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31.01.2013 - 13:34:23

I play Et and we have been trying to find out the name of a map all we have got is a description of the map but no one can name the map we all know what it is but cannot think of the name of it. Please can you help us to name the map.
I have given you a brief description of the map from what we can all remember.

The allies attack build the CP , repair and steal the tank where they escort it through dark streets to blow the first gate then carry on to blow the second gate.
there are three ammo rooms inside the walled town which have to be blown.

on the outside of the first blown gate there is a what looks like a hay barn (think its fuel or box storage roof beams etc no sides) to the right of the gate and the road continues to the left
outside the second blown gate there is a pile of boxes in the middle of the courtyard that the tankgoes to to blow the gate, the tanks is then finished with except as a mg position

one ammo room just straight through the first blown gate
second one in a grave yard area with two gate ways into
third one in the far left corner of the walled area from the first blown gate or just go left from the second blown gate

spawn in a room behind tank depot area the cp is in the tank area
they then spawn in side the walled town once the allies have stolen the tank
in the grave yard area there is a mg that covers a vehicle that is to the left of the first blown gate on the inside


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02.02.2013 - 08:11:46

Hi Dragon71,

May you´re looking for Negoshk (Beta 2)
but i am not sure.

Maybe this post will help you

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