ET-Map: Sowertider (RC)

25.08.2009 : 00:29

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Deprive the gold bars of the enemy team, and carry it to the storage place of your team. And prevent an enemy team from the gold bars of your team being deprived.

Changes from Beta to RC:

  • Chain shortened, and add a sniper spot
  • Wormhole trigger replaced by some kind of button, makes it usable for covert ops.
  • Corrected few textures
  • modified a texture to fit the shadow
  • Improved vis a little bit
  • add Portals .. evil planes
  • Fixed various text informations ingame
  • Exchanged sky by original tga's from amethyst
  • improved lighting
  • fixed bug with the statue on map restart
  • fixed bugs with wormholes
  • modified sounds
  • news add

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