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ET-Map: Flat Sniper (Final)

02.04.2007 : 08:49

~ Download ~
Well another map is almost done. UJE_flat_sniper I named it (old name: UJE_building_sniper), this map is made pure for fun. Two high and I mean super high buildings standing against each other. Again it's a snipermap, but there's a way to cross again for fun play, you can jump from a 100 stores building and try to land in the water or you can try to jump on the trampoline. The way up or down can be done by a elevator who was made by [UJE]C he has made the elevator in I think an hour. Fine tuning took a little bit longer, the elevator makes the map I think. I've released the map as a beta because it's not completly ready. A few sounds must be added and the fog must be adjusted and some stuff more. But I'm a little tyred of making this map, it took a lot of time longer that it was supose to be. Well the map is good playable and fun. There can be lot's of fun fights on the lowest level. that was my intension.
[UJE]Niek via PM
| [UJE]Clan

ET-Map: Oldskool Sniper (Final)

01.04.2007 : 17:54

~ Download ~
Again a snipermap, this time the students of this skool are bored. So they do some afterskool sniping. When youre inside the skool you won't get bored because there is music inside the skool. A drained river splits both shores, so there can be lot's of fun trying to cross to the other site, but beware of the sniper alarm. When you come to the stairs there goes an alarm off, so be warned.
| [UJE]Niek

ET-Minimod: Waving Grass

01.04.2007 : 06:22
Just a modified shader to make the grass on Würzburg Radar and other maps that use the same shader, that makes the grass from the foliage models wave/move as if from wind/rain, etc... ~RayBan


--> ET » Mini-Mods » Waving Grass

ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.0.5 (Stable) / 2.1.2 (Beta)

01.04.2007 : 06:06
"Both branches include a security fix to address a client-side command weakness which can harm servers. Highlights for experimental release 2.1.2 include:
  • Omni-bot 0.61 support
  • Compass enhancements and transparency fixes
  • A new fully oriented (3-axis) hitmode
  • Fixed bug where new landmines would jitter
  • Restored !listplayers to old style, added !lsplayers
  • Extra correctness for fair-rifles mode
  • Comprehensive documentation on server configuration
Many other features and bugfixes are also included. For a more complete list, please refer to the bundled PDF file or online browseable documentation."


--> ET » Mods » Jaymod 2.0.5 (Stable)
--> ET » Mods » Jaymod 2.1.2 (Beta)
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Jaymod Website

ET-Map: POW Escape (Beta 2)

06.04.2007 : 09:53

~ Download ~
Cpt. J Smith, POW
Personal Diary

January 18, 1943, 21:15
Command has received information that this camp is being used as front for some sort of human experiments. The type of experiments are conducted here remains unknown but reportedly invovles some sort of maturation chambers used to mutate humans into super soldiers.
Through the usual channels, they have sent information about the location of the facility. Originally, our plans were to dig a tunnel to the west of the camp to outside the main fence, but now we've decided to dig north to the research facility location. With any luck we can break through a wall into the facility with enough men to hold off any resistance.

July 1, 1943, 21:00
Command has dipatched a rescue team, they will arrive on July 7th and approach the camp from the south. We must double our effors on the tunnel construction as I fear we may not have it complete in time for their arrival.

July 7, 1943, 1:02
Great news today, Command sent word that they have an operative replacing the train driver on the south line and he will hold the train at the station for us to escape. We were also informed of dire news which indicates axis are at the final stage of their experiments, they must not be allowed to complete them!

Yesterday, the final stage of the tunnel to the research area was completed. Tonight we will infiltrate the facility, Some of our men will create a diversion at the north gate and make their way to our location if they are able to sneak through. Once we're inside we must locate the documents which will reveal detailed imformation about what Axis were planning.
We must then take the documents to the train station located to the south of the camp and sneak them, and as many pow's as we can onboard.

Finally the truth will be known and many of us will have escaped to freedom, God be with us.

Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-Map: Stalingrad (AS)

30.03.2007 : 12:41

~ Download ~
Capture the Flag and Kill all Opponents.

RtCW-Map: CTF Multidemo 2

30.03.2007 : 12:38

~ Download ~
No description available.

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.61 (Update)

25.03.2007 : 14:29

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Onmi-Bot 0.6 (Stable)
--> ET » Bots » Omni-Bot 0.61 (Update)
--> Omni-Bot Website
"So I dropped the ball on 0.6 and left out an important part of supporting the omnibot_path cvar. Although it was being used correctly to load the bot dll, the bot initialization was failing when trying to initialize its file system.

This thread shows the error: [link]

Windows users shouldn't need this, unless they have their server set up in non standard folders and are attempting to use the omnibot_path cvar. Most of those effected are linux users who more often have the bot installed to one folder and the game to another.

The worst part of this bug is that it was partly in the interface, meaning that yet again we have to wait for etpub and NQ to release another build with the fix. I am working to beg them to do it as soon as possible though.

Apologies for this bug slipping through and that it puts us back to waiting on NQ and etpub to release another nightly build."

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein | Omni-Bot Website

ET-Map: Sniper Lake TE (Beta 2)

25.03.2007 : 12:21
Including ETpro Snipermod

~ Download ~
Two small compounds located on the shores of Sniper Lake were constructed. Axis & Allies had weapons and supplies airlifted in only to find out that it was crates of sniper rifles only.
This is a good sized map for 10-15 players per side.
The Axis/Allies need to hold off the enemy troops with nothing but a knife and sniper rifle. The Axis/Allies need to find cover and stay alive until fresh supplies are airdropped in.

SniperPro v1.0

A MOD for ETPRO designed to use in professional sniper wars.


- disables player detection in command map (both limbo and in-game expanded map), and in compass aswell
By this way players can't use maps or compass to detect enemies, they have to find enemies in normal game view.

- even uniforms for both team, to get same condition for both teams.

| ET-Scene

RtCW-SP-Map: Saboteur

24.03.2007 : 18:03

~ Download ~
- 9 Levels in this Mission
- For the original end of the game, delete the file "sp_end-easy.pk3"
- For original briefings language, delete the file "sp_briefings_eng.pk3"

RtCW-SP-Map: The Rate is more than Life

24.03.2007 : 18:00

~ Download ~
1. This addon has five levels and in the last level, you need to move quickly, because you have a time to complete.
2. For original characters language, delete the file "sp_trimtl_eng.pk3" in folder trimtl.
3. To play original last level, delete the file "sp_trimtl_map5.pk3".

ET-Map: Radarlab (Beta 1)

24.03.2007 : 17:46

~ Download ~
Allies: Steal the East Radar Parts and West Radar Parts from Axis protection.
Axis: Prevent the East Radar Parts and West Radar Parts from being stolen.
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Karsiah TE v2

01.04.2007 : 09:44

~ Download ~
The Axis Forces have built up a base in the Center of Karsiah. They also have their Main Base there. The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal all Secret Axis Documents and transmit them to overrun the Axis Forces in the South.

| Level-Designer

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.1.1 (Beta/Update)

23.03.2007 : 08:54
Mit dem Update 1.1.1 für No Quarter haben sich einige Sachen getan, diverse Fixe, Integration von Optionen in das Menü, entfernung der HQ-Durchsagen, Firebolt-Modus wurde entfernt und der Omni-Bot wird nun unterstützt.

Download & Info:

--> ET » Mods » No Quarter 1.1.0 (Beta)
--> ET » Mods » No Quarter 1.1.1 (Beta/Update)
--> 'No Quarter' Website


  • Removed g_HQMessages, was way too annoying.
  • Optimized shotgun animations a bit. Looks much the same and uses a whole 1MB less of hunkmegs.
  • Added several new features to weapon scripts.
  • Added some of the new client commands from 1.1.0 to NQ menus.
  • Fixed lagometer display not working in NQ menu.
  • Fixed server crash if unmuting a player (with a reason) who was not muted to begin with.
  • Fixed flood protection not working bug.
  • Optimized the shit out of string access to improve performance.
  • Firebolt mode removed.
  • Omnibot 0.6 integration.
  • Forty's landmine fixes and improvements.
  • Improved greatly g_painAnims. (changed to g_realism 4)
  • Fixed reflected bullets direction.

Source: 'No Quarter' Website

PunkBuster Note to ET Admins

18.03.2007 : 17:11
Even Balance, Inc. has confirmed that non-cheat software caused some of the kicks for Violation #59015. They encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and ignore this violation number; it has been removed from the PunkBuster system.

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Mod: Less Snow and Rain v3

16.03.2007 : 20:36
Nach überarbeiteten Maps und Mapscripten kommt von rockstar eine überarbeitete Version von "Less Snow". Zusätzlich gibt es noch einen kleinen Mapmod der auf Radar mehr als nur das Gras und den Regen deaktiviert.


--> ET » Mini-Mods » Less Snow and Rain v3
The file contains:
  • Less snow Fueldump
  • Less snow Railgun
  • Less rain Radar
In the Fueldump and Railgun files:
  • wintertrunk01.tga was removed
  • added roofs without snow
  • edited shader files: the map/pack use jpg instead of tga if it was possible
  • added new converted (tga >> jpg) textures
  • smaller file size (form 6 MB down to 5 MB (2,7 MB + 2,3 MB))
  • if you make one pk3 with these files, the file size will be around 4 MB
  • you can use the files separately
Less rain Radar:
  • rain disabled (no matter you have on or off the atm. effect)
  • rain sound also disabled
  • grass foliage was disabled
  • the main gate was changed with a none-snow-version texture
  • the map use textures via jpg instead of tga if it was possible
  • edited shader file included
| BB-Clan

ET-Liga: German-Fun-Liga

16.03.2007 : 16:45
Es wurde eine neue EnemyTerritory FunLiga ins Leben gerufen, die sich zur Zeit zwar noch teilweise im Aufbau befindet, aber ab dem 15.03.2007 dann offiziell eröffnet werden soll.

Zur Liga-Seite:

--> German-Fun-Liga

ET-Map: Battle of Wolken 1 (CPC)

15.03.2007 : 17:46

~ Download ~
Allied forces have uncovered an Axis base in Southern regions which contains a prototype of a new weapon named Turmfaust which is to be test fired today. Allies are planning to sabotage this test fire and try halt the deployment of this new weapon on the battlefield.
| Wolken Website

ET-Map: Field HQ (Beta 4)

21.03.2007 : 13:06

~ Download ~
Objectives: Blow Main Door, Blow Side Door, Build Field HQ (transmitter), Build CP for forward spawn 1, Steal Key Card and Secure at door controls, Capture Forward Bunker to gain forward spawn 2, Steal the Documents and return them to the Field HQ (transmitter).
Axis can build CP but gain no spawn. Field HQ can bestroyed with Satchel and Dyno.
There are 3 doors that require axis uniform to enter.
Planet Wolfenstein
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Colosseum (Beta 5)

11.03.2007 : 22:45

~ Download ~
Axis raiders have stolen the gold from the local bank and intend to spend it as quickly as possible. Allies must get the Gold Crates from the Axis soldiers before it's spent. The Axis must hold for 20 minutes.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Cathedral SW (Beta 7)

11.03.2007 : 22:42

~ Download ~
Fallschirmjäger from Otto Skorzney's famed commando unit have captured two experimental radar modules from a top secret listening post and retreated to a nearby cathedral where they await extraction. Allies must get the Radar parts back from the Axis raiding party. The Axis must hold for 20 minutes until their extraction team arrives to spirit them to safety.
| Servers running this Map

ET in Version 2.60 (Windows/Mac OSX)

10.03.2007 : 09:06
Von "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" gibt es im downloadbereich von SplashDamage zwei neue Versionen die ein Patchen (fast) überflüssig machen.
Die Windows-Version von ET liegt in Version 2.60 (leider nicht der Aktuellen Version 2.60b) vor, für den Macintosh gibt's ET nun mit der Versionsbezeichnung 2.60d.


--> Download "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory"
--> Download "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" Patches
Quelle: SplashDamage Downloadseite

RtCW-Tool: uvMovieMaker (Final)

08.03.2007 : 23:59
Wer mit dem Gedanken spielt ein Movie von RtCW zu erstellen hat nun ein Tool in die hand bekommen das speziell für RtCW entwickelt wurde: Der "Ultraviolet MovieMaker" - steht bei uns mit Anleitung und Beispielen zum Downlad bereit.

Download & Info:

--> RtCW » Tools » uvMovieMaker (Final)
"Well first I was thinking about a little moviemaker mod for RTCW that supports our all loved Camtrace.
Since the response and the feedback was so huge I decided to add some more common features. The biggest change is maybe the new Console Popup, which will from now on support 8 popups instead of 5."
| Crossfire

ET-Map: Frost Competition (Beta 6)

15.04.2007 : 14:57

~ Download ~
The Allies must steal 2 Radar Prototypes out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck. To get to them they have to blow the Walls of the North and South Tower. In the North Tower is a Command Post wich enables forward Spawn Locations to the Team that has built it. In the first Castle Yard there is a Room with the Door Controls for the Yard Doors. To get better access to the Objectives Allies have to destroy them by Satchel or Dynmamite.

frost_comp_b6 is the competition Version of frost_final.

Planet Wolfenstein
| Cyburk

ET-Map: Karsiah (Beta 3)

24.03.2007 : 17:41

~ Download ~
The Axis Forces have built up a base in the Center of Karsiah. They also have their Main Base there. The Allied Forces have the Mission to steal all Secret Axis Documents and transmit them to overrun the Axis Forces in the South.

| Level-Designer

ET-Map: Stargate-Center 1945 (Final) / Bugfix

06.03.2007 : 13:08

~ Download ~
The Axis have infiltradet the Stargate Center in the Rockys near the Colorado River to steal two Boxes of high explosive Naquada which is supposed for an Airstrike over Hamburg (Germany). Axis have to hold the base till they can establish a Wormwhole to the other Gate in the infitrated Russia in order to escape. Allies must infiltrate the Stargate Center and secure the Naquada with a Truck.


  • added missing textures
  • gate destroy by satchel instead of dyna / harder tank repair
  • allies capture the forward bunker only if the tank reach the tunnel entrance
  • barriers removed
  • voice announce changes/fixes
  • reduced door opening time to 7 sec at the objective (need more teamwork to get the objective)
  • 15+10 min mission time (allies gain +10 min extra time if they reach the tunnel with the tank)
  • 12 sec allies / 20 sec axis respawn time
| BB-Clan

ET Learning Guide

06.03.2007 : 00:13
Pencil hat sich einige Zeit an den Guide rangesetzt, um den Einsteigern im ET Competition Bereich eine Hilfe zum besser werden zu liefern. Inhaltlich geht's um Config, Trickjumping/Strafen, Aiming/Training Taktik/Teamplay und Mitdenken.
--> ET Learning Guide

ET-Map: Odenthal (Beta 2)

15.03.2007 : 00:03

~ Download ~
Axis have constituted an headquarter in the school of Odenthal. Therefore they rebuild some parts of the school and the town. The Allies forces have to escort their Jagdpanther through the streets of Odenthal to get access to the school. After this they have to destroy the Main Entrance and the Generator to disable the magnetic seal of the Security doors to get access to the main building of the school. Inside this the Axis store their secret documents which have to be secured by the Allies Forces.
| Odenthal Mapsite

ET-Map: Rocket Race (Final 2)

11.04.2007 : 21:11

~ Download ~
Germany, 1944. Allieds and Axis competete with a new developed V2 rocket. The military power where can first build/develop all six parts attains a crucially war advantage.


  • Rocketrace is a Capture-the-Flag Dual Objective map and is a mix between baserace and darji2
  • As orientation guide the allied side of the map is tinted blue and the axis side is tinted red. Thus, you always know in which area of the map you currently are
  • Construction of the command post increases the speed of the elevator significantly
  • Forward Spawn: The new spawnpoint is in the 4th floor
  • Via an observation camera one can monitor the delivery of the construction materials to the according places at the main spawn
  • By the change of the elevator base plate one can recognize the speed of the elevator
  • Within some ranges the map gives it so-called Items which one to gather can. Here a Panzerfaust for the defense ammo, Medicpaks and so on. Respawn times concerns: 30s for Medicpaks and 45s for ammo/Panzerfaust
  • There is a teleporter in the parallel passage (waste water run) beside lower passage Axis / Allies. Destination is behind the MG42 wallhole near Panzerfaust ammo.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: The Well of Youth (Beta) / Fixed

05.03.2007 : 00:25

~ Download ~
The Axis have found the well of youth and want to use for invulnerability but the Allies have been informed and need to get a jug of it to know what the forumula of the liquid is.


  • Included all fixes into the pk3
  • Added missing textures
  • Added missing model
Anonymus Carnivore
| Servers running this Map