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ET-Map: Destruction (Final)

06.02.2010 : 17:51

~ Download ~
Allies have cornered the Axis into a heavily bombed out warehouse complex. The Axis are making their last stand, and trying to call reinforcements to stop the raid on their last stronghold.
Allies must destroy their Communications before they are able to radio for help.
Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Tool: Bind Creator v1.0.0.2

06.02.2010 : 17:37
This simple tool let you make your own binds for "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory".
Add Functions (like SayTeam or Reload), Sounds (like Affimative), Colours and Counters(like your last kill) to your bind and add it then to your cfg!


--> Bind Creator v1.0.0.2

ET-Map: TMF Building Frag (Final)

06.02.2010 : 17:28

~ Download ~
This map is for 5 vs 5 fragging.
Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Bot: Omni-Bot v0.71 Linux Patch

02.02.2010 : 22:00

For Linux servers was a patch released wich prevents servers from crashing.


--> Omni-Bot v0.71 (incl. Patch)
--> Omni-Bot Website
TroubleGermany via Bush Drums

3G/// Fight for Oska

29.01.2010 : 19:35
"Am 31.01.2010 um 18:00 Uhr findet der "Fight for Oska Abend" statt. Ein gemütlicher Zocker Abend auf unserem |-|3G|-| BIERBUDE - ETPro XP Save Server. 3G///Oska verlässt uns Anfang Februar, für lange lange lange 6 Monate, in denen er Indien sein Zuhause nennt. Deshalb starten wir ein kleines Abschiedsevent!"

Wann.....: 31.01.2010 // 18:00 Uhr
ET Server:
Homepage.: 3G/// Clan
hAcky via ICQ

ET-Map: CTF Toxic (Beta 3)

26.01.2010 : 12:25

~ Download ~
This is a Capture the Flag map. This gametype does not exist in ET so it is fully scripted in the map script. The team with the most caps when the time runs out wins! If there is no timelimit then the first team to 100 caps wins.

Note: You can only gain a point by bringing the enemies flag to your own, if your teams flag has been taken by the enemy you have to return it before you can make a point. So there is a good reason to defend your flag too.SplashDamage
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ET-Map: TM Bumpers (Beta 1)

24.01.2010 : 22:03

~ Download ~
Just frag for fun! Great for double jump panzer. A simple objective is in middle to finish the round (if anybody wants).
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: Operation Tower (Beta 5)

24.01.2010 : 21:38

~ Download ~
Allies have to search and transmit the secret technical manuals through a radio, fight their way to reach the top axis tower where are the manuals.

Changes from Beta 4 to Beta 5:

  • Fixed the allied spawn bug.
  • Added a double axis door to the Tower gate.
  • Added a constructible wooden barricade to the wall breach near flag.
  • New underground tunnel.
  • New water shader, clear and shiny.
  • Reduced the tunnel entrance from the tunnel gate to avoid players to fall down and die.
  • New trees planted, new furnitures in axis spawn.
Old Owl @ Dark Alchemy
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W:ET - Free Game Profile

24.01.2010 : 11:23
"Free online games are a mixed bag these days. In a lot of cases they are either trying to sell you something or promoting a cause. One notable exception is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a free multiplayer FPS which uses Quake technology and will cost you nothing except the time it takes to download the client. Released in 2003, Wolfenstein: ET is still one of the most popular online shooters available for the PC."

Read the whole article at About.comWay for Fun

ET Prefab: Henschel SSW Obus

24.01.2010 : 01:10
Henschel was a popular german vehicle brand back in World War II. Producing planes, tanks and last but not least public transport. 1940 was the year when Henschel finished and published the new trolleybus named Henschel-SSW-Obus.


--> Henschel SSW Obus

ET-Map: UFC Knife Match CK (Beta 2)

21.01.2010 : 01:03

~ Download ~
1 on 1 Knife Fight in the UFC arena (Deathmatch). The team with the most killed opponents wins the match.


  • FX buttons to toogle music, smoke and laser
  • Ramdom teleporting in the arena (3 at each side)
  • Fixed shaderbugs in windows and textures
  • Only 1 player from each team can be in the arena
  • If a player dies, change team in the arena or in the elevator, they lost a point
  • A secret room can be found as spectator
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ET-Map: Warzone (Beta 3)

20.01.2010 : 00:02

~ Download ~
Welcome to the warzone. Allies are attacking a city that is suppressed by allied attacks. Allies are searching for the last hideout place of the axis. Allies have to escort the tank and find the last hideout where they have to destroy the axis communication centre. Axis have to prevent this. Only thing that is intact is the UJE friends bar, have fun in there.

Special stuff:

  • A Hammond in the church and sound when entering the church
  • Planes bombing the place every 6 minutes.
  • Firesupport is shooting the planes from the ground
  • A big cafe Spawn with lots of efffects:
    • A disco with lots of beats and a sampler
    • Disco lights
    • Laser show
    • Smokemachine
    • Free drinks
    • Dartboard
    • Doctor Who beaming telephonecell
    • And lots of paintings from friendly clans of the [UJE]clan
  • Semi bullet-proof cafe.
  • Parachute drop
So lot's of funstuf in the bar, a place where you can really relax and rest or even take a dance, drink some beers or gamble a bit.[UJE]Niek via MSN
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True Combat: Elite - Community Installer

19.01.2010 : 13:18

TC:E Community Installer allows us to install 'True Combat: Elite' in a very easy and fast way. The installation program includes: Enemy Territory 2.60b, True Combat Elite 0.49b, PunkBuster. After you install the game using this installer, you can smoothly connect to the most popular servers and start playing without any problems!


--> 'True Combat: Elite' Community Installer

New version includes:

  • Reduced size (deleted all custom packs)
  • Enemy Territory 2.60b
  • True Combat .49b
  • PunkBuster files updated @ 17.01.2010
  • PBSVC.EXE - PunkBuster Service Install/Uninstall/Reinstall/Test Tool
  • PBSETUP.EXE - Punkbuster Manual Update Tool
  • Entries in Start menu and Desktop for:
    True Comat Elite / pbweb.exe / pbsetup.exe / pbsvc.exe
  • Helpful links and simple tutorial in readme.txt
  • Installation takes ~30 seconds
  • Uninstalation leaves profiles/demos/screenshots/etkey and any files created after installation
Somator via PM

ET-Map: UK-Boat (Beta 2)

17.01.2010 : 18:20

~ Download ~
The allies have to escort the tank to the bunker and destroy the axis sub. Axis have to prevent this.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Mod: Extra Cheese Mod (Beta 1)

17.01.2010 : 14:38
This is a small source mod which adds a couple weapons, beefs up the soldier class a bit, and provides a few options to server admins. Most things are optional, thus empowering server admins to add or remove what ever they want. Recycled as much ET code/skins as possible, hopfully preventing any mod-lag. Designed for fun-based maps and servers. Some options (e.g., tripmines, BAR) can be turned off for scrims, or classic maps.


--> Extra Cheese Mod (Beta 1)

For suggestions, bug-reporting and feedback please visit Rogue Ducks Attack.


  • Modified sten (Sten Mk.III), unsuppressed, no heat restrictions
  • Soldier may select "Sten Mk.III" as primary weapon from limbo menu
  • Covert ops gets "Sten Mk.III" as secondary weapon at level 4 light weapons and military intelligence
  • Optional ping for BOTS (48-52)
  • Optional trip-mines (perfect for urban combat)
  • Customizable tool selection for soldier
  • Optional grenade increases for soldier
  • All the updates in etpub nightly (see etpub documentation)
  • Command shortcuts for !listplayers and !nextmap (!li & !ne)
  • B.A.R. added as secondary weapon for soldier. Its semi-auto and can fire as fast as trigger is pulled (aka mouse click)

Snoopy via E-Mail

ET-Skinpack: Dewpack v1.2.7b

17.01.2010 : 00:59
DEW reworked his skinpack to make it compatible with NQ 1.2.5 and NQ 1.2.7
He also improved the look of the playerskins again and added improved HUD icons. At Level 9 all players wear a new officercap.


--> Dewpack v.1.2.7b
Dewis via E-Mail

ET-Map: TWC Pizza Delivery (Final)

17.01.2010 : 00:54

~ Download ~
The Allies must deliver pizzas to hungry guests. The Axis are hungry too and will stop the Allies to eat the pizzas.
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ET-Map: TM LC City (Beta 5)

17.01.2010 : 00:09

~ Download ~
The secret Command Post under the church has to be destroyed by the axis before more allies arrive.
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Prefab: TDM Prefab

16.01.2010 : 23:55
This is a Team Death Match Prefab. The file contains an example map with 32 spawns on each side (allies/axis) and 2 scoreboards. The script is pretty well documented and more info can be found in the ReadMe.txt
The Map ends when either team has 10000 respawns (frags) so the scoreboard goes until 9999 for both sides. If the time runs out before a team reaches 10000 respawns (which is most likely the case) the map script figures out who has the most respawns, if both teams have an equal amount of respawns it's a draw!


--> TDM Prefab

ET-Map: MP Base (Final)

11.01.2010 : 17:42

~ Download ~
The Allies must destroy both the North and South Radar Controls and steal the Baby Alien and take it to the Radio Room. The Axis must defend the radar towers and stop Allies stealing the Alien and taking it to their radio room.
Molotov via PM
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ET-Prefab: Spawning Weapons

09.01.2010 : 15:27
This prefab was made so you can learn how to implement weapons in your map in deferent ways by letting them respawn. You can directly copy/paste it in your map if you wish.


--> Spawning Weapons
Shagileo via PM

ET-Prefab: CTF Prefab

09.01.2010 : 15:22
This is a Capture the Flag Prefab. The map contains an example map with the red and blue flags and 2 scoreboards. The script is pretty well documented and more info can be found in the ReadMe.txt
The Map ends when either team has 100 caps so the scoreboard goes until 99 for both sides. If the time runs out before a team reaches 100 caps (which is most likely the case) the map script figures out who has the most caps, if both teams have an equal amount of caps it's a draw!


--> CTF Prefab

ET-Map: Cali's Arena

09.01.2010 : 15:11

~ Download ~
Small frag map for 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3.
Calibra8v via PM
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ET-Sondpack: Left 4 Dead 2 v7

04.01.2010 : 20:57
This time a Left 4 Dead 2 soundpack for ET. It replaces not only weapon sounds, it comes along with new sounds for poison gas, gibbing, headshot, end sounds and spree sounds with a very sexy female voice.


--> Left 4 Dead 2 v7

ET-Tool: ETsnitch v1.5.0

04.01.2010 : 20:45
ETSnitch is a application for easy log analisys. Despite the existance of several other tools to analyse Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory log files. This tool differs from others, by being oriented, to the chat content of your server rather them the scores, made by players. Because server problems aren't always about hacks, some care may be necessary, about the "quality" of players. This tool allows the simple search and view of talks, conflicts and spams going on in your server.

Download & Info:

--> ETsnitch v1.5.0
--> ETsnitch Website

ET-Map: Budapest (Beta 2)

04.01.2010 : 20:27

~ Download ~
The Allies must Destroy the Bridge. Axis have to prevent this.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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RtCW-SP-Mission: Devil Manor

01.01.2010 : 18:53

~ Download ~
New stuff to play for fans of the RtCW singleplayer. Yo$hik made a 3 map episode. Check it out for yourself!
Thanks to vicpas

ET-Map: Gold Rush Germany (Final/Fixed)

03.01.2010 : 17:14
Fixed Version, please download anew. Sorry for the inconvience.

~ Download ~
The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in the Aschaffenburg Reichsbank. The Allies must steal an Axis Hetzer Tank to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Truck.

Changes from "Final" to "Final/Fixed":

The damaged Truck is now builded in. Well, we forgot it. Shit happens. Thanks to [*]Irata for reporting the bug.

Additional Information:

  • This new version of Gold Rush is more a technical demo to show the Hetzer Tank and the GMC Truck.
  • We thought that the 7638th version of Gold Rush has to look different, so we retextured the map and setted the scenario to Aschaffenburg (Bavaria).
  • Aschaffenburg was one of the few cities who was not bombed during World War II, only invaded by Infantery.
  • If you enter the church as spectator you can see different variants of the truck.
  • The models may used in your own map, but give credit to ischbinz.
  • With additional music mod
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~ A guads neis Joar ~

31.12.2009 : 16:58

ET-Map: Haemar (Alpha 11)

28.12.2009 : 00:27

~ Download ~
The Axis Forces have in Haemar important informations about a new surnatural power that might stop and annihilate Allied's attacks. The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal this Secret Documents and flee to the East where an Allied Transmitter is waiting for them.

The allies has to take the City flag, steal the documents and escape with the repaired truck.
Dyalhenaüss via IRC
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