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ET-Map: Running the Gamut (Beta 1)

24.07.2005 : 02:33

The Allies have learnt of the location of a vital operations relay station and are planning a raid to steal the operations documents and transmit them to friendly forces.

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DOM-Map: Loffy's Madness (Beta 3)

29.07.2005 : 01:19

You cannot say civilization is not advancing: In every mod they kill you in a new way, and in Powerball there is no substitute for victory. Once again the Axis and the Allied Forces fight for the survival of civilization, life, and the long continuity of their institutions and nations. The whole fury and might of the war is turned on each soldier and they brace themselves to their duties, and the witness can only comment "this is their finest hour". In a sense the soldiers have come to Loffy's Madness
to cash a check. When the architects of war wrote the magnificent plans and strategies, they were signing a promissory note to which every Soldier, Field Op, Medic, Covvie and Engineer was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all gamers would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, fragging, and the pursuit of good stats. It is obvious today that the world has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as the brothers of arms are concerned. Instead of honouring this sacred obligation, the soldiers are given a bad check which has come back marked "insufficient funds". So, anyone playing this map is urged to speak out against those who would place the Powerball mod and this map Loffy's Madness in a position of military and moral inferiority. In your discussions to slow down and stop playing the mod and its maps, you are urged to beware the temptation to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of evil empires, to simply call the fragging a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil. The quickest way of ending a war is to lose it. Is that what you plan to do? In the end, you've never lived until you've played Powerball on Loffy's Madness...

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ET-TC: Erste funktionierende TCE Mac Version

23.07.2005 : 10:25

LordOfKaos meldet einen weitereren Fortschritt von der TrueCombat:Elite Modifikation.
Dank Tier gibt es eine erste funktionierende Mac Version der Mod.

Apple Mac Ver Now Working!
7/18/2005 - 02 PM CET

Yes you read right! A huge thanks to Tier. For all those stranded mac players out there that have been dying to try TC:E on the mac, well, the opportunity will be here. After speaking with both Coroner and Tier I am very pleased to say that we have a working version of TC:E on the mac.

There are a few cosmetic issues to sort but besides that the next ver of TC:E will be: Win32,Linux and last but not least Apple Mac!

Just incase you don't beleive me here is a quote from Coroner himself: "Just wanted to inform you that the mac client of the current dev version is running thanks to Tier. I was playing with Tier on his powerbook."


G6/TeamTerminator Development Team


ET-Map: Rjuken Dam (Beta 4)

22.07.2005 : 23:36

Rjuken, Norway: The Axis are using a hydroelectric dam to power a heavy water plant downstream. The Axis are planning to use this heavy water for their quickly advancing nuclear program. Destoy the dam to release the destructive power of water!

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ET-Map: Sabotage TE (Final)

21.07.2005 : 19:28

Das Konzpt dieser Map von d3coy beruht auf dem Anfang von Ice und dem Ende von Base des alten RtCW. Die TE-Version dieser Map ist eine Eigenständige Version und bietet ein paar kleine Änderungen.

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ET-Map: Siwa Oasis SW (Beta 3)

31.07.2005 : 13:12

1. Guns are connected over middle arch so attacks can come from either side to dyno either gun. 2. 1 pump drains tunnels (Pump at allies start). Theres a axis door in tunnels near exit. Tunnels are connected so both wells can be used to access Old City to blow the wall or grab the flag. 3. When pump is build allies can spawn near the pump. If its blown they spawn at original Allies start. This spawn can be used to access tunnels to garrison since tunnels are connected giving
the allies 2 spawns when old city wall is blown to attack guns. 4. When Old City wall is blown the small covert door to the left is blown out also. Power to axis only door in tunnels is also disabled at this point and unlocked for allies to use. 5. Water drains more and only 2 small spot of water remain when drained, but does not affect attacking allies anymore. 6. Ladder where MG was is moved down one room. It comes up in a room in the upper level instead of by the MG. Can still get to it the way you did before underneath by tank... *but also can access it through a door which is satchel/dynamitable at far south room in front of the garrison. (MG in garrison removed and some cans and boxes replaced for cover). 7. Satchelable, dynamitable door that gives access from south side to lower area near tank and ladder to upper Garrison. Axis can rebuild. 8. Axis upper garrison spawn accessible. 9. Added door behind axis spawn in alley can be used to attack coming from the old city wall when using the upper path. 10. Wall added where axis spawn to cut off axis easy access to tunnel side. Should help give allies a better chance at this choke point rather then axis spawning right next to it and instantly shutting it down.

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ETFortress 1.6

20.07.2005 : 23:13

Heute ist von ETFortress die Finale Version 1.6 erschienen. Eine Liste der Download-Mirrors finden Sie auf der ETF-Website.
So bald wie möglich wird es ETF 1.6 auch bei uns zum Download geben.

-[ ETF 1.6 Download-Mirrors ]-

Code / Gameplay / GUI
- Added mousewheel support in UI listboxes
- Added medkit ammo to q3f-1h HUD
- fixed rotating doors getting stuck

- Added smartbases2

- Added off-line documentation (docs folder) for classes, weapons, hud editing, and server admin
(map guides are available through documentation, but referenced online)


ET-Map: FFF Mayhem (Final)

17.07.2005 : 20:08

This map is a fully functional ctf-style map for matches by Loffy, primarey made for M8D's Friday Frag Festival.
English: fff_mayhem is a capture-the-flag map. It has 2 bases: One Axis and one Allied. The bases are identical, with each having 5 flags and a goal-zone.
Francois: fff_mayhem (cette carte) est une carte de capturer-le-drapeau. Il a 2 bases : Un axe et un alliés. Les bases sont identiques, à chacun qui a 5 drapeaux et une but-zone.
Deutsch: fff_mayhem (diese Map) ist eine Capture-the-Flag Map. Sie hat 2 Hauptquartiere: Das der Alliierten und das der Achsenmächte. Beide Hauptquartiere sind identisch: Sie enthalten 5 Flaggenzonen und eine Zielzone

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DOM-Map: Depot (Beta 2)

28.08.2005 : 18:59

The Battle of Wolken is over but it seems someone forgot about the troops who were posted in the outer regions of Wolken, sadly they got left behind but rather than continue the conflict they decided to have a good old game of Domination.

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ET-TC: ET-Domination 1.1

22.07.2005 : 23:35

Vier Tage nach dem ersten Release von Domination hat Lanz eine gefixte Version herausgebracht. Den Downlaod der Full-Version gibt es hier bei uns, den Patch von Version 1.0 zu 1.1 finden Sie auf der Website des Domination-Mods.

-[ Download ''ET-Domination 1.1 (Full)'' ]-


  • Unfixed the one stab gib kill on player waiting for medic. Silly me to fix it.
  • When dom_muzzleFlash was 0 no flames where drawn when having flame thrower.
  • Garand can now be reloaded mid clip.
  • Medic syringe didn't hit wounded players in certain situations.
  • Team bug fixed. Shooting at enemy played friendly hit sound, got team kill message when killing enemy. Bug caused by code awarding bonus points when defending goal.
  • Linux client bug, crashing out with a WM_Create failed fixed.
  • Class command like in ETPro implemented.
  • Ball could get stuck under the water tanks on dom_hill
  • Fixed scoreboard when in limbo, the scoreboard showed the dead players score as the one he spectated.
  • Fixed powerball/flag icon in scoreboard that moved class name etc to the right.
  • Added assists to the +stats
  • Fixed a bug with intermission awards where "best assister" and "best base defender" showed up on the same line.
  • Several game sounds did not play, like flag/ball returned to spawn location

ETpro 3.2.1 Beta

17.07.2005 : 03:14
Heute ist die Beta 3.2.1 von ETPro erschienen. Sie läuft auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.2.1'' ]-

Bug / cheat fixes 3.2.1:

  • fire missions would appear in freecam
  • b_demo_nametags and b_demo_dynamitecounter now override shoutcast
  • demorecordings
  • listcs, setcs no longer truncated
  • listcs can now take a parameter
  • readyup status was sent incorrectly sometimes
  • server crashes hopefully fixed
  • drowning cheat during pause is now fixed (fix by deus)
  • "stop refresh" button now available in server browser
  • ammoracks would continue to dispense during pause
  • spawntimer would continue counting during pause
  • private messages werent rate limited
  • pak0 added to etpro server sanity checking
  • /ref busted when spam protection triggered
  • sniper zoom hax fixed
  • dynamite and limbo'd corpses no longer block bullets
  • new custom semiadmin commands support - support for vstr and cfg's
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Sabotage (Beta 3)

20.07.2005 : 10:54

Das Konzpt dieser Map von d3coy beruht auf dem Anfang von Ice und dem Ende von Base des alten RtCW.

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ET-Map: Subway (Final)

15.07.2005 : 01:00

While on the retreat the Axis have planted dynamite in an key african city subway which threatens to destroy its foundations. The Allies have to remove the dynamite threat and detonate the explosives safely before valuable resources are destroyed. The dynamite planted contains tapped circuits and disarming them will only trigger the blast.

| Rowe

PunkBuster 1.202 für Clients

03.08.2005 : 15:40
Für ET ist aus Wartungstechnischen Gründen die PunkBuster Version 1.202 erschienen.

Version 1.202 of the PB Client for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release.
Planet Wolfenstein
| PunkBuster

ET-Map: MML Helmsdeep (Beta 4)

13.07.2005 : 08:09

The Axis forces, in their desperate search for power to stop the inevitable Allied onslaught, have been working on the ability to travel in time. The Allies, learning of these plans, create a force to storm and capture the Axis laboratories where the research is being done. Unfortunately, the Allies attack during a crucial experiment, and the resulting fighting causes an uncontrollable surge in the equipment, throwing everyone in the immediate area back in
time! Appearing six thousand years ago, in a history that was only thought to be mythical, both sides now have a new battleground to continue their war in. Allies must defend Helms Deep, keeping safe the means of travelling back to the modern day, while preventing Axis from dominating this new land and altering the future completely.

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ETF-Movie: ETF Instinct

12.07.2005 : 21:53
Auf sweRTCW gibt es ein recht sehenswertes ETF-Movie zum Downloaden:

-[ etf_instinct Download Page @ ]-

ET-TC: Days of the Golden Eagle Fall 1.0

21.10.2005 : 01:43

Der Mod von Miguel, SGCarlo und Robert, der auf dem ETpub aufgebaut ist, liegt für Windows und Linux in der Final 1.0 vor (Patches/Updates werden demnächst erscheinen).
Verarbeitet wurden in diesem Mod nahezu alle Mini-Mods die Miguel bis jetzt herausgebracht hat, das Skinnen der Spielfiguren hat SGCarlo übernommen.
Anzumerken sei das der Mod die Waffen "MP44" und "Bar" beinhaltet (diese Waffen werden hinzugefügt und ersetzen keine vorhandenen Waffen).
Desweiteren kann der Mod noch mit allerhand Änderungen aufwarten, angefangen von den obligatorischen neuen Sounds über neue Skins für Waffen und Spieler bis hin zu neuen Effekten bei Rauch, Explosionen und Einschüssen. Die Änderungen betreffen "nur" Aussehen und Gameplay, neue Maps sind nicht enthalten.

-[ Download ''Days of the Golden Eagle Fall'' ]-

DotGef release 1.0:

  • New weapons (MP44, Bar, Non Grenade-Launcher M1garand and kar)
  • New skin for all weapons
  • New Main Menu style (red of ET Update mod)
  • New Main Menu background image (Airborne)
  • New allied skins (Airborne 2 types)
  • New german/axis skins
  • New Crosshair
  • New textures and effects
  • New Sounds (weapons, explosions, alarms, ambient, footsteps, main menu music)
  • Added smoke when firing a weapon to all weapons (like Sten)
  • New 2d huds in different places
  • New font for menu and button letters
  • New muzzleflash (effect)
  • Play a sound (Move In!) when a map starts
  • Some more features...
Wolfenstein Files
| DotGef-Website

ET-TC: Neues von Urban Terror

11.07.2005 : 21:11
Urban Terror wurde vor ca. einem Jahr für ET angekündigt und nun (fast) abgesagt. Silicon Ice Development wurde von Frozen Ice LLC übernommen. Frozen Ice LLC konzentrierte sich vergangenes Jahr darauf die Demo "Mercenary X", welche ebenfalls auf der ET-Engine beruht, fertigzustellen um sie Firmen wie ID Software, Raven Software und Splash Damage vorzustellen.
Momentan wurde Urban Terror auf Eis gelegt und der Mod wurde von Frozen Ice LLC übernommen die den Mod weiterentwickeln und ein paar Features aus Mercenary X einbauen werden.

Original News from Fragland:
"Some of you might remember the popular Q3A mod Urban Terror, some might even know that I'm a big fan of UrT. A year ago the conversion of the mod to the Enemy Territory engine was announced. This is sort of canceled...

... but not quite: Silicon Ice Development, a cool name for a group of amateur mod-makers, has been partially taken over by Frozen Ice LLC, a company that was started up by come SiD members in order to become "the next Silicon Ice".

Frozen Ice LLC concentrated the last year on devoping a demo called Mercenary X, which was also based on the ET engine. They presented this demo to ID Software, Raven Software and Splash Damage, because as SiD they have very good ties with these companies. These companies provided them with good feedback regarding this concept-demo.

So what's happening to Urban Terror? The current conversion to ET has stopped, and the mod has been taken over by Frozen Ice LLC. They will continue development and will start adding some Mercenary X features to the mod.

A project well worth watching!"
| Fragland

ET-Tool: Scripted Camera Tutorial

11.07.2005 : 19:32
schoft hat ein Tutorial zu gescripteten Kamerafahrten für ET geschrieben.
Gescriptete Kamerafahrten können in Movies verwendetet werden.

-[ Scripted Camera Tutorial ]-
Scripted Camera Tutorial
| sweRTCW

ET-Mod: Interview mit Lanz (Domination Mod)

09.07.2005 : 12:18
Foonr von der Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Resource Site hat ein Interview mit Lanz, dem Modder der Domination- / Powerball-Mod, geführt.

-[ Interview with Lanz ]-
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Resource Site
| Powerball - Siwa Oasis

08.07.2005 : 15:41
Shazam hat nun neben Railgun und Radar einen dritten Artikel veröffentlicht der diesesmal auf die Historischen Grundlagen der Map Siwa Oasis eingeht.

- Translations by Google -

-[ Real-ET -Oasis- (Deutsch) ]-

-[ Real-ET -Oasis- (English) ]-

| Real-ET

ET-Tool: ETStarterPro 0.8

05.07.2005 : 16:51
Hilfreiches Tool von Tintifax_x zum Starten von ET.

-[ Download ''ETStarterPro 0.8'' ]-

  • Integrated patch selector - no more .bat files or multiple icons
  • Let's you manage a list of favourite servers, together with game version and private slot passwort (optional) and connect with one mouseclick
  • Built in server query tool, displays server information as well as a player list of the actual server
  • Built in serverbrowser for all 3 ET versions (2.55, 2.56, 2.60) that let's you add your favourites easily or join a server directly
  • Let's you automatically start ET Minimizer when starting ET
  • Let's you automatically connect to a teamspeak server when starting ET
  • Let's you automatically delete your etkey file when starting ET, to avoid common PunkBuster errors
  • Let's you automatically start a user defined application together with ET
  • Let's you automatically terminate user defined applications when starting ET (for example MSN Messenger, Trillian, etc.)
  • Takes etspro:// links from websites to directly join servers from any browser (Syntax: "etspro://server=ip:port&version=version")
  • Let's you import and export your configuration to backup server list and settings
| Paranormale Division

ET-Map-Script: Fueldump Stopwatch

05.07.2005 : 01:21
Von mortis stammt ein ETpro-Script um Fueldump im Stopwatch-Modus für Competitions attraktiver zu machen.

-[ Download ]-

New features of the script:
1. Tank becomes vulnerable at the end after depot wall is blown Announcements added
2. Bridge is fast build
3. Depot defenses can be knocked down by grenades (experimental feature)
4. Depot defenses are fast build
5. All known bugs fixed
6. Game clock set to 15 mins

ET-Map: Sniper Lake (Beta 2)

27.08.2005 : 10:31

Two small compounds located on the shores of Shadow Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only. This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side. Objectives: The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but your knife, pistol, or a sniper rifle. The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive untill fresh supplies and weapons are airdropped in. Be aware that
waterway door is accessible, covert ops may try and infiltrate your camp.

Wolfenstein Files
| Shadow-Clan

ET-Map: HKF1 (Beta 1.3)

06.07.2005 : 10:05

The Axis must defend the bridge from the Allied attack until reinforcements arrive.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Train Depot (Beta 2)

11.09.2005 : 18:32

The Axis must defend the radio and the generator. Allies must destroy the radio transmitter and the generator at all cost.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: 6flags 1.1.0

13.07.2005 : 20:16

For either team to win: Capture both base flags and hold them for 2 minutes or Control all 6 flags. If the time limit expires the winning team is the one which controls the most flags.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Meet the Buddhas (Beta 1)

03.07.2005 : 18:00

Dualobjective-Map von fidel castro. Dem Gegner muß das Gold gestohlen und zur eigenen Basis gebracht werden.

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ET-Mod: ET Domination (vormals Powerball)

03.07.2005 : 17:09
Lanz gibt bekannt, dass die Veröffentlichung eines neuen Updates von ET-Domination (vormals Powerball) kurz bevorsteht.
Einen Changelog gibt es leider nicht.
Die Mod wird aber über einen neuen Gamemode verfügen: CTF

ET Powerball

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.231 Beta

07.08.2005 : 14:56

Omni-Bot wurde in Version 0.231 Beta veröffentlicht.

-[ Download ''Omni-Bot 0.231 Beta'' ]-

Another small update to address some of the major issues some people are having.

Fixed another invisible waypoint bug.
Fixed maps crashing with "G_Spawn: no free entities" error
Tweaked aiming a bit

Fixed bots shooting at unbuilt MG42s

Omni-Bot Official Website