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ET-Tool: ET mIRC Addon 0.1

25.04.2005 : 07:43
SlycE hat ein mIRC-Skript veröffentlicht.

Seine Funktionen:

  • An Enemy Territory angelehnte slap Befehle (zur Zeit 9 Stück)
  • Funktion zum Joinen von definierten ET-Channels im Quakenet mit einem Mausklick
  • 6on6 oder 3on3 Search-Message in alle Chans senden (Angabe von Skill und Zeit etc möglich)
  • Ersetzen von allen ingame Voice Befehlen (v14 -> Incoming!)

-[ Download ]-
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ET-Mod: Jaymod 1.4 Beta 6

28.08.2005 : 11:29
jaybird hat Version 1.4 Beta 6 seiner Jaymod veröffentlicht.
Eine serverseitige Mod, die Shrub-Features implementiert.

  • Added poison syringes.
  • Changed adrenaline sharing. You now use your adrenaline needle (alt fire) to share with teammates.
  • Improved fireteam support. Expanded them to 9 members, and made the select all button really select all fireteam members.
  • Improved playdead. It is now shared client-side, so you can see your health deplete as you are shot while playing dead.
  • Changed realhead support. When not enabled, it no longer requires the download of the effective skins.
  • Re-added Omni-bot support.
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Planet Wolfenstein
| Jaymod ET Mod

WolfMap sagt Danke

26.04.2005 : 12:36

Wir möchten uns auf diesem Weg bei folgenden Seiten bedanken die uns mit einer News über unseren Hosterwechsel unterstützt haben:

Update: Es waren doch ein paar mehr Seiten die eine News darüber hatten, aber im Umzugsstreß vergessen wurden aufzuzählen.

ET-Map: Atom (Beta 1)

22.04.2005 : 12:55

It's 1944. A pilot transporting the Allies blueprints for the Atomic Bomb has been shot down over Germany. The plans now lie in the hands of the Axis forces, deep in a remote facility. An elite Axis unit has been sent to the facility and pick up the plans and transport them directly to the Leader himself. The Allies must not let the plans slip away.

Wolfenstein Files
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RtCW & ET-Tool: X-Loader 3

21.04.2005 : 11:06
This program was created out of the necessity to have a program that would load the game, fix the PID files, and minimize the game when needed. It was also created for people that don’t need the extra fluff of All Seeing Eye and other server spy programs, it just stores the server you entered with a comment and loads it when you want to play that server.

-[ Download ''X-Loader 3'' ]-

  • RtCW & ET loader program
  • Automatically fixes the pid issue
  • ET Version selector built in (user selects the version when adding or editing a server)
  • Quick menu access to run pbweb for et
  • One key minimize of ET or Wolf
  • Quick menu items to copy server information to the clipboard for quick pasting to friends
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: MLB Egypt (Final)

21.04.2005 : 02:48

Axis attack on this map. They spawn in a wooden hut built on the river of a canyon. They have a boat to repair and escort along the river, going along ruins and borken pieces of architecture. In addition to this, they can use an underground tunnel that goes all along the river bed, providng an alternate sheltered access to the objectives. Along one of the river bends, allies have a damaged flood gate to hold. Axis have to escort the boat to the flood gate, repair the
generator that drives the gates and toggle the levers to open the gates, let the boat in, flood the gate then open the upper exit Once the flood gate has been passed by the boat, Axis get a new spawn in that area. The boat then starts the last section up the river, going by a town in ruins before reaching the temple entrance. It finally stops, rotates it's gun and breaches the temple main entrance. The boat is now no longer necessary... Axis will now have to access the main pyramid entrance. They have another door to dynamite to get there before having to get hold of a box of shells, build a gun, load the shells on the gun and breach the pyramid entrance... The next step takes place indoors. While allies attempt to hold the door leading to the sarcophage room, axis fight their way in the pyramid tunnels, using every path they can to reach the objective The path to the objective room is large and short, meaning axis forces easily invade the area. On the other hand, after having stolen the gold from the sarcophage room, they have to return it to the woodden barracks where they initially spawned at. Being unable to walk all the way back to the boat and down the river again, they have to breach the allied barricades to escape directly through the ruins protruding over the canyon.

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ETF-Map: Frontline

21.04.2005 : 01:01
This is an Offense vs. Defense map. If you join blue team, try to capture the flag. If you join red team, try to protect the flag. This map really shouldn't be played with more than 3 or 4 people per team or it turns into a spam fest. - XenoGenic

= Download =

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ET-TC: TC:E Maps, Code und Mac Update

20.04.2005 : 21:57

Es gibt wieder Neuigkeiten von TCElite.
Die bisherigen Änderungen wurden erfolgreich in den V 2.60 Sourcecode integriert.
Es wurden auch schon Testbuilds der Mac Files erstellt.
Liquid, HellOnStage und Jace arbeiten an Maps und Mapmodellen.
In der deutschen PC-Action und in der englischen PC Zone sind Berichte über TCE erschienen.

News update: Maps, Code and Mac Update

A lot has changed since our last news post with the new ET version 2.60 being released along with a new Mac Client as well as several public reviews’s being printed in some highly respected gaming magazines.

We have successfully merged TC:E with the new 2.60 source. This will enable us to harness even more of the ET engine as well as its new features. Some of which you which are truly amazing. A question that is on quite few people’s lips is the Mac port.

We are several steps further with this as Tier has been working on it. We have successfully test built the files needed for a Mac using the older 2.56 version of ET and is just being handed the new 2.60 version. So its completion is drawing ever nearer.

Liquid, HellOnStage and Jace have been frantically working on maps and map models. Some of which are posted below. The whole team have also been working tirelessly to get TC:E to use real world geometry. This means that everything should look and feel the right scale. Obviously not forgetting the high-res textures being made. Don’t forget to take a look at our new WIP (Work In Progress) page where you will find some WIP shots of a familiar map to some.

Last but no means least the TC:E has featured in some very high profiled magazines. These include PC Zone, UK and PC Action, Germany. Both magazines have done a really good review and included TC:E on the respective DVDs.



ET-Map: MLB Hotchkiss (Final)

20.04.2005 : 14:54

Created in 1871, the Hotchkiss company was designed from the very start to produce weaponry. In 1939, it had extended it's market to machine guns, tank & cannon shells but also cars & military vehicles. This map takes place around the Saint-Denis Hotchkiss Factory, near Paris, where intensive production of several weapons had started to prepare for the german invasion. When making this map, we decided to alter the scenario a little and use the Hotchkiss Factory for a secret
missile prototype that the French would be setting up in order to knock the german Blitzkrieg strategy out. It all takes place when Axis invade France, and are arriving near the Hotchkiss factory which has already been severrely bombed by their Luftwaffe. The Axis assault squad mission is to infiltrate the Factory and retrieve a prototype of the missile before allies destroy the few models still remaining.

Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Map: MLB Carnage Canyon (Final)

20.04.2005 : 14:42

Allies attack on this map. They spawn on landing crafts and have to make their way up the canyon to the 'No Man's Land' area. Lowlife added a back path in the mountains to avoid the canyon congestions with artillery and airstrikes, provding allies with a secured back path that takes them above the main canyon bunkers. The trenches flag has been moved to a side bunker, avoiding the huge spawn killing which was a major issue in the previous versions of the map. After having
captured the trenches, allies will have to head to the axis base where a radio beacon has to be set up. Once constructed, the B-17 Bob made flies up the canyon, drops a bomb and breaches the bay doors to the underground basement of the map. From that moment, allies gain a permanent spawn in the basement and axis forces are pushed back to the final objective, a sea battery. The battery access is protected by a massive gate which is locked with a magnetic seal. The only way to get past it is to destroy the power generator located in the basement. The battery only lies a few feet away.

Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Map: MLB D-Day (Final)

20.04.2005 : 13:33

Allies attack on this map. They spawn on landing crafts and have to make their way up the beach. They have 3 different ways into the enemy base: a side door that leads to a bunker with a forward spawn flag inside it, a main gate located below an mg42 gun nest and a damaged wall that can be breached with dynamite. Once the flag is captured, both teams spawn in the outdoor section of the axis base. Then they have to fight their way indoors to the war room where the secret
documents are stored. If the allies get hold of the documents, they have to take them back to the beach to transmit them.

Wolfenstein Files
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ET-Coverage: wieder online

19.04.2005 : 21:29

Die Seite rund um ETTV-Übertragungen,, ist nach einer Überarbeitung wieder online.


Welcome to the new (and improved) Alongside a host of new features, the site now boasts a cleaner, friendlier interface that makes grabbing the ET coverage you need simple. Matches from some of the scene's biggest ladders and cups are frequently added, giving an impressive list of ETTV servers for your enjoyment. Links to such community sites as and eyeon-eSports have been setup to ensure you are never out of the loop.

While the core of the improvement in the site isnt directly noticeable, frequent users will see vast increases in efficiency. Matches are not only displayed to view on the website, but upcoming broadcasts are delivered to many top community sites for ultimate coverage.

For most of you, is a familiar site. For those of you who have yet to bathe in enjoyment that is ETTV, prepare to be amazed.

Enjoy the new site! Dont forget that updates will appear first on our Quakenet channel

Wartungsarbeiten am kommenden Freitag

20.04.2005 : 13:00
Ich wurde von unserem Hoster informiert das am Freitag den 22.04. ab 18 Uhr Wartungsarbeiten am Server vorgenommen werden. Während dieser Zeit wird auch die Wolfmap Webseite nicht zur Verfügung stehen.

Die Gameserver sowie der TS Server sind davon allerdings nicht betroffen.

ET-Mod: ETpub 0.4.3 veröffentlicht

27.04.2005 : 22:33
Das Modteam um tjw hat den ETPub-Mod in Version 0.4.3 veröffentlicht.

ETPub 0.4.3 is released! This release contains so many new features, it's hard to do this release justice in this short feature list:
  • Merged 2.60 Enemy Territory Source code
  • A Macintosh build is included in this release
  • Added poison needles!!!
  • Improved hitboxes and antilag
  • More shrub commands implemented: !lol, !launch/!launcha, !fling/!flinga, !throw/!throwa, !reset, !restart, !pip/!pop
  • Improved goomba kill functionality
  • Configurable ammo and health cabinet recharge times
  • Many more features, adjustments and bug fixes!

-[ kompletter ChangeLog ]-

-[ Download ]-


ET-Mod: baconET 2.1.6

10.05.2005 : 13:58
-bacon- hat eine neue Version (V 2.1.6) seiner Mod veröffentlicht.

Extract all 3 archives to a folder called baconet in your et root.
    • XP can be disabled, Q3/RTCW scoring is done when XP is disabled (cvar: b_disableXP).
    • XP can be awarded for damage given (cvar: b_damageXP).
    • Players can receive 3xp if another player /kill's in battle (cvar: b_damageXP).
    • Level4 soldiers can have their smg in weaponbank 2 or 3 (cvar: cb_smgSlot).
    • Falloff distance can be turned off (cvar: b_modifier).
    • Added a better shuffle algorithm and map restarting can be disabled (cvar: b_shuffle).
    • Fixed some abnormalities with team deathmatch.
    • Changed "Highest Fragger" award to "Best Fragger" and changed it to most damage given instead of most kills.
    • Fixed several issues with linux binaries.
    • Spectators can no longer hear when a covert ops spots a landmine.
    • Fixed tripmine wire colours (i.e. they're now red for axis tripmines and blue for allied tripmines).
    • Enabled the special command (cvar: b_special).
    • Fixed the bug where panzerfausts would change to pistol after shooting with level 4 heavy weapons.
    • Fixed a bug where allied soldiers could spawn with the MP40.
    • Fixed a bug where medics could only use the syringe when b_steal was set to 1.
    • Fixed a bug where the console would spam about the Axis team reaching the fraglimit.

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-[ Download ]-

SD Foren Thread

ETF-Map: Genders 1.0

18.04.2005 : 19:47
Welc hat eine weitere Map namens "etf_genders" für ETF portiert.
Das Original "Genders2" stammt von J.Killer.

= Download =


| Servers running this Map

ETFortress 1.3 Linux Full Download Fixed

18.04.2005 : 19:24

In einer News hat LaVaGoD mitgeteilt, dass der Linux V 1.3 Full Installer nach einem Problem gefixt wurde.

1.3 Linux Full Download Fixed

We encountered an issue with the Linux 1.3 full installer and have fixed the problem and updated our file section with the fixed file. If you had any problems with the linux full installer then we ask you to please try and download the fixed file from one of our mirrors in the file section.

The md5 for the correct Linux full is: 67a327d265e3f4e7d1d4a25b43f3d53c *

The other md5's are: 77ecec420692920001ad0763ef69e01e *etf13_install.exe 4edebfcc892584f0218ac1e22e74390d *etf13_update.exe b6188af581d381964a506f07120e9496 *

-[ File Sektion @ ETF ]-
ETF - Power Through Teamplay

ET-Bot: Probleme mit ETF 1.3 und Omni-Bot

18.04.2005 : 19:14

DrEvil warnt auf der Omni-Bot Homepage davor, den Omni-Bot für ETF V 1.3 upzudaten.

ETF 1.3 Warning

Just wanted to post a warning to bot users.

DO NOT install Omni-bot over a previous installation of the new ETF 1.3 that was released on Friday. If you do, it will mess up your game, and you will need to reinstall ETF 1.3 to get the correct dlls. The server dll included with Omni-bot is for version 1.2. Also DO NOT run the Omni-bot updater for the same reason. I'm going as fast as I can to release a new bot update.

Also, ETF 1.3 installs the bot to the ET folder because I wasn't able to finish a silent installer for them to use. If you want, you can safely move the bot files from the ET folder to where you previously installed Omni-bot.

Omni-Bot Official Website

ET-Mod: ET-Update Mod - A New Generation

17.04.2005 : 21:39
Es gibt ein neues Update der ET-Update Mod.
MiguelNunes hat eine "A New Generation"-Version veröffentlicht.

-[ Download @ Wolfenstein Files ]-


Wolfenstein Files

ET-Contest: ET Wallpaper Contest

17.04.2005 : 18:58

Nail hat auf der Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory-Resource Site einen Wallpaper Contest gestartet.
Nackte Mädels mit einem ET-Logo sind nicht erlaubt.
Clan Wallpapers hingegen schon.


-[ ]-
Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory-Resource Site

Willkommen auf der neuen WolfMap-Seite!

16.04.2005 : 17:47

Wir haben den Hoster gewechselt um unsere Seite für die Community noch attraktiver gestalten zu können. Der Wechsel gibt uns nun wieder die möglichkeit auf Euere Wünsche und Anregungen zu reagieren.

Unsere Filebase wird in Absehbarer Zeit wieder vollständig hergestellt werden und, so wie es sich gehört, stehen Euch die Files ohne nervende Wartezeit und mit sehr hoher Bandbreite zum kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung.

An unseren Gameservern hat sich nichts geändert. Der Aktuelle Status lässt sich wieder wie gehabt unter Community/Gameserver einsehen.

Ausserdem erwartet Euch ein neues und sauber gestaltetes Forum von und für Wolfenstein-Zocker.

We changed the host to make the site for the community more attractive. The change give's us the possibility to react to your wishes and suggestions.

Our filebase will in near future completley reconstructed and, how everyone likes it, the files are available without annoying waiting time and with very high bandwith for free download.

Nothing changed with our gameservers, the actual status can now again seen under Community/Gameserver.

Last but not least is a new and fresh forum installed (now it supports the english language) from and for Wolfenstein-Players.