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ET-Map: Necrology (Beta 2 / Fixed)

24.03.2010 : 09:26

~ Download ~
August 1945. The end of the second world war is near, but Axis and Allies have to fight for the last time. In this last combat they have to transport the skeletons of their fallen comrades from the battlefield in a crypt to rescue their soul.

This map is CTF styled and you have to capture skeletons placed in map for both teams. To win you have to capture 8 skeletons.
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QW-Tool: ETQW Tweaker v2.0.4

21.03.2010 : 22:20
A new version of the tweaker is avaliable! Based on the TweakerCreator system, it has a much better user Interface with XP/Vista style buttons, pictured descriptions, language file editor (soon) and many other improvements. The TweakerCreator was developed with VisualStudio 2008 (unlike the previous tweaker, which was developed with VS6), so you'll need the .net Framework 3.5 to run this application.


--> ETQW Tweaker v2.0.4
| Clean Desperado

ET-Prefabs: Telepoles

21.03.2010 : 19:33
q3map made 28 prefabs of poles to spice up your map.


--> Telepoles


|bTc| Tournament 4on4

21.03.2010 : 15:04

We will start the #2 of our |bTc| Cup.

Date: 24. April 2010
Time: 18.00-18.30 o'clock (gmt +1) Startup

Please sign-up your team (4 player + 1 reserve) at

More information about the servers, map-pool and rules here.|bTc|ClawFire via PM

QW-Map: Retake of the Forums (Alpha 1)

19.03.2010 : 23:06

~ Download ~
Since the hostile take over by the Strogg, Activision have performed many crimes against gaming, franchise milking, poor marketing strategies for independent titles, Wolfenstein and so on, however the removal of the ET:QW community forums without prior warning was the final straw!

A group of Brave GDF soliders are now attempting to break into Activision's Headquarters with the aim of retrieving the lost forums that have been held on disc in storage.

Community Request

"If you want to take part feel free to create some funny related posters that will be used in the map, make sure they are 'clean' though and relevant. Also make sure they conform the standard texture rules for ET:QW (.tga, dimensions to power of 2 etc etc), don't worry about material file though, I can do that." ~Chris

Post your work right here.


ET-Map: Falkenstein (Beta 2)

18.03.2010 : 19:52

~ Download ~
The Allies are trying to infiltrate a secret base inside a mountain. They are attempting to steal a secret prototype which could be decisive for the success in this war.
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QW-Mod: Tribal Wars v1.0

17.03.2010 : 20:39

Tribal Wars is a mod inspired by the 'Starsiege Tribes' series. It is designed to bring some of the core gameplay aspects of movement, combat, and teamwork into "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars".

Download: & Info:

--> Tribal Wars v1.0 (Windows)
--> Tribal Wars v1.0 (Linux)
--> Tribal Wars Website

This first release covers the basic weaponry, physics, and the CTF Gametype. It also will serve as a basis for future development as well as adding additional gameplay elements.

If you receive the message "Error: Local Data not in sync with Server" you may be missing some updated files. Refer back to your email, or the project forums to check for any updates.SplashDamage

QW-Map: Base (Beta 1)

17.03.2010 : 20:32

~ Download ~
The GDF has developed a system for decoding the Strogg's communications. The Strogg must destroy the two decoders if they want to continue their invasion.

ET-Map: Sniper Town (Final)

13.03.2010 : 21:38

~ Download ~
Hide in the town and snipe the enemy on the other side. Or fight your way through the sewers underneath the city.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
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~ Night of Fight 10 ~

13.03.2010 : 20:30
"Die ETW-Funzone veranstaltet die 10. Night of Fight. Über ein zahlreiches Erscheinen am 10.04.2010 ab 20 Uhr würden wir uns sehr freuen."

Hier geht's zur NoF Homepage.
schnoog via ICQ

ET-Mod: Extra Cheese Mod (Final)

10.03.2010 : 13:28
This is a small source mod which adds a couple weapons, beefs up the soldier class a bit, and provides a few options to server admins. Most things are optional, thus empowering server admins to add or remove what ever they want. Recycled as much ET code/skins as possible, hopfully preventing any mod-lag. Designed for Crossable sniper maps, large objective maps, and fun-based servers if all options enabled. A more realistic scrim match if a few things are disabled (e.g., tripmines & morphine).


--> Extra Cheese Mod (Final)

For suggestions, bug-reporting and feedback please visit Rogue Ducks Attack.

Changes Final:

  • Fixed critical bug in beta causing client crash on soldier
  • Fixed the axis arm sleeve for grenade rifle from beta
  • Added !Engiwar (engineer with G.Rifle, sten, medpacks, and tripmines)
  • Added cvar options for increased soldier and engineer health
  • Added cvar option for improved revive powerups for soldier
  • Tripmines now have a 30 second delay for fairness, and are easier to disarm
  • Tripmines require the engineer be full on all 3 stats
  • The default level 4 engineering skill was increased to 200 to gain tripmine reward
  • BAR optional as secondary weapon for soldier, medic, engi, and fieldops
  • Added "Morphine" syringe to soldier, 3 seconds of protection per use
  • CovertOps gets to use sten with sniper weapons (level 4 light weap & battle sense)

Changes Beta 1:

  • Modified sten (Sten Mk.III), unsuppressed, no heat restrictions
  • Soldier may select "Sten Mk.III" as primary weapon from limbo menu
  • Covert ops gets "Sten Mk.III" as secondary weapon at level 4 light weapons and military intelligence
  • Optional ping for BOTS (48-52)
  • Optional trip-mines (perfect for urban combat)
  • Customizable tool selection for soldier
  • Optional grenade increases for soldier
  • All the updates in etpub nightly (see etpub documentation)
  • Command shortcuts for !listplayers and !nextmap (!li & !ne)
  • B.A.R. added as secondary weapon for soldier. Its semi-auto and can fire as fast as trigger is pulled (aka mouse click)
  • Different awards in scoreboard

Snoopy via E-Mail

ET-Prefabs: paZur's Models

10.03.2010 : 13:05
paZur released the Sherman tank and a set of trees from his Adlerhorst map.

Download & Info:

--> Sherman Tank
The Sherman tank from paZur's Adlerhorst map. 3DS Max source files included.

--> Tree Set

A pretty handy set of trees from paZur's Adlerhorst map. Three model trees with LOD (level of detail) and a bush. A low poly texture of a tree and a line of trees as a texture for distant tree lines on the horizon.


~ noBra!n Fun Night ~

09.03.2010 : 22:41
"Der Funsquad von noBra!n lädt euch zu seiner ersten Fun Night ein. Die Fun Night wird auf unserem Jaymod-Server unter dem Motto "be smart or die trying" stattfinden. Für diese Fun Night wird es einen großen Mappool mit alten und neuen Maps geben. Was ihr dazu mitbrignen müßt ist lediglich Fun. Auf unserem TS-Server wird extra ein Channel eingerichtet damit ihr auch mit anderen Mitspielern sprechen könnt."
deFekt via E-Mail

~ ET Fun Weekends ~

05.03.2010 : 01:21

"Think about it: what's the difference between the ET servers 2003-2005 and the ET servers today? Today, ET servers are lagging, filled up with custom skins & soundpacks and custom graphics. Is this really good for the players? No! The best game is the simplest!"

If you're interested, read more about it here.

ET-Map: Cluster v1

05.03.2010 : 01:14

~ Download ~
Both team are attacking and defending. Each team must steal the other teams gold while defending their own.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: Crevasse PE (Final)

01.03.2010 : 20:42

~ Download ~
Spies have discovered the location of an Axis facility built inconspicuously into an natural crevasse. Spies reported that there is valuable information kept somewhere in the base.

Changes compared to Crevasse Beta 3:

  • Added tracemap
  • Added missing textures
  • Removed all unnecessary files from the pk3
  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Reworked command map
  • New levelshot
  • Anti-Tank Gun got a temperated skin (before: snow skin)
  • Better texture for Opel Blitz
  • Fake reflection for Opel Blitz windows
  • New textures and shader for water
  • Brighter texture for grass
  • More detailed texture for clouds
  • Other textures for camouflaged net, barrels, beds and trunk
Etch via MSN
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~ RtCW4ever zieht um! ~

01.03.2010 : 20:18
RtCW4ever zieht um, auf einen neuen Webserver!

Aus diesem Grund, wird unsere Hauptseite "RTCW4EVER - WOLFENSTEIN AREA" und auch das Forum "WOLFENSTEIN-HAUPTQARTIER" ab dem 2. März, ca. 18:00 Uhr, für 48 Stunden, nicht erreichbar sein.
Wenn der Umzug reibungslos über die Bühne geht, was wir doch stark hoffen wegen gründlicher Vorbereitungen, sind wir spätestens am 4. März, 18.00 Uhr, wieder Online.

Für News und Infos in diesem Zeitraum, möchten wir euch an unsere Partnerseite verweisen. Danke für euer Verständnis.

Euer RtCW4ever-Team

ET-Skinpack: French GG

28.02.2010 : 23:52

~ Download ~
This skinpack for 'No Quarter' replaces the american soldiers with french ones (incl. flags and stuff - but not the voicechat) was made by LsD F!$H ><((°>

To see the skinpack in action, join

If you have questions about this skinpack visit LsD Clan.
LsD F!$H ><((°> via MSN

ET-Map: Necrology (Beta 2)

26.02.2010 : 23:47

~ Download ~
August 1945. The end of the second world war is near, but Axis and Allies have to fight for the last time. In this last combat they have to transport the skeletons of their fallen comrades from the battlefield in a crypt to rescue their soul.

This map is CTF styled and you have to capture skeletons placed in map for both teams. To win you have to capture 8 skeletons.
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ET-Map: Codename Lachs (Beta 2)

25.02.2010 : 21:49

~ Download ~
The Allies have to recover the jet fighter design plans from the axis workshop.
Axis forces are ready to counter attack the Allies to stop them getting the design plans.

Historical background here.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mapscripts: Caen (Version 1 to 4)

21.02.2010 : 21:15
This pack is a collection of fixes made for Caen by Phishermans Phriend. Please keep in mind that this is an ETpro-Mapscript and will only work with mods that support it! (ETpro, NQ, Jaymod...)

There are two versions of this script. If you do not want to add additional filesize to your server, use the non-pk3 version ( If you want some visual/acoustic improvements, use the pk3.

Mapscripts are included into the download:

--> Caen 1
--> Caen 2
--> Caen 2 Rev. 1
--> Caen 3
--> Caen 4


    Phishermans Phriend:
  • Added a teamdoor to the Upper Entrance of the Battalion Headquarters to prevent the Axis from stealing the OBJ before the entrance is blown (teamdoor.jpg)
  • The Tank now has a Temperate Skin instead of the Desert Skin (river.jpg)
  • Tank does no longer drive through the built barrier (Caen1/4 only)
  • City is now perma-owned by Axis when the Tank is moving
  • The Battalion Headquarter Teamdoors now dissapear when the Wall is blown
  • The Weak Wall can now be dynamited when the Antenna is blown (Caen2_rev1 only)
  • The Bridge can now be constructed by the Axis for better attacking (Caen2_rev1 only)
  • Fixed and added some (Voice)-Announcements
  • All constructibles now have shortnames
  • rockst*r:

  • The River is now clean and transparent (pk3 only, thanks to Diego for the textures, river.jpg)
  • 17sec attacker, 23sec defender respawn time
  • Fixed and added Voice-Announcements (pk3 only, MLB sounds with Marko's permission)
  • mortis:

  • Fixed MG Lean Exploit
  • Ragnar:

  • Fixed City Pillar Exploits

Phishermans Phriend via ICQ

RtCW-SP-Maps: Hell Mappack

17.02.2010 : 08:54
Your mission is to infiltrate a facility where a captured Churchill Tank is being held. This can give the Germans an advantage in the war. You are the only one who can stop them. Once into the compound, steal the blueprints, and rendevous with the partisan, who will receive your blueprints. We're counting on you, B.J.
The only way to get to the facility without alerting nearby garrisons is through a crypt...


--> Hell Mappack

- Put the pk3 in the Main folder of RtCW.
- Type "/spdevmap hell_lab" to start (without quotes).ronboy

ET Mapscripts from 'Script World'

16.02.2010 : 23:25
The ETc|Clan started a new website where you can download modified mapscripts. At the moment you can find 6 edited maps with small new features.

You can post your wishes and give us a feedback. You also can post your own mapscripts.

Visit the Site:

--> Script World

ETc|Jay via E-Mail

Avoc's Skyboxes

16.02.2010 : 00:52
Avoc released a couple of High Quality skyboxes for your mapping needs. Each has a size of 2048x2048 pixles.

Arabian Nights, Blue Clouds, Endless, Frozen, Heat, Horizon, Rufus, Turbulent Blue, Vanilla (2 versions)

Newest skybox: Endless


--> High Quality Skyboxes

ET-Prefab: Portal Cube & Cake

14.02.2010 : 17:19
IndyJones rebuilded the cube and the cake from Portal to make it available for ET. Maybe you use it as easter-egg in your map instead of some random porn images.

--> Portal Cube & Cake

ET-Prefab: Kic Trees

02.09.2010 : 20:50
Kic made a set of tree models for you map. The downloadfile includes 4 different versions.


--> Kic Trees


~ Wolf3D for Doom 3 ~

09.02.2010 : 22:59
This modification for allows you to play two Wolf3D styled maps in Doom 3. The mod contains two levels, new original music, new skins and much more.

Download the file at

ET-Map: Haemar (Beta 1)

09.02.2010 : 22:52

~ Download ~
The Axis Forces have in Haemar important informations about a new surnatural power that might stop and annihilate Allied's attacks. The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal this Secret Documents and flee to the East where an Allied Transmitter is waiting for them.

The allies has to take the City flag, steal the documents and escape with the repaired truck.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Jailbus (Beta 2)

09.02.2010 : 08:58

~ Download ~
Allies are in jail in the Axis city department. Axis had some good time on the Bar and Allies will try to steal the Henschel Trolleybus and escape whit it!

Changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2:

  • New trolley model can go inside.
  • Need to be inside the trolley to escort it.
  • Need to steal the double key set on the hotel before you can use the trolley.
  • Add another Back door way closer to the allies jail spawn.
  • 1 other way in the building front jail.
  • Can't airstrike the street of jail.
  • The 3rd barriers is replace by a track switch trolley. (to close of axis Hotel spawn for a dyno)
  • Allies respawn at 5sec .. Axis at 10sec. If a team build Command Post, -5sec
  • finish the wm_objective_status.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Prefabs: ischbinz Models

07.02.2010 : 17:07
ischbinz released a few days ago a pack with more than eleven models to spice up your custom made maps.


--> ischbinz Models


  • Demo Map with all Models
  • Train (Deutsche Reichsbahn)
  • Tholos (Greek Temple)
  • Hetzer (German Tank)
  • GMC Truck
  • T34 (Russian Tank)
  • M18 Hellcat (U.S. Tank)
  • Lamps (Different models & Search Light)
  • StarWars: AAT
  • StarWars: Clone Tank
  • StarWars: Droid Control
  • StarWars: Venator