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ET-Minimod: New Loading Screen (Beta 0.1)

01.04.2008 : 16:01
A nice Loading screen in orange with Elite Guard made by Rh00y.

--> New Loading Screen (Beta 0.1)

Wolfmap schließt seine Pforten

01.04.2008 : 13:08
Guten Tag liebe Mitglieder und Besucher,

mit Hinblick auf aktuelle sowie zukünftige Gesetzesänderungen im Bereich Jugendschutz sowie Killerspiele, und den damit für uns entstehenden Kosten (geprüfte Altersverifikation, eigener Jugendschutzbeauftragter, eigene Rechtsabteilung, usw.) bleibt mir nichts anderes übrig als Wolfmap vom Netz zu nehmen. Die Domain wird Ende des Monats gelöscht und der Server zum 10. deaktiviert.

Ich möchte mich hiermit nochmals bei der gesammten Community für die lange gemeinsam verbrachte Zeit bedanken, es war klasse mit euch. Auch Berserkr und Tomacco gebührt mein Dank, ohne euch hätte die Seite nie so lange überlebt.

Vielleicht trifft man sich ja auf dem ein oder anderen QW Server wieder, bis dann auf wiedersehen und vielen Dank für die langjährige Treue. Euer uber-noob.

P.S. fröhlichen 1. April ;)

ET-Map: Temple Sniper 2 (Final)

01.04.2008 : 07:53

~ Download ~
Because of some bugs in the previous version I had to make one final adjustment in this map. So now it's called UJE_temple_sniper2 , It still is the crossing version. There are made some adjustments with clipping and a lot of light adjustments Think the map is done now and no more changes are gonne be made.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| UJE Clan

QW-Mod: Wheels of War - Patch Alpha 0.1b

31.03.2008 : 18:40

This patch allows linux servers and clients.


--> Wheels of War 'Alpha 0.1a Full'
--> Wheels of War 'Alpha 0.1b Patch'
This version is a very early alpha release. We expect that you will find bugs, and you may feel that the gameplay is not up to the quality of which you expected. Zombies, stunts, upgrades and more will be added in time.

We have decided to release this early as community involvement is high on our list of priorities. We believe instead of having a long closed testing phase, by releasing early and frequent releases we can take your comments and critisism on board quickly and allow a higher quality game when we eventually come to release the 1.0 version.Community Enemy Territory

Tool: TeamSpeak Overlay

31.03.2008 : 13:28
TeamSpeak Overlay (TSO) is an Application designed to be use with TeamSpeak, that allows players to "see" who is speaking. With TSO, an addition to your games HUD allows you to see whos talking without having to switch out of the game. TSO works by overlaying a list of the current speakers into the games window, over the top of the game thats running. It does this by directly hooking the DirectX or OpenGL APIs. It then "reads" the Teamspeak Window, to obtain the current speakers. It then draws this on top of the running game.

Download & Info:
--> 'TeamSpeak Overlay' Website


QW-Tool: QW Launcher v1.1

30.03.2008 : 14:28
With this launcher application, you can set launch options (disable intro, load mods, connect to server, etc.), and run the game.
You can also save your settings to profiles and save your favorite server list.

Download & Info:

--> Download "QW Launcher v1.1"
--> Cleandesperado Website

QW-Mod: Wheels of War (Alpha 0.1a)

30.03.2008 : 01:24

This version is a very early alpha release. We expect that you will find bugs, and you may feel that the gameplay is not up to the quality of which you expected. Zombies, stunts, upgrades and more will be added in time.

We have decided to release this early as community involvement is high on our list of priorities. We believe instead of having a long closed testing phase, by releasing early and frequent releases we can take your comments and critisism on board quickly and allow a higher quality game when we eventually come to release the 1.0 version.

We would love to hear your feedback, good or bad, over at our website.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'Wheels of War (Alpha 0.1a)'
--> 'Wheels of War' Website
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Map: Sky (Test v0.3)

30.03.2008 : 01:10

~ Download ~
Sky is a jump pad based aerial map with a fast pace. It's not a traditional ET:QW environment, so the rules are a little different. There is no falling damage for landing on any platform no matter the source of the jump (both natural jumps and jump pad flights are safe!), but if you expect to land directly on a jump pad from a long fall, activating your airbrake or parachute is recommended. The sudden shift in momentum may otherwise be fatal. The Strogg must complete four objectives to win the map. See the included skyguide.jpg image for a brief detailing.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Minimod: Paintball Mod v3

30.03.2008 : 00:44
This is a remake of Paintball Mod 2. Its might lighter than its predacesor yet it includes more than the original. It now includes Crystal Chams, that flow over the body like gel. Very nice effect and very visable from a distance improving your skill. Includes Gold Allied Dual Pistols and a gold knife. I didn't include gold pistols for axis maybe the next version. Eventually i would like to add actual paintball guns to this mod but thats further down the road. Enjoy!


--> Paintball Mod v3

Wolfenstein Files
| Koomid

ET-Minimod: Greator's ET Mod 1.0

30.03.2008 : 00:10
A lot of stuff is included in this mod, look down for a full list of the changes.


--> Greator's ET Mod 1.0


  • New menu, ocean
  • New compass, golden
  • New smoke effect, better guality
  • New dynamite model, c4
  • New knife model, rusty combat knife
  • New landmine skin, black
  • New pliers skin, blue for allies, red for axis
  • New ammobox and medpack image
  • New syringe fluids
  • New looks for all classes
  • New muzzleflash, better quality
  • New sounds:
    • footsteps
    • weapon fire
    • impacts
    • vehicles
  • New explosion
  • New reflection effects
  • New skies and waters
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Skinpack: Hitman (Final)

29.03.2008 : 23:59
Greator made a mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which makes allies covert ops look like Hitman.


--> Hitman

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Skinpack: Mafia (Final)

29.03.2008 : 23:53
Greator's Mafia mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which makes allies look like mafia type characters.


--> Mafia

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Skinpack: Zombie (Final)

29.03.2008 : 23:48
Greator made a mod for Wolfenstein Enemy territory, which makes allies look like Zombies.


--> Zombie

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Minimod: Melee Mod (Final)

29.03.2008 : 23:40
Greator made a mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which removes knives from the game and allows to use fists instead.


--> Melee Mod (Final)

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Minimod: Commandpost

29.03.2008 : 22:59
A new look for the command posts made by Rh00y.


--> Commandpost


RtCW-SP-Map: Clonewar Village 1.1

29.03.2008 : 22:22

~ Download ~
Clonewar Village is the prequel to Clonewar 2044. It tells the story of a village occupied by Germans close to the border of Russia. The Nazis were planning to build their own timeportal. And they succeeded. Appearently they plan to travel to the future in order to use a technology called "cloning". Their main objective is reproducing human beings, and you can imagine the German intention is not to create civilians. If they succeed they could send back an incredible huge army of clones taken from their best forces. The allies need to steal this project, destroy all communications, kill all resistance and take the controll of the village and the Timeportal to use this technology for the fate of the free world.
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Quotidian (Beta 2)

29.03.2008 : 22:18

~ Download ~
The axis are about to leave the city with their fueltrucks. Their destination is the Fueldump from where they will be able to better protect all their black gold. The allies have to secure the trainstation and fight their way through the city, capturing keypoints as they progress before finally destroying the two fueltrucks.

Planet Wolfenstein
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Egypt Sniper (Beta 1)

29.03.2008 : 22:03

~ Download ~
Oke EGYPTIAN time. 2 pyramides this time with a very large building. There are some very special features in this map so try to find it. There is a catapult for passing and there are flying carpets instead of an elevator. Go walk around and shoot everyone you see. Have lots of fun on this map.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Egypt Panzer (Final)

29.03.2008 : 21:57

~ Download ~
Oke EGYPTIAN time. 1 pyramide this time with a very large building around it. There are some very special features in this map so try to find it. There is a catapult for passing to higher ground and there are flying carpets instead of elevators. Go walk around and shoot everyone you see. Have lots of fun on this map.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: DiveRive (Final)

29.03.2008 : 21:47

~ Download ~
Obj is to get the crates from the enemy's side to your side, wich team reaches 10 delivered goldcrates wins!
Enemy Territory Stuff
| ET-Only

~ ~

29.03.2008 : 21:23

Ein neues Community Board für Gamer ist da, Dort können sich alle Gamer eintragen und sehen wer in seiner Nähe wohnt.

Hallo liebe ET Community,
ich würde mich sehr freuen auch die Mädels auf meiner Projektseite begrüßen zu dürfen. (natürlich aber auch alle anderen Gamer)

Ziel dieses Projektes:
eine weitere Gaming-Community aufzubauen, Spieleunabhängig Kontakte zwischen vielen Spielern und Clans aufrecht zu halten durch Erweiterung der Page werden Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten bereitstellen.
Ausrichten & Managen von Turnieren / Meisterschaften in vielen Spielen zudem eine Landkarte auf der jedes registriertes Mitglied gekennzeichnet wird.

Bis jetzt steht leider erst die 3 Länderkarte und eine einfache Registration zur Verfügung, aber durch eure teilnahme wird die Erweiterung der Seite gefördert.

bei Fragen, Vorschlägen oder Sonstiges einfach melden unter:

mfg Bigou

--> Gamer-Map Website
Wolfenstein 4 ever!

ET-TC: East Front is still alive!

29.03.2008 : 20:52

The team at East Front have been hard at work and would like to show you some of their latest workings in weapons as well as code. Without further adue...

--> East Front Website
East Front Website

Kurze Auszeit bei

27.03.2008 : 14:04
Die Jungs von haben gerade Probleme mit ihrem Server, daher sind die Hauptseite sowie sämtliche gehosteten Projekte (,, The-7,, Xfire-project) derzeit nicht erreichbar.
Hier die offizielle Meldung: und sämtliche gehosteten Projekte (,, The-7,, Xfire-project) sind seit dem Abend vom 25.03.07 nicht mehr erreichbar.
Wir mussten den Server leider kurzfristig vom Netz nehmen, da sich ein Root-Kit durch eine Sicherheitslücke einschleichen konnte. Da wir in der kommenden Woche sowieso auf einen neuen, schnelleren Server umziehen werden, sind die Pages in der Zwischenzeit nicht verfügbar.
Wir konnten sämtliche Daten retten und es besteht keine Gefahr für die persönlichen Daten der User.
Wir danken für Euer Verständnis Admin TeamU.K.Visuals per ICQ

~ One Week Renovation ~

16.03.2008 : 20:10
During renovation of the house I life in, I'm offline for about one week. After this work is done, all news of this week will be posted in the old way.

EDIT: Due to unforseen events I will have to stay offline for yet another week.
Aufgrund von Renovierungsarbeiten werde ich für ca. eine Woche offline sein. Danach werden die News in der alten Form nachgeholt werden.

EDIT: Aufgrund unvorhergesehener Ereignisse werde ich eine Woche länger offline bleiben müssen.

ET-Mod: GameMonkey ScriptMod 1.1

16.03.2008 : 13:38

Dutchmeat and Apologet wrote a QMM Plugin which easily allows Serveradmins to change the behavior of the Server by Scriptfile.

Download & Info:

--> Download gmScriptMod 1.1
--> gmScriptMod Project Site
Feel free to bother Apologet with your ideas with a PM at forum

In this time you don't see an unmodded/pure gameserver anymore. People are getting more interested in changing the behavior of the game.
That's why we've decided to help them a hand with GameMonkey ScriptMod, or GMSM in short.

Some questions/answers:

  • What is GameMonkey Script?
    GameMonkey is a embedded scripting language that is intended for use in game and tool applications. GameMonkey is however suitable for use in any project requiring simple scripting support. GameMonkey borrows concepts from Lua (, but uses syntax similar to C, making it more accessible to game programmers. GameMonkey also natively supports multithreading and the concept of states.
  • What is GameMonkey ScriptMod?
    GameMonkey ScriptMod is a QMM Plugin, which allows Server admins to define the server behavior by Script.
  • What is QMM?
    Quake3 Multi Mod (short: QMM) is a hook to the Q3 Engine and allows you to extend the Quake3 Engine functions.
    Check for more details about QMM.
  • Can I use GameMonkeyScriptMod on other Q3 Engines?
    Yes, and No. Currently we support only Enemy Territory. But we think about a release for all QMM Supported Games. QMM currently supports Quake 3 Arena, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Academy, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  • Can I use GameMonkeyScriptMod on my Windows Server?
    Yes, and No. The gmScriptMod is written in Platform independent Code. But we haven't compiled a Windows Version yet. Most Gameservers are running Linux, so atm. we don't see the need for a Windows Version.
  • Where can I get some Informations about GameMonkey?

GMSM 1.1 features:

Mod features

  • Two new server commands: slap, rslap
  • One new client command: hjump
  • New binded functions, such as: sscanf, strip, playsound (W:ET based games only), include, and more.
    Check for the function reference.
  • The NeelixScript is now being debugged before executed, this way you can see if something is wrong when the game starts.

Neelix Script features:

  • A re-organised script structure
  • Client Session example (you're now able to store player variables, from the playerlist table for example)
  • Alot of new player and admin commands, such as: /ignore /unignore /whois /banana /music and much more
  • New sound-command examples for ET based games
  • A re-organised command system
  • The kill event (EV_OBITUARY) is now hooked and used for messages like 'first blood', 'Killing spree', 'multikill', but also 'last life: kills %d, attackers health: %d'.
  • An adverisement system, using messages out of a table, and with a timer.
  • And much more, so download the script and find out.

GMSM 1.0 features:

  • 100% scriptable Admin Interface
  • scriptable Rcon-like Interface
  • Interface for Clan Members. (Beside Ref login)
  • Interface for Clan Friends. (Beside Ref login)
  • Access to your FileSystem by .gm Script Functions
  • Works with ALL Enemy Territory Mods (etmain/etpro/etbub/shrubmod/tce/etc.)
  • Easy to modify. No C/C++ knowledge neccessary.
  • Change your ServerMod Scriptfile without Server restart.
  • Easy Script Syntax. Not as complicated as LUA.
  • A lot of Script Examples.
  • Fast. GameMonkey is one of the fastest Script Languages.
  • Define your own "/" commands. Example: "/ban ID", "/kick ID", "drop ID"
  • Create an individual Gameserver Mod. Personalize your Server.
  • Exchange your Script Files with other Serveradmins.
  • Client to Client Private Chat
  • IRC Like Channel Chat
Apologet via ICQ

ET-Servermod: Remove Stock Content

16.03.2008 : 11:52
Ragnar_40k made the remove_stock_campaigns.pk3 a while ago since there were some questions about how to prevent players from starting votes for the "Central Europe" and the "North Africa" campaign. He now added pk3-files to also remove stock maps (like Seawall Battery) from the "Vote"-menu.


--> Remove Stock Content
Wolfenstein Files

QW-Map: Laboratory Storage (Final)

15.03.2008 : 11:44

~ Download ~
Themed as a storage area in an underwater laboratory, 3v3 is the recommended game size. Strogg attempt to destroy a GDF relic, while the GDF fight to defend it. This is a final release insomuch as there are unlikely to be any further updates -- however, the map itself is not entirely finalized. Some localization strings will not appear properly, and the level of polish is less than that which should be expected for a full map. It should still, however, be reasonably playable for 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4. No support for bots.
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: ETQWpro v0.4

13.03.2008 : 13:03
The biggest ETQWPRO update to date has just been released featuring gameplay improvements, game fixes and some additions. The focus of fourth public release is to polish old features, work against full holds on certain maps and make the community rule set as automatic as possible, making it easier to follow. A lot of the features in the update were used in the CDC4 build of ETQWPro and at the people at the LAN seemed very happy with them.
And with this major update we hope that people that have quit ETQW will come back and try out the mod. Because we are getting closer and closer to ETQW as it should have been from a competitive perspective. And we have gone a long way in improving all sides of the gameplay. ETQWPro is a lot more about skill through precise aiming, more balance and less about spam / vehicle dominance. So if you ever tried ETQW and felt it was too spammy, aiming was off or that you felt the balance didn’t work in competition we recommend you try ETQWPro 0.4.

And as a teaser I can tell you that there are already some features ready to be implanted into ETQWPro as soon as they are balance tested properly. So you can look forward to more big ETQWPro updates this spring.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.4''
--> ETQWpro Website
Major additions/changes in 0.4:
  • Fixed a big spread Issue when jumping and shooting, making the extra spread stay for a while
  • Added a config, which should make it easier for you guys to create an own one!
  • Weapon restrictions are added now
  • Removed the scope effect from the strogg HUD
  • If vehicles are forbidden on the last Objective stage, players will get ejected by the mod!
  • Turret restrictions reworked and should work now
  • Added clientside mapscripts!
  • Implemented the vehicle rules! If the cvars are set, your team dont have to worry about using too many vehicles at the same time, the mod will either allow or not allow you to enter any vehicle.
  • Added cvar for shooting in third person. (Switching positions is still allowed)
  • Current ETQWPro version will also be available in the Server Info!
  • Added an "announcement" whenever anyone connects on the server. (No sneaky specs anymore)
  • g_noTVChat now also available to clients!
  • Screenshots are now saved into the review folder
  • Added a set timer command which can be your very own stopwatch.
  • Made respawnTimer yellow
  • Stopwatch is red
Map changes:
  • Strogg/GDF spawntimes on salvage are now 15/30, from 15/35 in 0.03.
  • Added g_fastVolcano 1 as an option due to volcano being a very slow map and not being played at all in 6on6 in its current state. Now the map should be doable in around 10 minutes. g_fastVolcano 1 ends the map after 2nd stage (when generator is blown)
ETQWpro Website

ET-Map: g0ldrush (Beta 1)

13.03.2008 : 02:45

~ Download ~
There are number of eggs in the map (in this case 20) which can be taken by both teams and have to be brought to the nests of the teams. After all 20 eggs have been taken 3 new spawn randomly. Everytime when one of the 3 eggs is captured, a new one spawns, so there are always 3 eggs in the map till map ends. There can be taken up to 120 eggs per team atm. The team with the most eggs in the end wins. ~Zer0Cool
| Servers running this Map

WolfMap RSS side block

10.03.2008 : 02:25
BraveHeart-Gaming created a little RSS side block with the WolfMap RSS feed. So site admins can stream WolfMap news on there sites. It was made for Nuke Evo but should work on all nuke.

Download & Info:

--> WolfMap RSS side block
--> BraveHeart-Gaming