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ETpro-Mapscript: Anti Walljump for Oasis v2

11.05.2010 : 12:01
"If you want to jump over the Wall as an Allied Soldier (This feature will NOT affect the Axis in any way ), you get pushed back and the line "Walljump is not allowed on this server" is shown to you. This trigger gets removed when the Wall is blown.

Additionally, I made the Old City Waterpump non-constructible, as long as the Wall isn't blown yet. Wall blow -> Materials appear."

~Phishermans Phriend

Download & Info:

--> Anti Walljump Script for Oasis v2

ET-TC: East Front (Updates 8th/11th May 2010)

11.05.2010 : 11:24
A WW2 based first person shooter game based on small squad battles in the battlefields of eastern Europe between 1941 and 1945 that focuses on both realism and arcade game-plays, currently under development for the Enemy Territory game engine.

Download & Info:

--> East Front (01-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 05-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 08-05-2010) [new]
--> East Front (Update 11-05-2010) [new]
--> 'East Front' Website

Update 11-05-2010:

  • Fixes:
    • Major upgrade to the auto-waypointer.
    • Many bug fixes.
    • Lots of other stuff.

  • Additions:
    • Maths and AI now use your graphics card instead of your CPU for many things (Windows only at the moment).
    • Lots of other stuff.

It's very important that you delete all the files in your EF\nodes directory before extracting this new version!

Update 08-05-2010:

  • Fixes:
    • AI (Bot and NPC) CPU usage decreased.
    • NPC code is now stable even with bots running as well.
    • Fixed some random stability issues.
    • Reduced CPU usage of code in lots of places.
    • Fixed the Bot weapon switching bug.
    • Fixed the Bot reload bug.
    • Improved AI code in general.
    • Added missing xposed textures.
    • Fixed a lot of possible issues with original ET code.
    • Fixed a issue with the Auto-Waypointer code that could cause it to generate incomplete waypoints.
    • Lots of misc fixes and improvements.

  • Additions:
    • CovertOps now have a airdop marker that drops a constructable MG nest.
    • (NOTE: Airdrop Marker will change in the future to become a reward for any class and will do different things instead of just drop a constructable MG Nest).
    • AI sniper point generator now saves them to a file that it loads on future startup of maps.
    • Bot/NPC path finding now uses 4 threads instead of 1 on windows to take advantage of multi-core CPUs.
    • Fixed and improved pain and death animations.
    • Players/Bots waiting for a medic now retain the last position of death animation instead of flipping over.
    • Other stuff I can't think of right now but is uber cool, I will update this later with more info.
Tyrlop via MSN

QW-Map: Retake of the Andes (Beta 2)

11.05.2010 : 11:17

~ Download ~
The strogg want to return to a sacred place they used for extreme ultra-weighed teletransportation in wars occurred five millenia ago. The GDF is under control of this area and need to hinder the invasion.

ET-Map: Sottevast PE (Final)

10.05.2010 : 00:36

~ Download ~
An Axis V2 missile project has been advancing in a silo facility called Sottevast. Allied spies have discovered an attack is about to be launched from this secret silo, and a small team of elite soldiers were mobilized to prevent the launch.

Additonal pk3:

The additional pk3 contains a ETpro mapscript. Works only with ETpro, NQ, and other mods wich are compatible.

  • Added Health and Ammo Cabinets to Command Post
  • Added Health and Ammo Cabinets and MG Nest to Side Bunker
  • Added Neutral Command Post to Bunker near Forward Bunker
  • Added Model for delivered Objective
  • Added Secondary Map Objective: Allies need to blow up the V2 Rocket
  • Fixed Tunnel Barrier appearance when under construction


  • Based on Beta 3b
  • Added tracemap
  • Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3
  • Fixed mapscript
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Reworked command map
  • New levelshot
  • Sottevast is now shown on the right place in the command map
  • Retextured the map in near every aspect

Etch via E-Mail
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Blackops Cup

08.05.2010 : 18:52

There is a brand new cup coming, Blackops Cup 2010. This is a cup for beginner/low teams. Any med team will deleted from sign up.

This cup is gonna be on a 5on5 format.

Please line up more than 5 players (for back-ups). If you want to play on ETTV, Request it in this forum.

Sign ups open: Now!
Sign ups closed: 23th of May
Cup starts: 26th of May
Who can Enter: Any group / Any Team / Any Clan

Where to sign up:
More info:

The winners get an ETPro server (public or private) with 17 slots for 6 months on a dedicated server in The Netherlands! Server will be given to the winning Team Leader.

SIGN UP NOW!BlackOps - Makorz via PM

ET-Map: Project X (Beta 1)

08.05.2010 : 18:46

~ Download ~
The Axis are working on a secret project called X. Allies have infiltrated the secret bunker and will try to destroy the lab controls to stop them.
Calibra8v via PM
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ET-Map: Coast (Beta 1 + Scriptfix)

08.05.2010 : 18:30

~ Download ~
The Axis have set up a secret base in an old village at the coast of the North Sea. Allies try to infiltrate it and get hold of Secret Documents the Axis store nearby.

A walkthrough video can be found here.

"On the first Allied Spawn, the Allies can just turn right and swim to the boat where you need to bring the objective to. A bit of Doublejump, and you can jump your way into the base, steal the objective and get it to the boat before the tank has actually been moved.

I personally hate map rushing, walljump etc, so I made a little ETpro-script for our server and clipped that path. The clip is removed when the tankgate falls."

~Phishermans PhriendSplashDamage
| Servers running this Map

ET-TC: East Front (Update 05-05-2010)

05.05.2010 : 00:38
A WW2 based first person shooter game based on small squad battles in the battlefields of eastern Europe between 1941 and 1945 that focuses on both realism and arcade game-plays, currently under development for the Enemy Territory game engine.

Download & Info:

--> East Front (01-05-2010)
--> East Front (Update 05-05-2010)
--> 'East Front' Website


  • Fixed sniper rifle code.
  • Fixed weapon spreads.
  • AI has been fixed. No more bots sitting looking at you and not shooting.
  • Lots of misc fixes and improvements.
  • Added animated sniper rifle transitions.
  • AI now snipes (and quite well!).
  • AI now fires in bursts to conserve ammo.
  • New music engine.
  • Spectrum analyzer and music info for the currently playing music.
  • Other stuff I can't think of right now but is über cool :-)
unique1 via MSN

ET-TC: East Front (01-05-2010)

01.05.2010 : 22:46
A WW2 based first person shooter game based on small squad battles in the battlefields of eastern Europe between 1941 and 1945 that focuses on both realism and arcade game-plays, currently under development for the Enemy Territory game engine.

"Here is the latest version of the mod. Lot's and lots of fixes and improvements, I will not bother to list them, just try it..." ~unique1


--> East Front (01-05-2010)

If you have an old version rename or delete the directory before extracting this version.

East Front Website

RtCW-SP-Map: Hot Talk

01.05.2010 : 22:26
You are in a small room with sexy Eva, the hooker from RtCW. I got her talking like a hooker should talk (I guess). Walk up to her and use your 'activate' key and Eva will proposition you. Let her talk, she has about five lines to say. ~CorvetteTrax

--> Hot Talk
AlexDOK's RtCW SP List

ET-Prefab: Jungle Trees

02.09.2010 : 20:51
There are my 'Mystery of Jungle' tropics models. 2/5 were make from scratch, 1/5 from free tree generaror (treed, ngplant) and remaining 2/5 from free source - but remodeled (10-30%).
Please, if use, you should use these models in modelscale 2 - more natural and bigger, md3 has limitation for size when export. ~Kic


--> Jungle Trees


IcE Einweihungsmatch

30.04.2010 : 21:35
RottenApple via ICQ

ET-Map: Frankenthal (Final)

23.04.2010 : 23:54

~ Download ~
Allies has infiltrated the city. But the Axis will not give up. The Axis will try to reclaim the city and destroy the Bridge to stop the Allies.
Calibra8v via PM
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ET-Comics: Just Pub #79

24.10.2010 : 00:00
Feuersturm and his crew released #79 of their comics about ET.

--> "Just Pub" Website

ET-Map: Operation Herbstnebel (Beta 2)

18.04.2010 : 18:00

~ Download ~
Allies have to launch the axis rocket, Axis have to prevent this.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: 1944 Beach (Final & Fix)

18.04.2010 : 17:30

~ Download ~
The Allies must infiltrate the Axis Beach to build a Command Tower and capture the Axis documents. The Axis must protect their Forward Bunker and repel the Allied raiders.

While beach is the most popular map of the 1944-campaign, it's also the most bugged one that I've ever seen, so I decided to make a little scriptfix and share it with the community.

Please keep in mind that this is an ETpro-Mapscript and will only work with mods that support it! (ETPRO, NQ, Jaymod...)

There are two versions of this script. If you do not want to add additional filesize to your server, use the non-pk3 version ( If you want Berzerkr's fixes to be implemented, use the pk3.


Phishermans Phriend

  • General
    • Removed multiple Announcements on some events such as Construction/Destruction of Map Objectives
    • Fixed shortnames and tracks of many entities
    • Forward Bunker Flag is now secured by the Allies when the Main Entrance is blown
    • Added Voice-Announcements (pk3-only)
    • Added an ETPRO CommandMapIcon-shader (pk3-only)
  • Beach Tunnel Barricade
    • Now requires a Satchel Charge to be destroyed
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
  • Beach Barricades
    • Now require a Satchel Charge to be destroyed
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
    • Moved construction crates out of the grass
  • Forward Bunker Tower
    • Can now be destroyed by Satchel Charge
    • Can now be reconstructed by the Axis
  • Axis Command Post
    • Can now be destroyed without trickplanting
    • Moved closer to the Wall
  • Allied Transmitter
    • Allies do no longer autospawn at the Transmitter if they own the Forward Bunker Flag
    • Only one CommandMap-Icon is now shown at the same time
    • Fixed typing mistake in track (Alllied Transmitter), thanks to *GzV*Reaper for reporting the bug
    • Destroyed Transmitter is no longer shown on entity decay
    • Construction Crates are no longer set underconstruction
Berzerkr (GER) [all changes are pk3-only]
  • Changed Ocean Ground Texture
  • Changed Texture of Beach Sand
  • Reworked Water (new Texture and Animation)
  • Changed Fog, entities are no longer shown foggy

Phishermans Phriend via ICQ
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QW-Mod: Tribal Wars v1.1 Patch

18.04.2010 : 17:19

The 1.1 patch for Tribal Wars has been completed and is now available for download. The patch includes a number of gameplay adjustments, some bug fixes, as well as some additional features.

Download: & Info:

--> Tribal Wars v1.1 (Patch)
--> Tribal Wars Website

Install instructions:

Tribal Wars v1.1 Patch in Zip form. To install, simply download the zip file and extract it into your twars mod folder.

Example path of twars folder:

C:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\twars
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\enemy territory quake wars\twars

QW-Mod: Tactical Assault v0.3.4

18.04.2010 : 17:14

QWTA is a straightforward mod in intention; it's intended to tweak the core gameplay aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, to create a more believable, more realistic experience, that plays more like a serious science fiction movie, than an arcade game.

QWTA's secondary objective is to bring more classic Quake 2/4 features to realization in ETQW, and to embrace new developments that fit within the broad ETQW/Quake 2/Quake 4/Earth-Stroggos war theme. Generally, QWTA is assuming ETQW is set before Quake 2, and will attempt to mix Quake 2 and Quake 4 technology, characters, etc, with that in mind, in addition to attempting to extrapolate modern technology to ETQW's level.

Download & Info:

--> QW: Tactical Assault v0.3.4
--> QWTA @ modDB

QWTA takes a lot of its gameplay inspiration from a few random(I'm afraid I don't recall the names.) realism mods that have popped up for the Call of Duty series of games, and the goal is to get something as an end-result that plays similarly to those, but in the futuristic setting of the Earth-Stroggos war.

At present, QWTA is intended to function with any base ETQW map, without a hitch, and it's hoped that this will continue to be the case through QWTA's development: while QWTA would certainly welcome QWTA-intended maps, they're not something that's felt should be required.

As a player, the preview video footage that was published before ETQW itself was released, spoke to me of a gritty, tactical, bloody sort of game, involving a lot of thinking and strategy, rather than the run-and-gun-fest that the released version of BaseETQW is. To that end, QWTA tries to stay true to the perceived feeling behind some of that original footage, and the impression it had on a lot of people.SplashDamage

ET-Map: Island Sniper (Final)

13.04.2010 : 21:21

~ Download ~
Allies and Axis are on two islands. They can't swim and haven't boats so they must snipe to eliminate eachother.
Destroy666 via E-Mail
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ET-Music: VPL - LAN Party Ahoy!

11.04.2010 : 15:48
"Most of these songs were recorded a few years ago when VPL were at the peak of their ET Playing days, a few were released to ET sites at the time, but not together as a Wonderful Album!

All tracks by VPL|Errol (errol flynn / irdle) who is now in retirement.

Enjoy!" ~fattakin


--> VPL - LAN Party Ahoy!


1. Bolthole (new)
2. One (hard Day in the Oasis)
3. Out of control (Mix 1)
4. This Road is closed
5. RIP Carnage
6. Hold your Fire
7. Beautiful Man (new)
8. VPL Bhoys (new)

Insane Night by HFC

09.04.2010 : 16:38

Wir laden ein zur Insane Night

Wann: Samstag, den 10.04.10 ab 20 Uhr
Server IP :
TS² IP :
All you can kill :)
Crazy settings, neue Sounds und jede menge Spaß.
Wir würden uns über euren Besuch sehr freuen!
Lg vom HFC|Clan

First Jaymod 2.55 League open

09.04.2010 : 16:29
Jaymod League 5o5!


Open: 1st May 2010

- 3 Gameserver
- 500 Slots TeamSpeak 3
- 50 Slots ETTV
EJL via E-Mail

ET-Soundpack: GER Soundpack (Fixed)

04.04.2010 : 23:28
"Dunno who the creator of this soundpack is but all credit goes to him. I played with this pack and it was a pain to see the errors in the pack, so I fixed most of them."

4th April 2010


--> GER Soundpack (Fixed)

The fixes:

  • removed 10 .wav files which were corrupted in the pk3
  • now all .wav files use ET standard quality formats
  • fixed errors which popped up in console
  • fixed non-closing chat menu
  • a non-reachable submenu is now avaiable
  • added some extra sprites and sounds
  • added "hidden" sounds
Molotov via PM

~ urbi ET orbi ~

04.04.2010 : 14:23
Frohe Ostern
Happy Easter
Joyeuses Pâques
Buona Pasqua
Vrolijke Pasen
Glad Påsk
Wesołych Świąt
Feliz Pascua
Kali Anesti
Glaedelig Påske
Hauskaa Pääsiäistä
God Påske
Christos woskrese
Feliz Páscoa
Kellemes Húsvétot
Veselé velikonoce
Srećan Uskrs
Paşte fericit

ET-Map: Fragmaze EIW (Final)

04.04.2010 : 02:49

~ Download ~
The objective is to collect all the 10 goldbars in the game. In the beginning they are located in the center of the map. When your enemy has captured a goldbar you can re-capture it from their truck.

A video of the map can be watched right here on YouTube.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Skinpack: NQ Addon Pack v1 (Final)

02.04.2010 : 23:17
This Skinpack works with NQ 1.2.3 and above.
Put the pk3 in the NQ folder of your server.

To prevent problems, remove all other skinpacks from your server before using this one.

Please take a look into the readme to read the changes in detail.


--> NQ Addon Pack v1

A few of the changes:

  • New Playerskins for Axis and Allies
  • Class specific Level-9 hats
  • New sounds (spree, skill-up, win)
  • Teamspecific Command Posts with new Signs
  • New Textures for flags, pennants and signs
  • Stained Texture if you're using a Binocular or Sniper Scope
  • Removal of the MLB-Stuff in the MLB-Maps
  • Better Terrain Textures for Radar Summer (all Versions)
  • And many more...

  • RtCW-Server: S4NDM0D v2.4

    28.03.2010 : 19:29
    Oldschool RtCW am Ende? Keineswegs! Denn WolfMap hat wieder einen Oldschool Server! Jawohl!

    Der Server:

    Slots..: 32
    Mod....: S4NDM0D v2.4
    Version: 1.0 / 1.1
    Maps...: Hydro Dam v2

    Bei Bedraf gibt's eine Rotation mit anderen Maps, Vorschläge gehen in diesen Thread.

    ET-Skinpack: Big Red 1

    28.03.2010 : 01:41
    Some new greenish uniforms and fixes, all skins have the infamous Big red 1 patch on their right arm. Engineers jacket is now buttoned shut, fieldops has a new helmet and uniform, medic has new uniform with medic armbands around both arms and a new helmet. Cvops is replaced with a new British commando skin with royal airborne and British flag patches on either arm. Go check it out.


    --> Big Red 1
    Wolfenstein Files

    ET-Map: Alcatraz (Beta 1)

    28.03.2010 : 01:21

    ~ Download ~
    DRi*Rel!c* member was tortured by Allies Team because they wanna know secret about DRI clan. In 2 days, he will be executed in the electric chair!
    Rippchen's Blog
    | Servers running this Map

    ET-Mod: True Combat: Elite 0.50 in the works?

    27.03.2010 : 23:51

    "TCE's main coder and member of G6S, Coroner, paid a visit to the forums today with some rather interesting news.

    Not only does he have backups of the once believed lost content of 0.50, but he has big plans on expanding TCE some more.

    On his to do list:

    • make it more enjoyable for LAN gaming
    • visual updates
    • revision of weapon selection
    • fix CTF
    • and more!

    To read his post, visit the TCE forums.

    Team Terminator"
    Saadi via ICQ