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ET-Map: Kitchen Sniper (Final)

22.05.2008 : 14:23

~ Download ~
You believe that only your wife works in the kitchen? Well let's turn it around... Let's go snipe in a kitchen. Just a fun map.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| ET-Only

ET-Minimod: New Background (Final)

22.05.2008 : 03:16
A new background for the menu of ET. The clouds are moving with mid speed in two layers from right to left. Put the pk3 in your etmain folder, start ET and enjoy the view. :-)


--> New Background

QW-Video: moin_moin's 5th Encounter

22.05.2008 : 01:15
Once more a video from moin_moin. This time it's ''only'' a intro. She plans to make a set of videos like the ET comics ''Just Pub''.
Enjoy this great intro and let's wait for more videos from her.

Watch the video:

--> moin_moin's 5th Encounter

ET:QW 1.5 Game Update & SDK Released

21.05.2008 : 23:23
"The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.5 game update is now available for download both via the in-game updater and the mirrors below. 1.5 comes with a large number of improvements and fixes, a full breakdown of which you can find in this blog update.

If you have the Steam version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, you can get the update automatically by simply starting up your Steam client. The Mac version of the update is still rumbling through Aspyr's QA department and should be released within the next few days." ~badman


--> ET:QW 1.4 - 1.5 Incremental Update (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.5 Full Update (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.5 Standalone Server (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.4 - 1.5 Incremental Update (Linux)
--> ET:QW 1.5 Full Update (Linux)
--> ET:QW 1.5 Standalone Server (Linux)
With the impending release of the 1.5 update for ETQW, we've got the latest version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Software Development Kit (SDK) for you to download. This one's fully compatible with ETQW 1.5 and incorporates the following improvements:


  • Added shortcut key for active XY view (Shift+F5)
  • Fixed autocompletion in the editor's console
  • Fixed compile warnings not properly showing in references
  • Fixed brush texture find and replace replacing the entire brush's texture
  • Fixed properties sometimes not showing their values
  • Changed Warning window to stay "locked" to the world it was initially loaded with
  • Added XCode projects to allow mods to be compiled for OSX
--> ETQW 1.5 Software Development Kit

Special thanks (from the readme):

bebar, Berzerkr (GER), Dima, Dr.VaNs, *goo, jason.paury, mortis, RosOne, shazam, Sonyfan, T-1000, varfare, and everyone who helped us test 1.5!
Steve 'badman' Hessel via E-Mail

ET-Minimod: Mortar Flametrails

20.05.2008 : 19:55
I added the wilsflame to the mortar shell to see how it would look on dark maps like radar, and it looks not to bad, really highlights the mortar. Sort of making it appear to be some kind of mini rocket. ~RayBan


--> Mortar Flametrails
--> RayBan's Wolf:ET Page
Three different versions:
  • z_mortar_flametrail.pk3
    plain flame trail

  • z_mortar_flametrail_rt.pk3
    flame trail with added rocket smoke trail

  • z_mortar_flametrail_pt.pk3
    flame trail with added pyro smoke trail, red or blue depending on team
So, you admins have a choice, but the _rt version looks nice with it's black smoke trail and the _pt version might be to much, but it looks better.SplashDamage

ET-Mod: No grass, rain & snowflakes

19.05.2008 : 13:06
A complete removal of grass, rain and snowflakes. Put the file "z_no-grass-rain-snowflakes.pk3" into a mod folder (etpro, jaymod, etpub, nq, etc...) to make sure it will be downloaded to the client. Or put the content of this file in your mod to customize the server. I only made the content so small as even possible for me.


--> No grass, rain & snowflakes
  • Removal of the grass like it's used in Würzburg Radar for every map.
  • Removal of the snowflakes for every map.
  • Removal of the rain for every map. Not only the raindrops are removed, I also removed the wake and the sound of the rain.

ET:QW 1.5 Status Update

18.05.2008 : 13:25
"Just a quick update on where things are at with the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.5 game update. We're currently doing some last minute testing with id Software to track down a few issues that have turned up, but we don't anticipate this to take too much time. We really just want to make sure that all the issues we're aware of are actually addressed rather than pushing out an update with a big asterisk and a list of It'll-break-if-you do-this-ers attached to it.

Distribution is being sorted out at the moment as well and if there are no further complications, we anticipate having the update out next week. We'll try and keep you as updated as possible from here on out, so as soon as we've got a definite release date, you'll read it here first." ~badman
Community Enemy Territory

RtCW-Map: Operation Redwolf (Beta 1)

18.05.2008 : 13:21

~ Download ~
Do you have what it takes to survive Redwolfs' lair? The Axis are at it again! This time they have hidden the body of an alien baby at their secret perverse retreat for future genetic development of a super soldier to turn the tide of the war in their favor.

Allies: Your job is to break into the old heavily fortified retreat and recover the alien body at all costs. Once you have stolen the alien, you need to get to the radio room and transmit your success. Beware the Axis have been made aware of your operation and are preparing for your arrival!

Axis: Nearing completion of the Transmogrification test sequence, your unit was about to celebrate to your success until a disturbing radio message arrived. The allies have become aware of your impending success as well, and have dispatched a Ranger unit to stop you. At all costs the allies must not succeed. Defend the fort and its precious cargo to the last man!
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Soundpack: TC Movie+Music (Final)

18.05.2008 : 12:48

EgaL from RtCW4ever! created a new soundpack wich samples from different movies and songs (Matrix 1 & , American Pie 1 & 2, School of Rock for example) and the new song from StockenfelS is included, too.
All sounds are in english.

Download & Info:

--> TC Movie+Music
--> True Community Website

ET-Bot: Omni Bot Waypoints

18.05.2008 : 12:36
The clan Realm of Napalm released three waypoint files for their sniper maps.
The waypoint files are included into the downloadfile of the maps and was made by [UJE]Niek and =PHA=NARMER.


--> Sniper Ruines (Beta 1)
Sniper Gigant (Final)
Jigsaw via E-Mail

Community: 48 hour XP match

18.05.2008 : 11:44
The BlackOps Clan is organising a 48 hour XP match, with the best Enemy Territory Clans. They will battle each other, but also work together.
--> BlackOps Clan
We would like all-round players to join us. He or she will be playing max. 48 hours on the BlackOps server with 19 other clans (and max 10 bots), split into two teams, playing the maps that are now in the campaigns. A lot of the clans can do good scrims, but how will they do when they’re in another team? Will they adapt? After 48 hours, the one with the most XP wins!.


  • Server: BlackOps Headquarters at (Jaymod – UK-LONDON)
  • XP will be reset at the start.
  • 20 slots will be private and players will get the password.
  • The other slots are for specs and players who want to join just for fun. will provide some extra slots.

A total of 20 players and max 10 bots will go for it!

  • 10 Clans will get an personal invitation.
  • 05 Clans can register on the forum with a join request.
  • 05 new registered BlackOps forum members, which will be picked randomly. These new registered don't have to be member of a Clan.
  • max 10 bots when no players are there.
1st price - 125 US dollar (by BlackOps)
2nd price - Enemy Territory QW Game + Collector's Edition art cards (by
3rd price - probably a game mouse (working on it)
4th price – BIG Enemy Territory QW Poster (by again)
Personal Invited Clans:
BBA, Bunker, Evil Smurfs, AoD, SPQR, Etc, UJE, DTT, ALIENZ, JUHU and FUBAR.
A few clans are already looking for that right player to beat you all!

Date/Time: Still to be setBlowfish via PM

ET-Song: ET Forever (english)

15.05.2008 : 15:51
Chris aka {free}m3lAn!3 (named after his daughter) made not one, no, two new Heavy metal songs about the best game in the world!


--> ET Forever
More Infos:
--> StockenfelS @
--> StockenfelS @ YouTube
ET Forever (english version):
The best game in the world
is ET, which I like so much
I enjoy to play this game
other games are really lame

Once I tried to play another game
but I left to be a winner
for this reason I play only ET
so other games I just turn around and walk away

I play No Quarter, Jaymod and Pro, too
Many mods exist, this makes me shout "Yahoo!"
I play medic and engineer
while gaming I drink a bottle of beer

My mouse begins to glow
I play until I'm done
My rating begins to grow
I quit, the end has come

I play ET now for five years
and never will I tire
I hope ET will last forever
we will game always, XP getting higher

Allieds, Axis, Winners and Losers
Allieds, Axis, Enemy Territory

ET-Song: ET Forever (deutsch)

15.05.2008 : 15:50
Vom Chris aka {free}m3lAn!3 (nach seiner Tochter) kommt ein, nein, zwei neue Songs im Heavy Metal Stil über das beste Spiel der Welt!
Der Song kommt in zwei Versionen daher, deutsch und englisch. Beide Versionen sind im Downloadfile enthalten.


--> ET Forever
Mehr Infos:
--> StockenfelS @
--> StockenfelS @ YouTube
ET Forever (Deutsche Version):
Das beste Spiel auf der Welt
ist ET, das mir so gut gefällt
ich liebe dieses Spiel so sehr
ich gebe es ganz bestimmt nicht mehr her

Ich wollte einmal etwas anderes Spielen
doch ich ließ es und wollte wieder siegen
deshalb kommt bei mir nur ET ins Haus
bei etwas anderem schalte ich den Computer aus

Ich spiele NQ, Jaymod und auch Pro
Es gibt so viele Mods da bin ich aber froh
ich spiele Medic und auch Engineer
und trinke dabei eine Flasche Bier

Meine Maus fängt zum glühen an
und ich spiele bis ich nicht mehr kann
mein Rating geht nun wieder rauf
ich bin geschafft und höre zum spielen auf

Ich spiele ET 5 Jahre schon
und ich habe nie genug davon
ich hoffe ET wird es immer geben
wir werden es spielen solange wir leben

Allieds, Axis, Winners and Loosers
Allieds, Axis, Enemy Territory

ET-Skinpack: BlackOps Skinpack 1.0

09.07.2008 : 18:22
Updated allied part of this skinpack.

Two mods in one file. One mod will turn all Allies into BlackOps Hunters, the other one turns the Axis into some kinda zombies. The zombies are very strong and are hunted by the BlackOps. Who will win?


--> BlackOps Skinpack 1.0
Blowfish via PM

ET-Soundpack: BlackOps Soundpack

09.07.2008 : 18:20
Updated version wich removes two bugs.

This soundpack has 98 fun sounds and 10 sounds special for the admins. There is some modarated swearing, but most files ok clean. Just place it in your mod folder.


--> BlackOps Soundpack
Admin sounds 1 -> 10 are not in the menu. Can only be used in binds:
  • Try to keep teams even, its more fun this way.
  • Sorry, I had to even the teams.
  • If you don't play, please join the spectators.
  • He YOU ..... yes YOU, stop fooling around.
  • You like our game server, go register on our website!
  • No Noob calling or cursing. It will get ya muted.
  • Stop CRYING and start PLAYING.
  • Only English in main chat please.
  • Admin sounds are for high level admins. Using them without the right level is reason for kick.
You can also vsay them: /vsay admin1 or /vsay admin2 etc.

This will also replace the "Fight" sound into "Lets get ready to rumble" and will give you a cool 30 seconds left sound.

~BlowfishBlowfish via PM

ET:Revaluation - Allied 'CCCP'

11.05.2008 : 21:10

Replaces the americans with russian soldiers. Not only the playerskins are changed, all american signs in game, HUD and limbo menu are replaced with soviet ones.

Made this skinpack on request by SPARTAN of the clan ETComrades. Many thanks to him and EgaL of RtCW 4 ever! for testing, suggestions and feedback.

Download & Info:

--> Download "CCCP"
--> Screenshots "CCCP"
  • Including a lot of fitting accoutrement
  • Very good to differ without class symbols

Bimbot Detected / Es gibt sie doch noch...

09.05.2008 : 13:04
Die treuen und hilfreichen sowie engagierten Leute der Enemy Territory Szene sind nicht ausgestorben. Es gibt sie nach wie vor. Beim Lesen einiger Communityseiten bin ich auf eine interessante Meldung gestoßen: "Bimbot detected ".

Das Wort detected zauberte mir ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Ich wusste, dass wohl wieder einige Spieler gebusted und gebannt wurden. Doch als ich weiter gelesen habe, vergrößerten sich meine Augen und ich realisierte: "Es gibt sie wirklich!".

Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass in Zeiten der Finanzkrise und der Einstellung "Ich, ich, ich" doch noch ehrenhafte Kämpfer, welche ihr hart verdientes Geld für die gesamte Community opfern, vorhanden sind. Zudem muss man hier auch anmerken, dass Punkbuster - nicht wie auch schon von uns angeprangert - keinen Finger mehr für unser geliebtes Onlinespiel rührt.

Um euch nicht weiter auf die Folter zu spannen hier die wirklich anständig und erfreuliche Nachricht:

Ein 19 jähriger User aus Finland , welcher auf den Internetnamen `Spearhead ´ hört, hat vor wenigen Tagen einen polnischen Bimbot an Evenbalance geschickt mit beigefügtem Text: "Hello, to help PB with war against cheaters and cheating I sponsored you a priv hack. Please make everything to make it detectable. It has some ip block - only 1 person in 30 mins period of time can use it." Wenige Tage später hat Evenbalance/Punkbuster auf seine Mail geantwortet: "Hi! Thanks for sending this in. We will test this out and add detection for this if it is needed". Zudem hat der Mitarbeiter von PB wiederholt, dass man auf keinen Fall einen Hack/Cheat testen soll um zu sehen, ob er nun schon detected ist oder nicht. Die beste Vorgehensweise sei eine einfache Email an Evenbalance mit dem Hack im Anhang. Dort wird sich dann um alles weitere gekümmert.

Drei Tage nach dieser Konversation hat Punkbuster schon die ersten User dieses Hacks bannen können. Auf PB Bans kann man sich selber überzeugen - einfach auf Suchen klicken und "by violation" anwählen und 70572 eintippen. Dann erscheint eine Liste der gebannten Spieler.

Wiegesagt, diese Aktion von Spearhead ist mehr als löblich und es wäre hilfreich, wenn es mehrere solcher Leute in unserer Community geben würde. Zumindest würde es uns ein Stück näher an ein cheatfreies ET bringen.

Um jedoch größere Hacks wie etbot oder rshook an Evenbalance zu senden, sind mehrere User oder ein Communityprojekt nötig.
Falls von eurer Seite interesse bestehen würde könnt ihr mich jederzeit im IRC, per iSMS oder in den Comments darauf ansprechen!

Ein Hoch auf Spearhead!

Wer mit einer kleinen Spende dazue beitragen möchte, ET cheatfreier zu machen, soll sich mit SPU9 in verbindung setzen.
ICQ: 177937671 oder per Mail an spu9[at]

Geschrieben von SPU9 @

ETpro-Mod: ACpro 2.1

09.05.2008 : 13:05
The Anti-Cheaters LUA module made by Luk4ward for ETpro servers contains Reyalp' fixes in a modified version and an important fix for the ETadmin mod wich prevents an level exploit using a prepared name.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ACpro 2.1''
--> ACpro Wiki
| Enemy Territory Stuff

ET:QW 1.5 Changelog Revealed

08.05.2008 : 01:40
"Work on the 1.5 game update for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is steaming ahead at full knots and we're now testing the latest version of it internally to see if there are any glaring issues left to fix. Even more exciting, we've put together the final changelog for the update, which you can find concealed somewhere within this blog update. In a smallish nutshell, 1.5 brings a number of new features and customization options to ETQW and fixes all of the issues left over from 1.4. Let's have a look..."
--> Read more at Community Enemy Territory
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Super Mario Sniper (Beta 2)

05.05.2008 : 15:45

~ Download ~
Welcome in the world of supermario. That's what the theme is. This is a mirrored map with on both sides a castle. There are lot's of sniperplaces in this map that can be reached with portals. The map is also very good playable with not so many people.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Soundpack: Bani Funsounds

03.05.2008 : 21:33

EgaL from RtCW4ever! managed it to convert the Bani Soundpack from RtCW to ET. The pk3 includes 22 new and fitting chatsounds with a filesize of only 594 KB. As serveradmin you don't do wrong puting this tiny pack to your gameserver.

Download & Info:

--> Bani Funsounds
--> True Community Website
RtCW 4 ever!
| True Community Website

ET-Map: Vesuvius Rev (Beta)

03.05.2008 : 21:25

~ Download ~
1944 Bay of Naples – Allies are advancing through a town where Axis have been excavating Roman ruins under the streets in search of legendary relics. Allies need to steal the discovered Urn relic from the excavations. Meanwhile Mount Vesuvius has started erupting.

This is a totally reworked and more compact version of the Vesuvius map by mrfin & firefly 07.ET-Stuff
| Mr. Fin

ET-Map: Radar Camp (Beta 4.1)

01.05.2008 : 14:57

~ Download ~
Marines need to steal the Vietcongs tank to assault their camp. Escort the tank over the barriers, blast the Radar gate and the base coordinates security room. Steal the coordinates and transmit it with the radar radio. Good Luck soldiers!
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

id Tech Engines

29.04.2008 : 23:57
Seit mit dem Rage Preview von id Software die Tech 5 Engine vorgestellt wurde, ist die 3D Welt wieder ein bisschen aufgewirbelt. Plötzlich gibt es keine Quake III Engine mehr oder doch? Was hat es genau mit den Tech-Engines auf sich?

Zum Artikel:

--> id Tech Engines @
Schafft id den Ausbruch aus der Egoshooter-Welt mit der neusten Tech Engine oder nicht? Ist id Software noch den sich eins selbstgestellten Anforderungen gewachsen? Die Zeit wird es zeigen und zum besseren Verständnis und zur besseren Meinungsbildung erklärt euch die alten und neuen Tech-Engines.[DS]Pencil via ICQ

ET-Mod: Hidden Options v1.01b

27.04.2008 : 15:20
This menu is designed to open everybody the possibility to tweak the game to very low details or for just having a more clear view to see the enemy better.



--> Hidden Options v1.01b
Supported mods:
  • ETpro 3.2.6
  • No Quarter 1.1.0b & 1.1.1b
  • ETpub Client 20070801
  • JayMod 2.1.7
[!!!]Harlekin via E-Mail | Hirntot ET-Community

QW-Video: moin_moin's 4th Encounter

27.04.2008 : 14:37
A new video from moin moin about ET:QW. Like the previous one it's again eye-candy.

Watch the Video:

--> moin_moin's 4th Encounter

ET-Skinpack: Noroda NQ

27.04.2008 : 11:04
We like evey new stuff which is released for the ET and we try to collect the best to give more fun experiences for the palyers.
So, here is the most complete NorodaNQ skin and sound pack (14 MB) which is for the NoQuarter mod.


--> Noroda NQ

Including new:

  • players skin/faces/backpacks
  • loading screen
  • blood limbo
  • weapon sounds
  • flags
  • weapon skin
  • endgame sounds
  • loaction foles for the firetam (names instead of coordiantes
  • 48 funny chatmenu sound some with sprites
  • ingame config menu
  • glowing objectives (green color)
  • including a files which help set to 128MB the hungmeks to the players (server admin must put in the etmain directory)
  • shrubbot config examples for funny text+sound commands (u only need copy-paste to your shrubbot.cfg file)
  • and many more...

Molotov-Rockstar via PM

QW-Map: Dust 2 (Alpha)

26.04.2008 : 15:57

~ Download ~
Remake of a CS map.
| Servers running this Map

QW-Tool: HOC ET:QW Benchmark

26.04.2008 : 14:46
A benchmark for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars by HardwareOC.

Download & Info:

--> HOC ET:QW Benchmark
System requirements:
  • 32/64 bit Windows XP / VISTA
  • The latest drivers for your graphics card
  • The official v1.4 patch
  • Change the resolution from 800×600 up to 2048×1536 (in 9 steps).
  • HD WideScreen resolutions (1280×768, 1920×1080, 1920×1200) support.
  • Custom resolutions support.
  • Four built-in demo.
  • Tweaked Very High graphic option.
  • Antialiasing and Anisotropic filtering support.
All HOCBench program are distributed as Free, but you need a simple registration to the full use. That means, you can install and try it immediately, but you can't change the filters and the demos. The registering is FREE just send me a simple email and you get back my answer within 24 hour. This email containing your personal registration info for ALL HOCBench program.

QW-Mod: Dusk (Alpha 2)

25.04.2008 : 14:13
A 'Zombie Mod' - Few vs Many, with one-to-a-few GDF forced to scavenge for weapons and ammo, while the many Strogg roam at will, but are limited to melee.


--> Dusk (Alpha 2)
Strogg side are limited to melee spike. Strogg bots roam the level randomly. GDF spawn only with pistols and must scavenge the level for pickups - weapons/ammo/health packs and repair packs. There is a evactuation area for the GDF in the map (shows up on mission list), it can only be reached using a flying vehicle. The only flying vehicle is a severely damaged bumblebee. The engineers repair pliers now run off a repair pool, to fill this up use a repair pack. GDF do still have respawns, but since they drop all their weapons/packs, spawn back from where they want to be and they are running againt the clock, it's a setback they should avoid.

To pick up 'pickups'(weapons and packs), aim at them and pressing Use ('F' key by default). To 'use' a pack, press alt-fire while holding one, normal fire drops the currently held pack. Players are limited to holding two primary weapons at a time the drop weapon command ( _drop, ''' key by default, can be rebound via menu). Players are limited to holding four packs of any mix. Repair packs currenly look like ammo packs, but you can see the type of pickup by looking at it.

Strogg Agressors now move slower but have 400 HP and one hit kill spike. Strogg Opressors now move much faster but have only 70 health, and do very weak spike damage.

Set to Objective mode, 30 Mins on any of the following maps: Area 22, Canyon, Island, Outskirts, Quarry, Refinery, Salvage.

If playing with bots make sure bot skill is not on training, that number of bots on strogg side is high.Community Enemy Territory