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ET-Skinpack: Flecktarn (Final)

15.05.2005 : 18:19
Kleines Skinpack das die Achsenmächte in Flecktarn-Uniformen steckt. Es enthält keine Configs oder Scripts und kann daher ohne weiteres auf ETpro-Servern laufen da es nicht automatisch zum Client heruntergeladen wird.

-[ Download ''Flecktarn'' ]-

Click the thumbnails for an larger size:

Mapping-Tool: Arena Editor for RtCW and ET

15.05.2005 : 02:44
Dieses Tool dürfte nur für Mapper von Interesse sein. Der ''Arena Editor'' von Hitman unterstützt ET und RtCW.

-[ Download Arena Editor'' ]-
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Tool: Q3E Minimizer 1.45

12.05.2005 : 01:04
Der Quake 3 Engine Minimizer soll nahezu jedes Spiel das auf dieser Engine beruht Minimieren können.
Unterstützt werden unter anderem auch ET und RtCW.

-[ Download ''Q3E Minimizer 1.45'' ]-
Forenpost von StarHawK

ET-Map: Dawnville (Final)

26.05.2005 : 18:53

April 1943. The Axis must have stored gold in the city of Dawnville. The allieds want it back, so they have to capture the city of Dawnville. Allieds have to pay attention and the Axis must protect the gold at all costs! Good Luck, Soldier...

| Servers running this Map

ET-Tool: ET-Buddies 0.25

19.12.2005 : 19:32

Mit ET-Buddies findet man Freunde die sich gerade auf Servern aufhalten. Ausserdem beinhaltet es einen Serverbrowser mit Filter. Leider funktioniert es nur unter Windows 2000 / XP.
Nach Aussage des Autors von "ET-Buddies" wird dies wohl die letzte Version des Tools sein, da er nicht mehr genügend Zeit aufbringen kann.

-[ Download ''ET-Buddies 0.25'' ]-


  • IP localisation
  • Custom filters modification
  • Added some options
  • Filter edition is now possible
  • Number of simultaneous connections now computed from connection of the user
  • You can associate a password to a server
  • RCon administration of a server
  • All users files such as buddies are now saved after each modification
  • Added some informations on Server Info dialog
| ET-Buddies Homepage

ETF 1.4 am Montag und Change Log

11.05.2005 : 11:36

Am Montag, dem 16.05.2005 soll die Version 1.4 von ETFortress erscheinen.

1.3 - 1.4 Change Log:

Code / Gameplay / GUI

  • Fixed demo list to include both dm_83 and dm_84
  • demo filenames no longer uppercased
  • Server browser now only shows servers that run your version of ETF
  • Server browser includes player list (name, score, ping) for selected server
  • New effects for flash grenade and HE charge
  • Quad glow (size & colour) around weapons & missiles fixed
  • Burninate the weapon you’re holding
  • fixed long timestamps in log messages being overwritten
  • removed " was gunned down by " MOD_SHOTGUN death message (was duplicate)
  • sentrygun new idles during ceasefire
  • kicks through vote and admin menu now uses client id internally (operates through clientkick)
  • fixed admin match menu


- no longer able to take ball into "out" room
- Juiced now gives 1 grenade

- Duplicate packs no longer happen
- Resupply moved to the left
- Anti-grenade trigger on resupply activates when someone starts walking out

- Teamscore 50 happened on one control room det, but not the other. Removed.
- Flag now shows on HUD when you carry one

True Combat: Elite im Matrix-Style

09.05.2005 : 18:39

Auf der Page der W1ld-GamerZ sind zwei vielversprechende offizielle Bilder aufgetaucht. Leider gibt es keine nähere Beschreibung wann und wo diese Figuren im Spiel eingesetzt werden.


ET-Soundpack 1.0

09.05.2005 : 18:30
Kleine zusammenstellung von Sounds aus anderen Paketen, von Ag3nte007 zu einem neuen Soundpack verarbeitet.

-[ Download Soundpack 1.0 ]-

Geändert werden folgende Sounds:
Music: Allies Win, Axis Win, Menu Background
Player: Fall down, Walk, Grenade throw
Weapon: All weapons execpt the Airstrike and Artillery (include Browning), Seconds of the grenade/dynamite
Vehicles: Tank
Ambient: Break Glass, War in Background
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Mod: A good small Update

09.05.2005 : 17:42
Der Mod von Miguel Nunes ersetzt einige der vorkommenden Texturen in ET um dem Spiel mehr Realismus zu geben. Erfreulicherweise wurde bei diesem Mod auf den Einsatz von Scripten verzichtet, was bei Servern unter ETpro dem Spieler das jeweilige Pack aufzwingt.

Vorgenommene Änderungen:
Smoke textures, Sunflare textures, Foot Shadow texture, Battery Walls textures, Egypt carpet textures, Egypt floor textures, PostGuard wood textures, Box textures, Nightsky textures, FuelDump tunel ground textures, Goldrush office wall textures, Some glass textures, Siwa sun textures, Added some nice textures to existing doors, Some more exterior wall textures.

-[ Download ''AGSU'' ]-

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Tobruk (Beta 1)

09.05.2005 : 17:40

Kleine Map von pa5t1s. Ansatzweise gut, aber leider noch zu verbuggt um auf einem Server laufen zu können.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: MO Decerto (Beta 2)

09.05.2005 : 17:41

Die Map von Ifurita beinhaltet vier Arenen die für 1vs1 und 2vs2 ausgelegt sind. Unterstützt werden Stopwatch, Objective und Campaign.

Find a duel partner and choose an arena; Stand in the staging area, and activate the panel to ready up; Once the second player readies up (or you ready up a second time) the combatants will be teleported into the arena; If you are a solo player, you will need to wait 5 seconds before

readying up a second time; Once all players leave an arena, the staging area will reset.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: Noobmod Beta 1 ist erschienen

08.05.2005 : 20:23
Soeben habe ich die Beta 1 von meinem Noobmod freigegeben. Informationen sowie der Download sind unter der Noobmod-Homepage zu finden.

Der Mod läuft auf unserem Transmitter Server unter:

Bitte beachtet, es handelt sich um die erste Beta. Bugs sind also keineswegs ausgeschlossen.

Fragen oder Feedback zum Mod können gerne hier im ET-Mod-Forum gepostet werden.

-[ Noobmod-Homepage ]-

-[ Download Noobmod ]-

-[ ET-Mod-Forum ]-


ETpro 3.1.14 Public Beta erschienen

07.05.2005 : 00:18
Heute ist die Public Beta 3.1.14 von ETPro erschienen. Sie wird in Kürze auf unserem Server: laufen.

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.1.14'' ]-

Bug / cheat fixes 3.1.14:

  • cg_etVersion was wrong
  • framerate optimizations
  • +left/+right re-enabled
  • tjl saving/loading fixed (and is now x86/ppc cross-compatible)
  • building-mg42-eats-dynamite bug fixed (eg on radar)
  • b_wolfrof matches rtcw thompson exactly now (3600ms to empty clip @ rtcw 333fps)

New features:
  • b_helmetprotection (default 1) to enable/disable helmet damage reduction
  • b_locationMaxChars (default 15) controls max length of location names in fireteam
Thread im ETPro Forum

ET-Map: Duplex Towers (Final)

05.05.2005 : 05:01

The year is 1942 and Europe is besieged by war. The Axis has defeated most of Europe. Somewhere in no-man's-land, at the centre of power, the Allies are required to frenetically defend two highly significant installations, the so called Duplex Towers. The Axis war-machine is forced to redefined perfection in order to destroy these heavily defended structures. Will the Axis succeed and dynamite the Duplex Towers? Only one thing is for sure: The amplified adrenaline-pumping mayhem
and intense mind-blowing action will destroy the human psyche among both Axis and Allied troops. Are you strong enough to fight at the Duplex Towers? The map has a very simple design. The two towers are situated on top of a mountain. The Axis (attackers) are spawning at the bottom of the slopes. Note: The Axis may spawn at two different locations, at equal distance to the towers. Go to Limbo menu to switch spawn-location. The Allies (who are defending) are spawning at the top of the mountain, close to the towers. They have two spawning locations, at equal distance to the towers, just like the Axis. The fact that each team has two potential spawning locations will reduce the risk of air-strike spamming. Landmines, mortar and air-strikes are enabled. Air-strikes are disabled over the two towers. Air-strikes are also disabled over both the Axis and Allied spawn-locations. Landmines cannot be placed on rocky terrain.

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ET-TC: Offizielles Ende von "Annihilation"

04.05.2005 : 21:55
Danyboy hat auf der Annihilation Homepage das offizielle Ende der Mod bekannt gegeben:

Farewell to all.....

As you are all aware this mod has now curled up and died.

It was a fantastic project while it lasted and it's a shame not to see at least the Commander class not being brought about - though I hear that Battlefield 2 will be creating a similar class. A shame also that the new weapons will never be seen: MG34s and BARs.

Anyhoo - I would like to thank everyone on the team (Kalifa did a pretty good job with what he had) And also a thank you to all the fans (yes we did have some!). A little glance at the hit counter says: 39,000 which i find very impressive. Cheers for all your support.

Lastly thanks to PlanetQuake & PlanetWolfenstein for the hosting, bandwidth and support over the years.

The site will be taken down sometime soon - if I can remember the ftp address :S Oh and keep a look out for a Doom3 mod Doom 3: 2D

Annihilation::Fog Over Europe

ET-Map: Oil Raid (Final)

03.05.2005 : 23:28

Control over the city of Al Dawda means control over the oil in the region. The Axis are defending the city against the Allied raiders. Allies have to escort the tank to blow up the main gate and advance into the city. They have to dynamite the depot gate or run the train into it. Then grab the fuze and take it to the detonator. An engineer has to activate the detonator. And yes, you guessed right, the axis are trying to prevent all that.

ET-Maps | sweRTCW | Icarions ET
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ET-Bot: Omni-Bot Progress Update

03.05.2005 : 19:26

DrEvil hat eine News zu den Fortschritten des Omni-Bots veröffentlicht:

Progress Update

We're still around and working hard on next release.

I've posted an update on the Development Forum that gives an in-depth update on progress toward the next release. It includes alot of scripting functionality, news on the linux version, and some general status updates.

After the linux release there will be more frequent releases. It is very important to us to get the linux version out ASAP and Magik has been doing an excellent job on that front. I have been putting off a new release until the linux version is ready, which will be very soon. Afterwards, releases should be every 1-2 weeks at most. We both prefer more frequent smaller releases instead of large releases with months in between. It tends to keep interest up. Anyways, check out the development update for more info.

Omni-Bot Official Website

RtCW-TC: DeGeneration Patch 1.1 in Arbeit

30.04.2005 : 02:57

Momentan Arbeitet das Team um DeGeneration an einem Patch um die Bugs aus der Version 1.0 zu beseitigen.

''We're currently working on a 1.1 patch for DG to clear up any outstanding bugs. We figured while we were doing that why not add a couple features we wanted to get into 1.0.

Also we're in the process of setting up stats on our servers. Once we do we probably going to setup a little tourney. Most likely it'll be 1 on 1 DM and if that works out we'll do a 2 on 2 DM.''

ET-TC: TC:Elite: What is real and what is not?

29.04.2005 : 22:03

Auf der WIP-Seite der TrueCombat: Elite Mod gibt es drei InGame-Screenshots.
Die Screenshots wurden nicht mit einem Bildbearbeitungsprogramm manipuliert.


ET-Map: Generator (Beta 3)

31.03.2006 : 11:03

In der Map von Hitman007 müssen die Alliierten sich ihren Weg mit der Seilbahn über einen Fluß bahnen um schließlich in der Basis der Achsenmächte einen Generator zu zerstören.

| Hitman 007 sucht den Superserver!

28.04.2005 : 12:37
Das Konzept der Aktion "PWSDSS" steht mittlerweile fest. Bewertet wird nach folgenden Kriterien:

» Servername | 5%
» MotD, Banner | 5%
» Aktivität | 25%
» Skill, Atmo | 5%
» Serversettings | 20%
» Erreichbarkeit der Admins | 10%
» Pings | 30%

Wer seinen Server an der Aktion teilhaben lassen möchte, kann ganz Einfach ein Berwerbungsformular ausfüllen.
| Komplette News

ETpro 3.1.13 Public Beta erschienen

28.04.2005 : 11:44
Heute ist die Public Beta 3.1.13 von ETPro erschienen. Sie befindet sich schon auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.1.13'' ]-

Bug / cheat fixes 3.1.13:

  • server crash bug fixed
  • clientkick / kick would sometimes kick the wrong player
  • ref menu 'XP SHUFFLE NO RESTART' callvoted by mistake
  • pause exploit fixed (flying revived players)
  • log dynamite plant/defuse, objective steal/return and announcements
  • b_wolfrof corrected to match rtcw's mp40 rof
Thread im ETPro Forum

ET-Map: Castellum (Final)

14.04.2006 : 20:44

Allied force are attempting to break into the castle and steal the gold crates.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Todesmärz (Final)

27.04.2005 : 10:07

Allies and Axis forces have come to the end of the campaign in Africa, both must keep their Radio transmitters functioning to call in reinforcements, failure could mean certain defeat. -DeatH

Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Special Delivery 2 (Final)

27.04.2005 : 00:11

Die Map von Apple und GW wurde speziell für Stopwatch-Turniere entwickelt. Die Alliierten müssen davon abgehalten werden zwei Goldkisten aus dem Lagerhaus zu entwenden.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: mp_Rocket ET (Alpha 1)

26.04.2005 : 00:34

Umsetzung der RtCW-Map nach ET von thefreak.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: La Rochelle (Beta 2)

26.05.2005 : 02:56

The US 8th Air Force has failed to take the heavily fortified U-Boat pens at La Rochelle out of the war so the Resistance has smuggled a strike team into the base to destroy the target from the inside. The team must take the crane control module from the loading docks to the control room on the middle platform, use the crane to transfer explosives from a munitions train to the submarine, and use them to destroy the two submarines inside.

| Servers running this Map

Community: TC:E Community Site

25.04.2005 : 19:13

Eine neue Community Seite rund um die Mod TC:Elite wurde gelauncht.
Die Seite bietet folgendes:

TC:E Resources on this site are as follows:
  • Detailed weapons page featuring pictures and descriptions
  • Map walkthroughs of the official TCE maps
  • Collage of current player model skins
  • Easy to navigate download links
  • Indepth support guide
  • HUD legend and guide
  • Much more to come!
Our Community Site offers the following:
  • Close knit forum for TC:E discussion
  • Interactive photo gallery
  • North American server listing
  • Page supporting 3rd party maps from NA mappers
  • Constantly growing link list of NA clan sites
  • Much more!
True Combat Elite::North America

ETpro 3.1.12 für ET 2.60 erschienen

25.04.2005 : 14:48
Heute ist endlich die neue, ET 2.60 kompatible, Public Beta 3.1.12 von ETPro erschienen. Sie befindet sich schon auf unserem Server: Der PB ist dort somit auch wieder abgeschaltet.

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.1.12'' ]-

Bug / cheat fixes 3.1.12:

  • cg_autoaction was broken for screenshots
  • opentimerinput doesnt get mouse focus
  • enemy wounded could block team wounded for revive
  • ref surrender menu callvoted by mistake
  • cg_teamchatsonly didnt ignore public chats
  • shuffleteamsxp_norestart was missing from vote menu
  • fireteam objective icon was misaligned slightly
  • cl_language could cause garbage translations
  • inviteall tried to invite players already on a fireteam
  • etpro unlagged accuracy increased
  • all weapon rof / overheat are now completely fps independent
  • b_fallingbugfix 1 no longer ignores fake brushes
  • fireteam objective icon now obeys b_fireteamAlpha
  • oasis script fixed (remove end of round delay after destroying both guns)
  • location names didn't reset color in chats
  • wounded covops could steal uniforms if close enough
  • bloodtrail crash/hang fixed
  • corpses could be "shot" after players tapped out
  • cg_teamchatsonly incorrectly filtered fireteam chats
Thread im ETPro Forum

ET-Map: Airstrip 2 ET (Final)

25.04.2005 : 08:10

Umsetzung der RtCW-Map Airstrip2 von Rummie durch LowLife und Herpie. Die Achsenmächte müssen die Turmkontrollen und die beiden Flak's vor den Alliierten verteidigen.

| Servers running this Map