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QW-Map: Tourian (Beta 2)

27.12.2009 : 12:47

~ Download ~
After successfully halting the production of Stroyent from the Maridia Sea Platform the GDF are now focusing their efforts on the much larger Tourian Sea Platform that is also producing Stroyent. Unable to make a safe landing on the Facility the GDF are attempting a daring air assault on the facility which is guarded by a squadron of tormentor fighters.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Skinpack: Noroda Skin- & Soundpack

26.12.2009 : 21:47
Updated version of molotov's skin- and soundpack for NQ 1.2.7 (should work with NQ 1.2.3 and NQ 1.2.5, too). Skins and sounds can be used seperately.


--> Noroda Skin- & Soundpack (NQ 1.2.7)
molotov via PM

~ Merry Christmas ~ Frohe Weihnachten ~

24.12.2009 : 16:11

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.7 SF - Moonwalker

24.12.2009 : 12:52
UPDATE: Serverfix is included. Please download anew. Thanks.

Finally, the new No Quarter is released. This time it's really free of lags, it runs much smoother, no problems with PunkBuster, LUA is supported and ... well, the list of changes is big. To big for a news, please take a look here.


--> No Quarter 1.2.7 SF

Installation of 1.2.7:

We strongly recommend using this release if you set-up or running a public ET No Quarter server.

  • No Quarter requires a valid 2.60b/d Enemy Territory installation. 1.2.7 WON'T RUN ON VERSIONS LOWER THAN 2.60!
  • Download the 1.2.7 full install from the link above.
  • Unpack the No Quarter archive so you have all the files you need.
  • Make a subdirectory in your Enemy Territory installation folder named "nq". We did change the mod path for several reasons so don't use your old path if there is already an existing installation.
  • Client-side assets (nq_v1.2.7.pk3) and binaries (nq_b_v1.2.7.pk3) are BOTH REQUIRED for No Quarter to run. Place them in your nq directory. Depending on the server you're running No Quarter on, you will need to place the appropriate server binary qagame_mp into the "noquarter" directory.

ET-Map: Cathare (Final)

23.12.2009 : 22:30

~ Download ~
Southern France, 1942. The Axis has discovered the Cathare ruine which is perfectly for their headquarter. The Allies noticed the Axis soldiers comming slowly towards this destroyed castle and try to prevent them from capturing it. Kill the Enemy and you will be victorious!

"Finally after a lot of testing and delay of the releasedata, Cathare has become a high-quality Wolfenstein map. This is a fragmap created by Wezelkrozum made for funfights, clanfights and lan-party's and optimised for 4vs4, but the maximum is 20 players. It has also a navigation file in the pk3 for servers having bots. The map has some great special features such as: HQ textures and environment interaction. For more information visit"

| Servers running this Map

L4F 2. Deutsche 6on6 ET Meisterschaft

23.12.2009 : 22:07

Die DM in ET geht in die zweite Runde! Das Tunier richtet sich an alle deutschsprachige ET-Teams (Österreicher und Schweizer gelten als deutschsprachig). Starten wird dieser Event ab dem 11. Januar, Anmeldeschluß ist der 8. Januar 2010. Vorraussichtlich wird es wohl 7 Spielerpokale zu gewinnen geben.

Der Mappool besteht aus folgenden Maps:

sw_goldrush_te, Braundorf_b4, sp_delivery_te, Würzburg Radar, Bremen_b2, Supply

Des weiteren wird nach den aktuellen Liga4Fun 6on6 Regeln gespielt.
Meldet euch an und zeigt damit die deutsche ET-Scene noch nicht gestorben ist!
Bei Fragen wendet euch in #Liga4fun (@quakenet) an einen der Admins.MaxPauer via ICQ

ET-Map: Frost 2 (Beta 5)

23.12.2009 : 01:26

~ Download ~
The Allies must steal 2 Radar Prototypes out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck. To get to them they have to blow the Walls of the North and South Tower. In the first Castle Yard there is a Room with the Door Controls for the Yard Doors. To get better access to the Objectives Allies have to destroy them by Satchel or Dynmamite.

"Me and other People where not satisfied with the former name fr_summer_b4. To make it not more confusing than it already is ;) i decided to switch the Theme back to Winter, as it is Christmas Time anyway, and changed the name back to frost.
A lot of improvements and fixes come with this Version. I hope in can finish this map soon as the Christmas Time will allow me finally to end this Project. This map has seen way to many Versions for my taste but after all i can say every Version was an improvement.
Sorry for that and thanks to everyone who helped."


Beta 5 Changes:

  • Name Change from "fr_summer" to "frost2"
  • Snow Theme
  • Axis Spawn instantly in the Village again when the Allies secure the second Radar Prototype.
  • No more extra Time for the Allies when the Truck has passed the Bridge.
  • The Truck Barrier is now at the End of the Bridge.
  • Nearly the whole Village has been rebuilt!
  • Allies have to Destroy the village Door first.
  • Another way for the Allies to get to the Radar Parts. The side Gate. It can be rebuild by the Axis.
  • More Cover in the open Space at the Bridge.
  • Command Map Markers for the Radar Prototypes now Appear and Disappear when the Prototypes have been stolen or returned. (fix)
  • Allies dont Spawn in the Castle when they destroy the two Towers after the Truck has passed the Bridge. (fix)
  • Clipped several Buildings so you cant get out of the Map with Doublejump. (fix)
  • Small fixes in the Script that may have caused some errors.

| Servers running this Map

HFC Weihnachtsevent

23.12.2009 : 01:21

TeamSpeak 3 Open Beta

20.12.2009 : 13:38
After years of waiting, a open beta of TS3 arrived for servers and clients.

--> TeamSpeak Website

ET-Minimod: NoQuarter Sylvester-Mod v1.2

20.12.2009 : 13:27
Sylvester mod for NQ based on -|PS|-pancake & eCo|ischbinz' Sylvester Mod.
The pack is now compatible with NQ v1.2.5 and v1.2.7. The mod can be used alone or together with y_nq_xmas_v1.4.pk3 pack.


--> NoQuarter Sylvester-Mod v1.2


  • crackers nade (with fixed axis crackers first person view)
  • champagne shells for mortar
  • champaing.wav to champaing mortar shell explosion
  • popup message for the modded weapons
  • increased "crackers" damage
  • icons and hud indicators for the modded nade
  • few changes to make compatible with xmas pack
  • fixed a bug when the axis have red nade for axis rifle
  • few fix to make compatible with xmas pack
  • the pack can be used togheter with xmas pack!


TC:E X-MAS Body Count Tournament

20.12.2009 : 01:28


Who OWNS BC servers and who is only the frag giver for everybody?

Maybe I'm talkin about you? Let's find out!

Join the True Combat: Elite X-MAS Body Count Tournament and compete with other gamers willing to prove their supremacy at TC:E BODYCOUNT!

Camp, multikill, nade or knife'em all. Show us your skill, be on first place at the end of every round.

Don't forget to bring some of your lucky shots...

Date: 25.XII.2009
Time: 1600 (GMT+1)

Gamers will be competing on five maps picked from: village, snow, delta, thall, depot9, vorot, factory and lost powerstation.

At tourney day participants, if needed will be divided into four qualification groups and play vs eachother in short five minute rounds, with only one primary gun aviable.

After three stages (qualification, half final and final) THE ULTIMATE TRUE COMBAT: ELITE BODYCOUNT WARRIOR will be picked.

For more rules click HERE!
To join CLICK HERE!Somator via E-Mail

QW-Map: Abusir (Beta 2)

16.12.2009 : 09:31

~ Download ~
Destroy the Cooling Generator and destroy The Zero-Point-Energy Core.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Coast (Beta 1)

16.12.2009 : 00:28

~ Download ~
The Axis have set up a secret base in an old village at the coast of the North Sea. Allies try to infiltrate it and get hold of Secret Documents the Axis store nearby.

A walkthrough video can be found here.
| Servers running this Map

Wolfenstein Patch 1.2

15.12.2009 : 21:22
If anybody still cares, Patch 1.2 for Wolfenstein is released. The stuff the patch fixes/changes is usually already in the retail version of any other game. Windows only, no Linux serverfiles or a SDK in sight...


--> Wolfenstein Patch 1.2 (International)
--> Wolfenstein Patch 1.2 (German)
--> Wolfenstein Patch 1.2 (ServerLite)


  • Players will now receive their proper gold and stats at the end of the match instead of occasionally losing their gold and upgrades
  • New legal text
  • Global chat is now UNavailable in spectator mode
  • Objective explosions don’t count towards team kills (they will however still kill a player)
  • The dedicated servers will now sort correctly by ping
  • A waiting bar has been added when waiting for the servers to appear
  • When the player goes into the game, the auto-assign selection is highlighted gold instead of black
  • Competition mode (all unlocks available, option to turn off the arrows above enemy players)
  • MP43 and MP40 are adjusted in terms of damage, range and accuracy.
  • Pressing T will bring up the chat box without also entering the letter T as the first letter
  • Panzerschreck has more splash damage
  • Veil Sight drains veil energy more quickly
  • Ironsights is more effective
  • Amount of ammo picked up off of dead players is reduced.
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Christmas Tank (New Version)

13.12.2009 : 23:27

~ Download ~
The allies have to escort the tank to the santa's building and destroy the presents there. Axis have to stop the allies.

Because of the new No Quarter this map had to be adjusted for hunkmegs problem.

Special stuff:

  • 2 moving trucks
  • 1 funny car that flies to objective
  • A carnaval train
  • some christmas sounds
  • a giant carnaval wheel
  • a Carousel

Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Soundpack: X-Mas-Sounds 2009

13.12.2009 : 22:20
Katta made a funny soundpack for the christmas time, including sounds and musics in english and german. It's a repack of 90 Sounds from the whole community.


--> X-Mas-Sounds 2009
Katta via PM

ET-Maps: X-Mas-Maps Seperated

13.12.2009 : 16:09
Molotov reworked the UJE X-Mas Mappack made by [UJE]Niek and seperated the maps, so you can chose wich map you want to run on your server.


--> X-Mas-Maps Seperated

  • chose the maps you want: Oasis, Temple or Goldrush
  • if you want hear the xmas musics in the spawn add to the server the uje_xmasmaps_extra.pk3 file too (etmain or noquarter directory, no matter).
    (i packed separate the music, because it has less download size and if you hear many time the songs, this could be boring/annoyin, so admins can remove the music).

ET-Minimod: NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod v1.4

13.12.2009 : 16:00
Molotov's X-Mas-pack for NoQuarter. Based on meyerinchains' Grinch-skinpack.
Compatible with every version of NQ (1.1.0 to 1.2.7).


--> NoQuarter X-Mas-Mod v1.4


  • santa-sound to santa rocket
  • mortar only fire with snowman bullet
  • added cookie style medpack (like the aura sprite, by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • few fix to make compatible with sylvester pack
  • santa rocket (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) + weap file for the proper popup message
  • xmas tree with stars ornament (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • truck (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta with a little bit modification)
  • goat sound changed to xmas style wav
  • added Easy Company's smoke mod with stars
  • changed aura sprites (medic sprite based on Easy Company's medpack model)
  • included fix for basereace winter map
  • candy stick landmine markers
  • snowman on Baserace map (by |>B<|WingWong and |>B<|peyote)
  • ribbons on ammo/medic packs
  • santa/snowman mortar shell (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta)
  • team colored santa hats
  • xmas themed sounds, ingame sounds (few of them by Hewster from Santamod)
  • xmas colored effects
  • xmas themed satchel, mine flag and neutral marker flag
  • snowball grenades
  • new faces
  • aura sprites


PunkBuster 2.213 Client & 1.759 Server

13.12.2009 : 15:47
"Version 2.213 of the PB Client & Version 1.759 of the PB Server for ET has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This is a maintenance release."
FrOsT via E-Mail

ET-Mod: AntiPro project has been terminated

13.12.2009 : 15:42

"Due to lack of time and rl issues, I've decided to stop AntiPro's development.
All received donations have been refunded.

| AntiPro Forum

ET-Map: Nightmare (Final)

11.12.2009 : 17:59

~ Download ~
The objectives are simple. Allies have to get the documents from the graveyard to the statue near the church. And have to blow up the generator, protecting Dracula's chest. Both can be done at the same time. There are a few hidden portals which will help you move around the map or get you out of endless tunnels.

Blowfish via PM
| Servers running this Map

HFC Fun Night 3

11.12.2009 : 17:37

Hallo, wir laden mal wieder alle zu unserer Fun Night ein. Hier könnt ihr mit allen Client-Versionen connecten (2.55-2.60b).
Bis bald und alles gute wünscht der HFC|Clan.

Wann: 12.12.2009 ab 20 Uhr

QW-Mod: Tactical Assault v0.3.3

09.12.2009 : 17:01

QWTA is a straightforward mod in intention; it's intended to tweak the core gameplay aspects of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, to create a more believable, more realistic experience, that plays more like a serious science fiction movie, than an arcade game.

QWTA's secondary objective is to bring more classic Quake 2/4 features to realization in ETQW, and to embrace new developments that fit within the broad ETQW/Quake 2/Quake 4/Earth-Stroggos war theme. Generally, QWTA is assuming ETQW is set before Quake 2, and will attempt to mix Quake 2 and Quake 4 technology, characters, etc, with that in mind, in addition to attempting to extrapolate modern technology to ETQW's level.

Download & Info:

--> QW: Tactical Assault v0.3.3
--> QWTA @ modDB

QWTA takes a lot of its gameplay inspiration from a few random(I'm afraid I don't recall the names.) realism mods that have popped up for the Call of Duty series of games, and the goal is to get something as an end-result that plays similarly to those, but in the futuristic setting of the Earth-Stroggos war.

At present, QWTA is intended to function with any base ETQW map, without a hitch, and it's hoped that this will continue to be the case through QWTA's development: while QWTA would certainly welcome QWTA-intended maps, they're not something that's felt should be required.

As a player, the preview video footage that was published before ETQW itself was released, spoke to me of a gritty, tactical, bloody sort of game, involving a lot of thinking and strategy, rather than the run-and-gun-fest that the released version of BaseETQW is. To that end, QWTA tries to stay true to the perceived feeling behind some of that original footage, and the impression it had on a lot of people.Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Blitz (Beta 1)

08.12.2009 : 18:37

~ Download ~
The Allies captured a small town but the Axis base is resisting heavily. Axis forces are ready to attack the Allies to re-capture the V1-Launch Keycard. Allies have to defend the Keycard but can also attack and try to drown the Axis forces by blowing up the Water Control Pipes behind the Pumphouse.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mappack: X-Mas-Maps

07.12.2009 : 00:21

~ Download ~
X-Mas Map Pack

This pack is made for christmas to have a nice feeling with these days.

Maps in this pack are:

+ UJE_Oasis_xmas
+ UJE_goldrush
+ UJE_temple_xmas

If you use these mappack then I hope you have fun with it.

Thanks to all original makers of these maps and for making these .maps public.
Also thanks to all model makers like ischbinz and Berzerkr for textures.
Keep the game alive guys and girls.

Greetz and a mery christmas from the UJE-Clan.

Textures may be changed if you like.
Niek via MSN

QW-Map: Canal (Beta 3)

07.12.2009 : 00:00

~ Download ~
After successfully destroying a nearby Strogg Facility the GDF now have a pretty clear attempt at gathering important information on the location of the Strogg's offshore facilities. To obtain the information the GDF must infiltrate a Strogg stronghold in the city and capture the Data Brain that contains the facility locations.
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Poker (Beta 2)

06.12.2009 : 17:45

~ Download ~
It's a Poker game fox! Try to fill the Board with the Cards. The team who scores most points on the Board or finishes it wins the match.

Changes from Beta 1 to Beta 2:

  • Fixed errors to be trapped between the chips on the table.
  • Fixed the error when the script team captured 4 deck of cards to complete their castle can now capture the 5th deck of cards to start playing on the dealer's pad without having to finish building their castle.
  • Fixed some issues in the script (sounds)
  • add some new details (flag, xzone for pad jump, light, airplane, windows and more)
  • Making and Add VO voice for team
  • split the ambient sound to another .pk3
    (et_poker_sound.pk3 / open et_poker_sound.pk3 for more info to change or delete the sound)
  • Update the .shader file.
  • Compile in final bounce 4
  • Delete Sniper Spawn when Command Post constructed
| Servers running this Map

ET-Minimod: Fun Minemarkers

06.12.2009 : 00:59
This mini mod made by ischbinz replaces the minemarkers with funny animated ones.


--> Fun Minemarkers

ischbinz via MSN

ET-Map-Mod: Saberpeak Nightsky

04.12.2009 : 12:25
Just a mod for Saberpeak (Final) wich changes the skybox, water and sand.


--> Saberpeak Nightsky

Skybox made by Avoc, mod made by *WF*McBeth & Berzerkr (GER).

ET-Map: Fueldump Mod (Final)

01.12.2009 : 14:04

~ Download ~
Jecoliah reworked Fueldump a bit to enhance the gameplay. Changes are listed below, a video of this reworked map can be seen here on YouTube.


  • Made a few Minor changes to the original map using the Released Map Source File.
  • Moved the East Barricade to the side of the building where the half open gate was.
  • This was done due to Newbies would build the East Barricade making it dificult for Axis to defend the Depot
  • Now it can be built and not hamper the Axis from defending it, which makes for Better Game Play.
  • Added a ladder to the backside of that wall so the Axis can exit the area.
  • Added spawns to the Garage for the Allies to Spawn in.
  • Allies will autospawn in the Garage once the Side Wall at the Rear of the Depot is Destroyed.
  • Allies CAN spawn at the CP anytime it is built by picking that spawn in the Limbo Menu.
  • I made it where Newbies would be forced to Auto Spawn in the Garage once the Side Wall was Blown.
  • Deleted all the LMS stuff AND a few models to reduce the hunkmegs_used to lessen the chance of getting the Max_Gamestate_Chars Error.
  • Made bulletin boards non-destructible to save one entity count.
  • Made the door to the generator room functional.
Bunker Gaming
| Servers running this Map