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QW-Mod: Wheels of War (Alpha 0.2)

28.06.2008 : 23:20

Hey Guys, great news - version 0.2 has been released! It features a small amount of bug fixes, three new vehicles, a whole new 'Championship Racing' game mode, 5 racetracks for that racing mode (which include the 3 for DM Campaign matches), and web-based stats in the form of a global best-lap leaderboard.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'Wheels of War (Alpha 0.2)'
--> 'Wheels of War' Website
It became apparent the zombies, in-game upgrades and stunt systems were going to take a while to develop. Web-based stats were always on the cards for a later inclusion, so this new race mode lets us examine how that works whilst giving you another reason to play Wheels of War. We think it ties in nicely, hopefully you will agree!

To get on the global leaderboard at, you need to play on a RANKED RACE server, and complete a lap within the time limit. Every players best lap during that race is recorded and put up for all to see. It's that simple! The stats website is going to be continually developed over the next few weeks as more ways of conveying the information are realised - if you have any suggestions, post on our forums.

Server admins wanting more information about how to make their servers ranked can come to our IRC channel (#wheelsofwar on or post in our general forum on our official website at

We are always on the look out for download mirrors and server parters. If you are willing to host a Wheels of War server, be it Deathmatch or Racing, get in touch and we can discuss how to get Ranked status or even get in some sponsored advertising on the stats page if you help us get the word out :)

Thank you, and have a good time racing!

Installation Instructions:

Simply unzip the downloaded file into your ETQW directory. It will create a /wheelsofwar folder and also a Run Wheels of War shortcut. The shortcut will show you what command-line arguments you need to run the mod. Specifically, they are:

"etqw.exe" +set com_usebinarydecls 2 +set fs_game wheelsofwar +set g_usecompiledscript 1 +set si_pure 1

Wheels of War

Wolfenstein: ET Map Source Files Released

28.06.2008 : 02:03
"We are happy to announce that we have received approval from Kevin Cloud over at id Software to release the source maps that we created during our development of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This is a belated present to mark Wolf:ET's fifth birthday that we reported on last month. The package is a modest 6 Megabytes in size and includes source .map files for all six of the officially released maps.

On a side note, for those of you wanting to import the maps into Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, jRAD and Torchy assure me that this is indeed possible as EditWorld will happily import *.map files. Keep in mind that it will require some of the obvious texture path replacements and entity work, though."



--> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Map Source Files
nUllSkillZ via PM

Golden Joysticks 2008 Finalists: Vote for ET:QW

28.06.2008 : 01:28
The final nominees for the Golden Joysticks 2008 have been announced and thanks to your previous voting efforts, Splash Damage and Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars are up for no less than six of the 'sticks now!

Since the Golden Joysticks are decided purely by public voting, we're calling on all of you to help ETQW and Splash Damage win as many of these as possible. How can you help? Simple. Just head over to this page and cast your vote. Better yet, every 10,000th vote gets one of many cool prizes, including Xbox 360s, Sony tellies, games, and more!

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and its PC developer Splash Damage are up for the following:

Nuts All Nighter - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
PC Game of the Year - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
PlayStation Game of the Year - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
UK Developer of the Year - Splash Damage
Ultimate Game of the Year - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
Xbox Game of the Year - Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

Go vote! Technicians everywhere will thank via ICQ

ET-Map: Radar Summer 1.3.0

26.06.2008 : 19:26

~ Download ~
The Allies are attempting to sabotage components of the new Würzburg radar! Don't let them steal the radar components and destroy the radar stations!

Including Texture Fix.

v1.3.0 Changes:

  • New passage from bunker to main radar compound. Need to blow generator to open the door.
  • All 4 objs needed for allied win.
Changes from Radar:
  • It's bright and sunny
  • You can see to the horizon
  • You can reach many places previously inaccessible
  • 2 additional primary objectives created for allies:
    • destroy north radar station
    • destroy south radar station
  • Tank in garage is repairable by axis and can be escorted up the road to an advantageous defensive position

| Servers running this Map

Two new Wolfenstein movies

24.06.2008 : 19:44
A look over at our partner site RtCW 4 ever! points out two new movies from ET and RtCW.

ET-Movie: Memento

This movie was made by the creator of Klamateur Hour. A frag movie of Australian and New Sealand matches. A few very good scenes come along with shoutcast comments to raise the atmosphere.

--> Download 'Memento' @ RtCW 4 ever!

RtCW-Movie: GotBounce?
That's the title of this Deatch Match RtCW 1.4 movie. Produced and made by Bouncy. Nice frags, good music and very good quality.

--> Download 'GotBounce?' @ RtCW 4 ever!

RtCW 4 ever!

ET-Tool: ETUL 23.06.08

23.06.2008 : 19:39
As you can see, its a Toolbar. There is also a tray menu if you want to disable the toolbar. Don't worry, this program is very light (6 MB in RAM mermory; 0.5 MB on hard-disk!), it let your CPU and your connection quiet (no CPU and no bandwidth usage)!
  • "Anias spirit": no registery interaction, no system or game modification! (I hate heavy programs, lighter is better)
  • you want to remove ETUL? Just throw it in the bin!

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETUL 23.06.08''
--> Anias Website
--> AutoHotkey
This tool uses Autohotkey programation language, so at first install, ETUL will ask you to install it. Autohotkey is clean, safe and light (not as the Netframmework thing).


  • New intergrated Patch-Selector. It will be downloaded automatically during the first launch of Scrim-Launcher. In this way, you will not have to download it each ETUL updates. It is a patch selector 2.6b/2.55 only, and will be installed in the game folder, in a directory "ETUL patchselector." This patch selector won't come into conflict with others patchselectors that you have already installed, so no worries.
  • Consequently, the configuration of ETUL is simplified (no adjustment for the patch selector).
  • nicer downloading interface for next updates and for the patch-selector auto-download.
  • The scrim-Launcher closes automatically once a game launched.
  • If a game is already running, Scrim-Launcher will not launch a second game (which caused a kick of the game). A message will tell you that a game is already in progress.

ET-Map: Netex Temple (Beta 1)

23.06.2008 : 16:05

~ Download ~
The allies and axis are attacking a castle called Netex. There are many invaluvable treasures in the castle. Accidentally both teams attacked Netex at the same time and now a big battle begins. The main objective is kick the enemy out of the castle by capturing the flag and holding it for one minute.

| Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Canal Sniper (Final)

23.06.2008 : 16:04

~ Download ~
This giant map plays in 1942 in the environment between Dover and Calais. Typical beach based bunker arrays on the Axis side stay face to typical rock based bunker forts at the Allied side.
This map is as real as in ET possible. All fort based cannons are ready to fire, also all anti-aircraft-cannons. A elevator at the allies-side is functional, also a giant cannon at the Axis side, called "Dora".
The depth of this map is around 3200 meters square.

QW-Tool: QW PowerAdmin v0.9.3 (Final)

18.11.2008 : 18:48
"Hopefully this version fixes the bugs from RC1. After the online profiles changes form player name to a unique number, i adapted Power Admin to use it again. If you have problems with online stats you can deactivate it the options." ~Morix

Download & Info:

--> QW PowerAdmin v0.9.3 (Final)
--> Morix
  • ETQWPro 0.7
  • better Competition Mod detection

QW-Map: DuelTowers (Beta 2a)

21.06.2008 : 16:23

~ Download ~
It's a map of two towers, each tower has three (high, middle, low) levels. Two jump pads on the sides to go across to the other tower and two jump pads inside the tower to go to the top of the tower. A slide from the top of the tower can take you to the middle or low level.


  • works in ETQWpro
  • added another spawn for 6vs6
  • lowered respawn timer
  • fixed players able to shoot through boxes
  • jump pad death(fall) easier to avoid in towers
  • fixed/added scripts
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Onslaught (Beta 1)

20.06.2008 : 20:27

~ Download ~
A frag map by isbowhten.
| Servers running this Map is back!

20.06.2008 : 15:28
I make it short and sweet: ET-Stuff is back and awaits your visits!
robot via MSN - Watch Videos online!

18.06.2008 : 22:05
Kool-ET allows their members to upload videos of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. There also have a category for other games for those that don't have videos of ET.

Visit the site:

They have 7 categories of videos:
  • Skills:
    For those that want to show their skills

  • Scrims And Competitions:
    For clans who want to share their competitions

  • Maps Demo:
    For beginners who want's to learn a specific map

  • Cheaters, Hackers, etc:
    Videos of hackers and cheaters that got cought in a game

  • Funny:
    For those who recorded a funny video in their in game play

  • Other Games:
    For members who have videos of any other games

  • Anything Else:
    Any non related games videos

"We are the first Enemy Territory website who gives a video sharing website for those who love Enemy Territory."KOOL-ET via PM

ET-Map: CTF Face (FP 1 / Fixed)

18.06.2008 : 10:07
UPDATE: The map had a bug when a player with objective drops down, then the objective wasn't returned. Bug fixed by goblin

~ Download ~
This map is a remake of 'CTF-Face' from the original Unreal Tournament game. It features fully functional Capture The Flag style of play and a realtime scoreboard on the compass. It does not require any additional mods and will work under all currently popular mods. (etpro, etpub, etmain etc).

Capture the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your own! The first team to reach a score of 4 wins the map. At expiration of roundtime, the team which is ahead wins the map. A draw is possible.

goblin in the Forum
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: Official Competition Mod 1.0

17.06.2008 : 23:34
"The Official Competition Mod for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has been released. The mod allows server admins and tournament organizers to easily implement and enforce specific rule-sets via a host of new customization options. An extensive Wiki page detailing the features of the mod and how to use them can be found in the Splash Damage Wiki. On top of all this, SD is also intending to release the Competition Mod source code in the near future for all you aspiring modders to tinker with, so keep an eye out for that. " ~badman


--> Official Competition Mod 1.0
--> ET:QW Competition Mod Guide
Steve "badman" Hessel via E-Mail

ET-Prefab: Exploding Landmines

17.06.2008 : 21:29
TNR360 released from his latest map 'Bloody Omaha' the exploding land mines that go off when a player steps on it. He will release more prefabs from his maps on request.

Download & Info:

--> Exploding Landmines
--> TNR360's Mod Site
TNR360's Mod Site

ET-Map: Bloody Omaha (Beta 2)

16.06.2008 : 13:17

~ Download ~
The Allies are invading through omaha beach they must destroy two FlAk 88 guns to allow armor onto the beach and gain total control.

Beta 2 Changes:

  • mid section of seawall to be destroyed by dynamite
  • side seawall on left can be destroyed with satchel
  • added command post with health and ammo cabinets
  • opened mid section between the two bunkers (mined)
  • replaced clips with minefields
  • fixed floating tank trap and some brushes
  • distributed axis spawns among many different selectable areas
  • distributed allied spawns, each different higgins boat has 4 spawns and can be selected
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: Strogg Localization

16.06.2008 : 11:32
Actually this is a joke-mod made by KOHyC for true Stroggs.

Works only whith seta sys_lang "english".


--> Strogg Localization
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Map: TE Valhalla 2 (Final)

16.06.2008 : 11:30

~ Download ~
Just camp arround and frag, frag, frag!!!


  • Practical/functional and battle-focused design
  • Aiming improvement for headshots, follow the wall lines!
  • Bot support to personal trainging against experts bots - Thanks to zigzag!!
  • Trickjump training (discover hidden trickjumps!)
  • Playable roof for advantage/disadvantage firing training
  • Small filesize download
  • You like sunbathing?? :-)
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Capture the Toiletpaper (Beta 1)

15.06.2008 : 21:52

~ Download ~
Axis and Allies are fighting in an uneblieveable war for new toiletpaper. This battle could influence the whole war!!!
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Baserace Desert (Final)

15.06.2008 : 16:08

~ Download ~
It's a race, to build your base! Steal and secure construction materials from your enemy's base to build your own!

Check out the Online Baserace Guide.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Bloody Beach (Beta 1)

15.06.2008 : 13:27

~ Download ~
Allieds has come in this secret axis base to destroy the cave where all important stuff is stored.
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-Mod: S4ndmod 2.3.0 (Beta 2)

14.06.2008 : 20:39

The beta 1 had some bugs, so I made the beta 2 for Linux and Windows.

I am going to make this short and sweet. We have finally got together a S4NDMoD Release the team is proud of. With this release S4NDMoD now fully supports both windows and linux. ~S4ndm4nn

Download & Info:

--> Download ''S4NDMoD v2.3.0 (Beta 2)''
--> S4NDMoD Website

RtCW-Maps: 20 new maps for RtCW

14.06.2008 : 20:37
All maps (expect Base CTF) was made by OneArmedWillie of Willie Design.
Please take a look to his site for screenshots.


--> Base CTF
--> Axis Railway TE
--> No Ticket!
--> Contra Base
--> Gauntlet
--> Outpost
--> Spire
--> Canal Entry
--> Badpub TE
--> The Chambers TE
--> Cargo Shipment
--> Quickplay-Pack (9 Maps)

RtCW-Tool: HTTP Downloader v1.0

13.06.2008 : 21:24
"Anybody who has played newer games knows what http downloads are. They make getting custom maps faster, and much less frustrating. The idea of adding http downloads to RTCW came to me while waiting for a map to download from a server. I began looking around the web and found there are similar solutions for other games and now even for RTCW. The programs are great, but I wanted to go a bit further and add the download function directly into the game. This is what RTCW http downloader v1.0 has accomplished." ~S4NDM4NN


--> HTTP Downloader v1.0
RtCW 4 ever!

ET:QW 1.5 Mac Version Released

13.06.2008 : 15:38
"Aspyr has at last released the Mac version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.5 game update. It contains the same improvements and fixes as the Windows version." ~badman


--> ET:QW 1.5 (Macintosh)
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Ramelle (Beta 1)

11.06.2008 : 16:44

~ Download ~
Axis are attacking the small town of Ramelle after it was taken from them by allied paratroopers in the days following D-day. Almost completely based on the final battle scene from the movie "Saving Private Ryan". Both teams must fight to capture all four areas of the city, the team with the most areas at the end of the map wins. If at the round end both teams have only two flags it will end in a tie.
Planet Wolfenstein
| RtCW Files

ETQW Stats

10.06.2008 : 18:42
The ETQW statistics page offers a large player statistics for Enemy Territory Quake Wars. The team of ETQW Stats is trying to give so much information as even possible. To view the statistic of a player just type the name in the search.

--> ETQW Stats Website
WolfMap Forum / Thanks to moin moin

ET-Soundpack: Realistic Gun Sounds (Beta 1)

09.06.2008 : 23:01
th0rn3 had just created a realistic gun sound mini-mod. It's only beta 1 for now.


--> Realistic Gun Sounds (Beta 1)

Realistic sounds for:

Thompson, MP40, browning, FG42, M1 Garand, M1 Garand Silenced, K43, K43 Silenced, MG42, Sten

ET-Soundpack: Unreal Tournament

08.06.2008 : 23:39

EgaL from RtCW4ever! converted a few sounds from UT. Pure funsounds like 'Godlike', 'Monsterkill' and 'Spawnkiller'. Weaponsounds will not be replaced!

Download & Info:

--> Unreal Tournament
--> True Community Website
| Wolfenstein Files