Wurzburg Radar Phx

= Würzburg Radar Phx =


This is a new and improved version of Würzburg radar, created by Pheonix.

= Storyline =

The Allies must break into the Würzburg radar base and steal the Axis secret code book in order to analyse and eventually disrupt all Axis transmissions in that area.

= Screenshots =

Changes from the Original Wurzburg Radar:

- Changed Weather Conditions
- Changed Primary Objective (removed radar parts, added secret documents)
- Added Bunker Door (for documents' room)
- Added Truck Race
- Added New Axis's spawn points in the abandoned villa


- Special thanks to Splash Damage for having released the source code of the original maps
- 2Bit and Avoc for the Breakout2 skybox
- Rayban for the new foliage models prefab

Download the new version HERE - botfiles included

Source - Desperados Gaming Clan - -|D|-Ray



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