ET Tool: Set Affinity Version 1.4

A new tool was released, to automatically set CPU affinity to the ET process within Windows


Make sure that this file resides inside your Enemy Territory directory

Default: C:/Program Files/Enemy Territory

Updates (28th Jan 2011)
* ET Affinity now supports other applications(v1.4).
* ET Affinity now makes Enemy Territory an important process.
* ET Affinity now forces ET to start quicker.
* ET Affinity now supports up to 32 core processors.
* ET Affinity now features a new icon.
* ET Affinity now starts up quicker.
* ET Affinity had a problem with 31 cores, now fixed.(v1.4).
* Optimised code a bit more.
* Fixed form resize problem.
* App now has an icon.

Download the tool here


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