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ET-Map: Castle Sniper (Beta 1)

22.01.2008 : 13:25

~ Download ~
This time lot's of snipers are hiding in the castle. It's a spooky kind of castle so watch out. There is a way to pass on the bridge but... A howling wolf will tell that someones crossing, so beware...
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET-Map: Duel Site (Final)

20.01.2008 : 12:25

~ Download ~
Duel Site is a small valley, with 2 cottages and a destroyed concrete building between them. The cottages are team spawnpoints. The map has been designed for duel (1vs1) but it can be used just to fool around with even 3vs3.
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ET-Map: Base 55 (Final)

19.01.2008 : 16:46

~ Download ~
August 1943. The allied troops have found a secret Axis Base. It seems that some prototypes of V2 are inside this base. The task of today is to penetrate into the base, steal the secret architect's plans of the V2. In addition the V2 Control must be destroyed.

Allies Target:
  • Dynamite the Maingate
  • Steal the secret docs
  • Send the docs from the
    small radiostation
  • Destroy the V2 controlpanel
    with dynamite
  • Destroy the Depot Defenses
    to get into the Control Bunker
  • Dynamite the Sideentrance
  • Destroy the Axis Command
  • Build a Command Post
Axis Target:
  • Defend the Maingate
  • Defend the secret docs
  • Stop the Allies before
    sending the docs
  • Prevent the Allies for
    destroying the V2 controlpanel
  • Build the Depot Defenses
    to protect the Control Bunker
  • Defend the Sideentrance
  • Build a Command Post
  • Destroy the Allied Command

Changes to the previous version:

  • last modifications
  • texture fitting
  • adding Allied CP Spawn
  • changing the controlpanel
  • new flakgun brushwork
  • tanks full clipped
  • Opel Blitz full clipped
puRp0se via PM
| GamingGone

ET-Map: Quotidian (Beta 1)

19.01.2008 : 16:08

~ Download ~
The axis are about to leave the city with their fueltrucks. Their destination is the Fueldump from where they will be able to better protect all their black gold. The allies have to secure the trainstation and fight their way through the city, capturing keypoints as they progress before finally destroying the two fueltrucks.

Planet Wolfenstein
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QW-Stuff: Ranks ET:QW

19.01.2008 : 15:31
moin_moin made small PDF file with the ranks. If you want to see what's your next rank, download the file.


--> Ranks ET:QW
WolfMap Forum

ET:QW Server 1.4 Hotfix R1 Released!

19.01.2008 : 14:56
Over at is a hotfix released to prevent servers from crashing. The downloadfile contains the Linux and Windows binaries.


--> ET:QW Server 1.4 Hotfix R1

ET:QW new Demo released

19.01.2008 : 14:44
"Here it is, the new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo! It's based on the 1.4 update and features all of the new features and improvements from it, including the new training mode. If you're intending to run Windows servers for the new demo, you should also grab the server hotfix as it resolves a critical issue related to server queries."


--> ET:QW Demo Client 2.0 Full (Windows)
--> ET:QW Demo 2 Client Full R1 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Demo Client 1.4 Hotfix R1

--> ET:QW Demo 2 Server Full R1 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Demo Server 2.0 Full (Windows)
--> ET:QW Demo Server 1.4 Hotfix R1

Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: Quakeworld Physics Mod v1.0

18.01.2008 : 21:48
The QW Physics Mod for ET:QW, formerly known as the ETQW Bunnyhop Mod, made by XavioR adds QuakeWorld-style bunnyhopping and air control to ET:QW.


--> Quakeworld Physics Mod v1.0
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: Denglisch Mod 1.4

17.01.2008 : 22:26

Wie einige anderen auch, finde ich die deutsche Übersetzung von ET:QW nicht ganz so prickelnd. Alles nur auf Englisch zu haben war mir aber auch irgendwie zu blöd. Ich habe mich mal an RTCW zurück erinnert und dort gab es im MP eine englische Sprachausgabe mit deutschen Texten. Deshalb habe ich mich mal hingesetzt und etwas zusammen gebastelt, was ich mal "Denglisch-Mod" nennen möchte. ~RollerCoaster

Download & Info:

--> Download ''Denglisch Mod 1.4''
--> ''Denglisch Mod'' Website
--> Website der ''Fraggers aus Leidenschaft''
Update 1.4:
Die neue Version 1.4 ist zu ETQW 1.4 kompatibel. Ebenfalls muss nicht mehr eine bereits bestehende Datei ersetzt werden. Die Version 1.4 des Denglisch MOD's funktioniert mit einer deutschen und englischen ETQW Version gleichermaßen.
Eine ausführliche Installationsanleitung liegt dem Archiv bei.
Hier die wichtigsten Features:
  • Deutscher Text im Spiel, aber überarbeitet
  • Original Begriffe verwendet: XP, MCP, usw.
  • Original Klassennamen verwendet: Medic, Technician, Field Ops, usw.
  • Die Sprachausgabe für Zeit (Start-Countdown), Beförderungen und Map-Ende sind auf Deutsch (weil ich die eigentlich gar nicht so übel finde).
  • Die restliche Sprachausgabe (VoiceChat, Advisor, usw.) ist im originalen Englisch.
  • Einige kleine Änderungen und (ich nenn es mal) Bug-Fixes.
|FaL|*RollerCoaster via ICQ

TCE-Patch: DutchFix 1.4

17.01.2008 : 17:52

Team Neelix wrote a BugFix for the Enemy Territory Mod 'True Combat: Elite' (T:CE). The fix solves a problem with certain Client Commands, which Nuke the Gameserver and kick all Players.
I recommend all TCE Admins to install DutchFix 1.4 to protect your TCE Server against those Nuke attacks.
The Other Fix in DutchFix 1.4 solves a Nade Exploit to get rid of massive Nades cheaters.


--> DutchFix 1.4
You have to install QMM:
--> QMM: Q3 MultiMod
Dokumentation & Installation of QMM:
--> Dokumentation
--> Installation
Download of QMM:
--> Download QMM
Please check the GoNe Forum for updates!apologet via PM

ET-Map: Stronghold (Beta 1)

17.01.2008 : 17:19

~ Download ~
Allies must steal secret documents and Axis have to prevent this.
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Patch & SDK 1.4 Released!

16.01.2008 : 18:32
Patch 1.4 for "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" is released. Read the full changelog here.


For Players:
--> ET:QW Client Update 1.0 to 1.4 (Windows)
--> ET:QW Client 1.4 Full (Linux)
--> ET:QW Client Update 1.2 to 1.4 (Linux)
For Servers:
--> ET:QW Server 1.4 Full (Linux)
--> ET:QW Server 1.4 Full (Windows)
--> ET:QW SDK 1.4 (Windows)
--> ET:QW Mega Texture Media Pack 1.4

Enemy Territory auf Stupidedia

15.01.2008 : 00:11
Die Stupidedia ist die freie Satire- und Nonsens-Enzyklopädie, bei der alle mitmachen können, die kreative Ideen haben und die deutsche Sprache beherrschen.

Sogar einen witzigen Artikel über "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" findet man auf der Seite.

--> ET auf Stupidedia

ET:QW 1.4 Status; New Demo, Final SDK

12.01.2008 : 17:07
"So, where's 1.4? This has been a pretty hectic week in the Land of Updates. Our planned roll-out had to be stopped because internal testing turned up issues with the installers that could affect some players. The folks at Activision are trying to get these worked out as quickly as they can - they will let us know as soon as they have a solid estimate for getting the fixes in and tested. We'll pass that information on to you right away when we get it.

On a brighter note, we've also been hard at work on an updated version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo. This new demo incorporates all the improvements we've made to ETQW in the three months since its release, including the new training mode we’re introducing in 1.4. The training mode is a great introduction to the unique gameplay concepts and mechanics featured in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so this is a fantastic way for those still on the fence to experience the latest and greatest version of the game.

But that's not all! In addition to the game update and the new demo, we are also going to release the latest version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars server files. Our GSP partners have been running a good chunk of this code for some time and we've seen significant performance and stability improvements across the board. The upcoming release bonanza is rounded out by the final version of the Software Development Kit, which will be released into the wild just a few days after the update. As announced previously, we will also be making additional source media packages available with the SDK, so expect to see those as well.

Keep an eye on the ETQW Community Site for the latest on 1.4, the new demo, and the final SDK!"
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Prefab: Poster Prefab

12.01.2008 : 17:11
This is a modified and easily censored form of pictures and posters.
The textures can be used directly in the GTK Radiant.

Image manipulation by Sid
Shaderscripting by Etch


--> Poster Prefab
How to use:
  • copy the folders "scripts" and "textures" in your etmain folder
  • open the file shaderlist.txt in a text editor and insert the entry "prop_wall"
  • start the Radiant and select in the menu "Textures" the entry "prop_wall"
Etch via E-Mail

ET-Music: Prepare to Fight!

10.01.2008 : 23:51
A new ET-Song is incoming! "Prepare to Fight!" by Onkel Nada Novermberman.
Techno wit a lot of samples, running time 3'47

--> Prepare to Fight! (!fist Rotti - Mix)

ET-Prefab: Rotating Radar

10.01.2008 : 23:37
GTK Radiant Prefab of a radar. All walls without textures, for individually work.
Regards puRp0Se

--> Rotating Radar
pUrp0se via PM

ET-Mod: Jaffa Mod (070108)

10.01.2008 : 09:25
It's not a skinpack, it's a real mod!

It is a mod inspired by Stargate and it's for real fans. It's based on original Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60. The general changes are new player class and weapons.

Download & Info:

--> Jaffa Mod (070108)
--> Jaffa Mod Website

ET-Map: Space Panzer (Final)

10.01.2008 : 09:22

~ Download ~
This is a fun map for panzerwar. The gravity is set to 200 that you can go everywhere. Almost all the platforms are moving so it really looks like space. At the bottom of the map is a jump platform that launches you back. It's pure for fun so have some.

For questions or something else you can always visit our forum at
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET-Map: Ennepe Dam (Beta 3)

09.01.2008 : 15:15

~ Download ~
Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft guns and radio in arial support to destroy the dam.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: spongeStats

01.01.2008 : 23:43
The spongeStats game logging & visualization system made by sponge is a two-part system that allows players to generate a CSV file containing some info about every kill and death during the game. This allows some neat visualization of the data to reveal trends in map flow, similar to what past games and more recently, Bungie's Halo 3, and Valve's TF2 have done.

Download & Info:

--> Download spongeStats
--> spongeStats Website
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: Stroggification (Alpha 2)

01.01.2008 : 16:17
The mod leaves the Strogg with only the melee spike as a weapon and is designed to be played with a few GDF versus many Strogg. Most vehicles and deployables are also removed for both sides. Strogg Aggressor modified to be slow but strong, Oppressor fast but weak.


--> Stroggification (Alpha 2)
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW Comics

01.01.2008 : 15:14
Neurological created a few comics, similar to 'JustPub' by Feuersturm.

There available here:

--> Gallery @

QW-Mod: Terminal Quake 2 v1.0

01.01.2008 : 15:03
Tired of fighting the Stroggs on earth? Take the battle to Stroggos and kill Makron on his home planet! A port of Quake 2 to the Quake Wars engine. Play Quake 2 from GUI surfaces in Quake Wars.

Download & Info:

--> Download 'Terminal Quake 2 v1.0'
--> 'Terminal Quake 2' Website

Planet Quake

ET-Map: Sky Sniper (Beta 1)

01.01.2008 : 02:57

~ Download ~
This time a sniperwar in the sky. Two large zeppelins escorting ammo and stuff for the war. A lot of choppers are escorting it for backup. A way to pass is this time made with helicopters. You can start a heli at youre site and go to the other site, but beware... an alarm goes of when you get on the other site, so it's not easy.

Extra Stuff:

  • Passing helicopters
  • 3 points medic and ammo
  • Funny sounds
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

~ Happy New Year! ~

31.12.2007 : 17:19
Nach der Turbulenten Zeit die WolfMap bereits durchlebt hat, finde ich das es mal an der Zeit ist einen kleinen Rückblick auf die letzten 6 Jahre die diese Seite bereits besteht zu verfassen.

2001 wurde die Seite von LosHunos gegründet und war eigentlich nur als Downloadarchiv für RtCW-Maps geplant. Mit der Zeit kamen noch die üblichen Skinpacks, Soundpacks, Mods, Tools und Utilities hinzu was uns damals schnell zu einer der führenden Seiten in der RtCW-Szene werden ließ.

Leider waren wir aus kostengründen dazu gezwugen unsere Seite bei einem (heute nicht mehr Existierenden) Netzwerk hosten zu lassen. Wie vielen bekannt ist, war das ein herber Rückschritt. Kein eigenes Forum mehr und von den Downlads sprechen wir besser erst gar nicht.

Dank meines alten Bekannten U.K.Visuals und seinem damals neu gestarteten Projekt hatten wir vor einigen Jahren endlich die Möglichkeit von diesem Netzwerk loszukommen und uns be ihm Hosten zu lassen. An dieser Stelle nochmal mein ganz besonderer Dank an ihn für diese Möglichkeit!

Heute liegt alles auf unserem eigenen Rootserver, der ET-Server ist zur Prime-Time (ca. ab 20 Uhr) sehr gut besucht, unsere Filebase ist vollständig, ordentlich Sortiert und immer auf dem Aktuellsten Stand. News gibt's fast täglich (vorausgesetzt es gibt was zu berichten) und die durchschnittlich 4500 Besucher am Tag geben uns recht.

Genug geschrieben, wir wünschen Euch allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2008!

ET-Skinpack: Noroda (Final 2)

31.12.2007 : 16:46
I collected many stuff from the web and tried to select things which are acceptable for the most players.
This pack enhances the full game experience not not only a part of the game.


--> Noroda Skin- & Soundpack 2
z_noroda_basic.pk3 (11,8 MB)
the basic file with playres, weapon, limbo skin. Sound for weapon, chatbox etc.
Changes: the famele model was added

z_noroda_female.pk3 (0,01 MB)
with this file the server admin can use the female medic modell (the basic file work with the male model)

z_noroda_mapfixes.pk3 (0,6 MB)
73 different mapfixes, the serveradmin can use this pack as a pk3 addons or can add the scripts form the file to the "mapscripts" directory

z_noroda_xmas.pk3 (2,7 MB)
many xmas addons (grinch, snowman on Baserace map, xmas mines etc.), work with the skinpack. Will good for the next xmas season... :)
Note: with the xmas mod dont work the female model

  • Blood Limbo
  • New Loading Screen
  • Location files
  • 38 funny chat sounds
  • New Skins for Weapons, Med- & Ammopacks
  • New Weapon Sounds
  • X-Mas extension also included for this skinpack
  • etc...
In many cases I useed jpg files instead of tga (like campaign map, etc.) so if your clan have some own stuff, you can easy replace the files. ~Molotov

Molotov via eMail

ET-Prefab: Elevator 2

31.12.2007 : 16:11
This elevator is created by wezelkrozum. The time to make this elevator by your own is around the 20 hours.

--> Elevator 2

ET-Prefabs by puRp0se II

30.12.2007 : 00:56
Prefab Wallshelf for RtCW and Enemy Territory with a wall (wall have a caulk texture).

--> Wallshelf

Prefab for Axis Command Post, Allied Command Post & Neutral Command Post. Including script stuff.
--> Command Posts

Prefab of a Fan in a Wall.
--> Fan

Prefab of a Foresthut.
--> Foresthut
puRp0se via ICQ

FragTube - Just Frag it

28.12.2007 : 20:20
Like Enemy Territory Videos? When Bored you don''t want to just go and download a movie, you want to go to places like youtube...Nevermind thats not a site for game videos. Horrible resolution on the videos and all blurry. You need a site like the all new Frag Tube. you can visit it at:
Upload Movies today!ven via eMail