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ET-Map: XF5U (Final 3)

05.06.2007 : 13:05

~ Download ~
Axis Special Operations Units are striking the XF5U prototype secret Facility.
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ET:QW Creating Bot AI / Release Moved

03.06.2007 : 12:05
Creating Bot AI for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Maleficus, der Entwickler des Fritz-Bot für RtCW, ET und dem kommenden ET:QW, gibt uns einen kleinen Einblick in die Arbeit die geleistet werden muß um einem Bot annährend Menschliches Verhalten beizubringen und ihn richtig reagieren zu lassen das er eine Hilfe und Unterstützung für die Menschlichen Spieler darstellt.

Den kompletten Blog-Eintrag findet man hier.

ET:QW Release verschoben

Die Veröffentlichung von ET:QW wurde ins ins zweite Geschäftsquartal 2008 (Sommer/Herbst) verschoben.

Weiterführende Links:

--> Activision Investor Relations
--> Activision Reports Record Net Revenues for Fiscal 2007
"The company also announced that it would move the release of Enemy Territory(TM): Quake Wars into the second quarter."Community Enemy Territory

RtCW2 erst 2008

03.06.2007 : 11:50
Nachdem wir vor einiger Zeit bereits berichteten das es einen neuen Wolfenstein-Titel nicht vor 2008 geben wird (wir berichteten), wurde es nun offiziell von Todd Hollenshead bestätigt.
RtCW2 wird primär für die Xbox entwickelt, aber es soll auch eine PC Variante geben.
Das komplette Interview findet man auf EuroGamer.

"Raven is still developing it," Hollenshead reassured us yesterday. "I hope we'll be able to have some more news about the game within a reasonably short period of time. We made the announcement that the 360 was the primary development platform - that hasn't changed, but it is in development for the PC as well.

"Wolfenstein is a game that's close to my heart. It was the first game that I played even before I came to work at id in 1996 as CEO, and I played it until I had motion-sickness from trying to find all the secrets behind the walls.

"The new Wolfenstein is going to be a game that is different and unique in its own right, but still B.J. Blazkowicz in the Wolfenstein universe, with all the cool stuff and the unique stuff there. And hopefully we'll have some more details about how that is all going to work before too long."Planet Wolfenstein

Problem fixed / Problem behoben

02.06.2007 : 16:44
Das Upload-Problem wurde behoben, die Files der letzten Woche befinden sich nun in unserer Filebase.

The upload problem is fixed, the files of the last week are now added into our filebase.

--> ET-Map: Warzone Sniper (Final / Fixed)
--> ET-Map: Bremen (Beta 2)
--> ET-Map: Negoshk (Beta 2)
--> ET-Map: Wolfsrudel 3 (Final 3 / Fixed)
--> Enemy Territory Logo & Intro Video
--> ET-Skinpack: 101. AB (M42 Jumpsuit)
--> ET-Skinpack: 101. AB & 82. AA (M43 suit)
--> ET-Tool: ETScript v0.1
--> RtCW-MP-Map: Bas0r 2 light (Final)
--> ET-Prefab: Q3 Style CTF Flags & Powerups
--> ET-Map: CTF Face (Beta 1)
--> Music: 3 new Tracks
--> ET-Map: Sniper Boot (Final / Fixed)
--> ET-Map: Neuschwaben (Beta 1)
--> ET-Map: Glider 3.0.2

~ MaPZone - Free Texture Editor ~

31.05.2007 : 11:07
MaPZone is simply the most advanced texturing tool ever. MaPZone is only intended to be used for producing high quality textures, and this is what it does best. Based on a unique and patented technology called the FX Maps, MaPZone is the only procedural tool giving you that much control over your creation.

Download & Info:

--> MaPZone Homepage
MaPZone2 is an authoring tool dedicated to procedural textures edition and management. It produces textures based on Allegorithmic's patented FXMaps technology, that can be later on rendered at runtime in any program using the ProFX2 library, saving a huge amount of disk space. It can also be used simply to export bitmap textures for generic uses.Shaderman / SplashDamage Forum

ET-Map: Wolfsrudel 3 (Final 3 / Fixed)

30.05.2007 : 07:57

~ Download ~
April, 1940. The Allied troops have found a radar base near the city of Narvik. The German Submarines in the North Atlantic seem to be commanded by this base and to be supplied with orders. The Mobile Emitters must be stolen and the Main radiomast destroyed. The Axis troops shouldn't be able to send new orders to their submarines.

"For all people they dont like snow, here a spring/summer/autumn version of the map Wolfsrudel. In the bundle waypoints are added for Omnibot, called wolfsrudel3.way. This will be the last version of this map. Thanks for all people for supporting me and have a great time."

puRp0se via PM | Gamingneelix
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ET-Skinpack: 101. AB (M42 Jumpsuit)

30.05.2007 : 07:34
101. Airborne Div. in M42 Jumpsuit


--> 101. Airborne Div. (M42 Jumpsuit)

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Skinpack: 101. AB & 82. AA (M43 suit)

30.05.2007 : 07:18
101. Airborne & 82. All American Div. in M43 suit


--> 101. AB & 82. AA (M43 suit)

Wolfenstein Files

~ 4 Jahre ET ~

30.05.2007 : 07:06
Das Spiel das die Herzen im Eilsturm eroberte und immer noch erobert feiert nun schon seinen 4. Geburtstag. Am 29.05.2003 wurde dieses Spiel von Splash Damage veröffenlticht. Natürlich war das Spiel zuerst als kostenpflichtiges Addon zu Return to Castle Wolfenstein geplant, doch der Singleplayer wurde nicht rechtzeitig fertig. Heute kann man sagen: Zum Glück! Denn dadurch haben wir von Activision, id Software und Splash Damage das beste kostenlose Onlinespiel aller Zeiten erhalten.

Happy birthday to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, released on this day in 2003! The game was first officially announced on November 18, 2002. At that time they had planned a full Wolfenstein sequel, with Multiplayer by Splash Damage and Single Player by Mad Doc and Gray Matter. We all know how that jelly bean bounced in the end, resulting in a free standalone multiplayer game from Splash Damage. Regardless of what coulda, shoulda, woulda, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory has remained one of the Top 5 played online shooters since its release! Congratulations to Splash Damage and id Software on such a successful title, and we all look forward to both Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Castle Wolfenstein 2!

Zum vierten Geburtstag von ET gibt's das ET-Logo im .eps-Format und das Intro-Video als .avi


--> ET-Intro (.avi)
--> ET-Logo (.eps)

--> RtCW-Logo (.eps)

Planet Wolfenstein
| RtCW2-Prison

ET-Tool: ETScript v0.1

29.05.2007 : 12:43
This program will help you writing script files for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory maps. It features a few handy things that will make your scripting life easier!

This program is made in Visual Basic 6, in Windows Vista. Tested to run in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In the Options menu, you can specify the path to your Enemy Territory folder. Click the Browse button and select any file inside the folder that contains your script files (usually etmain\maps). If you specify this, the Open and Save dialog boxes will default to that location. By default, this is set to: "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\maps"

Any options you set get stored in the file "options.cfg". Please do not edit this file if you don't know what you're doing. The line numbers for each option are hardcoded into the program. If you must edit this file, be sure to keep every setting on the same line!


--> ET » Tools » ETScript v0.1

Currently, the program features:
  • Notepad-like script editor:
    Open and save in the .script filetype by default, never worry about the wrong filetype again!
  • Syntax Highlighting:
    Special scriptcommands are colored, so you can easily see what you're doing!
  • Customizable Preset:
    If checked in the Options menu, the program will load a game_manager preset when you open a new file. You can customize the preset by simply editing the "preset.txt" file.

RtCW-MP-Map: Bas0r 2 light (Final)

29.05.2007 : 12:23

~ Download ~
Capture the Stockroom and blow the door! Go trough the stockroom, back-stairway or elevator to the war-rooms! Grap the secret war-documents and bring them to the transmitter at inner-court!

| Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: CTF Face (Beta 1)

27.05.2007 : 20:05

~ Download ~
This map is a remake of 'CTF-Face' from the original Unreal Tournament game. It features fully functional Capture The Flag style of play and a realtime scoreboard on the compass. It does not require any additional mods and will work under all currently popular mods. (etpro, etpub, etmain etc).

Capture the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your own! The first team to reach a score of 4 wins the map. At expiration of roundtime, the team which is ahead wins the map. A draw is possible.

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Music: 3 new Tracks

27.05.2007 : 19:09
Drei neue Musikstücke für Euch! TheSaw mit einem kritischen Song über das nicht enden wollende Thema "Killerspiele", The Dogs Bollocks mit einem netten Lied über den Ping und von X-Ray & Genacid kommt ein ruhiges Instrumentalstück im RtCW-Stil.


--> The Dogs Bollocks: GigFlapping (English)
--> TheSaw: Killerspiele (German)
--> X-Ray & Genacid: Immunity (Instrumental)

Technische Probleme / Technical Problems

26.05.2007 : 15:29
Aufgrund technischer Probleme können seit dem 24. Mai keine neuen Files geuppt werden.
Sobald das Problem behoben wurde, werden die neuen Files in unsere Filebase eingefügt und die betreffenden News freigeschaltet.
--> ET-Map: Warzone Sniper (Final / Fixed)
--> ET-Map: Bremen (Beta 2)
--> ET-Map: Negoshk (Beta 2)
--> ET-Map: Wolfsrudel 3 (Final 3 / Fixed)
--> Enemy Territory Logo & Intro Video
--> ET-Skinpack: 101. AB (M42 Jumpsuit)
--> ET-Skinpack: 101. AB & 82. AA (M43 suit)
--> ET-Tool: ETScript v0.1
--> RtCW-MP-Map: Bas0r 2 light (Final)
--> ET-Prefab: Q3 Style CTF Flags & Powerups
--> ET-Map: CTF Face (Beta 1)
--> Music: 3 new Tracks
--> ET-Map: Sniper Boot (Final / Fixed)
--> ET-Map: Neuschwaben (Beta 1)
--> ET-Map: Glider 3.0.2
Due technical problems it's impossible since the 24th May to upload new files.
As soon as this problem is fixed, the new files will be added in our filebase and the news will go online.

ET-Map: Glider 3.0.2

26.05.2007 : 15:10

~ Download ~
Spring 1943, the Austrian Alps: Allied Intelligence has reported that the enemy are developing a powerful new tank in a secure research facility. It is vital that one of the prototype Jagdpanther models be photographed for assessment.
Some Allied 'Horsa' gliders are in enemy hands and are crated in a nearby Axis outpost: capture the outpost and use the gliders to assist in the operation.

The Allies are dropped in by parachute and must assault the Outpost in order to gain access to the gliders crated there. They must then fly at least one glider from the Outpost to a hilltop overlooking the research facility. From there they will be able to destroy the generator, which opens the sealed door of the tank storage building.

They must steal the tank and transport it to the Outpost, where a Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire will be able to take photographs of it.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| 2bit

ET:QW - Interview with Locki on SPOnG

26.05.2007 : 13:16
The crew at SPoNG has kicked up the extensive third and final part of their epic Q&A with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars lead designer Paul "Locki" Wedgwood. They cover a plethora of topics, including the release date, downloadable content, and winning rounds without firing a single shot. It's a worthwile read, go check it out!

Read the Interview here:

--> Q&A - Part 1 of 3
--> Q&A - Part 2 of 3
--> Q&A - Part 3 of 3
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW - SD Programmers Interview

26.05.2007 : 12:28
There's a brief interview with Splash Damage technical director Arnout "RR2DO2" van Meer and programmer Mike "m1ke" Armstrong on the NVIDIA site, quizzing them about the technical aspects of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and how NVIDIA's OpenGL tools and support aided in the development of the game.

Read the Interview here:

--> Enemy Territories: Quake Wars. On NVIDIA.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Prefab: Q3 Style CTF Flags & Powerups

28.05.2007 : 18:22
Offsetted CTF flags in the Q3 style, shorter and more beefier.

+ All new models, only existing mesh used was the flagpole from the stock ET flag model, modified slightly (shortened).
+ All new textures (no Q3 texture media used at all), NOTE: New flag textures.
+ Shader file virtually verbatim as original Q3 flag shader.


--> ET » Prefabs » Q3 Style CTF Flags

I wanted to have some old style bobbing and rotating health/ammo like in old Q3 days, which ET does not do. So to get around this I use a few different entities plus some scripting to accomplish the same thing.

The map is just a test map, and the shader for it have nothing to do with the actual powerups.

In order to make these work, you will need to setup some entities and have scripting for them, which I will explain how. Plus you might need to add some definitions to your .def file if you do not already have them.


--> ET » Prefabs » Q3 Style CTF Powerups

ET:QW Namensregistration & Clantags

23.05.2007 : 21:44
Jared 'jRAD' Hefty, seines Zeichens Programmierer und u.a. verantwortlich für das User-Interface, gibt uns einen kleinen Einblick in die Welt von SplashDamage.

Die Programmierer richten derzeit ihr Hauptaugenmerk auf das Fixen von Bugs und die Performanceoptimierung, Daten von großen Turnieren erfaßt und spürt nun all die kleinen Sachen auf die hier ein FPS mehr und dort etwas mehr Rechenleistung bringen. Das Team ist erfreut das die die Optimierung für Low- & Highend-PC's recht gleich ausfällt. Die Level-Designer und Künstler achten ebenfalls auf die Performance, derzeit werden Modelle und Brushworks optimiert, Portale und Lichter werden bearbeitet und geben auch sonst alles um den Visuellen Eindruck und das Gameplay aufzupolieren.

Auch weiterhin bekommt das Team großartiges Feedback vom geschlossenen Beta-Test. Von vorschlägen die das gameplay betreffen über Bugmeldungen bis hin zur Performance - Die Beta-Tester nehmen kein Blatt vor den Mund um das Team wissen zu lassen was sie denken.

Nun zu den Spielernamen und dem Clantag:

Der name der mit dem Pre-Order pack registriert werden kann ist einer der drei Accounts die sich mit dem Key-Code erstellen lassen (es lassen sich zwei weitere Accounts mit dem Key-Code aus der Finalen Version erstellen).

Hier sind einige Richtlinien für das Registrieren des Account Namens:

  • Es lassen sich die Zeichen a-z, A-Z, 0-9, - (Bindestrich), _ (Unterstrich), und . (Punkt) für den Account Namen verwenden.
  • Es ist nicht nötig seinen Clantag einzugeben, dieser kann später im Menü eingetragen werden.
  • Man braucht keine Farbcodes im Account Namen eingeben - der Name läßt sich via Menü mit 32 zur Auswahl stehenden Farben nach belieben einfärben.

Der Clantag...

  • läßt sich später wie der Spielername nach den eigenen Wünschen Farbig gestalten.
  • darf aus Maximal 16 Zeichen bestehen.
  • kann wahlweise vor oder hinter den Spielernamen gesetzt werden.
Der Account Name wird auf einem Masterserver gespeichert, jedesmal wenn man online Spielt ist das der Name der zusammen mit dem Clantag im Spiele zu sehen sein wird, egal ob auf Ranked oder Unranked Servern.

Hier geht's zur englischen Original-News:

--> Game Name Registration and Clan Tags
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW - 3 Pre-Order Packages

23.05.2007 : 16:31
Für all diejenigen unter Euch welche noch kein Pre-Order Package besitzen, hat jetzt etwas ganz besonderes zu bieten. verlost auf seiner Seite

3x 1 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Pre Order Package
Mit diesen Packages ist es jetzt schon möglich sich seinen ET:QW Spielernamen zu sichern. Somit könnt Ihr am Tag des Releases ganz sicher sein das Euer Name für Euch reserviert ist.

Um eines dieser begehrten Packages zu gewinnen müsst Ihr in diesem Thread einen Post verfassen in welchem Ihr schreibt wieso gerade Ihr eines dieser drei Pakete erhalten soltet. Die Posts werden durch unser Admin Team ausgewertet welches natürlich vom Wettbewerb ausgeschlossen ist. Es hat jeder die selben Chancen zu gewinnen! Egal ob ihr als erster oder letzter postet! Also lasst euch was einfallen.
Einsendeschluss ist der 31.05.2007 um 24:00 Uhr MEZ. has something special for all those of you who don't own an ET:QW Pre-Order Package.

The page is doing a give-away of

3x 1 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Pre Order Package
If you win one of this Pre-Order Packages, you can be sure that your player name is registered when ET:QW will be released.

To win one of these packages you just have to write in this thread why you should be the one who should get one of these packages. The posts will be judged by our admin team. Everyone has the same chance to win a Package, it dosent matter if you are the first one who posts in the thread or the last one.
The Contest ends at 31.05.2007 at 24:00 CET.Planet Quake Wars | U.K.Visuals via ICQ

ET-Map: Sniper Boot NP (Final / Fixed)

26.05.2007 : 15:41
Fixed Version, now the missing textures are shown.

~ Download ~
This version is made because some folks asked if I couldt adjust the map for no passing. So I did with this version. The water will kill you now, so don't jump in it. There is no passing in this version.

Two Boats stranded in the middle of the ocean. On board the only survivors were Snipers. When you get boared or when you are on your own, you can always shoot some ducks or hawks as a target practice.
This map is specially made for the sniper community on ET. Because its a growing thing.

Map features:

  • The drinks machines work and give health.
  • Helicopters dont fly but the rotors move with sound.
  • There is a big Fog horn in the control room of the boat.
  • Nice sounds (lol) added with my own voice when you jump of the 2 high flag poles into the water.
  • Some ducks and hawks were added by [UJE]C for target practice.
[UJE]Niek via MSN | [UJE]Clan
| Servers running this Map

ET-Skinpack: U.S. Marine Corps

20.05.2007 : 18:35
New skins for ET! They was taken from Pacific Assault, anyway they look cool.


--> ET » Skinpacks » U.S. Marine Corps
Wolfenstein Files

ET:QW Wallpaper Contest 2007

20.05.2007 : 02:29 veranstaltet den Prison ETQW Wallpaper Contest 2007. Dank eines Teilsponsorings durch Activision und den Schwarze Woelfe Clan können wir euch einen Wallpaper Contest vorstellen, aus dem schöne Fanarts hervorgehen mögen. Als Pendant des Only-American Contest rufen wir die deutsche ETQW Community und alle die noch gerne dazugehören wollen und / oder Spass an der Grafikbearbeitung haben, dazu auf Enemy Territory Quake Wars Wallpaper zu erstellen.

Wie nehme ich am Contest teil?

Die Preise:
1. Platz:
  • Mediamarkt Gutschein (im Wert von 30 Euro)
  • Dogtag
  • T-Shirt
2. Platz:
  • ETQW Server für einen Monat
  • Dogtag
  • T-Shirt
  • Poster
3. Platz:
  • 2 BNC's
  • Dogtag
  • T-Shirt
  • Poster
Pencil via ICQ

ET:QW - 3 neue Screenshots

19.05.2007 : 20:03
Drei neue Screenshots vom kommenden Quake Wars:

Community EnemyTerritory

ET-Map: Warzone Sniper (Final / Fixed)

31.05.2007 : 19:23

~ Download ~
Ok, this map is a special one. Lot's of special features in it. A town is split in 2 cause of a fight, now they are shooting at eachother from one side to the other. Between the shooting bombers bomb the place down , as you will see the houses are real shot down. In this map there are sniperplaces for all sorts of sniper technics, so i hope every sniper likes this map. For me this map was a real experience cause I had ask all our friendly clans to send in a picture for in this map. Well most of the clans did so I really want to thank them for sending in their picture. Even if there is a lot of shooting in this map there is also a place where you can relax. Not everyone wanted the fight between both sides. For them there is a shelter bar under the map, with all kinds of special things. It's a no shooting area with free drinks free gamble play darts or even dance a bit. Here are all the paintings of our friendly clans. When you want to go back in fight, you can use the Dr. Who telephone cell, it will beem you up. Of course I want to thank C for adding his gamble machine and making all sorts of special thinks with his master skill shadering and scripting. Well done, C. You really gave this map a special look.

[UJE]Niek via PM | [UJE]Clan
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Ranked Server Preise

17.05.2007 : 02:23
Für Enemy Territory: Quake Wars wird es zwei Servertypen geben. Non-Ranked und Ranked Server. Ranked Server speichern auch noch so kleinste statistische Details und auf allen Ranked Servern der Welt wird deine eigene Statistik dann nutzbar und sichtbar sein. Bei Battlefield 2 gibt es ein solches System schon und für ETQW gibt es jetzt ein Anbieter der schon konkrete Preise veröffentlicht hat. Man zahlt für einen ETQW Ranked Server 144 Dollar, oder mit allen Vergünstigungen ca. 100 Dollar. Das ist schon ein heftiger Preis und natürlich wird dies auch gleich im FAQ von MyInternetServices erklärt. Hier sind die wichtigsten Fragen:


Q: What sizes will QuakeWars servers come in?
A: All ranked QuakeWars servers will be set to 24 slots. Any lower slot counts will need to be non-ranked.

Q: Why are the servers so expensive?
A: The new games that are coming out are very CPU intensive. Because of this each server can only accommodate 2 instances of the game.


RtCW-MP-Map: Base 3 (Final)

16.05.2007 : 09:12

~ Download ~
- Brighter Light (Particularly the Player Models are clearly to see now)
- Alternate Allied Spawn
- Alternate Tunnelway
- Added Watertunnel
- Some more Changes
- Invisble Box Fix
- Better Location Infos
- Some Texture Fixes
- Some Brush Changes
| Allstars Clan

RtCW-MP-Map: G-Rush v1

13.05.2007 : 19:45

~ Download ~
Gold Rush converted from ET to RtCW.
| KT-Clan

Neuer Wolfenstein-Titel nicht vor 2008

13.05.2007 : 11:46
Raven Software arbeitet derzeit am Motion Capturing eines Spieles das auf der Wolfenstein-Serie beruht. Eine Studentin für Schauspielerei namens Carrie Coon hat 63 Marker an ihrem Körper befestigt bekommen und darf nun alle möglichen Bewegungen ihrer InGame Spielfigur nachahmen, seien es Rollen, Sprünge oder Tritte. Ich denke sie ist der Motion Capturing Part für die Elite Guards. Es wäre nur zu verständlich, aber genaues weiss man leider nicht. Nur ihre Highheels könnten ein Indiz sein. Schon im Februar gab es eine News der University of Wisconsin-Madison, doch erst jetzt ist es möglich sie durch einen Yahoo-Artikel über die XBox Version "eines Wolfensteinspieles" in Verbindung zu setzen.

Weiterführende Links:

--> News auf Planet Wolfenstein
--> News auf RtCW2-Prison
--> News der University of Wisconsin-Madison
--> News auf Yahoo!
"The game won't come out until sometime in 2008, but the name and many other details about it are being kept secret, which is just one clue at how competitive this industry has become."RtCW2-Prison
| Planet Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein 'stylised' concept art?

13.05.2007 : 02:09
We've not had anything related to Wolfenstein for a long time so these (speculative) concepts sketches come as a bit of a relief to Wolf fans worried about the silence.

A bit of history; the artwork you're about to see is by an artist that's done some concept work for Raven before (the developers behind the upcoming Wolf), you'll see a lot of his previous work for Quake 4 on his site. These Wolf concepts are more than likely 'dead' ideas which haven't made it into the game, which is why they should have been cleared for public showing (if not I'll pull these and the links as and when); but they definitely give a clear idea as to the art direction and style of what we can expect. You can see the rest of them at his web site. NOTE: keep in mind this is not confirmed artwork so think of them as 'speculative' visuals for the game; this is the artist just pimping his skills;

Read more at KatsBits:

--> Wolfenstein 'stylised' concept art?
nUllSkillZ via PM
| KatsBits