ET: ETlinuxOS

Diabolos from Gate to Hell Clan released a awesome package!


A linux distribution, espacially made for ET from ET players!

We are pleased that we can publish today ETlinuxOS. ETlinuxOS is an operating system
from ET players for ET players. This OS is based on the Xubuntu Linux distribution. We want to ETlinuxOS
ET players respond, use whatever they have on Linux or Windows users are who like to try Linux
want. In ETlinuxOS ET comes pre-installed. That is, after installing the operating system and
of the video driver is ready to go ET. Just start the game and create a profile and connect to a Server. Alternatively, you can also add their favorite server to the Game Server Browser XQF,
which is also the team is about and connect XQF.

Software by Default on ETlinuxOS

- The Game Enemy Territory
- Gameserverbrowser XQF
- Webbrowser Firefox 4
- Email Client Thunderbird
- Chatclient Pidgin
- IRC Client XChat
- CD/DVD Burning Brasero
- Media Player VLC
- Filebrowser Thunar und Nautilus

Download this great distribution here

Source: GTH-Clan

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# 1 von Gast
Trotz dass ich es auf eine leere Festplatte installiert habe hats mein Windows,welches auf meiner Hautplatte installiert ist,gecrasht und ich durfte alles neu machen.
Und ETlinuxOS lief auch nicht.
Von DVD starten funktioniert zwar aber Enemy Terri

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