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Maccupicu (Beta 1)

13.01.2009 : 12:59

~ Download ~
Axis need to defend the maccupiccu city and the two symbols (sun symbol and moon symbol) protected on the two pyramids temples. Allies need to capture the city and secure the two symbols on the truck stationed on the bridge.

The map is based on original photo and the anime film Mysterious City Of Gold.

Fun stuff:

  • special command post
  • 2 MG42 constructible and destructible for axis
  • 2 constructible and destructible assault ladder for allies
  • 2 constructible destructible defence ladder on city for axis
  • 4 dynamitable for allies

Special stuff:

  • find the secret way
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

ET-Prefabs: Zenith-ply's Model Pack 2

13.01.2009 : 12:21
BMW R75 Motorcycle

--> Download here

Me 262 "Schwalbe"

--> Download here

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

--> Download here

R2 Pipes

--> Download here

M5 Pipes

--> Download here

ET-Soundpack: G2K Funsounds

12.01.2009 : 23:45
#G2K*Tiger made this soundpack for Jaymod 2.1.7, they use it and the players on the server are happy about it!


--> G2K Funsounds
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.3 Hunkmegs Fix

10.01.2009 : 15:51
[!!!]Harlekin of made a fix for NQ 1.2.3 wich finally solves the hunkmegs error.

"These files will set com_hunkmegs to 128 MB, without overwriting default autoexec.cfg! It works when clients start etmain or No Quarter if both pk3's installed serverside.
Place hunkmeg_fix_nq_folder.pk3 into noquarter and the hunkmeg_fix_etmain.pk3 into etmain.
Files can be also used clientside but be sure that latest version of NoQuarter is installed."

The fix is included into the downloadfile of NQ 1.2.3

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.3'

[!!!]Harlekin via PM |

ET-Minimod: Sunglasses

26.08.2009 : 22:08
The Summer comes soon! Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops and Covert Ops have sunglasses in different colours.


--> Sunglasses
ETc|#.Jay.# via E-Mail | Extrem Terror Clan

ET-Map: 1o1 Desert Duel (Final)

08.01.2009 : 21:57

~ Download ~
Just another 1on1 map, no special things. Small map for 1on1 fights.
EgaL via MSN | RtCW 4 ever!
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Training Pit (Final)

08.01.2009 : 21:53

~ Download ~
Scrim-map for 6vs6, but can be played for an 1vs1, too.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Miniod: T34 Tank

07.01.2009 : 23:17
Replaces the Jagdpanther with an T34.


--> T34 Tank

ischbinz via MSN

ET-Minimod: Special Weapons

07.01.2009 : 23:13
Replaces the MP40 and the Thompson with a MP60 and a Thommygun.
For NQ is a extra-file included wich gives the weapons a new behaviour.


--> Special Weapons
ischbinz via MSN

~ East Front match sunday ~

07.01.2009 : 15:06

East Front will have a match on their 2.60b Server located in Holland.
Sunday the 11th january from 16.00 (4 pm) GMT (british time) to about 19.00 GMT (7 pm).
Check your local time zone here.


Name: ~~/GS/Clan EastFront [XPSave]
Location: Netherlands, Europe
Version: ET 2.60b
Mod: Eastfront Jan 4 2009 (0.4 alpha)


First we will play Fueldump and Trenchtoast Supremacy with 20 Bots on Supremacy Gametype.
Later we will play Moscow Forest, Warsaw Poland and Leningrad with no Bots on Objective Gametype.
After that we will play Stalingrad on the new Co-op Gametype.

RtCW-SP-Maps: Opof & Move 33

06.01.2009 : 14:12
Two old but near unknown singleplayer maps for RtCW.
Wish you fun playing these maps!


--> Opof
--> Move 33

ET-Map: Capture the Box (Final / Fixed)

05.01.2009 : 06:56

~ Download ~
This is an arena style map. Some in the stratosphere close to an unknown deserted planet you can find a strange looking spaceship. Both allies and axis must bring 6 boxes in total from the top floor to the basement. The team who delivers all 6 boxes as first wins and controls over the spaceship. Play as a team, use some tactics and frag like hell in this arena style map.


The previous version had FPS lags.


Capture your own box and defend the box of the opposit team and bring them to the basement. The first team who delivers all 6 boxes as first will win the game.


  • Gravity changed to 600 (it is better for the game to play without double jump).
  • Map includes now: a skybox, a tracemap and new lights values.
  • Teleport to the other spawn isnt there anymore.
  • More ammo places near spawn + a new reveal time of 2 seconds.
| Servers running this Map

QW-Map: Baserace (Alpha 3b)

04.01.2009 : 16:21

~ Download ~
Baserace is now ported from ET to QW. Race to build your base!
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: East Front (Alpha 0.4)

03.01.2009 : 23:29

The team of East Front is really fast in fixing bugs, improvements and adding new things to their total convertion. Alpha 0.4 is released!


--> East Front (Alpha 0.4 - Full Version)

Remember to set Hunkmegs to 192 or more if needed! (minimum 128).

There are still alot of bugs to be spottet! if you see a bug then please report it at our homepage:


  • Added supremacy support for moscow forest and added it to the campaigns.
  • Added friendly bot support for coop and training gametypes, (new cvar: bot_coop_minplayers, or set it hostgame menu)
  • Rewrote NPC movement code. Uses much less CPU and they work much better.
  • Rewrote NPC death code. No longer those strange models appearing.
  • Many other NPC fixes as well.
  • Co-Op NPCs and Multiplayer NPCs both now work a hell of a lot better.
  • Fixed broken weapon models and configs.
  • Fixed Panzer II missing model (had a bad path).
  • Lots of other misc stuff I cant remember right now.
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN

ET-Minimod: Emot v0.1b

01.01.2009 : 16:16
With this small addon made by [xD] JenkinS you get Emoticons above head for specified vsays, Class specific icons for a 'Function' vsay, Misc. icons above head for specified vsays, Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay.


--> Emot v0.1b

Emoticons above head for specified vsays:
  • :D - Thanks
  • :) - You're welcome
  • :( - Sorry
  • :O/:S - Oops

Misc. icons above head for specified vsays:

  • Where to?
  • We need an engineer
  • Hold your fire [axis/allies]
  • Fire in the hole [axis/allies]
  • Deploy landmines
  • Disarm the dynamite
  • Escort the vehicle
  • Destroy primary objective
  • Destroy secondary objective
  • Destroy the vehicle
  • Deploy mortar
  • Command acknowledged
  • Command declined
  • Yes
  • No
  • Provide sniper cover
  • I'm constructing
  • Repair the vehicle
  • Resupply squad
  • Call in artillery
  • Call an airstrike
  • Go undercover [axis/allies]
  • Disarm landmines
  • Clear the mines [axis/allies]
  • Mines cleared

Ability to bind emoticons by using vsay:

  • emot1 = :)
  • emot2 = :D
  • emot3 = :(
  • emot4 = :/
  • emot5 = :O
  • emot6 = :X
  • emot7 = :S
  • emot8 = [angry]


  • [axis/allies] means that there are other icons for each of sides.
  • This addon may not work if others are installed.
  • This addon may work even if others are installed but then others may not.

[xD] JenkinS via PM