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ET-Map: Toxicity: Facility 31 (Beta 1)

29.01.2008 : 22:42
UPDATE: RayBan released a patch to repair/fix the missing command map icons, no changes to structural or detail layout. Also included is new counteragent models and limbo icons. Game script was altered to reflect the new changes, but gameplay was not changed. Permission to make changes granted by CptnTriscuit.

~ Download ~
The Allies have uncovered the source of an Axis chemical refining campaign. Determined to neutralize the threat, Allied forces are attempting to destroy the chemical stock pile by releasing three volumes of Axis-developed 'counter-agent' into the circulation system of the refining facility.

Wolfenstein Files
| /battlefield

Updated ETpro Mapscripts

03.02.2007 : 06:54
"I have a bunch of new scripts that correct a timing bug that might cause winners to be reported incorrectly during last-second SW matches due to excessive wm_endround waitstates." ~mortis
--> Download @ ETpro-Forum

ET-Map: Carentan (Alpha 1)

31.01.2007 : 18:05

~ Download ~
In the days after the landing at normandie allied forces tryd to force there way to gain controle over a greath part of france and belgium now the battle of the arden has started thy have to destroy the heavy artillery installations of the axis.
Enemy Territory Stuff
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Echo aus TS entfernen

29.01.2007 : 19:04
Auf unsere Partnerseite RtCW2-Prison erschien vor einigen Tagen ein interessanter Artikel um Echo aus dem TS zu entfernen. Wer mit diesem Problem zu kämpfen hat sollte sich diesen Artikel zu gemüte führen.

Zum Artikel:

--> Echo aus TS entfernen

ET-Map: Mitchell Down (Final)

29.01.2007 : 18:47

~ Download ~
A B-25 Mitchell bomber was en route to Berlin to deliver an Atomic weapon when the plane was shot down over enemy territory. The wreakage is being stored in a nearby Axis tank factory where scientists will study the bomb. The Allies must recover the 'Little Boy' Uranium Bomb from the warehouse, get it to the truck and escape with it back to allied territory.

Wolfenstein Files
| /battlefield

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.6 (Stable)

29.01.2007 : 18:01

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Omni-Bot 0.6 (Stable)
--> Omni-Bot 0.6 Changelog
--> Weapon Script Article
--> Omni-Bot Website
"Finally, the long overdue 0.6 version is here. This version has seen more testing and fixes than probably all the previous versions combined. We're going straight to calling it STABLE on this one.

Also, please help me thank jaskot for his role in this release. He has spent crazy amounts of time over the past couple weeks to overhaul all the standard ET maps, both waypointing and scripting. He has also been key to alot of the bugs that have been squashed in this release by providing me detailed explanations and/or easily reproducible test cases for problems that arise. He's also been very handy at debugging some linux issues we've gone through as well as general linux testing.

Also in this release is a recent snapshot of all the user submitted waypoints, also thanks to jaskot. We will likely do this with every release to reduce a new bot users need to download a bunch of individual files for 3rd party maps. Obviously due to time constraints we are unable to test every 3rd party map, though the standard ET maps should always be in very good shape, and will likely represent the best supported bot maps due to our focus on them. There's even a script that enables the bots to play railgun now and ride the tug and hit the track switch.

We're confident you will see a leap in quality in 0.6 over the previous release. As always though, please post feedback, problems, etc in the forums.

There's also a new article on weapon scripts for any mods that have new weapons that wish to add support for them with the bot.

SOME IMPORTANT NOTES: This version doesn't work with current Jaymod and etpub. They will need to be updated with the latest bot code in order to support 0.6 Until then if you want to try the bot you will unfortunately need to use the etmain version that the installer comes with.

You must run ET with com_hunkmegs set to at least 64 Megs or some maps could shut down prematurely.

To view waypoints on linux listenserver, you need to do the following:
1) Make an environment variable called TMP, such as export TMP=/tmp The reason for this is that the bot now uses boost interprocess communication to tell the client to draw shit directly. For some reason on linux this means creating a temporary file somewhere for the shared memory.
2) cg_omnibotdrawing 1 in the client console."
Planet Wolfenstein
| Omni-Bot Website

No Quarter Hilfesite Deutschland

29.01.2007 : 02:31
Da der ET-Mod 'No Quarter' drauf und dran ist die Nummer eins im Bereich Public-Mods zu werden hat Janine eine Deutschsprachige Hilfe- und Supportseite ins Leben gerufen.

"So wir sind soweit,
nun dürft Ihr Euch alle schon registrieren und posten was das Zeug hält, allerdings müsst Ihr bevor Ihr posten könnt erst mal registrieren.
Danach habt Ihr aber vollen Zugriff und könnt Posts schreiben, Links einreichen, Artikle schreiben und vieles mehr.
Also Ihr seht, es wird Euch hier einiges geboten, also postet Euere Fragen und Meinungen, außerdem könnt Ihr im Allgemein Forum Euere NoQuarter Server bekanntmachen."


--> NoQuarter HilfeSite Deutschland
| NQ HilfeSite Deutschland

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.1.0 (Beta)

27.01.2007 : 03:17
Langerwartet von der Community und endlich Veröffentlicht: "No Quarter" steht ab sofort in der Beta-Version 1.1.0 zum Download bereit.
Die Filegröße des Mods wurde reduziert, neue Skills sind hinzugekommen, gefixte Modelle und auch sonst hat das Team an der Spielbalance gearbeitet.
Da die Liste der Änderungen und vor allem des Inhalts bei 'No Quarter' um ein vielfaches größer ist als bei anderen Mods, raten wir zu einem Besuch auf der NQ-Website.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Mods » No Quarter 1.1.0 (Beta)
--> 'No Quarter' Website

Source: 'No Quarter' Website

ET-Map: Smash'n'Grab (Final)

26.01.2007 : 10:55

~ Download ~
The Allies have intercepted transmissions that the Axis are coming their way and intend on looting their gold reserves.
Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Map: Ocean Sniper (Final)

26.01.2007 : 01:26

~ Download ~
Two Boats stranded in the middle of the ocean. On board the only survivors were Snipers. When you get boared or when you are on your own, you can always shoot some ducks or hawks as a target practice. This map is specially made for the sniper community on ET. Because it's a growing thing. Have lots of fun with this map.

Map features:

  • The drinks machines work and give health.
  • Helicopters don't fly but the rotors move with sound.
  • There is a big Fog horn in the control room of the boat.
  • Nice sounds added when you jump of the 2 high flag poles into the water.
  • Some ducks and hawks were added for target practice.
[UJE]Niek via PM
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Tool: etMod 0.1

24.01.2007 : 00:50
Der auf Java Basierende Modelviewer von cornholio ist in einer ersten Version erschienen. Zukünftige Versionen sollen noch folgende Funktionen beinhalten: Weapon Models, Smooth Vertex Blending, Additional Body Animations & Complete Shader Implementation.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Tools » etMod 0.1
--> etMod Website
SplashDamage Posting

ET-Map: Hydras (Final)

22.01.2007 : 21:01

~ Download ~
You have to destroy the opponent's Generator and defend your own.
NHLfan via eMail / Broken Arrow
| Servers running this Map

ET-Patch 2.60d (MacOS X)

21.01.2007 : 00:11
After working through the bugs reported on ET OSX 2.60c, here's an update:


--> ET-Patch 2.60d (MacOS X)
Replace your Wolfenstein ET executable by the new one, and drop the new qagame_mac into your etmain/ folder.
You have a qagame_mac.bundle under etmain/ from the 2.60c installation, which you can remove.
  • cursor problem when changing bindings in the control menu
  • now defaults to 24 Z-buffer, fixes Z-fighting problems
  • fix listen server crashing at the end of warmup and related crashes
Please give feedback, what is still broken, what's fixed etc. If all goes well I will make a more official release in a few days.

~TTimonUllSkillZ / SplashDamage Forenthread

ET-Map: Haunted Mansion (Final)

19.01.2007 : 00:01

~ Download ~
Axis Forces are very short on War Cash and have Stolen an Leprechauns Gold. Allied Captain O´Mealy is commanded to return the Gold before the Axis can get away with it. Else a terrible curse will fall on his men and all Beer in the Country will be turned into Vinegar!
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
| Cyburk

ET-Map: Industry Sniper (Final)

18.01.2007 : 22:18

~ Download ~
Two sites mostly filled with containers and trucks. It has take a while before I have finished this map. Because of the problems with fps and moving things. The krane can be moved, that's a lot of fun. Lots off sounds are in this map, too. I hope everybody has a lot of fun with this map!
[UJE]Niek via PM
| [UJE]Clan

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (MacOS X)

17.01.2007 : 15:23
Gestern erschien ET mit passendem SDK für MacOS X, heute bei uns zum Download:


--> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (2.60c/MacOS X)
--> ET SDK 2.60c (MacOS X)

ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.0.4 Stable / 2.1.1 Beta

17.01.2007 : 15:03
"With the new release of the universal binaries for the Macintosh OSX version of Enemy Territory, versions 2.0.4 and 2.1.1 of Jaymod are being released.

These versions are the exact same as their previous versions (2.0.3 -> 2.0.4 and 2.1.0 -> 2.1.1). Anyone using these versions are encouraged to upgrade to these new versions so that owners of Intel Macintosh computers may play smoothly on their servers."


--> ET » Mods » Jaymod 2.0.4 (Stable)
--> ET » Mods » Jaymod 2.1.1 (Beta)
Planet Wolfenstein
| Jaymod Website

~ RtCW2 auf der Releaseliste! ~

16.01.2007 : 20:31
Castle Wolfenstein Sequel
Release: TBA
Developers: Raven/id Software/Nerve Software
Platform: PC, X360
Description: Damn Nazis just can't stay dead. Castle Wolfenstein will have a next-gen iteration.

Auf NextGeneration wurde die Aktuelle Releaseliste von Activision veröffentlicht, darunter findet sich auch das langerwartete RtCW2!
Zwar noch ohne Datumsangabe, aber immerhin, es wird kommen.

Sobald es etwas neues zum Thema RtCW2 gibt, werdet ihr es hier auf WolfMap als eine der ersten erfahren.

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

ET Universal Binary for MacOS X

16.01.2007 : 20:05
Timothee Besset von id Software hat seinen .plan aktualisiert um auf die Veröffentlichung einer Universellen Binary für Intel Mac's für 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' (zusammen mit einem aktualisierten SDK) hinzuweisen.


--> Download @ Blue's News
"I've been putting that build together as a side project for a while now, and it was time to get it out. I'll watch for feedback and fix showstoppers (if any). The client will work against the official ET 2.60 servers running etmain/, and PunkBuster is included.

I hope ETPro and other major ET mods out there can update and support the new Mac client soonish. Meanwhile you may have a bit of trouble finding servers that will accept this new client (the best approach may be to use qstat [3] and filter for servers running etmain/, I haven't found a good third party server browser for OSX at this point).

I updated the SDK [4] (there are very little changes to the source), in which you'll find XCode projects to compile the universal binaries of ui, game and cgame."

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

Wir haben Zuwachs bekommen!

16.01.2007 : 20:02
Auf mehrfachen Wunsch hin habe ich heute einen 20-Slot starken No-Quarter-Server aufgesetzt. Ihr könnt ihn ab sofort hier erreichen:

No Quarter:

XP-Save 10 Days / Spawnkilling Allowed
Die Konfiguration ist noch nicht perfekt, uber_noob, Berz und ich werden sicher noch ab und zu daran herumbasteln. Richtig fertig wird sowas ja nie...

Und genau da brauchen wir Eure Hilfe; schreibt alles, was Ihr an Fehlern findet ins Forum, wir schauen uns das dann an. Habt Ihr Vorschläge - ins Forum damit!

Ich bedanke mich schon einmal für Eure Hilfe und freue mich auf die ersten Besucher!

RtCW-MP-Map: Ruins (Final)

16.01.2007 : 11:04

~ Download ~
This map was intended to be a very short map that had a unique objective making it fun and original to play. I wanted to create a very fast and tense map while always keeping the action at a peak, I belive I suceded in this by making a small map so players are almost into the action as soon they spawn but still have a pretty good area that makes it hard to spawnkill removing a lot of walking about and making it a much more action packed game from the moment you spawn, also I designed the objective to be very quick and changing making it posible to turn the map around in a matter or seconds so players are allways alert and never fall into a boring defence.

This has been a fery fun project for me and I have got to explore some of the areas of mapping that I dont often get chance to work with a lot but being such a small map its realy gave a chance to apply all the differnt skills of radient and q3map2 in a desnse and confined area giving a very rich result.

It been a great experience and a good break from working on my very long and big map that seem to be all the range in ET. I hope you have as much fun playing the map as I have had making it.
SplashDamage /nUllSkillZ

ET-Map: Axis Rail Checkpoint (Beta 1)

16.01.2007 : 10:16

~ Download ~
Allied forces are attempting to determine the location of a weapons train carrying V2 rockets by stealing a logbook from an Axis rail checkpoint.

Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET-Bot: BoBot v04.01

26.02.2007 : 10:11
Version 04.01 des BoBot wurde von [RW]Tiger veröffentlicht, aber lest selbst was Euch die neue Version bietet.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » BoBot v04.01
--> BoBot Website
  • Engineers Bots use the grenade Launcher
  • Engineers plant and disarm land mines
  • Engineers bot will know when a dyna is planted and will try all to disarm this one
  • Engineers use the mines better (avoids the bobot effect)
  • Bot Fieldops use FFA and air strike
  • Covertops uses satchel (New node type: charge)
  • Waypoints Maps updated
  • New maps added
  • Bots have got their own chat messages
  • Fix: Medic bot will not try to revive a bot which is under water
  • Fix: Bots were disoriented when they wanted find a vehicles, bug more in the Linux Version than Windows Version
  • Fix: Correction of a bug of address memory. Because of this bug, some nod script triggers were not started, and the bots did not go to the objectives
  • When a bot will construct something, others bots will be near him to protect him
  • Improved bots use for MG42 and building MG42
  • Improved bots behaviour for boat and tank in maps
Supported Maps:
1944_beach, 2hide, Alleys, base12_b4, Battery, Caen, castleattack_b5, crevasse_b1, deadcold_b1, etcenter_final, exodus_a3, falcon2, Frostbite, Frost final, Fuel dump, Gold rush, greenlee_et, haunted_mansionb2, Hindenburg, hog_b12_dt, industry2, Lighthouse, mml_helmsdeep_b4, monte_cassino, mp_beach, mp_sillyctf, Nachteinbruch, nemorosusrc1, Oasis, over_the_top, Radar, Rail gun, raw_final, reactor_b3, snatch3, sottevast_b2, sp_delivery2, StarGate_1945, Stonehenge_KOTH, Supply depot, supplydepot2, tc_base, Temple final, Transmitter, v2base, v2_factory, Venice, MinaThiris, BaseRace_b3, Wolfsrudel, Facility31_b1, Mitchelldown, Snash, _bridges_ , MLB_hotchkiss, Katastrophie
THX 2 Delta
| BoBot Website

Tool: Misfit Model 3D

14.01.2007 : 23:55
Misfit Model 3D ist gute und kostenlose Alternative zu Milkshape um Modelle zu erstellen oder zu bearbeiten. Ausführliche Informationen finden Sie auf der Website zum Tool.

Download & Info:

--> Misfit Model 3D Website
--> Download @
--> GNU License
Supported Filetypes:
md2, ms3d, lwo, md3, dfx, cob
"Misfit Model 3D is an OpenGL-based 3D model editor that works with triangle-based models. It supports multi-level undo, skeletal animations, simple texturing, scripting, command-line batch processing, and a plugin system for adding new model and image filters. Complete online help is included. It is designed to be easy to use and easy to extend with plugins and scripts.

Misfit Model 3D was written and tested on Linux (2.4 and 2.6 kernels) and has been compiled and tested on most major Linux distributions. It is also known to run on FreeBSD, Windows XP/2000, and Mac OS X (experimental)."RtCW2-Prison
| Misfit Model 3D

ET-Soundpack: D6F Weaponsounds

13.01.2007 : 14:05
=|D6F|=Janine created a "Best of" Soundpack wich changes the world sounds, weapon sounds and a lot of the standard sounds.


--> ET » Soundpacks » D6F Soundpack
Enemy Territory Stuff
| D6F Multigaming Clan

SplashDamage Forum is back!

12.01.2007 : 14:43
Nach zwei Monaten ist das Splashdmage-Forum, der Anlaufpunkt für Modder und Mapper, wieder online!
--> SplashDamage Forum
After two months is the SplashDamage Forum, the place for modders and mappers, online again!RtCW2-Prison

PunkBuster-freezes & slow-downs

12.01.2007 : 14:28
Wer nach wie vor mit Punkbuster-Freezes und laufenden Ruckeln im Spiel zu kämpfen hat sollte zu dieser Abhilfe greifen.

PB Ordner löschen, neuen PB Ordner erstellen, pbsetup.exe in den pb Ordner kopieren und Update ausführen.
Jetzt im pb Verzeichnis eine Datei namens "pbcl.cfg" erstellen und in die pbcl.cfg folgendes einfügen: (Script)

Delete the complete pb-folder, create a new pb-folder, copy pbsetup.exe in the pb-folder and start update.
Create now in the pb-folder a file with the name "pbcl.cfg" and copy the following text in this file: (Script)


pb_sleep 500
pb_security 0

"PB_Security [0=no, 1=yes]
When set to 0, PunkBuster will accept all "update" files without verifying that they are authentic; the default is 1 which should not normally be changed except for LAN environments where there is no Internet Access and/or you fully trust the Servers you are connecting to.

PB_Sleep [Period]
Holds the period of time (milliseconds) that PunkBuster "sleeps" between processing cycles; the default is 60; lower numbers will cause PunkBuster to process events more times each second which also has the effect of increasing the bandwidth used by PunkBuster; Players with a modem connection will probably want to set this as high as possible."

SplatterLadder / Sonyfan

ET-Maps: ET Stuff - ET Maps reborn

10.01.2007 : 00:43
Enemy Territory Stuff scheint sich als Nachfolger der leider inaktiv gegangenen Seite ET zu etablieren.
--> Enemy Territory Stuff
MacBeth per PM

ET-Map: City Sniper (Final 2)

11.01.2007 : 13:55

~ Download ~
This is the second map I've made. It's a snipermap because there are too few snipermaps published. This is a small city with lots of places to hide and shoot from. Nice moving water and neon lights. Schoot your targets from high or low places. Have lots of fun with this map. ~[UJE]Niek

New in Final 2:

- Health-cabinets can be toggled on/off by a admin.
- All smoke can be toggled on/off by a admin.
- All fences can be toggled on/off by a admin.[UJE]Niek via PM
| [UJE]Clan

ETpro-Mod: Kmod 1.0

09.01.2007 : 13:19
"Kmod" by Clutch152 is a small shrublike variant to ETpro similar to ETAdmin_mod. Let's let some of the features speak for themselves...


--> ET » Mods » Kmod 1.0
  • Killingsprees plus all the other killingspree type stuff (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Doublekills, Multikills, Megakills, Ultrakills, Monsterkills, Ludicrouskills, and Holyshits (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Flakmonkey's - When you get 3 kills with either panzer or a riflenade. Message and location can be changed in config. Flakmonkey is reset if you get any other type of kill/teamkill/or if you die (Sound included)
  • Firstblood (Sound Included) Message and location can be changed in config.
  • Lastblood
  • Spreerecord (not including records for individual maps)
  • Enhanced Private Messaging - The sender can use partial name of recipiant or can now use the recipiants slot number. When using ETPro 3.2.6 or higher, a new sound will be played letting you know that you have a private message. Players can now private message all 2+ level admins currently on the server using /ma or /pma then your message.
  • Vote disable was taken directly from ETAdmin mod and is slightly enhanced such that it will detect changes to the timelimit. (see config for details)
  • Antiunmute - When a player is muted he may not be unmuted via vote
  • Advanced Adrenaline - Players using adrenaline now have a timer in their cp area displaying the amount of adrenaline time they have left. A sound will also be played in their general location letting everyone else know that they are using adrenaline (disableable) (sound included)
  • Killer's HP - Killer's HP is displayed to their victims. When you kill somone and are killed in return within a certain amount of time no message will be displayed. When a killer is using adrenaline the victim will see a message displaying so.
  • Advanced players - Time nudge and max packets are removed from players list and admins may see which admins (level 2+) are on the server using /admins
  • Chat log - All chats are logged along with player renames/connects/disconnects/and map restarts
  • Crazygravity - The exact same crazy gravity you've come to know and love
  • Team kill restriction - Taken from Etadmin mod and uses punkbuster to kick (see config)
  • /kill limit - After the max amount of slash kills is reached they are no longer able to /kill.
  • Endround shuffle - At the end of each round teams are shuffled automatically. I recomend using this on servers with alot of people.
  • Noise reduction - ETPRO 3.2.6 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED!!! Plays all killingsprees multikills/deathsprees/and firstblood to the killer or victim depending on which one
  • Color codes can be changed for lastblood and killer HP display in config
  • Spawn kill protection - A newly spawned player will keep his spawn shield until he either moves or fires his weapon. (see config)
  • Paths to sounds can be changed to fit server admins needs.
  • Shrub style command system + make your own commands.
ETpro-Forum / nUllSkillZ