8 years Enemy Territory

Today, our favorite game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory celebrates the 8th birthday.

Many server were born, many died in the meantime.
Some facts:
  • Over 2000 custom maps were made (1910 available at wolffiles)
  • More than 2000 server still running
  • ET was 2007 game of the year, 4 years after release
  • A hugh number of mods were released (and still some are under development)

So, happy birthday ET

Aus/Ein-klappen On our own behalf

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# 2 von Rippchen
na herzlichen glückwunsch. ET war das beste spiel aller zeiten, es wurde nur durch die eigene community versaut.

# 1 von macbeth
yes happy birthday ET but it is dying slowly and too many servers with bots and cheaters around these days :(

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