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ET-Map-Mod: Braundorf Winter Mod

30.11.2009 : 15:47

~ Download ~
[aF]$toerFaktoR made a mod for Braundorf to set the map in a nice winter scenario.

[aF]$toerFaktoR via PM
| AntiFront Clan

ET-Map: Weedplant (Beta 2)

30.11.2009 : 15:44

~ Download ~
Allies want smoke the Holy Ganja Tree because the Axis flood the black market with cheap weed.
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ET-Map: Hypercube (Beta 1)

27.11.2009 : 23:30

~ Download ~
A little funny TeamDeathMatch Map. Allies have to kill the Axis! Axis have to kill the Allies!
WolfMap Forum
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ET-Map: CTF Poola (Final)

27.11.2009 : 01:12

~ Download ~
The battle can end only if one team gets the others gold. And yes, it will get bloody!

People have been arguing for a long time, who is stronger - the Allied or the Axis force. This time the battle is to the death and because the chances are even there will be no doubt - the survivors are stronger!
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ET-Mod: AntiPro (Beta 4 Build 3)

03.12.2009 : 22:56
Antipro is a project coming from developers of the Anti3 anticheat that was used in the World Cup 3v3 and Crossfire NC. The mod is based on ETPro and has one main goal: Supply the community with an alternative Anticheat that is supposed to improve the level of protection against cheaters (as much as we can do).

Download & Info:

--> AntiPro (Beta 4 Build 3)
--> AntiPro Forum


ET-Map: Braundorf (Final)

21.11.2009 : 21:50

~ Download ~
Allied Intelligence have discovered a weapon research bunker outside of the town of Braundorf. It is the Allies mission to blow up the gas and electricity control systems, causing overloads which will destroy the facility.

Changes from Beta 4 to Final:

  • Map is brighter
  • Added more voice announcements
  • Fixed Command Map
  • Additional pk3 for ETpro (Fix of Command Map icons & adding more Ammo- & Health Cabinets)
  • Retextured
  • Based on Beta 4, all custom made stuff will still work

Etch via E-Mail
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ET-Map-Mod: Bremen Winter Mod

20.11.2009 : 22:43

~ Download ~
[aF]$toerFaktoR made a very small (572 kb filesize) mod for Bremen to set the map in a winter scenario.

[aF]$toerFaktoR via PM
| AntiFront Clan

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2 von id Software

20.11.2009 : 22:07
"Eine wirklich überraschenden Meldung erreichte uns heute per Telefon. So drang die Information durch, das man bei id Software wohl an einem Nachfolger des beliebten und kostenlosen Multilpayer Taktik Shooter Wolfenstein Enemy Territory arbeitet.
Dieser soll nicht vor dem Jahre 2012 erscheinen.
Weiter heißt es, das man sich am Gameplay des Originals orientieren wolle, und dies weitestgehend übernehmen will.
Wie wir uns das vorzustellen haben, liegt selbstverständlich noch im Dunklen, da Enemy Territory 2 auf einer neuen Engine entwickelt wird.
Wenn wir also weiter spekulieren, könnte dies die hauseigene Tech 5 sein, was die Vorfreude natürlich um ein weiteres ansteigen läßt.

Dies sind natürlich noch unbestätigte Informationen und könnten sich auch im Laufe der Zeit als unwahr herausstellen. Allerdings ist die Vorstellung, dass es einen Nachfolger geben könnte, für den immernoch viel gespielten Shooter, eine großartige."

Quelle: raymond via ICQ |

ET-Map: TM DE Dust (Beta 1)

18.11.2009 : 09:51

~ Download ~
Axis have to plant a bomb on the bombsight. Allies must protect the bombsight.
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ET-Map: TM LC City (Beta 3)

14.11.2009 : 13:54

~ Download ~
The secret Command Post under the church has to be destroyed by the axis before more allies arrive.
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ET-Map: Cali's Arena

13.11.2009 : 18:56

~ Download ~
Small frag map for 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3.
Calibra8v via PM
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QW-Mod: Brace (Alpha 3a)

13.11.2009 : 18:37
Players must team up with another player to scavenge the level for pickups - weapons ammo, health, repair packs and fuel cells while fighting other teams. XP is given for damaging enemies and finding and using pickups. Team with most XP at end of match wins. All players can revive a team mate using the activate button, though it takes several seconds. When players are close to their teammate this shows as a lit icon in the fireteam list, they are considered 'braced' which gives some bonuses.


--> Brace (Alpha 3a)
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Mod: Revolution Mod (Beta 1)

12.11.2009 : 18:09
This is a mod that runs on No Quarter (and only No Quarter) and replaces several weapons and adds some cool stuff. It recycles some weapon skins that you may be familiar with, however it fully adds them to the source code and game. The classes were changed a bit to provide new strategy and something different.
Screenshots and a full readme are included into the download file.


--> Revolution Mod (Beta 1)
  • M4 Carbine: Soldier/Allies (replaces plain Sten)
  • AK47: Special Ops/Allies (replaces Stg44)
  • Tesla Port: Special Ops/Allies (an original RtCW weapon that replaces Flamethrower)
  • Unsupressed Sten MKII: Soldier/Axis (added by No Quarter)
  • M3 Snooper: Special Ops/Axis (replaces FG42)
  • 12 Gague: Most classes (a reskinned version of Jaymod shotty)
  • Venom II: Soldier and Femme Fatale (medic), both classes (reskinned and less fire delay)
  • Chainsaw

Skill Rewards:

  • Level 4 Light Weapons: Most classes get a Chainsaw (heavy melee weapon)
  • Level 4 Medic: SpecialOps gets medpacks

Other Changes:

  • Elite Soldier class gets more grenades, and can supply their own ammo
  • Femme Fatale class is an elite female medic that carries a venom and can also snipe
  • Accuracy table updated with new weapons
  • Limbo menu updated
  • Kill announcements updated
  • Most all references to weapons or classes updated
  • Chainsaw has an occasional critical effect and gibs play instantly, also can overheat
  • Uniforms and limbo menu are reskinned
  • This mod was build on No Quarter 1.2.4 source code, so it has some of the fix/features in 1.2.5
  • When stealing a special ops or femme fatale uniform, the disguise is not 100% complete (you can tell by the face). So if you see a female body with a male face... Shoot'em!
  • Made shortcuts to !listplayers and !nextmap commands, it is now !li and !ne (like Jaymod)
GuNnEr via E-Mail

ET-Mod: TJmod 1.6.3

11.11.2009 : 16:34
TJMod 1.6.3 is out, 1.6.2 was not released since it was more like a 'public test' because I knew there would be issues to fix.
Among the new things is tj_autodemo which will automatically record temporary demos while doing timeruns, and when a run is finished it will save the demo with the time and run name and so forth in its filename.
Also panzerfaust will now work as 'rockets' so Q3 Rocketruns are now playable, panzers will automatically be added and given when there is a "weapon_rocketlauncher" entity in the map, give this entity a "count" key to specify how much ammo to give with the panzerfaust.
Also some minor bugfixes like case-insensitivity at tjg_blockedmaps and so forth.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.6.3
Redford via E-Mail

QW-Map: Construction Site (Beta 1)

08.11.2009 : 11:11

~ Download ~
This is not the first time the Strogg were here on Earth. A scout ship landed near what's today the remains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Strogg drones gathered vital intelligence about the activities in the zone, but they were persecuted and annihilated. The Strogg mother ship sent a battalion to recover that intelligence, stored in a data brain that the GDF discovered underground. The orders were: Retrieve the Data Brain and transmit it through the communication hub at any cost!
Community Enemy Territory

PunkBuster Violation #70762 (ET)

06.11.2009 : 18:39
"We have confirmed that non-cheat software caused some of the kicks for Violation #70762. We encourage admins to give players the benefit of the doubt and ignore this violation number; it has been removed from our system."
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Mod: TJmod 1.6.1

02.11.2009 : 22:55
TJMod 1.6.0 features a few bugfixes and added features like seeing the time of people you spectate, automatically checking if the map being voted is on the server before starting the vote, tj_hideme setting to completely hide you from all other players, and more.
Also includes a few requested mapping features, trigger_savereset and noexplosives key for worldspawn which (if server allows) will disable panzer, grenade, and such explosive weapons, and a script-related fix.
Pending bugfixes, this wlll probably the the last TJMod release for some time.

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.6.1


TJMod 1.6.1 with the things I forgot to add in 1.6.0. Which is tjg_blockedMaps where server admins can add names of any maps they don't want to be voted, and tjg_holdDoorsOpen to prevent doors from closing (e.g. in timeruns where multiple players will cause doors to close in front of

ET-Skinpack: Halloween Skeletons

31.10.2009 : 11:41
Both teams and each class are Skeletons, the allies are a bit more rotten than the axis.


--> Halloween Skeletons

|>B<|peyote via PM

ET-Map: Halloween (Beta 2)

31.10.2009 : 11:34

~ Download ~
Halloween fun map. Keep the flag in the middle building for 5 minutes to win.
WolfMap Forum
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: Enhanced Mod v1.0.3

30.10.2009 : 09:33
Enhanced Mod is a server side mod expansion pack for server administrators to tweak unsettable game behaviour stuff given by the original mod. No extra pk3 needed! ~Equal One


--> Enhanced Mod v1.0.3


  • A powerful flexible xml configuration enables the possibilty to write you own weapon settings for each class/team.
  • Conditional respawn settings(for example "IF" the medic carry a Thompson automaticaly he own also a MP40).
  • Multiple primary weapon settings.
  • Startammo and additional ammo in clip defined by xml config.
  • Molotov possibile now for all classes!
  • New possibile behaviour of the rifle nade launcher(no reload needed!)
  • Experimental doublejump modification(standardly disabled).
  • Easy way to alternative server configs. Below some examples:
  • On a new player connection a info message like "enhmod: ETPlayer connected with ip: 95.223.***.***:27960(Germany) client version: xxx" appear.
  • First headshot message.

Future planed features:

More !xxxxx (fun) commands integrated in jaymod level hierarchy, example !crazyweapon on, !nadelauncher on, !singlepistol on
WolfMap Forum

~ SpooKy Night von HFC & {ETat} ~

29.10.2009 : 23:06
Wir laden zum fröhlichen spuken ein

Wann: am 31.10.2009 ab 20.00 Uhr

Der Server kann mit allen Client-Versionen besucht werden.

~ |btc| Spooky Night ~

28.10.2009 : 17:59
Ticket to Hell
The |btc| Spooky Nights

Halloween on |btc|crazy
Spooky maps, skins & sounds


From 31.11.09 (0.00am) to 01.11.09 (0.00pm)
|bTc|ClawFire via PM

Wolfenstein Fun Weekends

27.10.2009 : 21:03

The Wolfenstein Fun Weekends - Wolfenstein, W:ET & RtCW Server! starts their Wolfenstein Fun Weekends!
In detail: From Friday until Sunday, every evening is starting one of the Wolfenstein games. Which ones? Here:

FRIDAY: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
SATURDAY: Wolfenstein
SUNDAY: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
TIME: always from 18:00 to 02:00

RtCW: RTCW Public (shrub)

Wolf: Wolf Public (promod)

W:ET: ET Public (etpro)

So cool your beer and have fun!

PS: You can win an awardGeneral Wolfens via ICQ

ET-Map: Cortex Who Antifronted (Final)

26.10.2009 : 18:46

~ Download ~
Bienvenue sur la map de Cortex, le but pour les Axes est de ramener 3 CD vers le pc pour les graver. Le but des Alliés est d'empecher l'Axe de ramener les CD avant les 12 coups de midi.


  • modefiled by [aF]$toerFaktor and [aF]Vanhintn from ANTIFRONT CLAN!
  • other textures
  • other sounds like "Nirvanna: Smells like teen spirit"
  • map light not higher than 200
  • [aF] Wish You A Lot Of Fun : ]
WolfMap Forum
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QW-Map: Teamjungle (Beta 2)

25.10.2009 : 15:20

~ Download ~
This is "Teamjungle", a single-objective document grab/delivery map. Strogg are attacking, GDF defend the documents.
The layout is based around an original Action Quake 2 map called "teamjungle" by timm from nearly 10 years ago! I always loved that map and wanted to try and recreate it in ETQW as an objective mission rather than the original team deathmatch.

It's quite small for ETQW standards, I'd estimate 4v4 will be the best player count for this, although I haven't tested for team sizes at all. For all I know it plays like complete rubbish! ~MoP
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Bremen (Final)

25.10.2009 : 15:41

~ Download ~
Allied spies undercovered details of an Axis plan to transport a fortune in gold to a more secure location. The Allies have planned an attack to intercept the gold during its stopover in Bremen.

Changes from Beta 2 to Final:

  • added fixes (mapscript & lights)
  • reworked command map
  • retextured, looks now like a bombed german city
  • included a fitting skybox
  • usage of (fixed) shaders for a better look (terrain, windows, marble floor, vase, etc)
  • usage of new/changed/fixed textures (windows, wall, gate, floor, truck)
  • Bremen is now shown on the right place in the campaign map
  • removed advertisings from the map
  • removed all unneeded textures and shaders from the pk3
  • based on beta 2, all custom-made stuff will still work

Etch via E-Mail
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: Brace (Alpha 2)

24.10.2009 : 21:48
Players must team up with another player to scavenge the level for pickups - weapons ammo, health, repair packs and fuel cells while fighting other teams. XP is given for damaging enemies and finding and using pickups. Team with most XP at end of match wins. All players can revive a team mate using the activate button, though it takes several seconds. When players are close to their teammate this shows as a lit icon in the fireteam list, they are considered 'braced' which gives some bonuses.


--> Brace (Alpha 2)
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: StupidQW (Alpha 2)

24.10.2009 : 20:11
Good evening and welcome to Stupid QuakeWars! This not too serious mod follows the great tradition of Stupid Quake for Quake2 where overpoweredness is key. Enjoy the benefits of the machine railgun, rocket launcher and shotgun, and the delights of the suicide rail chucker!


--> StupidQW (Alpha 2)
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Battle Arena GU (Final)

22.10.2009 : 18:35

~ Download ~
The Allies must destroy the Axis Powerplant and the Axis must destroy the Allied Powerplant.

"It's a map designed for the objective mode, but it's also a deathmatch or fun map. The timelimit is 20 minutes. And I did put some cool lights in it as a warmup for the still-not-finished Concert Arena map."

This map is also known as Lasershooting. Lasershooting was my second map after Alliebase. The main structure is the same, but the details are changed. Such as:

  • An underground tunnel from west to east
  • Spaws at the ground in stead of the air
  • Ammorate limited to 1 pack in 5 seconds
  • Lightbeams (which come from the concert_arena project)
  • More detailed wood texture
  • Fire in barrels contain smoke
  • And last but not least: Caulked brushes which increase the fps-rate and let me be able to add more details
| Servers running this Map

20.10.2009 : 21:42

Wir freuen uns, verkünden zu dürfen, dass unsere Edit Page nun offiziell online ist! Was erwartet euch auf unserer neuen Page? Gedacht ist diese als Austausch-Plattform für alle Hobbybastler und Mapper. Zu den Bereichen Wolfenstein und Enemy Territory führen wir auf unserer neuen Page Tools, Tutorials, Dateien, Entwicklungen und User Blogs. Jedem User steht es frei, seine Arbeit an einer Map / Textur / einem Objekt via Blog zu veröffentlichen. Einfach registrieren und der Anleitung folgen.
Entsprechend findet Ihr auf der neuen Seite News zu der Editing Szene und zu neuen Final-Maps.
Natürlich wird - wie immer bei - laufend an der Website gearbeitet und diese verbessert. Vorschläge und Hinweise sind in unserem Forum willkommen.GeneralWolfens via ICQ