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ET-Map: ET Tower (Beta 27j)

22.02.2008 : 13:11

~ Download ~
Allies and Axis battle to control the roof of a tower. Why? Who knows?!

Scoring is as follows: The team scores one point per second for each player on the roof. Scoring is doubled at the tip of the antenna. An annunciator sounds every 10 points, and each team has a unique sound.

The current score for each team is displayed at two corners of the map - first team to 500 points wins... this can happen faster than you think!SplashDamage
| Bulletbait

ET-Map: Scherbius (Alpha 5)

25.09.2007 : 22:31

~ Download ~
A prototype code machine - the Scherbius device - has been developed by the Axis which would render Allied codebreaking efforts useless. The Allies must secure the prototype.
| ET-Stuff

ET-Map: City Contest v2.1

24.09.2007 : 13:22

~ Download ~
The Axis depot was captured by Allies Force. Axis have to go back and take their secret box to escape.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Ennepe Dam (Beta 2)

24.09.2007 : 11:08

~ Download ~
Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft guns and radio in arial support to destroy the dam.
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-MP-Map: Braundorf (Beta 1)

24.09.2007 : 11:04

~ Download ~
Allied Intelligence have discovered a weapon research bunker outside of the town of Braundorf. It is the Allies mission to blow up the gas and electricity control systems, causing overloads which will destroy the facility.

ET:QW Valley at Night

23.09.2007 : 14:42
If anyone wants to give it a try, I've uploaded the config files I made for making Valley a dark, night time map. WARNING: Lots of lights will be spawned with lights1.cfg, may effect performance, especially inside large buildings near Main Outpost.

Unzip, and put the config files in your C:\Documents and Settings\MyComputer\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Demo\base folder

Has to be done on a local computer, can't get it to work on a server. Just select "Play Computer", start the game, open the console, and type "exec lights1.cfg"


--> Valley at Night

NOTE: It will also spawn 3 extra base defense guns, a radar inside the building behind the Titan at the first GDF spawnpoint, and a psi radar above the tunnel entrance, just for giggles. That's because it real hard to see the Tormentor when it comes in on a dark map.

I've also included the files to light the separate areas of the maps, if the lights1.cfg is too intense for your computer to handle.

A readme is enclosed explaining which cfg lights which area. You exec them the same way as described above, but substitute the individual area cfg filenames (lightsa.cfg, lightsb.cfg, etc). You can light up the map one area at a time this way. Lightsa.cfg has the extra defense guns and radar spawns in it.

Enjoy. Not responsible if you get lost in the dark, though!

Slippy the WeaselCommunity Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Bunker Sniper (Beta 4)

23.09.2007 : 14:31

~ Download ~
So now it's about time for a serious snipermap. After all those funmaps it had to come to this. 2 Bunkers this time surrounded by a fence so it looks like a prison. The way to cross is there there is a nice looking terrain in the middle for nice crossing. A little river is made for a bit cover. Sometimes crossing is fun but it must go on a hard way. Lots of clip adjustments were made so you can only get in the bunker through the gates, and it will trigger an alarm as usual.
The map is a bit of an conversion of RtCW UFO map. I hope the maker of that map don't mind that I took some parts of the building he made. Lot's of brushes adjustments I had to make to make this map run under a good fps. I think the map looks really cool with the rain in it. I also spend much time on lightning but now im really satisfied about that , The yellow light's I putted in give the map really good feeling. As usual the are a lot of sounds in the map someone specifictly asked for the owl sound so it's in between the trees. The thunder give the map realism. Well as usual I hope everyone likes the map, have fun with it, then my time is well spend.
ET-Stuff |
| [UJE]Clan

Game Oracle Alpha 0.1 Released

21.09.2007 : 15:04
Game Oracle is an extensible host application designed for PC gamers. It provides an environment for custom extensions that give gamers the features they need and want. Out of the box, Game Oracle provides a Server Browser extension that allows gamers to browse and manage their games and servers. The powerful and customizable View system provides an easy way to see and filter your servers.
Because Game Oracle is an open-source project, I hope that it will find other developers that will help it mature into a solid application with the latest features that gamers look for.

Info & Download:

--> GameOracle Website
--> GameOracle Download
This is alpha release contains the Server Browser extension only. The Server Browser extension is near feature complete. Most of, if not all, of the icons on this release are not final. The toolbar items, and order are also not final.

This version is a working version, and currently supports two games: Battlefield 2 (BF2) and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (ETQW). You should be able to add/remove servers and get server lists for ET:QW. You should also be able to set account names and server passwords and join servers.|FaL|RollerCoaster

Wolfenstein-Tool: QuakeConnect

20.09.2007 : 12:01
"QuakeConnect" is a small program for Windows, with which one can read the Ingame-Console of a any game , based on the Quake3-Engine. Only the name of the console window is needed. Furthermore you can send commands onto the console and extract certain lines with defined contents. ~root.


--> ET » Tools » QuakeConnect
Appertaining to that:
Quake III Arena | American McGee's Alice | Call of Duty | Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.² | Medal of Honor: Allied Assault | Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Spearhead | Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Breakthrough | James Bond 007: Nightfire | Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault | Return to Castle Wolfenstein | Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory | Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix | Star Trek: Voyager: Elite Force | Star Trek: Elite Force 2 | Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy | Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast | ioQuake3 ( | OpenArena | Tremulous | Urban Terror (from version 3.8) | World of Padman (Standalone version)Wolfenstein Files

ET-Prefab: Animated Construction Crates

18.09.2007 : 16:42
These models are ones I released before, but not for doing constructions, I have reworked the models somewhat and they can now be used when you make any constructible that you want crates for. Basicly when an engineer starts the construction, the tools on the crates will start to work until the construction is built, or times out (decayed). These models are just for eye candy, they don't do much but are more intresting to watch than the stock ones. For new maps only, they will not replace the stock crates in precompiled maps. ~RayBan


--> ET » Prefabs » Animated Construction Crates

ET-Prefab: Paper Notice Models

18.09.2007 : 16:26
Paper Notice models, these are just misc_models and one is used in the anim_con_crates.bsp included in the test map above. 6 models total, based off 2 models. 2 are ase models that you can edit to have your own image of a notice.



--> ET » Prefabs » Paper Notice Models

ET:QW Scripting Guide

17.09.2007 : 13:58
[DooC]*RotzKotz_ere hat sich mal hingesetzt und einen umfassenden Scripting Guide für QW geschrieben. Erwähnenswert und wohl für die meisten von Interesse ist die vollständige auflistung der Farbcodes.

Zum Guide:

--> Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - Scripting
[DooC] Dudes out of Control

ET:QW Statsgen

17.09.2007 : 13:33
nazarine updated statsgen to cope with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

Download & Info:

--> Statsgen Website
--> Example Site
Features include:
  • Automatic downloading of server logfiles
  • Automatic upload of web pages
  • Game Server Messaging (send messages to game server indicating who is the top players in various categories)
  • Template driven (update existing or create new templates for complete flexibility in web page output produced)
  • Upload to MySQL capability
  • Alias Editing (player name changes can be combined together)
  • Drop Players from stats, either because they are cheats, dull names, not played enough rounds, round contained not enough players etc, can use punkbuster ban files as an automatic cheat list
  • Learns - any new weapons, maps, gametypes, classes, teams are picked up automatically and given default values
  • Fully configurable awards, score and skill weightings
  • More stuff that I can't think of.
  • Free - No adverts or spyware - created for fun
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW Demo under Linux with WINE

17.09.2007 : 13:25
stoic_ails posted in the official QW-Forum a "How to" for installing the "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo" under Debian GNU/Linux with wine.

How to:

--> ET:QW Demo under Linux with WINE
Forenthread von nUllSkillZ

Quake Wars Linux Server Setup FAQ

16.09.2007 : 22:05
For those of you who want to start a QuakeWars server on Linux and just dont know how to, or where to start, I made a complete guide to have the job done. I'm a complete noob on Linux and worked a complete day to figure stuff out. There is just not so much information for this. So I like to help ya all out here and save you the troubles I had. I know there are maby other ways to do the job, but when you use my FAQ and files, your server will be up and running in notime.

So go to the site: QuakeWarsLinuxServerSetupFAQ
I hope that I could help my fellow gamers.

BlueAngel of BraveHeart-GamingWolfMap-Forenthread

QW PowerAdmin v0.5.1

16.09.2007 : 21:27
If you have problems with server connection, this can be your version. It fixes some issues with server list and give more help if connection fail. If you still have problems, check server.cfg in program dir. Also now its possible to load a local configuration.

Download & Info:

--> QW PowerAdmin v0.5.1
--> Morix

HLSW 1.2.0b supports ET:QW

16.09.2007 : 16:41
Yes, it's true. HLSW supports in this Beta ET:QW, too.

Download & Info:

--> Download HLSW 1.2.0b @ HLSW
--> HLSW Website
|FaL|RollerCoaster via ICQ

ET:QW Demo Player Config

16.09.2007 : 02:25
A very useful demo playback config made by Joe999. Using this, you can change the playback speed, the camera speed, you can move anywhere in the map, and you can take High quality screenshots, while playing back a demo file.


--> Demo Player Config

ET ServerViewer v5.1

16.09.2007 : 02:05
Enemy Territory Server Viewer (ETSV) is a lightweight software to easy browse your favorite or generic internet game servers without starting "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" or "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars". And with an instant click away to join the selected server. ETSV also supports features such as minimizing and keep track of your buddies where they are playing.

Superior ease of use filter technology adopted from other very popular game browser softwares.

Download & Info:

--> ET ServerViewer v5.1
--> ETSV Website
Since the release of ETQW Demo, SD guys have changed the URL for the ETQW Demo servers. To get the latest version of the serverlist for ETQW Demo. Go to options of ETSV and then select ETQW game and change master server ip to following:|FaL|RollerCoaster
| cleandesperado

ET-Bot: Bobot v04.05

15.09.2007 : 14:21
A bobot is a robot (bot), a virtual player directed by a computer. Bots will never replace human players, but you can train with them or against them or even add them to your server.

Bobots are realistic bots. They try to copy the human behavior and the human navigation. Bobot really thinks. Like a human player, bobot can do stupid and good things. It is not necessary that the bots are too perfect. They should not behave like robots without defects.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Bobot v04.01

--> Bobot Website (French)
--> Bobot Website (English)
--> Bobot Website (Spanish)

The characteristics of Bobot:
  • Its navigation by network of neurons trained to avoid obstacles thanks to a genetic algorithm (Joc)
  • Intelligent decision taking (rules system, priorities calculation through fuzzy logic) (3ème Type).Bobot constantly has a dozen of decisions to take. Does it have to get fixed up, to look for some munitions, to get or give a pack, to answer back to an attack or reviver a teammate? Does it have to go to a tank rather than to its main goal ? It asses all the possibilities many times per second and it will take the most adequate decision according to the situation. If a bot gets hurt close to its target it will go towards it but if it is far from it and close to a surgery it will prefer getting medical care. If reviving a teammate it gets shot, it will leave the action in order to answer back and only then will go back to what it was doing if it is still alive. It knows how to pursue an enemy for a while and also protect their mate.
  • The complete tank, truck support. A bobot is able to escort the tanks and other vehicles, to get on a tank and use their machineguns. It is able to wait for their team mates rather than leave alone and risk being shot down.
Bobot Website

SplatterLadder Update

15.09.2007 : 14:08

Es ist wieder Tooltime! Für diejenigen die auf einen Servermonitor für Quake Wars gewartet haben werden jetzt belohnt. Diesen haben wir frisch für ET:Quake Wars komplett portiert. Somit kannst Du mit diesem Feature künftig Deine(n) Quake Wars Server live samt Spielerliste auf Deiner Homepage beobachten. Dieser lässt sich ebenso in Foren (sofern vom Forenbesitzer freigeschaltet bzw. erlaubt) einbinden. Wenn Du z.B. Deinen Server bei uns im Server Forum mit dem Monitor der Öffentlichkeit bekannt machen und vorstellen möchtest kannst Du das gerne tun. Eine Integration in Deine SL-Clanpage (Registrierung erforderlich - kostenfrei!) ist ebenso möglich.

Die Features:

  • automatische Aktualisierung ohne neuladen der Webseite
  • aktuelle Mapinformationen und Downloadlinks
  • One-Click-Connect
  • einfacher Einbau per Javascript
  • unterstützt alle Server (Ranked und Unranked)
  • Integration in die eigene SL-Clanpage möglich (Registrierung erforderlich - kostenfrei!)
Der Servermonitor ist für alle im gesamten Umfang kostenfrei und verpflichtet zu nichts. Wir würden uns dennoch sehr über Feedback freuen. Wenn wir etwas verbessern können haben wir immer ein grosses offenes Ohr. Aber auch Kritik oder technische Probleme nehmen wir gerne auf um ein hohes Maß an Funktionalität zu gewährleisten. Weitere Informationen sowie einen ausführlich beschriebenen "Step by Step" Installation-Guide findest Du im sl.Wiki sowie im FAQ-Forum. Sollten weitere Fragen zum Servermonitor aufkommen oder Du anderweitig mit den Features der SL Probleme hast dann stelle uns diese im Support-Forum. Wir lassen niemanden im Regen stehen und helfen Dir so schnell wie möglich weiter! Darauf unser Wort!

Dein Splatterladder-Team!sl.Sonyfan via ICQ

ET-Prefab: Foliage Example 2

14.09.2007 : 19:54
This is a test map to show the new foliage models, there are foliage models included in this pk3, however the foliage_example2.bsp and the only use one type of grass model... this is because the darker green grass was suited to the night shader and look of the test map.

12 foliage models that cover almost all the plants_sd and stock grass textures plus 12 of the same models that have waving grass. so 24 total.

The test map is also an example of alphamod blending, and can be used as an example of this.

NOTE: There is an old style english phone booth model in the foliage_example2.bsp but not in the the reason being this model is not finished yet and will be released at a later date.



--> ET » Prefabs » Foliage Example 2

ET-Map: Wodanfire's Assault (Final 2)

14.09.2007 : 13:36

~ Download ~
The mighty Axis have stolen the Secret Wodanfire Documents from the Allies. The Axis must protect the Documents from Allied attempts to recover them.
| Wodanfire

ET-Map: Eye of Horus (Final)

14.09.2007 : 12:18

~ Download ~
Axis have assaulted an old Egypt pyramid to get an artifact seeking the help from Horus, an old Egyptian god. Allied mission is to steal this artifact and bring it back to New York for further analysis.

Mappers Note:
This map is FPS Efficient everywhere. It has been heavily tested during 2 months on a 24 slots server. The gameplay is very balanced and the map is a lot of fun. you will not have time to get bored. Engineers and Covert ops are the most useful classes. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Example Serverconfig

16.09.2007 : 14:17
Update: A new and reworked version is available.

A explained serverconfig for example, made by an3k.
Contents bots.cfg, nobots.cfg, server.cfg, usergroups.dat and a small readme.


--> Example Serverconfig
--> Grab the newest version @
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Tool: ET Starter Pro 0.95

13.09.2007 : 16:10
Helpfull tool made by Tintifax_x for ET.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETStarterPro 0.95''
--> Paranormale Divison
  • Integrated patch selector - no more .bat files or multiple icons
  • Lets you manage a list of favourite servers, together with game version and private slot passwort (optional) and connect with one mouseclick
  • Built in server query tool, displays server information as well as a player list of the actual server
  • Built in serverbrowser for all 3 ET versions (2.55, 2.56, 2.60) that lets you add your favourites easily or join a server directly
  • Lets you automatically start ET Minimizer when starting ET
  • Lets you automatically connect to a Teamspeak server when starting ET
  • Lets you automatically delete your etkey file when starting ET, to avoid common Punkbuster errors
  • Lets you automatically start a user defined application together with ET
  • Lets you automatically terminate user defined applications when starting ET (for example MSN Messenger, Trillian, etc.)
  • Takes etspro:// links from websites to directly join servers from any browser (Syntax: "etspro://server=ip:port&version=version")
  • Lets you import and export your configuration to backup server list and settings
  • Lets you define player highlight tags
  • Added Ventrilo support
  • Gamma fix option to reset gamma after ET crashed
  • ET Pro Demo Tools - Cleans up your etpro directory to avoid demo playback errors and lets you watch etpro demos easily
  • Added server browser filters
  • It is now possible to execute each starting step individually
  • Lets you automatically delete files when starting ET to avoid configuration resets
  • Added ability to add custom starting prarameters for starting ET locally, for example to start a mod
  • Lets you backup and restore etkey files
  • Added support for 2.60b
  • Minimizer now also startable when not connecting to a server
  • Updated PND server addresses
Paranormale Division

ET-Tool: ET-Manager 2.3.1

13.09.2007 : 15:52
ET Manager is a collection of small utilities for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ET-Manager 2.3.1''
--> ET-Manager Website
  • Rotation Checker
  • Backup Module
  • Pk3 Explorer
  • Favorite Servers
  • Update module
  • Console tracker
  • Stats module
  • Quick-Launch
ET-Manager Website

ET-Tool: ETswitch 0.1.14

13.09.2007 : 15:34
ETSWITCH von irZ ist für Linux-User dasselbe wir für Windows-User der ET-Minimizer. Auf Tastendruck landet man wieder auf dem Desktop während ET, RtCW und diverse andere Spiele im Hintergrund weiterlaufen.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETswitch 0.1.14''
--> ETswitch Website
Supported games:
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory | Return to Castle Wolfenstein | Quake III: Arena | QuakeForge | Quake2(Quake2Forge) | DOOM3 | America's Army: Operations | Soldier Of Fortune | Unreal Tournament 2003 / 2004 | Nexuiz | Quake 4 | Scorched 3D | Alien Arena 2006 / GE / UE / 2007 | Cube | Tux Racer | Cold War | Darwinia | jDoom / jHexen / jHeretic | S.C.O.U.R.G.E | OpenTTD | Trigger | Sauerbraten | GLtron | SuperTux | Pingus | Neverball / Neverputt | UFO2000 | Kobo Deluxe | chromium B.S.U. | Tremulous | Duke Nukem 3D | X2: The Threat | Majesty - the Fantasy Kingdom Sim | Vega Strike | Vendetta Online | Wormux | Warzone 2100 | Secret Maryo Chronicles | Descent 2ETswitch Website

ET-Tools: BooBoo's ET-Tools

13.09.2007 : 15:28
Three tools for ET from BooBoo Productions.

Download & Info:

--> BooBoo DemoPlayer v0.5
--> BooBoo StatsViewer v0.1
--> BooBoo CfgValidator v0.1

--> BooBoo Productions Website

BooBoo Productions

ET:QW - Different Tools & Utlities

13.09.2007 : 00:44
Today a collection of different tools and utilities:
  • QW Script v1.0
  • ET:QW Minimizer
  • QW Tweaker v1.3.06
  • QW PowerAdmin v0.5
  • Simple QW Rcon v0.1
  • Minimizor v1.4 (for W:ET & ET:QW)
  • ET ServerViewer v5.1 (for W:ET & ET:QW)

QW Script v1.0

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Plug-ins for Notepad++


  • .script editing plug-in
  • .gui editing plug-in
  • .mtr editing plug-in
These plug-ins extend Notepad++ for use in creating and editing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Scripts, GUIs and Shaders.
  • Function and keyword syntax highlighting
  • Function and keyword search/completion from drop down menu (cntrl + space to use).
  • Function listing window, enables developers to double click on function to jump to code segment.


--> QW Script v1.0
--> Notepad++

ET:QW Minimizer

"I've had a lot of friends in NZ ask me about Alt-Tabbing, and it's possible to use the etmin program that's around for Wolfenstein ET to work for ETQW. However, there's this app here that I made, based on some etmin code I found.

That runs in the system tray and gives you Alt-Tab access in ETQW - well, almost. It uses Alt+Q instead of Alt+Tab, and you must be at a menu (limbo menu doesn't count) for it to work. It correctly changes the resolution so if you play at a resolution that's different to your desktop then you'll get the right one (only if you use Alt+Q to get back into the game though). I do plan on fixing the quirks, but only if the final game ships without Alt+Tab working.

I just thought I'd share here too as I'm sure there's lots of other people irritated by the lack of Alt+Tabbing."



--> ET:QW Minimizer

QW Tweaker v1.3.06

This is a small tweak utility for the game Enemy Territory Quake Wars BETA, BETA 2 and Demo.
You need the MS Visual Basic 6 Runtime Package to run this program.

Download & Info:

--> QW Tweaker v1.3.06
--> QW Tweaker Website
--> ET:QW Performance Guide

QW PowerAdmin v0.5

This version should be run with the Demo of QuakeWars. Also it contains UI changes, faster refresh/apply of settings and can show ping to server.

Download & Info:

--> QW PowerAdmin v0.5
--> Morix Website

Simple QW Rcon v0.1

Some people ask me for code to send rcon command to an QuakeWars server. I made a really simple program to communicate with a QW server on command line: Simple QuakeWars Rcon. It need .net 2.0 on Windows and mono on Linux to run. Maybe someone what use it with scripts. The source code is included.

Download & Info:

--> Simple QW Rcon v0.1
--> Morix Website

Minimizor v1.4

Supported Games:

  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
  • Quake 3
  • Quake 4
  • Warsow
  • You can change the Shortcut for minimizing.
  • Automatics startup at windows.
  • Automatic switches to the right game when minimizing.
  • Support multiple games.
  • Changes screen to desktop resolution when minimized.
  • Cannot start when game is running.
  • Cannot close when game is running.

Download & Info:

--> Minimizor v1.4
--> Minimizor Website

ET ServerViewer v5.1

Enemy Territory Server Viewer (ETSV) is a lightweight software to easy browse your favorite or generic internet game servers without starting the ET or any other ID Software titled games. And with an instant click away to join the selected server. ETSV also supports features such as minimizing and keep track of your buddies where they are playing.

Superior ease of use filter technology adopted from other very popular game browser softwares.

Download & Info:

--> ET ServerViewer v5.1
--> ETSV Website
Community Enemy Territory