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Karottes Gemüsegarten's Gewinnspiel

08.06.2008 : 19:48
[KG] Karottes Gemüsegarten veranstaltet zum 4-jährigen Geburtstag dieses Jahr ein kleines Gewinnspiel. Ihr müßt einfach nur die Fragen beantworten und [KG] das Formular zukommen lassen.
--> Zum [KG]-Gewinnspiel
Zu gewinnen gibt es:
1. Preis:
1 Sharkoon PC Jump Start schwarz

2. Preis:
1 Cold Cathoden Twin 30cm blau

3. Preis:
1 Tray Jolt mit einem Jolt 6-Pack-Cooler

WolfMap Forenthread

ET-Mod: ''W:ET Goldrush: Back into history!''

08.06.2008 : 08:15
Many RtCW players probably still remember: BaniMod. This mod released the well played game mode goldrush. The Goal? Crush your enemy and 'cash' the gold dropped by killed enemies at one of the many flags. Unfortunately this mod was never released for Enemy territory...

Dreaming about those times -|FG|-Martijn and [fP]Kennie** decided to combine their knowlegde. After a while of hard work the first playable version was developed. Altough et_ice (ET version of mp_ice) isn't ready yet, you still experience that good old-time feeling!

Thanks to the great co-operation between Flame Guards and fatal Punishers you can get that good old-time feeling back! At the moment we are running 2 Goldrush servers:

[FG] #Goldrush // // 38 slots

[fP]Goldy // // 18 slots

About Flame Guards:

The Flame Guards Community is a Enemy Territory community with their own servers. Founded in September 2005 with nowadays more then 100 members. With NoQuarter, ETPub, ETPro and the exclusive East Front mod running Flame Guards is one of the leading Enemy territory community's at this moment.

About the fatal Punishers:

The fatal Punishers clan is a fun Enemy Territory clan founded in March 2003 by a small group of gamers on the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein, at which they were unstoppable playing the goldrush gametype on Banimod. [fP] have also played many other games like the CoD series, but still keeps loyal to RtCW/Goldrush.

More info?

If you are interested, quickly join one of the servers, IRC or visit our website.

IRC: @
WolfMap IRC / Thanks to aLca for reporting!

Auswertung der 3. Night of Fight

03.06.2008 : 13:15

Am 31.5.08 fand die dritte Auflage der "Night of Fight" bei der ETW-Funzone statt. Insgesamt haben 103 ET-Spieler den Weg auf den ETPro Server gefunden. Der Spaß fing um 19 Uhr an, um 21 Uhr wurde die Marke 30 Spielern durchbrochen. Das Maximum fand sich gegen 22.30 Uhr als 46 von 60 Slots belegt waren. Das Ende fand sich gegen 3 Uhr ein als die letzten 3 Spieler den Server verliesen.

Auch wenn es ein richtiges Gemetzel wurde, war es sehr lustig und es machte Spaß zu sehen das in der heutigen Zeit der Hysterie gegen sogenannte "Killerspiele" (Giana Sisters, Super Mario, Tetris [die armen Steine] etc.) eine Gruppe lustiger Leute zusammen kam und unbeschwert zockte. Die ETW-Funzone spricht auf diesem Wege allen Anwesenden ihren aufrichtigen Dank aus. Es war schön anzusehen wie sich der Server füllte. Ebenfall herzerwärmend war die Durchsicht der Log-Dateien. Kein einziger Cheater wurde von Punkbuster gefunden, die automatisch angefertigten Screenshots sehen auch "normal" aus.

Resüme der Night of Fight:

Gespielte Maps: 23 (20 Verschiedene)
Spieleranzahl: 103
Davon Gleichzeitig: 46
Bestes Kill/Death verhältnis: 2,18 (DVC*R1ddl3r)
Höchste Accuracy: 68.57% (DVC*R1ddl3r)
Die meisten Kills: 590 (!blAckmAmbA@ETC)
Den längsten Killing Sspree: 32 ([ETW-FZ] Livi)
Die meisten Kills pro Map (DS): 36.88 (!blAckmAmbA@ETC)
Auch nachzulesen auf der 'Night of Fight' Webseite.[ETW-FZ]Schnoog via PM

Community: PhReaKz Hide and Seek Friday

03.06.2008 : 12:46

The official PhReaKz Hide & Seek tourney will be hold this Friday on PhReaKz Public NQ Server.

Time: 9 pm GMT +1 / 8 pm GMT / 3 pm EST
NQ Server Friday June 6th 2008
Server IP: 27960
Rules: The seeker gets frozen and disoriented the first minutes of the map. Everyone else finds a spot to hide. Once u found a good spot u playdead (open console /playdead). After a few minutes the seeker gets oriented and unfrozen, he or she can start searching the map for players hiding. The ones who hide have to remain at their hiding spots and playdead until they get killed by the seeker. The last player hiding wins the map and is the seeker next map.

Ventrilo: Join our ventrilo server while playing hide and seek, it really brings and extra dimension to the game, its more fun while waiting for the seeker to find everyone. IP: eurovent1.gameserver pw = phreakzrule

We Welcome Everyone!Bo0mPhReaK via E-Mail

ET-Minimod: Nightvision & Thermalscope

02.06.2008 : 23:27
In this example file I show only that it's possible to change the view of the sniper scope and the binocular individually for every map you want. For example I modified the six stock maps. Please refer to the map scripts for guidance on including it.

Free to use in your map, mod or whatever.


--> Nightvision & Thermalscope

Community: eft// Clanbang III

02.06.2008 : 23:07

Hi! eft//europeanfunteam wants to invite you to our next Clanbang event. It will take place on one of the July weekends, the exact date is not fixed yet.
We hope that we can find a good weekend together with the interested clans.

Information about the Clanbang can be found on the Clanbang III Homepage. Please also check out the match rules and the match schedule.

If your team is interested to participate, please use our registration forum to register your team.

For questions or comments please use our Clanbang III Forum or contact us in #eft-clan @ quakenet or on xfire: eft//tinka (tinka1) or eft//Sepp (honcsi).

eft//tinka / eft//Seppeft//Sepp

QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.55b

02.06.2008 : 17:17
"This update fixes some major issues that popped up in 0.55a.

The main issues I was trying to fix / smoothen out:

- TV was crashing on connect
- Vehicle management, vehicles wont spawn into the map anymore, if they are not allowed
- Headshots only mod
- Demo recording
- End of round screenshots
- better useability (menu to adjust your ingame settings)
- Weapon model tweaks (thanks to pie)
- GPMG spread

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.55b''
--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.55b - Installer''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Changelog
--> Public server for testing:

Our scripts will work now also on custom maps!

Serveradmins, be sure to adjust your server configs! The es_allowvehicles cvar has changed.
More Information about this can be found in the changelog and wiki!

We highly recommend updating your servers, also be sure to give any bugreport and feedback in our forums at ETQWPro Forums

Also Linux server admins, please give feedback about any server crashes, the binaries got compiled in a slightly diffrent way this time!" ~hannes
sl.Sonyfan via ICQ

ET-Map: Castle Whatever (Beta 3)

02.06.2008 : 06:52

~ Download ~
The Axis are trying to steal the beloved Vinyl of the Allieds. Can the Allieds stop them?
RtCW 4 ever!
| Servers running this Map

Tool: PB Screenshot Checker v4.0.1.23

31.05.2008 : 23:53
SSChecker is a simple little program designed to make it easier for you to view Punk Buster screenshots. It does this by automatically zooming screenshots. to the window and correcting the gamma. You can also easily display a grid over your image to reference specific parts of the screenshot to others as well as easily recovering interlaced images.


--> PB Screenshot Checker v4.0.1.23
In addition to this, SSChecker can also detect tampering of the screenshot.

Finally, it's been possible for some time to inject someone else's GUID into Punk Buster screenshots. in an attempt to get the individual into trouble via banning etc. SSChecker now makes it easier for you to spot the screenshots with injected GUID's.ETW-Funzone

ET-Minimod: Enhanced Trees

29.05.2008 : 21:04
The trees look more realistic than before.


--> Enhanced Trees

ET-Minimod: Specific Command Posts

29.05.2008 : 17:08
Specific command posts. The Axis CP is made of metal, the neutral one of green painted wood and the Allied CP looks like always.
Also added the fixed model for the open Axis CP wich was made by Lanz.


--> Specific Command Posts

QW-Mod: ETQWpro Custom Soundpack

28.05.2008 : 00:09
Headshot hitsounds now use the same as ETPRO (dink dink). Added sounds for the newly added feature sounds prepare.ogg and fight.ogg

Go to the etqwpro install folder, my default:
C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars\etqwpro

place the promod003.pk4 there and replace the old (or move the old one to another place to save it for back)



--> ETQWpro Custom Soundpack
sl.Sonyfan via ICQ

QW-Tool: QW Demoviewer v0.8

18.11.2008 : 18:45
With the Demoviewer you can doubleclick and play ETQW demos from any paths. Includig demo controls.


--> ETQW Demoviewer v0.8
Community Enemy Territory
| Warriors of Hell

ET-Soundpacks: RtCW & Fun Soundpack

27.05.2008 : 22:02
We, the Nuremberg Clan, would like to share our newest soundpack with the whole ET community. It countains approximately 50 sounds in only 5.8MB from the original RtCW Single Player part, including the mighty villain Heinrich and of course Helga. The soundpack is kept small on purpose and has a nice size of only 4.8MB.

We would also like to share our fun-soundpack with all of you. It contains over 100 sounds, including added welcome and good-bye sounds. A thank you goes to the to me unknown soundpack-maker for two of the three included 30-second-ending sounds.

Lots of fun during your battles, from the Nuremberg Clan!


--> Nuremberg RtCW Soundpack
--> Nuremberg Fun Soundpack

ETW-Funzone lädt zur Night of Fight

27.05.2008 : 09:34

Die "Night of Fight" geht in die 3. Runde...
Nachdem die FunPlay-Community es ins Leben gerufen hat, die 2. Runde bei ET-Cologne statt fand, werden wir, die ETW-Funzone, nun die nächste Fortsetzung geben.
Es laufen 2 Campaigns mit je 10 Maps mit aktivem XP Save.
Folgende Maps stehen bereit erobert zu werden:

oasis, caen2, falcon2, warbell, 1944_beach, el_kef_final, mlb_temple, wolfsrudel3_final, snatch3, radar_summer, transmitter, bergen, braundorf_b4, golddays_v2, mlb_carnage, Goldrush2_fk_b1, stalingrad, battery_recharged, radar, supplydepot3
Die wichtigsten Daten:
Wann? Samstag, den 31.5.08
Start? ca. 19 bis 20 Uhr
Ende? gibt's nicht!!!
Wo? ETW Server (etpro, 60 Slots)
TS !!!
Wir hoffen auf ein zahlreiches Erscheinen und wünschen viel Spaß!!!


Da sich einige Extras auf dem Server befinden bietet es sich bei langsamer Internetverbindung an die benötigten Dateien im vorraus zu ziehen. Deshalb hier die Links zu den von uns bereitgestellten Download-Packs.

Alle Files (Maps für etmain und Extras für etpro):

--> Alle Files
Nur die Extras:
--> Nur Extras
Nur die Maps:
--> Nur Maps
Schnoog via E-Mail | ETW

ET-Map: Special Delivery TE (Final)

27.05.2008 : 00:44

~ Download ~
The Axis are temporarily storing a number of gold crates in a fortified storehouse while they await their transfer to a more secure location. Allies must first gain control of the storehouse by damaging the forward bunker's East and West Walls, then with their forward spawn secured they must escape with a number of gold crates using the Axis' very own cargo trucks for transportation.
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-Map: Flieger (Final)

27.05.2008 : 00:37

~ Download ~
Axis Objectives:
Hold the Forward Office, Defend the Office Door, Defend the War Documents, Stop the Allies from Transmitting

Allied Objectives:
Capture the Forward Office, Destroy the Office Door, Steal the War Documents, Transmit the War Documents
EgaL via ICQ | RtCW 4 ever!

QW-Mod: ETQWpie v0.12

25.05.2008 : 22:43
ETQWPie is a modification for Enemy Territory Quake Wars. ETQWPie is also a collection of source patches implementing individual features. Pie is not Pro.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'ETQWpie v0.12'
--> ETQWpie Website
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Tool: ET:QW Browser 1.0 (Beta)

25.05.2008 : 22:11
The ET:QW Browser made by paddxxxx requires MS-Framwork to work. See below for a list of the features.


--> ET:QW Browser 1.0 (Beta)

  • All version support
  • All mod support
  • Compatible with XP & Vista
  • Winamp support
  • TeamSpeak Support
  • Minimizor included
  • Remote console access
  • Buddy list
  • Advance options
  • Exec cfg on startup
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Troop Train 1.2.0

25.05.2008 : 20:28

~ Download ~
Axis are transporting armour reinforcements to the front line. Allies must destroy the 2 tanks on the trains before they arrive at their destination. All the action takes place on two moving trains adjacent on parallel tracks. First objective is to blow up the crates that block the Allies path up the train. This gives them access to the midtrain flag forward spawn, and sets them up for the final push to the front of the train where the Tiger tanks are being transported. Players can move through the carriages, or along the top or sides, and can jump from one train to the other. Passing overhead gantries and bridges help to prevent sniper domination, and quick respawn times mean players are never missing from the action for long. The straightforward layout also means it's quick to learn and no-one gets lost. With a 10 minute map time limit, I believe it is best played in stopwatch mode.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Farm Sniper NP (Beta 3)

25.05.2008 : 20:20

~ Download ~
This time a farm snipermap. There are lot's of sniperplaces on both sites and a boat to cross. The water is poisoned so the only way to cross is with the boat.

| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Hospital Sniper NP (Beta 1)

25.05.2008 : 20:16

~ Download ~
Again a new snipermap, and its called Hospital. Lots of wounded soldiers stayed after the war in hospitals for recovering but... a major attack of snipers are attacking the hospitals so now you gotto shoot back too. There is a way to cross in this map but when you come too the other side a loud air alarm will go off ,so the enemy wouldt now that there is bad company. You also can snipe from the ambulances and you can turn the sirenes on for nice effect.
So it's an open space and four levels high building. Hide, run, you can do everything in that map. It also makes fun jumping from high too low all over the building. Long hallways inside the hospital. I hope everybody likes this map.

| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Ocean Sniper NP (Final)

25.05.2008 : 20:06

~ Download ~
Two Boats stranded in the middle of the ocean. On board the only survivors were Snipers. When you get boared or when you are on your own, you can always shoot some ducks or hawks as a target practice. This map is specially made for the sniper community on ET. Because it's a growing thing. Have lots of fun with this map.

Map features:

  • The drinks machines work and give health.
  • Helicopters don't fly but the rotors move with sound.
  • There is a big Fog horn in the control room of the boat.
  • Nice sounds added when you jump of the 2 high flag poles into the water.
  • Some ducks and hawks were added for target practice.
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Marrakech Streets 2 -Dawn- (Final)

23.05.2008 : 18:56
This version offers a new sky and the tank is now destructible.

~ Download ~
An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is being used by the Axis top scientists to test top secret new weaponary. Battle rages through this abandoned area as Allied Special Forces attempt a suprise attack on the town's garrison and try to steal the plans before Axis re-enforcements can arrive.
Robot via MSN | ET-Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET-Maps Fixed

23.05.2008 : 15:46
|WF|Doofy added the missing textures to the maps "Millenium Falcon (Final 2)" and "Tankrace (Beta 1).


--> Millenium Falcon (Final 2)
--> Tankrace (Beta 2)
Robot via MSN | EnemyTerritory-Stuff

QW-Mod: Denglisch Mod 1.5 (Final)

23.05.2008 : 15:40

Der Denglisch MOD ersetzt die originale deutsche Übersetzung von ETQW durch eine Mischung aus Deutsch und Englisch. Alle angezeigten Texte im Spiel bleiben auf Deutsch, wurden aber überarbeitet und dem englischen Original angepasst. Außerdem werden die deutsch VoiceChats im Spiel durch die original englischen Chats ersetzt. Das Ergebnis soll ein ETQW sein, welches ob Englisch oder Deutsch ein einheitliches Benennungssystem benutzt (XP, Medic, MCP, etc.) und trotzdem auch für Leute, die nicht ganz so gut die englische Sprache beherrschen eine angemessene Benutzeroberfläche bietet. Der Denglisch MOD richtet sich vor allem an (ehemalige) Wolfenstein ET - Spieler, die durch diesen MOD ihre gewohnte Umgebung vorfinden.

Die Version 1.5 ist für ETQW in der Version 1.5 bestimmt!

Download & Info:

--> Download ''Denglisch Mod 1.5 (Final)
--> Webseite des Denglisch Mods
--> Webseite der ''Fraggers aus Leidenschaft''


Der Denglisch MOD hat keinerlei Einfluss auf das Gameplay von ETQW, da er vom Spiel als ganz normales Sprachpaket gelesen und genutzt wird. Er wird rein clientseitig genutzt! Ebenso brauchst Du Dir keine Sorgen zu machen, dass Du bei Benutzung des MODs von einem Server via PunkBuster gekickt wirst.


  • DenglischMOD nun kompatibel zu ETQW 1.5

  • Sounds und Scripts in unterschiedliche PK4s verteilt (dadurch ist ein einfaches Update von 1.4 auf 1.5 möglich)

  • Sprachfixes für Custommaps:

    • Arena 01
    • After the War B3
    • Comm Link Beta
    • CTF Multidemo
    • Dust 2
    • Laboratory Storage
    • LNA 1vs1
    • LNA TrickJump Beta
    • Meltdown
|FaL|*RollerCoaster via ICQ

ET-Map-Mod: New Snow for Fueldump & Railgun

22.05.2008 : 16:59
A new look for Fuel Dump and Rail Gun. All other maps will not be affected. Fitting levelshots are included, too.


--> New Snow for Fueldump & Railgun

ET-Map: Orb Battle (Final)

22.05.2008 : 14:43

~ Download ~
Welcome to the abyss, when developing a new technology the axis stumbled upon a teleporter that brought them to the abyss. The abyss is a black universe where the 'ancients' used to battle in this arena the aim is to capture and hold the Orb for as long as possible, the team with the most points when the timer runs out wins!
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| ET-Only

ET-Map: Forest Sniper (Beta 1)

22.05.2008 : 14:34

~ Download ~
Deep down in the forest is a very nice spot. only... Some crazy people wandering around and shoot everyone they see. The peacefull place has become a real warzone.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| ET-Only

ET-Map: Forest Panzer (Beta 1)

22.05.2008 : 14:29

~ Download ~
Deep down in the forest is a very nice spot. only... Some crazy people wandering around and shoot everyone they see. The peacefull place has become a real warzone.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| ET-Only