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Wolfenstein LiteServer Installer

28.08.2009 : 22:42
The Wolfenstein LiteServer comes with a server tool that will allow you to set all server variables, save server profiles, and then launch a server. The LiteServer installer will place a shortcut to this tool in your Start Menu.


--> Wolfenstein LiteServer Installer

In order to host an Internet server, the following ports must be open on your firewall and/or router:

UDP: 27733
UDP: 3074
UDP: 33060-33070

TCP: 3074

Wolfenstein doesn't support NAT traversal. If you are hosting a server through a router, you will need to enable DMZ. Please see your router documentation for information on how to enable this.

Wolfenstein Walkthrough & Cheats

28.08.2009 : 22:08
If you stuck in the singelplayer of Wolfenstein, check out the walktrough or try it with cheats if you only need a bit help.

--> Wolfenstein Walkthrough
--> Wolfenstein Cheats
Planet Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein MP Trickjumps

28.08.2009 : 21:59
stonecutter shows us trickjumps in the multiplayer of Wolfenstein. The jumps was made with WolfPro 0.1.

The Movie:

--> Watch at YouTube
--> Download at Megaupload
Palace Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein Smoother than RtCW/ET/Q3

26.08.2009 : 22:47
"This actually works. I know it's hard to believe, but it really does work. There is no jumpy FPS, split second freezes or anything. Feels exactly like the Q3 engine."

  • Turn on Threaded Optimization in the Nvidia/ATI control panel
  • Download WolfPro
  • Load WolfPro
  • Enter the following commands into the console:

com_unlock_maxFPS 125
com_unlock_timingMethod 0
com_unlock_safetyMargin 0.1
com_unlock_avgFrames 4
com_unlockFPS 1

Thanks: Wolfenstein Zone

Wolfenstein Komplettlösung

26.08.2009 : 22:22
Auf der Webseite von PC-Games gibt es mittlerweile eine Komplettlösung für den Singleplayer von Wolfenstein. Mehr als nur ein Walktrough, es wird einem ebenfalls verraten wo sich all die versteckten Gegenstände befinden.

--> Wolfenstein Komplettlösung
Tomacco via PM

Wolf-MP-Mod: Shrapmod v0.3

26.08.2009 : 09:33
The first released multiplayer mod for Wolfenstein, made by Shrap. A readme with all changes, fixes and "How to start the mod" is included.


--> Shrapmod v0.3

Thanks to: Adi.acN /

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.5

25.08.2009 : 19:11
Finally, the new No Quarter is released. This time it's really free of lags, it runs much smoother, no problems with PunkBuster, LUA is supported and ... well, the list of changes is big. To big for a news, please take a look here.


--> No Quarter 1.2.5

ET-Tool: ServerChecker v1.6.5

25.08.2009 : 17:00
Of course you know that problem: Your favorite Server has loaded the next map. You don't like that map and leave Enemy Territory for doing something else. Of course you like to rejoin you''re favorite server when he has loaded next map which you like.

Sometimes it can happen that you just forgot to look after it.

If you have KillhemAll's Server Checker that scenario is gone. You want to set a alarm for which reminds you when the nextmap has begun? No problem! Just add your favorite server to that small program turn on the alarm and you're ready.

ServerChecker checks your servers every 10s for map changing.


--> ServerChecker v1.6.5


  • Alarm for Server Map Change
  • G15 Support
  • One-Click Connect (over G15)
  • On-the-Fly Patch (over G15)
  • Auto-Patch when connecting to a server
  • Update functionality
  • Supporting et:// links (Splatterladder connect!)
  • much more

If you like this program, please give feedback at fragHunterz.ETcJay via E-Mail

Wolf-Stuff: Wolfenstein SP Cheats

25.08.2009 : 00:44
If the singleplayer of Wolfenstein is a bit to hard for you, or if you stuck, try to solve it with one of the builded-in cheats. All you have to do is to change your config a bit - no additional software is needed.

Along with this file, you get a small manual how to make the graphics a bit better and how to activate an alternative blood-effect.


--> Wolfenstein SP Cheats

ET-Map: Sowertider (RC)

25.08.2009 : 00:29

~ Download ~
Deprive the gold bars of the enemy team, and carry it to the storage place of your team. And prevent an enemy team from the gold bars of your team being deprived.

Changes from Beta to RC:

  • Chain shortened, and add a sniper spot
  • Wormhole trigger replaced by some kind of button, makes it usable for covert ops.
  • Corrected few textures
  • modified a texture to fit the shadow
  • Improved vis a little bit
  • add Portals .. evil planes
  • Fixed various text informations ingame
  • Exchanged sky by original tga's from amethyst
  • improved lighting
  • fixed bug with the statue on map restart
  • fixed bugs with wormholes
  • modified sounds
  • news add

Anon via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Barroca's Base (Beta 8)

25.08.2009 : 00:20

~ Download ~
The Allies must steal the gold, protected by the Axis forces.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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ET-Map: Goldrush by FOG (Beta 1)

25.08.2009 : 00:17

~ Download ~
The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in the Tobruk Central Bank. The Allies must steal an Axis Jagdpanther to blow the bank open, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Truck.

The version by FOG contains a few new rooms and elevators.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
| Servers running this Map

Wolf-Stuff: Wolfenstein HiRes Logos

25.08.2009 : 00:07
d3Xter of RtCW4ever! made a set of HiRes Wolfenstein logos.


--> Wolfenstein HiRes Logos

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.5 with CPU Affinity

24.08.2009 : 23:57
The NQ Development Team made a new option for Windows & Linux servers/clients:

Set The CPU Affinity

This is an option for people with multi-core processors. They can set the CPU-affinity of the game to a single core. By doing so, the game will not have so many cache-misses caused by the constant switching of cores that the game runs on. This will most likely make the game run faster on these multi-core processors.

The new cvar is called cpu_Affinity

The cvar uses a binary bitmask to choose the processor(s). Meaning values 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc...
Assigning a value 0 to it, disables affinity, so the game runs on all cores (again).
To set affinity to the 1st core, set cpu_Affinity to 1.
The 2nd core uses a value 2. The 3rd core is marked by a value 4 in the cvar.
You can also, if you really want to, set the affinity to a combination of processors: If you want to put the game on the 1st & 4th core, assign a value 9 (1+8).

RtCW-SP-Mod: Nomad's SP Package

24.08.2009 : 23:09
RtCW is still not dead. Nomad made a few pk3's to fix/change a bit the singleplayer part.


--> Nomad's SP Package

Changes & Fixes:

  • New texture for the notepad of the objectives
  • New tank firing sound
  • Fixed playermodel in the dam level (with and without helmet)
Wolfenstein Files still closed for germans

22.08.2009 : 15:56
The game is officially released in germany since yesterday, but if you visit from germany, you still get redirected to and you see nothing more than the old boring site like on the screenshot.

Avoc's Skyboxes

22.08.2009 : 15:40
Avoc released a couple of High Quality skyboxes for your mapping needs. Each has a size of 2048x2048 pixles.

- Arabian Nights
- Blue Clouds
- Heat
- Horizon
- Rufus
- Turbulent Blue
- Vanilla (2 versions)


--> High Quality Skyboxes

Wolf-Tool: Wolfenstein Tweaker v1.0.1

28.08.2009 : 22:05
With this application, you can tune a lot of game settings. Every settings has it's description, and most of them have pictures (soon), so you'll know exactly, which setting what does!

Download & Info:

--> Wolfenstein Tweaker v1.0.1
--> WolfTweaker Website

You'll need the .net Framework 3.5 (2.0 may be enough) to run this application!

Thanks to: Adi.acN /

Wolf-Tool: Wolfenstein Minimizer v0.9

20.08.2009 : 13:26
Login made a small minimizer for the new Wolfenstein and for W:ET. Simply press Alt+Z to minimize/restore the game.
More minimizers can be found on his site.


--> Wolfenstein Minimizer v0.9

Thanks to: Adi.acN /

ET-Map: NOD Temple v1.1

20.08.2009 : 12:56

~ Download ~
The brotherhood of NOD supports the Axis wtih a new weapon.

Including an extra-pk3 to turn the description from german into english. Put the pk3 in the mod folder of your server to make sure it's downloaded to the players, otherwise the whole description is in german.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: One Way (Beta 2)

20.08.2009 : 12:54

~ Download ~
1 on 1 competition and training map. You must insert the battery into your transmitter and hold it for 2 minutes.
| Servers running this Map

Wolfenstein Patch 1.1

19.08.2009 : 02:46
Now available for players and server administrators, the 1.1 update packs a smattering of fixes, including balance tweaks and the addition of menu sound.


--> Wolfenstein Client Patch 1.1
--> Wolfenstein Server Patch 1.1

--> Changelog @ Crossfire


Wie D&D zum 'Killerspiel' gemacht wurde

19.08.2009 : 00:46
Wenn Teenager in Gewaltverbrechen verwickelt sind, sucht man die Ursache gern im Konsum von Computerspielen. Ein ähnliches Phänomen war vor 30 Jahren die Kontroverse um "Dungeons & Dragons". Damals geriet das Fantasy-Rollenspiel in Verdacht, für Todesfälle verantwortlich zu sein.

James Dallas Egbert III. begabt zu nennen, wäre eine Untertreibung. Mit 13 hatte er seinen Highschool-Abschluss in der Tasche und arbeitete als Berater für die Airforce; mit 16 studierte Dallas bereits an der Michigan State University im vierten Semester Informatik. Glücklich war das Wunderkind nicht. Er hatte kaum Freunde, denn seinen deutlich älteren und dümmeren Kommilitonen war der hochintelligente Junge nicht geheuer. Zudem setzten ihn seine Eltern massiv unter Druck. Wenn Dallas seiner Mutter am Telefon von einer Zwei plus berichtete, beschied sie ihm, er solle das nächste Mal gefälligst eine Eins liefern.

Am 15. August 1979 verschwand er spurlos.

Weiter geht's auf:

--> Spiegel online
ischbinz via MSN

A few facts about Wolfenstein

17.08.2009 : 20:43
In this thread at Wolfenstein Zone Zim* already got the retail version of the new Wolfenstein.

- The DVD is protected with SecuROM
- MP is identical with the leaked beta

Anybody knows why the old RtCW logo is used on cover and DVD instead of the new Wolfenstein logo?

May be of interest if you want that your system stays clean:

--> SecuROM Removal Tool (don't forget to RTFM)

Official release date in the U.S. is the 18th, in Europe it's the 21th.

Small Update:

A patch will be released on the 18th for auto-download, the whole changelog can be seen here.

ET-Map: Closer v3

17.08.2009 : 02:25

~ Download ~
Steal two Gold Crates from the Enemy!
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

Wolfenstein with SecuROM (?)

15.08.2009 : 00:40
At the moment it's only a rumour, but it seems that the new Wolfenstein is protected with SecuROM.

Infos from Wikipedia:
--> SecuROM (english)
--> SecuROM (deutsch)

Known problems:

Under Windows Vista, SecuROM will prevent the game from running if Explicit Congestion Notification is enabled in Vista's networking configuration.

Disk Drive emulator and some debugging software will also cause the launch of the game to fail and a security module error to be generated. In fact a reboot of the entire system was required if Process Explorer prior to version 11 was used before an attempt to run the protected software. That problem was caused by a driver that was kept in memory after Process Explorer was closed.Doom via ICQ

''Rock it like this'' Challenge!

14.08.2009 : 01:41
Am kommenden Sonntag werden wir, Team-Rockit, eine weitere Sektion unserer Clanseite "entjungfern". Die Rede ist von unserer Cup-Kategorie, welche bisher noch unangetastet auf ihren ersten Einsatz wartet. Mit einer W:ET Edition im 3v3 Format möchten wir unsere Challenges starten. Dabei werden alle Begegnungen an nur einem Abend ausgetragen und Achtung: Wer auch nur einen kleinen Fehler in seinem Match begeht wird direkt dafür bestraft werden, denn es ist kein Lowerbracket geplant. Die genauen Spieldaten, den Zeitplan und die Regeln stehen ein Stück weiter unten!

Als ehemaliger Gründer des #ET-Cups hoffe ich natürlich, mit den kleinen Wettbewerben hier auf unserer Clanseite qualitativ gute Cups für ambitionierte Gamer anzubieten. Mit diesem ersten schnellen Turnier für ET möchten wir einen guten Grundstein für viele kommende Ausgaben setzen. Deshalb nutzt die Gunst der Stunde und meldet euch zu dem Cup an. Schreibt dazu einfach einen Kommentar mit eurem Teamnamen, Länderzugehörigkeit und Lineup unter den Newspost auf unserer Clanseite: Link zum Anmelden

Und auch für alle Spieler und Wolfenstein-Fans lohnt es sich bei uns vorbei zuschauen, denn wir haben momentan ein kleines Gewinnspiel am Laufen. Wir sind nämlich auf der Suche nach einem Clanslogan - der beste Vorschlag wird mit einem Bouncer belohnt. Man sieht sich!

Rock it! Challenge:

  • 3v3 Mode
  • Date: Sunday, 16th August
  • Time: First Round - sw_Goldrush_te @ 19.00 CET
  • Second Round - Adlernest @ 19.45 CET
  • Semifinal - Supply @ 20.45 CET
  • Final - each team can pick one map @ 21.30 CET
  • Mappool: sw_Goldrush_te, Supply, Adlernest, Braundorf_b4, sp_Delivery_te, et_ice, et_beach
  • Signup: to sign-up just write a Comment with your Teamname, Lineup and Country
  • Check-in: be online on Sunday @ 18.00 CET in #rockit - there you will have to send me a message if you are able to play our Challenge!
  • Cuptree will be created after enough Teams checked in
  • Cheaters and banned Players are not allowed to play (no RedYawns as well)!

--> Homepage


Textures & Skyboxes

13.08.2009 : 02:51
A little bit more for your mapping needs, a pack with 39 skyboxes (tga, 512x512) from Amethyst7 and a pack with rocks, stonewalls and lava from KatsBits.


--> 39 Skyboxes
--> KatsBits Textures

Avoc's Assets & Skyboxes

13.08.2009 : 01:31
Avoc released a couple of High Quality skyboxes for your mapping needs. Each has a size of 2048x2048 pixles.

- Arabian Nights
- Blue Clouds
- Horizon
- Rufus
- Turbulent Blue
- Vanilla (2 versions)


--> High Quality Skyboxes

He also released a pack with snow assets.


--> Snow Assets


  • 2 ground textures, which are blendable
  • 1 texture containing 2 different snow trees
  • 2 snowy foliage models - they are based on the wavey foliage by RayBan, but with new textures.
  • 1 snowy rock texture


ET-Map: Panic Room (Beta 2)

17.08.2009 : 02:23

~ Download ~
Axis and Allies psychopaths are stuck in a room of panic. Out of their lack of clear sense and friendliness, they are trying to steal each others Gold!

It is a small map, usually with a short timelimit. The object for axis is to invade into allies room and capture their gold. Allies have the same object, only they have to get the gold from Axis room. Whoever completes the mission faster is the winner!WolfMap Forum
| Servers running this Map