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theSGL Anti-Cheat for W:ET & ET:QW

03.12.2007 : 20:20
"As promised I'm now delighted to announce SGLac now supports 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' and is available for your use as and when you wish to do so.

What is SGLac?

SGLac is the anti cheat developed and implemented by which we have used over the past three years (how we got through the first year without it amazes me!) to ensure a cheat free environment for our official matches. We made it available to clans to use on their own servers for CS1.6 and CSS (it supports a lot of other games as well) but until now have never made it freely available to an entire community to reap the benefit from.

SGLac is a multiple level client which checks local memory processes for cheats and reports the findings back to us. I am not going to go into detail about how it works for obvious reasons but rest assured it does its job. For the record SGLac DOES NOT SCAN HARD DRIVE FILES. We have no interest in what cheats you may have on your pc - just the ones you are using while running SGLac. Screenshots are also uploaded.

Whilst these work perfectly on XP we do experience the "black screenshot" bug on some vista platforms though as ever we are working to eliminate this problem. The screenshot is really "eye candy" and a reassurance that the client is doing it's job - the real cheat detection happens behind the scenes though we do catch the occasional muppet running a visually detected cheat now and then...

We do have a large cheat database already in place which we crossmatch all scans against but obviously there is no substitute for experience so if there are people willing to take a few minutes and post us some links to some of the more frequently used (or even more obscure) ET specific hacks that are in use that would be appreciated and will be cause for more protection against cheats.

What do you need to use SGLac?

Head over to and make yourself an account. You will need an account to be able to log into the client and use it. You can then download the client by going to the "anticheat" tab and clicking the link. Install , run and you're in business. (You may find nod32 and AVG AV suites do not like the look of SGLac , simply by the nature of what and how it does things it can look suspect to some AV programs, if anyone is worried about this - all i can do is point to our huge userbase who don't have any problem with it).

Finally what may be of note to you is that since ET is free to download and if someone is caught cheating they can simply get a new account/profile/username - is that SGLac can by by hardware (ie if you get caught and banned you will need a new PC to use SGLac again) so we really can kick the cheats right out the game for ever.

Any queries I can be reached on or IRC quakenet #theSGL my alias is theSGL|Uzi.

Finally - I sincerely hope that SGLac will be of use to the ET community and that it brings you a better cheat free environment to play in. I have added an ET forum (part of the ETQW section) on our website, if you have any comments please do post and let me know. We are not adverse to hosting some cups, leagues and other such tournaments if you would like - just shout on the forums and let me know." ~UziEnemy Territory Configs

ET-Map: Mine Sniper (Beta 3)

03.12.2007 : 16:16

~ Download ~
This is a mine town. They were drilling for diamonds and oil and stuff. They used mine carts to get to the other site and buldozers for the heavy work but... Again the war came to this peacefull place and now there's a lot of shooting going on. Again a pass map but not to easy.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Bot: Bobot v04.06

03.12.2007 : 14:54
A bobot is a robot (bot), a virtual player directed by a computer. Bots will never replace human players, but you can train with them or against them or even add them to your server.

Bobots are realistic bots. They try to copy the human behavior and the human navigation. Bobot really thinks. Like a human player, bobot can do stupid and good things. It is not necessary that the bots are too perfect. They should not behave like robots without defects.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Bobot v04.06

--> Bobot Website (French)
--> Bobot Website (English)
--> Bobot Website (Spanish)

The characteristics of Bobot:
  • Its navigation by network of neurons trained to avoid obstacles thanks to a genetic algorithm (Joc)
  • Intelligent decision taking (rules system, priorities calculation through fuzzy logic) (3ème Type).Bobot constantly has a dozen of decisions to take. Does it have to get fixed up, to look for some munitions, to get or give a pack, to answer back to an attack or reviver a teammate? Does it have to go to a tank rather than to its main goal ? It asses all the possibilities many times per second and it will take the most adequate decision according to the situation. If a bot gets hurt close to its target it will go towards it but if it is far from it and close to a surgery it will prefer getting medical care. If reviving a teammate it gets shot, it will leave the action in order to answer back and only then will go back to what it was doing if it is still alive. It knows how to pursue an enemy for a while and also protect their mate.
  • The complete tank, truck support. A bobot is able to escort the tanks and other vehicles, to get on a tank and use their machineguns. It is able to wait for their team mates rather than leave alone and risk being shot down.
Changes with v04.06:

Add new maps into ./nodes:

aa-guns, dubrovnik, great_wall_b1, over_the_top, pha_chateau, pha_horus, resurection, town, uje_clv, wolken6_b1, woods, temple_sniper, ae_sniper_challenge, ae_sniper_night.
Add new weapons:

Axis Weapons:

  • Soldier: MP40, Shotgun, Venom, Flamethrower, Panzerfaust and Mobile MG42. Secondary weapon: Luger.
  • Medic: MP40, Shotgun, Venom, StGw44, FG42, K43 (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Luger and Poison Syringe.
  • Engineer: MP40, Shotgun, Venom, StGw44, FG42, K43 (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Luger.
  • FieldOps: MP40, Shotgun, Venom, StGw44, FG42, K43 (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Luger.
  • CovertOps: MP34, MP40, Shotgun, StGw44, FG42, K43 (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Silenced Luger.
Allied Weapons:
  • Soldier: Thompson, Shotgun, Venom, Flamethrower, Bazooka, Browning. Secondary weapon: Colt.
  • Medic: Thompson, Shotgun, Venom, Bar, Garand (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Colt and Poison Syringe.
  • Engineer: Thompson, Shotgun, Venom, Bar, Garand (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Colt.
  • FieldOps: Thompson, Shotgun, Venom, Bar, Garand (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Colt.
  • CovertOps: Sten, Thompson, Shotgun, Venom, Bar, Garand (Scope / Rifle Grenades). Secondary weapon: Silenced Colt.
Weapons trapped:
You can trap your weapon. Cvar g_UseOtherWeapon (or menu » Bobot » Options » Weapons Damage).
5 options: set g_UseOtherWeapon [0,1,2,3,4] default = 3
0 = Not trapped, you can pick up adversaries weapons.
else if an adversary pick up your weapon or if you pick up an adversary weapon.
1 = Weapon is empty (without ammunitions). Can not use it.
2 = Weapon is trapped with plutonium. you are burned.
3 = Weapon is trapped with dynamite. You explode.
4 = Poisoned weapon. You are poisoned.
Sniper War:
Add Cvar g_SniperWar (if you want to play relaxed a sniper map).
set g_SniperWar "0" = no sniper war, set g_SniperWar "1" = sniper war.
Add new sniper maps (temple_sniper, ae_sniper_night, ae_sniper_challenge)

What the bots do in a sniper war?

Into a sniper war map, the nodes for snipers are Protection Blockable (my team).
For axis (Protection Blockable Axis), for allies (Protection Blockable Allies).
The bots go to these nodes, use its scope rifle, search and find its ennemies.
The bot knows where its ennemies can be hidden, because he looks at the nodes (Protection blockable adversary team). Bot knows 8 max adversaries nodes, not more, because more will be cheat and we do not want to be dead too quickly.

PAV via E-Mail

Activision und Blizzard fusionieren

02.12.2007 : 22:04
Wer hätte damit gerechnet? In einer Pressemitteilung wurde heute bekannt gegeben, dass Activision mit Vivendi Games fusioniert und das neue Unternehmen Activision Blizzard entsteht. Mit Blizzard stellt Activision Blizzard jetzt den wohl größten und angesehensten Vertreter der Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG). Vivendi Games Wert beläuft sich auf 8.1 Milliarden Dollar. Im Gegenzug erhält Vivendi 52% der Anteile an Activision. Zusätzlich steckt Vivendi noch einmal 1.7 Milliarden Dollar in das neue Duo. Unter der Führung von Activision Chef Robert Kotick wird der Softwaregigant weiterhin geleitet, während der ehemalige Chef von Vivendi Games, Bruce Hack als Vize-Präsident seinen Aufgaben gerecht werden soll. Damit wird ein Unternehmen aufgebaut, das Electronic Arts als den führenden Vertreiber und Entwickler der Spielebranche ablöst und Spiele wie Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, die Tony Hawks Reihe, aber eben auch World of Warcraft, Starcraft und Diablo enthält.


Vivendi ist einer der führenden Unternehmen in der digitalen Unterhaltungsindustrie in den Bereichen Musik, TV, Kino, Mobile, Internet und ist Eigentümer der Universal Music Group, Canal+ Group, SFR, Maroc Telecom und Vivendi Games. Mehr Informationen gibt es unter
Vivendi Games
Vivendi Games ist ein globaler Entwickler und Vertreiber interaktiver Unterhaltungssoftware auf Basis verschiedener Plattformen. Die Firma hat sich als einer der führenden kostenpflichtigen Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) etabliert. Vivendi Games umfasst ungefähr 4000 Angestellte, die ihr Wissen und Können in vier Abteilungen entfalten: Blizzard Entertainment, Sierra Entertainment, Sierra Online und Vivendi Games Mobile. Blizzard, mit Sitz in Kalifornien und Entwickler der WarCraft, StarCraft und Diablo Spieleserien, beschäftigt alleine 2300 Angestellte.
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
Bekannt durch die Spielehits wie Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, ist Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. ( eine Abteilung von Vivendi Games. Blizzard Entertainment führt in seinem Spielerepertoire zehn Nummer 1 Spiele, die mehrere Game of the Year Awards erhalten haben. Der Online Gaming Service ist einer der größten weltweit und zählt Millionen aktiver User.
Activision, Inc.
Mit Haupsitz in Santa Monica, Kalifornien, ist Activision, Inc. einer der führenden weltweiten Entwickler und Vertreiber interaktiver Unterhaltungssoftware. Die im Jahr 1979 gegründete Firma, hat mit dem am 31. März 2007 endenden Geschäftsjahr 1.5 Milliarden Euro eingenommen. Activision beschäftigt weltweit mehr als 2000 Angestellte.

Activision besitzt Filialen in den Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada, dem Vereinigten Königreich, Frankreich, Deutschland, Irland, Italien, Skandinavien, Spanien, den Niederlanden, Australien, Japan und Südkorea. Mehr Informationen über Activision gibt es unter

[DS]-=Pencil=- via ICQ | RtCW2-Prsion

ET-Map: Ammo Bunker 2 (Final)

02.12.2007 : 13:57

~ Download ~
By the beginning of March 1943 the Eighth Army, advancing westwards along the North African coast, had reached the Tunisian border and Axis found themselfs in an Allied two army pincer. They were outflanked, outmanned and outgunned. The British Eighth Army shattered the Axis defense on the Mareth Line in late March and First Army in central Tunisia launched their main offensive in mid April. The axis forces are regathering there forces in north Africa to Tunisia were they have ammo bunker and newly developed rocket. They have been given the order to launch the rocket on allies headquarters and hold the perimeter until reinforcements arrives. The allied forces has landed in Tunisia and are about to destroy this low guarded axis ammunition bunker and the rocket.
| Servers running this Map

Mapping-Tool: EarthSculptor

02.12.2007 : 01:03
EarthSculptor is a realtime terrain editor and paint program featuring an easy to use interface designed exclusively for rapid development of 3D landscapes for visualization, multimedia and game development.

Website & Video Tutorial:

--> 'EarthSculptor' Website
--> 'ES Video Tutorial' by GorkerMorker
  • Fast 3D hardware accelerated terrain rendering
  • Automatic lighting and shadow map rendering
  • High resolution Light, Color and Detail texture maps
  • Up to 8 Detail Textures
  • Map sizes up to 4097x4097
  • Terrain Texture sizes up to 4096x4096
  • Real time reflecting water
  • 8 terrain tools: raise, lower, level, grab, smooth, erode, push and ramp
  • Plug In System
  • Multiple undo/redo editing
  • Outputs heightmaps as 16-bit PNG textures, no proprietary formats
  • Advanced .OBJ exporter outputs optimized meshes
  • Edit textures and heightmaps externally
  • Developed for Windows® and OpenGL® hardware
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW - New Beta SDK Revision next week

30.11.2007 : 23:48
"The reaction to the release of the Beta of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars SDK has been really positive and both the Editing Forum here on the site and the #etqwmods IRC channel on QuakeNet have been really active with new map and mod projects getting underway and people figuring out all the neat things you can do with the Beta SDK. While we're continuing work on the next game update and our official competition mod (more on both of those items soon), we've also been working on a new revision of the Beta SDK. A lot of the changes in this new version are the direct result of your feedback, so please keep it coming. Here's the list of fixes and improvements:

editWorld fixes:

  • Added Create Brush dialog to a llow for precise sizing and positioning of new brushes
  • Removed do-nothing "Subtract" entry from the CSG menu
  • Merged duplicate Camera menu entries in the View Menu
  • Fixed camera window flickering/not drawing properly
  • Fixed preferences not loading in some cases
  • Fixed initial locations of Z and YZ windows
  • Fixed sorting of filenames with different extensions in the file browser
  • Fixed compiler crashing if there was no worldspawn
  • Fixed manually entering patch subdivisions not updating the patch
General changes:
  • Added a few additional models to the model_gallery world
  • Added support for (and generated) a blacklist for materials, atmospheres, etc. so that they don't clutter up the media browsers
  • Merged MegaBuild with the SDK Launcher
  • Fixed warnings when compiling generated scripts
  • Fixed generated scripts not copying all necessary files to fs_savepath
  • We're hoping to get this new revision out to you next week, while the final version of SDK is currently set to be released shortly after the next game update.
Directly related to the SDK and in case you haven't run across it yet, we've also got a Beta version of the Editing Wiki up at, where we've been amassing our collective Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars documentation and tutorials. We're still adding bits and pieces here and there - once that's done, we're going to open the thing up to the public, so you can use it to share your own editing tips, tricks, and tutorials with the rest of the community. Until then, feel free to browse the Wiki and leave your feedback in this forum thread." ~jRAD
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: Bunnyhop 1.00a

29.11.2007 : 15:49
XavioR releases mod wich adds QuakeWorld-style bunnyhopping and air control to ETQW. Air control is a little crazy at the moment, hopefully that will be tweaked next release - till then, have fun!

Also there's a new server var: si_allowPogo
- setting this to "1" will allow players to just hold space bar to auto-hop


--> Bunnyhop Mod 1.00a
Extract to your etqw directory and load it up using +set fs_game bhop or ingame via the "mods" menu
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Map: BasicAim (Beta)

29.11.2007 : 15:27

~ Download ~
"This is as far as I can feasibly go with this project atm as the map script issues are beyond my control (retail etqw stops a lot of the map scripting from functioning for some unknown reason). Therefore if you want fast respawn times on the aimmap I suggest you play with warmup. Could any issues with the map please be reported in the release thread." ~Zhou

Installation and use:

  • remove any previous versions from your et:qw directory
  • extract the pk4 into your et:qw base directory (C:\Program Files\Id Software\Enemy territory Quake Wars\base by default I think)
  • start up et:qw
  • open up the console
  • type si_rules sdGameRulesObjective
  • type "devmap basicaim/basicaim"
  • Enjoy
Planet Quake
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: Instagib Arena 0.2c Alpha

29.11.2007 : 15:18
"After a shakey 0.2 Release, I am now able to produce distributable versions of the gamex86.dll. I had not realized that the "Debug with edit and continue" build has requirements for the end user. So switching it to a release build fixed the distribution problem."

Download & Info:

--> Download 'Instagib Arena 0.2c Alpha'
--> 'Instagib Arena' Website
Release Notes:
  • Bots no longer stop moving or pause to bring up scope before shooting the railgun
  • Bots no longer use vehicles by default
  • Bots set to attack teammates durring warmup
  • Railgun timings, player movement speed, jump, acceleration and bob/lean tweaked.
  • Vehicles disabled
  • Lowercase "i" for instagib folder name (for case sensitive operating systems)
  • Zip Download only due to issues with installer.
Planet Quake

TC:E-Maps: 14 Maps for 'True Combat: Elite'

29.11.2007 : 14:19
Well, not much to say. Fourteen new and old maps for the 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' modification 'True Combat: Elite'.


--> TC:E Maps
  • Assault Extended (Beta 0.9)
  • Bad Hills v1
  • Car Repair Shop (Beta 1.20)
  • Combat Bunker / Day (Beta)
  • Combat Bunker / Nite (Beta)
  • Crossing Foggy 3
  • Extended (Beta 1.97)
  • Forsaken
  • Heliport by Night
  • Invasion v1
  • Mout (RC 1)
  • Small
  • Urwald v0.1
  • Warehouse (Beta 1.40)

How to ETpro Trickjump Server

28.11.2007 : 15:58
jigsaw vom RoN Clan schrieb ein kleines Tutorial wie man einen ETpro 3.2.6 Server zum Trickjump-Server umfunktionieren kann. Neben den benötigten Änderungen der Serverconfig werden auch die LUA-Module (Adrenaline, Save/Load) bereitgestellt.

Download & Info:

--> Tutorial @ RoN Clan
--> Download 'TJ LUA Modules'
RoN Clan

ET-Prefab: Bridge & Houses

26.11.2007 : 18:52
89blitz created a small light test, embed in a bridge with a few houses.


--> Bridge & Houses


QW-Stuff: ETQW Fan Frame

26.11.2007 : 18:20
Inofficial Fan Screensaver for ET:QW. Some Objects are flying over the desktop or the last opened window. On a collision with the blue and red balls there will be a aucustic collison. You need to have Flashplayer installed to run this Screensaver. It's working and tested on all Windows Systems.

Download & Info:

--> ETQW Fan Frame
Planet QuakeWars

QW-Tool: QW Tweaker 1.3.3

26.11.2007 : 18:17
cleandesperado released an updated version of his config tweaker. You need the MS Visual Basic 6 Runtime Package to run this program.

Download & Info:

--> QW Tweaker v1.3.3
--> cleandesperado Website
cleandesperado Website

QW-Mod: ETQWpro in Development

26.11.2007 : 08:19
"The SDK-Beta has been released, but what is more important and anticipated for a long time now - a competition-mod, which enables a well balanced competitive play, is currently in development.

The upcoming competitive-mod will be named ETQWPro and the guy who decided to please the community with such an ordinary gift in Enemey Territory: Quake Wars is SpaceCommander

"for the community by the community" should be emphasized at this point. Right after the decision to develop ETQWPro, the webmaster of x-ray decided to implement this platform where communication between players and ETQWPro-developers about the ongoing process of ETQWPro can take place.

--> ETQWpro Website
A lot of work has to get done in the upcoming weeks. In order to accelerate the whole development, SpaceCommander needs help in form of:
  • additional developers and programmers
  • players giving constructive-minded feedback
This small list will be adjusted regularly. Additionally, our ETQWPro-Team needs a graphic-artist who provides an inspiring logo for ETQWPro. Every kind of content will be taken into consideration. So get your graphic-programs started folks and be a part of this huge thing."

ET-Map: Desert Duel (Final)

24.11.2007 : 14:23

~ Download ~
A hot day somewhere in the desert... But there is no time to relax - the enemy waits behind every wall...

The RoN Clan | Realm of Napalm presents it's second public-map. But this time not a sniper- but a 1on1-map named [RoN]Desert Duel. The Map was developed by'cl4ym4n?. Great for the small massacre in between...

PS: Find the hidden trigger to open the small XXX-room :O

cl4ym4n via PM | RoN-Clan
| Servers running this Map

ET Colored Text & Voice Chat Guide

24.11.2007 : 14:20
Fairly large text file with info for colored text, and chat bind commands.


--> ET Colored Text & Voice Chat Guide
1. Coloured Text
2. Binds
2a. What are Binds
2b. Chat Binds
2c. Voicechat Binds
2d. Team Voicechat Binds
3. Bindable Keys
4. Voicechat Commands
5. Text Shortcuts
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Tools: Admin Tools 1.0.2

23.11.2007 : 09:27
The Parazite Clan released a nice pack of tools to administer a gameserver. Installation is not necessarily, the exe is self-running.


--> Admin Tools 1.0.2


Rcon Unlimited, Jaymod Admin Command, Putty, Demo Recorder, CFG Maker v3, Win SCP, SSChecker, Ban Managger, Cheaters Databaze, RconIT, Core FTP
gavrila via E-Mail | Parazite Clan

ET:QW Mod Wiki opened

23.11.2007 : 00:28
"Although it's currently set to read only (no one as of yet can add information) Splash Damage have made the Quake Wars modding Wiki live so you can read up on all things related to editing Quake Wars, including a couple of basic tutorials - one of which runs through the steps of creating a simple Quake Wars terrained level, nice!.

Wiki Site:

--> ET:QW Mod Wiki
So far it looks to be a damn site better organised than the previous official wiki's that were put out for Doom 3 and Quake 4 at iddevnet!"

Thanks: KatsBits | nUllSkillZ

ET-Stuff got a new URL

22.11.2007 : 22:08
Our partnersite ET-Stuff got a new URL, so update your bookmarks!
In the near future, the site will be completley restored and the filebase will be complete again.

ET:QW SDK 1.2 Released

22.11.2007 : 12:20
"The Beta version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Software Development Kit has just been released! The SDK contains all of the tools used to develop ETQW along with a few extra bits - check this dev blog entry for a complete breakdown of the contents. Please note that this is an unsupported release, so Activision Customer Support will not be able to assist you with technical issues arising from using the SDK. With that out of the way, you can grab the SDK Beta from the mirrors below:


--> ET:QW SDK 1.2 Beta
Once you've got it installed and have started tinkering with it, don't forget to stop by the ETQW Mods and Editing Forum to share your creations with the rest of the community. We've also got our official ETQW Editing Wiki on the way; it's currently set to launch later in the week."
Community Enemy Territory

ET-TC: East Front - New version for Public Play

20.11.2007 : 17:46

And we are trying out the new bots, with npc (bots that take no player slots).

12 Axis 12 Allies and 20 NPC Bots. our sever is a 40 plr slots servers.
(later we get 60 slots server we play at 30 Axis 30 Allies and 30 NPC) IN TOTAL 90 Player on one server.

We try only the bots in 7 days, and some skins. soundpacks. Lots of bugs are gone, sinkwholes are gone, and more.

IP is:
See the server @ SplatterLadder

There is no password and ALL is welcome!

PS: this is news for our beta testers, FG members and our friends, not for all the world.[EF]Tyrlop via MSN

ETQW SDK Beta Coming Soon

20.11.2007 : 16:37
"Attention all Modders and Mappers! If you've been waiting to make your own mods based on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, build your very own ETQW maps, create new vehicles and weapons, or are just curious to see how the game works then stand by for a veritable explosion of game-helpy stuff.

We're just about ready to release a Beta version of the ETQW Software Development Kit (SDK), containing absolutely everything you’ll need to make your own ETQW Stuff™. Here's a breakdown of what you'll get in the Beta SDK:

  • All the tools used to develop Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (click here for a breakdown)
  • Game source code
  • Example maps and reference maps
  • Original game scripts and definition files
  • A selection of models and example animations
  • While the Beta SDK will not include any Megatexture media or the source textures used in our texture sheets, we are planning to release those separately later. We're also getting the ETQW Editing Wiki ready for launch, so you'll have sample documentation and tutorials at your disposal.
So when are you going to get your hands on the Beta SDK? Well, it's currently undergoing final testing and approval - barring no major malfunctions, you'll get your hands on it as soon as that process is complete. Until then, keep an eye on the news page for the latest on the SDK. We can't wait to see all the cool maps, mods, and models you guys are going to come up with!"
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Bridge Sniper (Final)

20.11.2007 : 16:25

~ Download ~
Nijmegen Bridge Holland:
The map is a copy of a real bridge in Nijmegen. There where a lot of trucks running from one to the other site untill snipers came.
Alle trucks where abandonned or the drivers where shot. Try to get to the other side but it will not be so easy cause they will expect you.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

Strogg Theme for Mobiles

20.11.2007 : 01:46
DeathfromAbove created a QW strogg theme for UIQ3.x phones e.g. Motorola Z8.
A ReadMe of how to install this theme on your mobile is included.


--> Strogg Mobile Theme

Community Enemy Territroy

ET:QW Linux Client Files Updated

19.11.2007 : 23:35
The Linux client files have been updated to R5, this build adds voice chat and fixes a few bugs.


--> ET:QW Client 1.2 Full R5 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Client 1.2 No Media R5 (Linux)
Zerowing id Software

ET-Map: Funtower (Beta 3)

19.11.2007 : 19:27

~ Download ~
Map by Tyrlop, made for "Zombie Mod".
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Stuff is back with new URL

19.11.2007 : 13:06
After our partnersite ET-Stuff was hacked, now the site is back with a new URL, so update your bookmarks!
In the near future, the site will be completley restored and the filebase will be complete again.

ET-Map: Airfield Sniper (Final)

18.11.2007 : 01:26

~ Download ~
There is an allied airbase. From the airfield, axis try to capture the whole airbase. The allies try to protect the airbase. Both sides are true sniperfighters.
TSC Yoda via PM
| The Sniper Clan