LRS Drydock Sniper 2

= LRS Drydock Sniper 2 =


LoRenz presents his new Enemy Territory Sniper map - LRS Drydock Sniper 2

Hi all, this map is the sequel of Drydock 1. After the repairs in Drydock sniper 1, the two ships take to the sea, but theboth run aground and are stuck in the ice. You can not cross the ice in this map, the only thing to do is to choose your spot, and snipe. You can shoot down the airplane, it can kill the enemy if it crashes into them.

If you're feeling cold playing this map, it is normal, so, playing it in the summer can help :)

Thanks to all the mappers and players and all people that continue to believe in Wolf: ET.

Have fun!!!


Download the new map HERE

Source - Wolfenstein4ever


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