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QW-Mod: Crosshair Mod

19.02.2008 : 13:40
Crosshairs with exactly one pixel in the center... made with 33px fields.


--> Crosshair Mod


  • Unpack in a folder in the root etqw directory
  • Crosshair mod pk4 in base dir
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: ZeroSpread v0.03

19.02.2008 : 13:26
I dont like weaponspread because its a random luck if you hit or die ... So if you want to compete against each other, the less the weaponspread the more its you own skill ... This is a virtual game of competition, so there are no arguments like uhm no weapon has no recoil and is always hiting targets in that range...
This mod is under the Law: SKILL makes the KILL


--> ZeroSpread v0.03
  • Projectile speed 400 to 800 both
  • fire_rate "1.25" both
  • trigger_delay "0.2" both
  • Assault : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 12, increased falloffdamage, no spread! exept jumping , same firerate as lacerator
  • Laccerator : no! recoil, decreased ve player damage to 12, increased falloffdamage, no spread! exept jumping
  • Blaster : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 10, increased falloffdamage, no spread!
  • Pistol : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 10, increased falloffdamage, no spread!
  • Pistol Akimbo : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 11, increased falloffdamage, no spread!
  • Gpmg : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 10, increased falloffdamage, no spread!, move speed set 0.8, fire rate 0.08
  • Hyperblaster : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 10, increased falloffdamage, no spread!, move speed set 0.8, fire rate 0.08
  • Lightningpistol : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 08, no spread!
  • MachinePistol : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 09, increased falloffdamage, no spread! exept jumping
  • NailGun : no! recoil, no spread! exept jumping
  • Shotgun : no! recoil, no spread! exept jumping
  • Obliberator : no! recoil, no spread! exept jumping
  • Rocketlauncher : no! recoil, no spread! exept jumping
  • Railgun : no! recoil, decreased vs player damage to 70 , no spread! exept jumping
  • SniperRifle : no! recoil, equal vs player damage to 70 , no spread! exept jumping
Clan DooC

ET-Map: Temple Sniper Night (Final)

18.02.2008 : 02:44

~ Download ~
Axis snipers have been deployed near a desert canyon. The Allies must send a crack team of snipers to defeat them. This map is designed for Jaymod Sniper War only!
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Sniper Gigant (Final)

16.02.2008 : 18:01

~ Download ~
The RoN Clan | Realm of Napalm presents it's fifth map named RoN Sniper Gigant. The scenario of this sniper-map is an introspective harbor-city. Developer of the map is ex-member Conflict. Major/minor changes and bugfixes made by'cl4ym4n?
cl4ym4n via PM
| [RoN] Clan

ET:Revaluation - Axis 'Sturmtruppe'

15.02.2008 : 21:59

Again a new skinpack for the Axis. Looks better ingame as on the screenshots. Did my best to make it bugfree. If you're a skinner, please refer to the .shader for further information.

Download & Info:

--> Download "Sturmtruppe"
--> Screenshots "Sturmtruppe"
  • Transparent glasses of the gasmask
  • Including a lot of fitting accoutrement
  • Very good to differ without class symbols
  • Small rank-symbols on the helmets
  • Gloves for the Axis
  • If a covert takes an enemy uniform, the dead body will loose his gloves, has fitting underwear, boots and another uniform if the trenchcoat or smock is taken away.

QW-Map: CTF Multidemo 1.0b

07.02.2008 : 23:54

~ Download ~
This map is one of the most played 1v1 scenarios in the original team-based game Return to Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW). It was built originally by Reyalp, and its code (which is available somewhere) helped lots of newbies in RtCW mapping. The scenario has been rebuilt from scratch. I dont know yet if it is still a good reproduction that scales correctly the dynamics of the original map to this game. I have not put too much attention to the details, and consequently, the map is not very beautiful. However, I have put my efforts into the script coding and the functionality of the map. ~juniper
Resistance Squad RtCW

ET-Tool: ETscript 2 (Beta 1)

07.02.2008 : 22:29
ETScript is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map scripts. Usually, map scripts are written in simple programs like Notepad, with very little extra features or help available to you. ETScript is different. It has all the features Notepad has, such as normal copy/pasting, Find/Replace/Goto dialogs, the usual Open/Save file dialogs etc etc etc, but along with them, it also has a TON of very helpful features, specially for W:ET. ~Flippy

Download & Info:

--> ETscript 2 (Beta 1)
--> Thread @ SplashDamage

ET-Map: Maat (Beta 2)

07.02.2008 : 22:33

~ Download ~
Both teams have to destroy the enemys safe with the secret war document papyrus. The document can only be transmitted if the command post is built. So both teams have to attack/defend the safe with the documents and attack/defend the command post.


ET-Map: Castle Duel (Final)

06.02.2008 : 01:07

~ Download ~
The RoN Clan | Realm of Napalm presents it's fourth map named RoN Castle Duel Final. The map has been developed for duels (1vs1), but also can be used for matches with up to 12 players (6vs6).
Developer of the map is'ScorpioN?.
Great for the small massacre in between...

cl4m4n via PM
| RoN Clan

Kleinere Probleme mit der Webseite

04.02.2008 : 23:00
Wir haben den Provider für die Domain gewechselt wodurch es zu kleineren Problemen mit der Seite kommen kann.
Diese sollten behoben sein sobald alle DNS Server aktualisiert worden sind, was leider noch einige Stunden dauern wird.

ET-Map: Wolfsrudel 4 (Final/Fix2)

06.02.2008 : 19:36
UPDATE: Now only the allied engineer can plant dynamite on the antenna.

~ Download ~
April, 1940, the allied troops have found a radar base near the city of Narvik. The German Submarines in the North Atlantic seem to be commanded by this base and to be supplied with orders. The Mobile Emitters must be stolen and the Main radiomast destroy. The Axis troops shouldn´t be able to send new orders to their submarines.

Changes to the previous versions:

  • Remodeling all buildings
  • Texturfitting and Bugfixing
  • Loading Screen
pUrp0se via PM
| Gaming GoNe

ET-Tool: gmScriptMod 1.0

04.02.2008 : 18:42
Dutchmeat and Apologet wrote a QMM Plugin which easily allows Serveradmins to change the behavior of the Server by Scriptfile.

Download & Info:

--> Download gmScriptMod 1.0
--> gmScriptMod Project Site
QMM is a hook to the Quake3 Engine and is available for many Q3 Engine based games.

At the moment gmScripgMod is only for Enemy Territory, but can be attached to ALL ET Mods.
We successfully tested it with TCE, Etpro and Etpub and it works quite nice with all of them.Apologet via PM

QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.03

10.02.2008 : 14:03
After many tests and client/game crashes, the ETQWPro team released the 0.02 version of their competition-mod. This new version fixes some crashing issues of 0.01. The team is working hard on this mod and we are sure that in a short time the community will have what it is searching for.
All the mod is structured for the competition side of QuakeWars and introduces unique features and many fixes to gameplay.

Download & Info:

--> Download "ETQWpro 0.03"
--> ETQWpro Website
Make sure you started etqw with +set fs_game etqwpro and have a look at the readme.ETQWpro Website

QW-Tool: Material Editor v2.1

04.02.2008 : 17:35
This tool allows you to easily create simple materials for idtech4 games (Doom 3, Quake 4, Prey, ET:QW, etc). You do not require ET:QW or anything other than the .tga files required to make your material! The .net frame work is required and needed for the program to run. You can browse trough your tga files (you don't have to type anything).


--> Download "Material Editor v2.1"
Source code is included. If you can program in vb .net please add to it because the author has reached the limit of his abilities.QuakeWars Files

QW-Tool: QW Tweaker v1.3.5

04.02.2008 : 17:29
The 'Tweaker' is a small tweak utility for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Demo and Full versions (BETA 2 is supported too). With it you can tune the game settings.

Download & Info:

--> Download "QW Tweaker v1.3.5"
--> Cleandesperado Website
Cleandesperado Website

QW-Tool: QW Launcher v1.0

04.02.2008 : 17:28
With this launcher application, you can set launch options (disable intro, load mods, connect to server, etc.), and run the game.
You can also save your settings to profiles and save your favorite server list.

Download & Info:

--> Download "QW Launcher v1.0"
--> Cleandesperado Website
Cleandesperado Website

ET:QW Official Competition Mod Beta this Week

04.02.2008 : 17:15
"The 1.4 update was all about making it easier for new players to find their way into Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and we've seen some great feedback regarding the spanking new training mode in particular. If you haven't tried the new demo yet, now's the time!

With 1.4 out of the way, we are currently working on the next game update, and breaking with all known naming and moral conventions, we were thinking of code-naming it "1.5". This is going to be a smaller release and fix the remaining issues that cropped up in 1.4, such as ranks not being displayed correctly and Personal Bests being tracked on a per-campaign basis rather than globally (those two issues are actually related).

More immediately - and perhaps a bit more exciting - we are also wrapping up work on our competition mod. If you're not familiar with it, the main purpose of the mod is allow tournament organizers to easily implement and enforce specific rulesets. To that extent, we've stuffed quite a lot of cvar customization options in there and creating a new ruleset is as simple as putting the values you'd like to adjust in a config file on your server.

Barring any major international incidents, the beta will be released to the community at large within the coming days. We are hoping to squash any remaining stability issues and major bugs you might come across, so that the final version of the competition mod is in as a good a shape as it can be. To help out mod makers, we are also releasing the full competition mod source code at the same time as the beta – that way you can use bits and pieces of it in your own project, or add your own features to it.

With the technicalities out of the way, let's take a look at the major features of the mod:

  • Added cvar-based limits for classes, weapons, deployables, and mines.
  • Added ability to permanently enable XP unlocks such as Faster Sprint, Grenade
  • Launcher, Reduced Weapon Spread, Extra Clip, and Scoped Assault Rifle.
  • Added pause functionality: Teams can call time-outs, and Admins can pause and unpause the game.
  • Added ability to toggle camera between killer and nearby medics when unconscious.
  • Added ability to automatically record demos and take screenshots of scoreboards.
  • Added ability to scale pitch and yaw values for every vehicle to fully customize mouse sensitivity.
  • Added "Auto-join" button that joins the team with less players.
  • Added setSpawnPoint command with several options to allow keybinds for selecting spawn points.
  • Increased Technician health to 100.
  • Reduced Radar range.
  • Increased vehicle spawn times.
  • Added map-specific changes across the board to improve gameplay for competition (including number of vehicles).
  • Added various Spectator improvements:
    • Names displayed above player's heads.
    • Time remaining on planted charges.
    • Pressing use while looking at a player spectates that player.
    • New "spectate" console command to switch spectator players, jump to players currently constructing the objective, or jump to a preset angle and position on the map.
Please note that this is by no means a complete list. Additionally, we've got a couple more things planned for the final release that didn't make it into the beta - we'll include these in Known Issues form when the Beta is released.

To make the competition mod as easy to use as possible, we are currently documenting all of the relevant cvars and topping them off with a quick how-to guide – look for the whole affair to end up deliciously formatted in the Splash Damage Wiki."
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Prefab: Army Tents

28.01.2008 : 23:36
Small, medium and large versions. Since they are ASE models, you can edit the files in a text editor to change the materials (texture/shader path) to whatever you like. Textures included (but not setup in the ASE files) ~RayBan


--> Army Tents
--> RayBan's Wolf:ET Page
RayBan's Wolf:ET Page

Manual PB Update! Please Read

28.01.2008 : 10:56
PB released a new update which it will not update for ET automatically. Here a explaination how you can update it.

Download the update tool for your system:

--> PBsetup
You will need to add Wolfenstein Enemy Territory to the list of games. If it is red when you add it, you will need to click "Check for Updates".
This should solve the problem.Flame Guards

ET-Prefab: Chute Test 2

27.01.2008 : 13:42
A test map showing an airdropped objective with an animated parachute for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. ~RayBan


--> Chute Test 2
--> RayBan's Wolf:ET Page

ET-Stuff: Encoded Maps

26.01.2008 : 16:36
I would like to submit the community a small package I have prepared for my clan and teammate... Have you ever thinked about how difficult is sometimes explaining your teammates where you are or where they should go? ok you have the limbo, but it's dangerous to call it while you're running in the middle of a battle, you have command map, but that's really too small sometimes.... so... I thought.. why not having a printable copy of the limbo maps , completed with an encoded grid like in chess games, with all the most important info's like spawnpoint, tanks, bridges etc...? because no one has done it.. up to now.. So try this package of pdf maps and tell me what do you think about it! ~mauix


--> Encoded Maps
Maps included in the package:
Supply depot, Siwa Oasis, Saberpeak, Radar, Mlb Temple, Warbell, Venice b4, Transmitter, Tramfight, Dubrovnik final, Cathedral final, Castle Attack, Braundorf, baserace, axis lab final, Eagles 2 way, caen 2, 1944 beach, Goldrush GA

ET-Tools for Modders

26.01.2008 : 13:07
Very usefull tool to work a little bit on models.


--> Npherno's MD3 Compiler & MD3 Viewer

Drop the exe into the folder with your md3 files, and double click on it. It will load all md3 files, and output a tag file for each of them.


--> MD3 to Tag

Q3Font is a tool to create the font files used by Q3 1.25+ based games. A font exist from a number of tga's, called fontImage_#_[size].tga and a fontImage_[size].dat file. (Unless createex is used, in whichcase 'fontImage' is replaced by the fonts name.)


--> Q3Font 1.52

To convert .mds to .mdm use this tool:


--> Ikonatto's Conversion Tool

QW-Tool: ET:QW Quick MapWizard v1.02

26.01.2008 : 12:50
Inspired by Mordenkainen's excellent start tutorial, I've made a little app to create the necessary files to make a new map. It requires .NET 2 framework to run.
The About box contains links to Mordenkainen and Sebultura's tutorial posts in this forum.


--> Download "ET:QW Quick MapWizard v1.02"

ET-Prefab: Guard Building

25.01.2008 : 18:12
Prefab of a Guard Building. Made by BlitZ (89BlitZ)


--> Guard Building


QW-Mod: Pigmod (Beta 5)

07.02.2008 : 23:19
Pigmod is a competition mod for EnemyTerritory Quake Wars. The goal of Pigmod is to implement cvars to control what players are able to do according to the rules of ETQW leagues. It's goal is not to adjust core gameplay elements(run speed, weapon spread, weapon damage, etc). The mod will include some client side features in order to give feedback to the players.

Download & Info:

--> Download "Pigmod (Beta 5)"
--> Pigmod Website
Pigmod Website

#ET-Cup: Platzierung & Abschlußbericht

24.01.2008 : 13:47
Der #31 ET-Cup ist gestern Abend mit einem spannenden drei Mapper zu Ende gegangen.
Das polnische Team Authentic-Gaming konnte die kroatischen Spieler von Cortana auf der Decidermap Supply Depot 2 bezwingen und steht somit an der Spitze des letzten ET-Cups:
Final ranking:
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Sieg und danke an alle Teilnehmer - ich hoffe, dass sowohl die Spieler als auch die Zuschauer bei dem ein oder anderen Match ihren Spaß hatten.

Abschließend möchte ich die vergangenen 2 Jahre des ET-Cups revué passieren lassen und danach folgt eine kurze Danksagung ;p

Es gab viele nennenswerte Ereignisse, große Events und Wagnisse, die meine Admincrew und ich in der Vergangenheit erleben durften.

Sieht man mal von der Organisation einer Lanparty ab so haben wir vom ET-Cup so ziemlich jedes Format eines Events durchgeführt - neben den normalen 6v6 Cups über einen pre-Eurocup bis hin zu einigen Custommapevents und One-Day-Cups war auch ein WorldCup dabei.

Es sind doch einige Events zusammen gekommen - und vielleicht erinnert sich nun der ein oder andere von euch beim Lesen der Cups-Gewinner an eine spannende, lustige oder unglaubliche Szene.
Es würde mich freuen, wenn ihr eine eurer besonderen Erinnerungen in den Comments zusammenfasst oder gar einen kurzen Clip schneidet (Demomaterial auf der Cupseite oder ihr durchsucht eure Ordner ;p).

Nunja, bekanntlich soll man aufhören, wenn es am schönsten ist. Deshalb nerve ich euch nur noch mit meiner Danksagung und wünsche dann jedem eine schöne verbleibende Woche und viel Glück in der Zukunft!


  • Zu aller erst möchte ich mich bei S4mmy bedanken - er hat mich von anfang an mit Ratschlägen und finanziellen Mitteln unterstützt.
  • Danke an Frank und lex für eure hilfreiche Unterstützung, für das Cupscript und alle anderen Dinge, die ihr für mich geregelt habt!
  • Danke NxM, kiss, Skydeh, virtu und alle anderen, älteren Admins - ohne euch hätte ich so einiges nicht schaffen können!
  • Danke Olly und mens0 für eure Unterstützung im Kampf gegen die Cheater!
  • Und danke an und Trubel für euren lang anhaltenden Support!
So, nun seid ihr endlich dran - Ja, ein großes Dankeschön an die Community, ohne euch wäre das Projekt womöglich gar nicht ins Leben gerufen worden!
  • Danke an alle Admins & Helfer, Coverage via ETTv hat immer super geklappt - klasse Team!
  • Vielen Dank auch an TosspoT; alle anderen Shoutcaster - dank euch waren die Spiele gleich doppelt so unterhaltsam!
Und zu guter letzt bedanke ich mich bei allen Leuten, die ich vergessen habe!

Bis Bald?
SPU9 out! - www.ET-Cup.netSPU9 via E-Mail

Tool: TeamSpeak Server Viewer 1.2

23.01.2008 : 22:07
This server viewer will bring the follwoing features:

- Easy manage up to 64k Teamspeak server addresses
- Easy server-population check
- Easy (one click) connect to an TS server


--> TeamSpeak Server Viewer 1.2

Dieser Server Viewer bietet Ihnen die folgenden Möglichkeiten:

- Einfache Verwaltung von bis zu 64k Server Addressen
- Einfaches Überprüfen, ob die Server belebt sind
- Einfaches Verbinden zu einem Teamspeak

ET & QW Tool: ET Console Master 2.0

06.02.2008 : 01:30
ET Console Master is a tool which provides the following functions:
  • Define up to 64000 own text strings and send it to ET or ET:QW
  • Define up to 64000 text strings which can be send randomly to ET and ET:QW in a frequency you want (at least 15 seconds for spam protect)
  • Send many predefined commands to ET and a few of them to ET:QW
  • Use the most common Admin-Mod commands in ET
  • Define up to 64k rules for servers and add translations for up to 64 languages and pray it into ET and ET:QW:
    • send a rule in your basic language
    • send a translated rule in your selected language
Define up to 64000 own commands or texts to send it to ET and ET:QW (so you will be able to define own command strings for AdminMod, Console...).

Download & Info:

--> ET Console Master 2.0

ET Console Master bietet Ihnen folgende Funktionen:

Legen Sie bis zu 64000 eigene Textnachrichten an, wovon sie eine mit einem einzigen Mausklick an ET und ET:QW senden können (sowohl ans Team als auch an alle Spieler).

Legen Sie bis zu 64000 eigene Textnachrichten an, die in einer von ihnen gewählten Frequenz in zufälliger Reihenfolge an ET bzw. ET:QW gesendet werden (mindestens 15 Sekunden zwischen den einzelnen Nachrichten... gegen Spammer).

  • Benutzen Sie die vorhandenen Befehle zur Steuerung von ET bzw. ET:QW
  • Benutzen Sie die meist gebrauchten AdminMod Befehle mit einem Mausklick (nur ET)
Legen Sie bis zu 64000 Regeln für Ihren Server an, fügen Sie Übersetzungen für bis zu 64 Sprachen hinzu und Sie können
  • Die Regel in Ihrer Sprache sowie
  • in der von Ihnen übersetzten Version
mit einem Mausklick runterbeten

Definieren Sie bis zu 64000 Kommandos, die Sie mittels Mausklick an ET bzw. ET:QW

ET:QW SplatterLadder Ranking for all Servers

23.01.2008 : 21:45

Sonyfan from our Partnerpage SplatterLadder announced at the official community forum, that they due to the teamwork with Splash Damage , got their own Ranking and Rating System for ET:QW on The Ranking includes all server, so the unranked-server-datas are also collected.

You find more information in the accordant thread in the community forum.

--> Official Community Forum (english)
--> Offizielles Community Forum (deutsch)
Planet QuakeWars

ET-Map: Weejumps (Final)

23.01.2008 : 21:38

~ Download ~
The RoN Clan | Realm of Napalm presents it's third Map named RoN Weejumps. This time a Trickjumpmap made by [RoN]WeeMan. The Map offers a few Funjumps, Beginnergammas and Gammas of medium difficulty. For Beginners and Advanced Players usable.
Bonus: reach the End of the Map to unlock the Funroom. Here are a few Minigames like an invisible Maze and many more.
Jigsaw via E-Mail
| Servers running this Map