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ET-Map: Sniper Castles (Final)

21.07.2008 : 21:55

~ Download ~
A sniper map in the desert with two castles.
RtCW 4 ever!
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ET-Map: Crater Control (Beta 3)

20.07.2008 : 12:29

~ Download ~
Capture and hold the flags to win.

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QW-Mod: Tactical Assault is dead

19.07.2008 : 00:33
Well, it pains me to say it, but: QWTA is dead.

1. I haven't played ETQW in around 6 months. Sorry, much fun as it might be to play the game - Despite the Enemy Territory: Wolfensten influences, and the "pro gamer" influences - there's only so much enjoyment one can squeeze out of the same 12 maps over that sort've timeframe. Maybe if Splash Damage had ever bothered to release anything new to the game but gameplay nerfs and bugfixes... (Like a mappack? tbh it would have been time better spent in my books than providing modding tech support for the game.)

2. I'm an SVN noob apparently, and I've been quite frustrated with trying to teach myself how to do branches and merges properly to keep up with ETQW's SDK patches.

3. I despise working with ETQW's code and scripting. It's just plain not fun. Modding something shouldn't require one to:

a) Search through 15 different folders to find the correct 3 files to edit.

b) Discover that because of inheritance scripting you have to look again to find the file that has the right data in it because even though it's NAMED logically it actually doesn't have what you want in it.

c) Play hide and seek with 50 different dependency files for the scripting of the game, all of which will crash the game if you forget to include one evne though they have nothing whatsoever to do with your mod.

d) Compile the game code 2 different ways, one of which is optional. And lament the third way of compiling your scripts that Splash Damage - even though they use it themselves - tells everyone else not to use.

e) Discover that a typo in one of the script files of the game causes crashes when its executed, because the game doesn't check its script files on load, no... It waits until you're in the middle of the game and the code is needed, before trying it. Good luck debugging what's wrong when you have to debug through the game's script parser. This is why compiled code is good and scripting is bad.

Bottom line? I'm not having fun making QWTA, and from the servers who I've ever seen run it, the ETQW community has little interest in it either, which, while not a driving force behind my decision, doesn't give much incentive to bother if I don't feel like it. Maybe I'll pick up QWTA again at some point in the future, but I doubt it. ETQW's just too annoying to mod. I'd rather mod something I can have fun with, rather than treat as a chore.
The QWTA site will stay up a while, and then be taken down.

~Jason "Azuvector" HuttonTactical Assault Website

ET-Map: Normandie Sniper (Final)

17.07.2008 : 13:13

~ Download ~
The Allieds have a cannon ship and a landing boat wich can shoot. The Axis have emplacements and a lot of cannons wich have to hold the allieds on distance. The map is separated by a mine field in the middle of the map wich is enclosed with barbed wire. A crossing of the sides is possible with doublejump.
TSC Arnsberg via E-Mail
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ET-Map: Sniper Park NC (Final 1.1)

17.07.2008 : 13:08

~ Download ~
A sniper map made by

No crossing is possible in this version!
TSC Arnsberg via E-Mail
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ET-Map: Sniper Park (Final 1.1)

17.07.2008 : 13:05

~ Download ~
A sniper map made by
TSC Arnsberg via E-Mail
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Endrant Studios opens doors

17.07.2008 : 12:25
Quoted from

Endrant Studios has announced the opening of its doors and its first project - a co-development partnership with Raven Software and Activision Blizzard on id Software's upcoming Wolfenstein game.

"Our goal is to make exciting, fun and accessible games that translate to the masses," said Ben Smedstad, creative director and co-owner. "Our backgrounds and experience enable us to be more creative, more focused and deliver a higher quality game no matter what the platform."

Endrant Studios is based outside London in Sevenoaks, Kent.

"The pool of talent in the UK was the driving force behind us choosing to set up in England," said Neil Postlethwaite, managing director and co-owner. "Although the incentives in other countries were tempting, the experience and talent available in the UK is what kept us here."

On Wolfenstein, Endrant will be focusing primarily on multi-player development.

ET-Skinpack: Dewpack (Beta 3)

16.07.2008 : 09:54
Reality skinpack for No Quarter 1.2.0

This skinpack is made for run only on noquarter mod the changes are applyed only on image files without scriptwork this is a tga full quality skinpack all changes are made in high definition with paint shop pro x2 without added compression.


--> Dewpack (Beta 3)


  • added skins without class-symbols
  • added legs with fixed color U.S.Army brown (aligned to the officercap)
  • added helmets with fixed color 2ndRangers green and without class-symbols
  • added realistic skins for Thompson and Garand M1


  • added realistic detail for all greatcoat skins
  • added helmets with a realistic german decals
  • added legs with fixed boots aligned to the guised version
  • added Waffen Oak-Leaves assault skin for the soldier
  • added fixed red cross insigna for the medic
  • added fixed color skin for the engineer aligned to the cvops
  • added Heer Army insigna for the cvops cap
  • added realistic skin for MP40 and Mauser rifle


  • aged paper camp map
  • improved hud icons
  • realistic sounds for the light weapons

Thanks to:

  • Berzerkr (GER) for the allied body skins
  • Dr.EViL for the axis soldier original skin
  • Hort21 for the allied cvops skin
  • Giancarlo Schiano for some details
You can modify if you want.Wolfenstein Files

Wolfenstein Debut Teaser

16.07.2008 : 08:12
Over at you can watch the Wolfenstein debut teaser in HD quality wich was made for the E3 2008.

--> Wolfenstein Debut Teaser HD

It's Wolfenstein, not RtCW2

16.07.2008 : 01:34
Activision and id Software told us that Wolfenstein will be released for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC when it's done.
There let us know that the game is officially called "Wolfenstein" - not RtCW2 or something else.
RtCW 4 ever!

Wolfenstein RPG Announced

16.07.2008 : 01:21
id Mobile works currently on Wolfenstein for mobile phones. Wolfenstein RPG contains 9 stages, 17 wepons and over 30 different enemys. The game employs an achievement-like system where you win medals for exploring everything and discovering hidden secrets and treasures.

More Info:

--> Wolfenstein RPG @ IGN
--> Wolfenstein RPG Screenshots
Planet Wolfenstein

RtCW2: First Screenshots (Updated)

14.07.2008 : 13:47
The "Game Informer" magazine (August issue) features a "World Exclusive" first look at the new Wolfenstein game.

Side note: The domain is now property of Activision.

Crossfire | nUllSkillZ via PM | Egal via ICQ

ET-Minimod: M16

14.07.2008 : 13:23
Replaces the Thompson with a M16. The sound is replaced, too.


--> M16

Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: UFC (Final)

13.07.2008 : 23:41

~ Download ~
Only use Knife or Needle syringe to play this map. Only 2 players (1 on each side) can enter in the arena every 30sec. They have 2 flags in the arena. One for each team. Both teams need to claim the oposite flag and hold it for 3/5 minutes to win the game.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Mastermapper

RtCW2: A few details about RtCW2

12.07.2008 : 15:11
Quoted from Tiscali Games:

This month's Game Informer contains first details about id/Raven's upcoming next-gen Wolfenstein game, running on id Tech 5 engine and set to release on PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

  • Set in World War II among Nazis experimenting with occult powers once again.
  • B.J. Blazkowicz making comeback, this time also having supernatural powers of his own.
  • Set in one large city, which will open itself up as you progress through given missions and quests.
  • Randomly generated content blocking your path at times.
  • AI controlled local resistance, assisting you in fight at times.
  • An alternative reality called "The Shroud", some sort of a parallel dimension fueling Nazi powers.
Wolfenstein is set to hit PC, Xbox360 and PS3 "when it's done".

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein | Tiscali Games

ET-Mod: Jaffa Mod (100708)

12.07.2008 : 15:10
It's not a skinpack, it's a real mod!

It is a mod inspired by Stargate and it's for real fans. It's based on original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60. The general changes are new player class and weapons.

Download & Info:

--> Jaffa Mod (100708)
--> Jaffa Mod Website

ET-Tool: ETscript 3.1

10.07.2008 : 18:59
ETScript is a script editor designed specifically for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map script files. These script files are usually written in simple text editors like Notepad, which offer very little extra support. ETScript is different. While it hosts all useful features popular text editors like Notepad have, it also hosts a ton of features designed specifically for W:ET script files. You will probably find ETScript superior over Notepad, simply because it looks and handles identical to Notepad, plus a ton of extra features. These features are mostly aimed toward W:ET script files and help you to write your scripts quicker, easier and with less errors.


--> ETscript 3.1


ETScript has all the standard text editor features such as the usual Open / Save file dialogs, Cut/Copy/Paste functionality, Find/Replace and Goto functionality, etc… These features behave exactly like you know them from any other text editor which makes ETScript very easy to use.

Additionaly, there are lots of large and important features, but also small improvements of the usual features. Here’s a list of a few of ETScript’s features; see the section ‘Help’ for all features and how to use them.

  • Intellisense / AutoComplete:
    When you are typing a keyword (for example trigger), ETScript picks up on this and displays a list of possible keywords plus a short description of the keyword, right underneath where you are typing. When you found the right keyword in the list, you can simply press Enter and ETScript will AutoComplete the word; you don’t even have to type more than a few letters!

  • Scriptcommand panel:
    A small panel on the right of your scripts displays a complete list of all keywords you possibly want to use in your script, ordered by category. Select a keyword to display it’s usage and a short description below.

  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI):
    ETScript is, unlike Notepad, a Multiple Document Interface, which basically means you can open a large number of scripts simultaneously. With the help of a few handy toolbar buttons you can arrange the windows either side-by-side, cascaded, stacked or squared, so you can read multiple scripts simultaneously.

  • AutoBackup Manager:
    If AutoBackup is enabled, ETScript 3 will automatically save a new backup file, without overwriting any old backup files, at the specified time interval (3 minutes by default).
    The AutoBackup Manager is a useful tool which displays all available backups of a specific map, (including their size and more importantly, their creation date and time) in a listview comparable to Windows Explorer. Inside the AutoBackup Manager window, you can delete or open any backup files.
    If you made a huge mistake in your script (for example, you deleted an important part without noticing), there’s a good chance you’ll find it back in the AutoBackup Manager. Using the creation time/date you can quickly find the right file and open it, before overwriting the real script file.

  • (Un)Comment selection:
    If you ever found yourself commenting out lots of lines, this feature will help you out a lot. Simply selecting any number of lines and pressing the ‘Comment selection’ button will comment out all selected lines simultaneously. In the same manner, using the ‘Uncomment selection’ button will remove any comment markers //, if present.


ET-Minimod: Beetle Baley Billboards

09.07.2008 : 18:14
Just for fun Mod! This mod will turn all basic billboards into Beetle Bailey cartoons. Put Smilies on the flags. Put a weedleaf on the gasgrenades.

--> Beetle Baley Billboards
Blowfish via PM

Die Night of Fight geht in die vierte Runde

07.07.2008 : 12:10

Hallo zusammen,

ich freue mich hiermit zur 4. Auflage der Night of Fight einladen zu dürfen.
Eingeladen ist jeder der Spaß an einem fairen, jedoch freundlichen, Kampf hat.

Gespielt wird ETpro auf einem 60 Slot Server mit 30 Maps (3 Campaigns mit XP Save á 10 Maps).

Nähere Informationen findet Ihr auf



RtCW-Map: Under the Moon

06.07.2008 : 23:03

~ Download ~
Under the Moon is a map by [DW]Fegelein & [DW]Oli.
RtCW 4 ever!

ET-Minimod: th0rn3 Landmine

06.07.2008 : 16:02
th0rn3 created a new model for the anti-personnel mine.

--> th0rn3 Landmine

Molotov reworked this model a bit and released two additional versions with team-symbols and now it's compatible with Jaymod. All three versions are included in the downlad file.

ET-Map: Facility Goldrush (Final)

05.07.2008 : 23:02

~ Download ~
Kill the enemy, capture the gold and score at flags.
sl.Rippchen via ICQ
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ET-Map: Fueldump NQ (Final)

08.07.2008 : 13:46

~ Download ~
|WF|Doofy converted Fueldump for No Quarter to get rid off the hunk_megs error. No changes on gameplay!

Now with spawnfix wich adds an additional spawn for allies with command post built at the garage (on 2nd half of map).
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.0 (Fixed)

03.07.2008 : 20:07
Updated the downlad file with all currently available fixes for the 1.2.0 version of No Quarter.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.0'
--> 'No Quarter' Website

Included Fixes:

  • Fixed shader for grenade danger awareness icons (no more missing textures)
  • Added GeoIP.dat to make the GeoIP working
  • Possible to run NQ1.2.0 on a Mac server
ShitStorm Forum

RtCW-Utility: RtCW Map Downloader 0.7

03.07.2008 : 19:57
This is an application that works together with the game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein'. It automatically downloads missing custom maps for the game.
Unfortunately RtCW does not support HTTP downloads. Downloading maps at 12kb/s takes way too much time. That's where this application comes in handy.


--> RtCW Map Downloader 0.7


  • RtCW (1.0, 1.33 or 1.4)
  • NET Framework 2.0
  • Downloads must be enabled on both client and server (sv_allowdownload 1 & cl_allowdownload 1)


You can view a list of supported maps on the website. You can also add maps and download URL's.
RtCW 4 ever!

ETpro Mapscripts with Arti Roof

02.07.2008 : 14:29
WhooSaaa made a few mapscripts to prevent Trickjumping. Including Anti Spawnkill Roofs.


--> Mapscripts with Arti Roof


Supplydepot 2:

  • fixed Spawnroutine
  • also Allied cp autospawn-routine enabled
  • arti roof over allied spawn points
  • missile clip infront of bunker exit. (if someone thinks pf spawnkill is funny)
  • for doublejump servers the rocks aroud depot are clipped. No DJ into depot
Fixed grenade jump to the roof if FF is deactivated to prevent allieds to get to the onjective over the roof.
Arti roof over spawn for allieds and axis.
Arti roofs over allied and axis spawn
Snatch 3:
Arti roof over allied and axis spawn
Caen 2:
Arti roof over allied and axis spawn
MLB Daybreak:
  • Artiroof in rocketbase
  • Clip to prevent DJ into base to get the objective
  • Clip to prevent DJ over water to bypass the teamdoor
"The use of these files is for free. No copyrights or whatever. Feel free to do with it whatever you want." Forenthread

ET-Map: Rockeyes (Beta 2)

10.07.2008 : 17:49

~ Download ~
The Allies Rock Eyes Base hides two Radars that gives a strategic View of the surrounding Mountains. The Axis must breach into the Base and destroy the two Radars. The Allies must protect the Radars at all costs!

UPDATE: molotov made a additional pk3 with extra sounds.

| zedd.mapping

QW-Map: After the War 4 (Beta 2)

14.07.2008 : 12:49

~ Download ~
Capture the flag. GDF have to steal the data brain and take it to their own flag, the briefcase. At the same time the Strogg have to steal the briefcase and take it to their own flag, the data brain. Capture 2 out of 3 flags to win the map.
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Vulcano Escape (Beta 2)

30.06.2008 : 17:54

~ Download ~
The Axis are stuck between two vulcanos that are about to erupt, they need to get away from there before they do! Axis must escort the tank, open the gate, build the bridge, and get away with the truck before there out of time! Allies must prefent all of this!


  • The Gate is now working without any bugs.
  • A path by the brigde.
  • The MG for the Allies is gone.
  • A map bug in the terrain of the snow is gone.
  • More paths in the crack with lava.
  • One more path to the truck barrier.
  • The tank stops when its finsihed, no more repeating sounds.
  • A sign by the switch.
  • A map for the limbo - menu.
  • Small adjustment in the .arena.
[UJE]Niek via MSN | [UJE]Clan
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.0

30.06.2008 : 13:18
Surprise, surprise! A new version of No Quarter was released yesterday and includes tons of fixes and changes.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'No Quarter 1.2.0'
--> 'No Quarter' Website


  • Fixed some aura issues
  • Add flag 64 for g_slashkill, this stops in-fight selfkill.
  • Don't display negative health values for shortcut [s].
  • send alt weapon switch as event instead of just predicting it.
  • Options to draw/hide ping and country-flags added.
  • BOT in scoreboard justified to get space for high XP values.
  • Set lastrevive_client(for shortcut [r]) also when a player was healed with syringe.
  • Removed support for multiple weapon script directories.
  • Rework of killing spree code.
  • Add pop-up message filtering using cg_popupMessageFilter.
  • Don't show lives left in scoreboard when g_maxlives is not used.
  • Error messages extended.
  • Added team_panzerRestriction, a feature similar to et_admin mod's Panzer Pussy.
  • Force group read/write permissions of .xp files.
  • Fix wrong display of friendlyfire when g_friendlyfire is >1 (issue #26).
  • Fixed possible segmenation fault.
  • Made g_knifeonly really knife only mode. No pliers, dyno, arty, airstrikes or syringes anymore.
  • Buffered print shrubbot fix.
  • Added flag 64 to g_friendlyFire: Landmines hurt teammates when general FF is disabled.
  • Fix wrong slot/name matching in several commands.
  • Added CVARs to enable GeoIP serverside and clientside.
  • Fixed HUD display to show large XP values.
  • Added MCWF's GeoIP patch.
  • Fixed an issue with unmuting auto-muted players.
  • PM message sound added.
  • First blood message and sound.
  • Bots don't vote fix.
  • Players with bad ASCII named not allowed to connect (thus fixing many issues).
  • Improvements of bot XP save.
  • 5 XP penalty for poisoning a teammate.
  • !putteam changed to !put (get used to it).
  • Max fireteam members decreased to 6 (Really, who uses 8? It just messed up the HUD).
  • Integrated ETPro antiwarp.
  • Changed WP_FG42_SCOPE back to WP_FG42SCOPE for logging purposes (vsp)
  • Fixed bot FF hitsound exploit.
  • Omnibot 0.66 support
  • Added Jaymod style double jump with g_doubleJump 2.
  • Fixed full revive syringe color. Was checking for Signals level 3 not First Aid.
Enemy Territory Stuff