How to: Create and run a campaign

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This is a simple walkthrough for creating a campaign of maps and installing it on a server.

A campaign basicly have 3 components

  • A campaign file
  • A campaign config
  • a entry in server-config to execute the campaign config

First you have to setup the campaign. Surely, you could do that manually, but I prefer the easier way: Our campaign creator

Register, if not done yet, login and create a new campaign (use the button ;) )
Adjust the campaign-data to your needings and use the "save changes" button.
Now you`re able to edit the campaign maps.

Select the maps in the dropdown fields. After you have done this, create the files by clicking the button.

Now you have to download the generated File-Pack (rightclick to save it)

Unzip the filepack und you get 3 folders:
  • cfg

Containin the campaigncycle.cfg
This config is needed to start the campaign. Unfortunaly some mods differ from the standard to place this cfg-file into the servers etmain folder.
So, if you use for example etnam, place the config into the mod-folder
If it wouldn`t work, copy it to etmain and the mod directory ;)

  • filelist

This folder contains a textfile, which shows all additional pk3-files, needed to run this campaign. Place the pk3 files in your servers etmain folder

A second file called linklist.txt is included, which stores all the download-links from wolffiles in case you didn`t own the neccessary map pk3-files

  • output

This folder contains you campaign-pk3 file.
Place this into your mod directory (when you use no mod o.c. etmain)

Last but no least, you have the server to execute the campaigncycle.cfg

Edit your server config so that it fits
exec campaigncycle.cfg

set com_watchdog_cmd "exec campaigncycle.cfg"

If you start the server, the campaign shut be started.

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