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ET-Bot: Bobot v5.0

18.07.2010 : 16:15
Adding a new class: BIOMECANIK (cyborg) to help other classes. BIOMECANIK's are much stronger and move half as fast as others. Their weapon: Venom! They are positioned in strategic locations marked by BIOMECANIK nodes if they exist in the map, otherwise it will be as the other classes.

Inspired by the super soldier of RTCW.

Download & Info:

--> Bobot v5.0
--> Bobot Website

You can not play as biomecanik, Just add to a team with the command addbot.
example : team NameOfBot class skill weapon
addbot axis Terminator biomecanik 2 venom
addbot allies Terminator biomecanik 2 venom
or use the menu: bobot => Bots => Add 9 and 9 axis allies
Wolfenstein Files

RtCW-SP-Map: Beach Attack

18.07.2010 : 15:58
Our spies have informed us that the Germans have a secret xlab on a beach. The only way to reach this xlab is to go through a bunker. Our spies also report that Deathshead is going to the xlab to begin creating another Super Soldier. We must stop him before the Super Soldier is created. You will be taken to the beach along with your fellow soldiers. You must make it through the bunker, eliminating any resistence along the way. Deathshead must be stopped at any cost.
Good Luck, B.J.
OSA Headquarters


--> Beach Attack
Wolfenstein Files

QW-Map: Construction Site (Beta 2)

18.07.2010 : 15:51

~ Download ~
This is not the first time the Strogg were here on Earth. A scout ship landed near what's today the remains of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Strogg drones gathered vital intelligence about the activities in the zone, but they were persecuted and annihilated. The Strogg mother ship sent a battalion to recover that intelligence, stored in a data brain that the GDF discovered underground. The orders were: Retrieve the Data Brain and transmit it through the communication hub at any cost!

ET-Skinpack: Übersoldat / Super Soldier

04.07.2010 : 21:22
Replaces the Axis Soldier with an Super Soldier from RtCW. Only the model and textures are changed, the behaviour is still the same as without this small modification.


--> Übersoldat (Final)

Installation & Technical Information:

Put the pk3 into the mod folder of your server.
This mod works with all mods, for No Quarter we created a own version of this modification (__ubersoldat_nq.pk3).
Flubber via MSN

ET-Mod: TJmod 1.6.4

04.07.2010 : 01:52
"Due to some bugs which has recently started to be abused, I've fixed up a new tjmod which fixes those issues and a few others.
Among few other things, this fixes the voting and referee issue, the referee "hack" giving unauthorized players referee status, the ability to crash and lag servers with namechanges, and the ability to spam players with specinvites."

Download & Info:

--> TJmod 1.6.4

RtCW-SP-Map: Timegate (with Patch 1.1)

04.07.2010 : 01:41
This patch made by Vicpas adds two missing textures, fixes a terrain-bug when playing on 'Vertex Low' and adds .rcd files that the levels load faster.

--> Timegate (.zip)
--> Timegate (.exe)

NOTE: The patch is included in every download file.Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Fueldump Desert (Beta 1)

01.07.2010 : 18:40

~ Download ~
The Allies are attacking an Axis fuel depot and must escort their Churchill AVRE Demolition Tank as it blasts through the defences. The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.

Major changes:

  • Changed snow to desert
  • Removed spawnhouse from allied 1st spawn to prevent being blocked
  • New tunnel from allied 1st spawn (overside of the road) to river
  • Allied footbridge replaced for dynatable antenna
  • Axis last base changed exit way
  • Axis last base new tunnel
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: ETpub v0.9.1

29.06.2010 : 00:56
First of all we would like to thank the whole ETPub Community for their support and testing our frequently builds. Secondly we want to thank the NoQuarter Team, especially IRATA and core, for their great help and bugfixes.

Thank you everyone! All this would not have been possible without you!

ETPub 0.9.1 is another major new server version.

Download & Info:

--> ETpub 0.9.1
--> ETpub Website

Here is an overview of the new features:

  • GeoIP country flags
  • Panzer/Sniper/Rifle war (+ shrubbot commands)
  • Shoutcasting (only with installed etpub client)
  • Partial support for ETTV
  • Lua API support (choose between qagame with or without Lua API support)
  • Improved security (g_spoofOptions, g_maxConnsPerIP, ...)
  • Additional font characters
  • Reviving Sprees
  • Reworked team_max* restrictions
  • Added some new shrubbot commands (!freeze, !unfreeze, ...)
  • Cointoss callvote command
  • ETPro's delete mapscript command
  • Headshot Mode (+ instagib damage)
  • Configurable first and last blood message
  • Reworked inactivity code
  • Unlocked Weapons, No Damage, Adrenaline and Instant Spawn modes
  • etpub_version console command
  • Referee logout command
  • Omni-bot 0.8 support
  • Many bugfixes
  • ...

To see a complete list of all the changes see the ETPub server changelog for details.

ETPub Client 20100628 is another major new client version.

Here is an overview of the new features:

  • Shoutcasting (controlled server side)
  • Custom Voicechats
  • GeoIP country flags (controlled server side)
  • dropweapon command
  • Enemy spawntimer
  • Location Names
  • Reworked client side team_max* restrictions
  • Additional font characters
  • Reactivated Gib Models
  • Ready Icons
  • Auto select fireteam members (cg_autoSelectFTMembers)
  • etpub_version console command
  • Many bugfixes
  • ...

To see a complete list of all the changes see the ETPub client changelog for details.ETpub Website

ET-Mod: No Quarter 1.2.9 (Beta 5)

28.06.2010 : 22:47
"... well we have decided to open the beta just to ensure 1.3.0 will be best NQ ever. I'll create a seperate topic to collect issues. We do think this version is a big step forward after the last release but there are still some things we would like to do for a 1.3.0. So here is 1.2.9 beta 5 for the public test." ~IRATA [*]


--> No Quarter 1.2.9 (Beta 5)


Omni-Bot 0.8 is required if you want to run bots. Visit (new URL!) to get the bot files.

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot v0.8

28.06.2010 : 22:46

At last, Omni-bot 0.8 has been released. This version has been a long time in the making, and from most outward appearances, it probably didn't look like there was much progress being made on the project for some time. Feature wise there is a TON of huge advancements and fixes that pile more customization and scripting options on what is already the most customizable bot available. On top of that we have had a great team of community members working with 0.8 to put together the most complete and well tested set of waypoints and scripts we've ever had.


--> Omni-Bot v0.8

We recommend you start with a fresh Omni-bot install. We can't guarantee your old scripts or waypoints work properly with 0.8, and it keeps you from mistakingly overriding well tested 0.8 content with old stuff.

The file is much larger this release. We've opted to keep things as simple as possible for the users and give them the scripts and maps for all the maps that the waypointing team did, all 200+ of them.

For the tinkerers out there (scripters, waypointers), this release adds custom map goals and script goals so you can add whatever functionality to the bot you could dream up.

See here for the 0.8 Readme
See here for the 0.8 Full changelist

Omnibot 0.8 is compatible with No Quarter version 1.2.9 / 1.3.0 and ETpub version 0.9.1.

Special thanks again to crapshoot for putting together the readme, changelog, release packages, and working with the waypoint community team to make sure we have solid waypoints and scripts and all the known bugs ironed out. He has been a critical asset of this project for many releases now, and deserves the praise of all of us.

~DrEvilOmni-Bot Website

ET-Map: CTF Maat (Beta 2)

20.06.2010 : 23:39

~ Download ~
It's a CTF map where both teams have to capture up to 4 flags to win the game. When the time runs up the team with more captured flags wins. In case of a draw the game ends draw.

Beta 2 Changes:

  • clipped areas where players could jump out of the map on double jump servers
  • small texture and model fixes

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Frost 2 (Final)

20.06.2010 : 23:34

~ Download ~
The Allies must steal 2 Radar Prototypes out of an Axis Castle and Escape with a Truck. To get to them they have to blow the Walls of the North and South Tower. In the first Castle Yard there is a Room with the Door Controls for the Yard Doors. To get better access to the Objectives Allies have to destroy them by Satchel or Dynmamite.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Soccer (Beta 2)

20.06.2010 : 23:17

~ Download ~
The team that have scored five goals or have scored the most goals when time expires wins!
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

RtCW-SP-Map: Project X

18.07.2010 : 15:57
This mission for the singleplayer of RtCW was made by Eugeny and includes two maps with with soldiers, zombies and a few super soldiers.
Extract the content of the .zip into the root folder of your RtCW installation and start it with the Project_X.cmd.


--> Project X [Updated Version]
--> Official Website

"You have landed near to Alexandria. On our military information it is known that nearby from here there is an entrance in pyramidal tunnels the occupied North African branch of paranormal division SS. Also on a military information it is known that through pyramidal tunnels it is possible to get in X-Laboratory and church."SplashDamage

ET-Map: Castle Eltz (Beta 1)

06.06.2010 : 18:07

~ Download ~
Axis Scientists have been working on a Teleporter Device inside the Castle of Eltz. This Teleporter is powered by rare pieces of crystals...

Allied Forces must Infiltrate the Castle and steal these crystals. The crystals must be delivered at the Zeppelin.

For the latest screenshots and a detailed overview of the objectives and commandmap check this out.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Prefab: German Artillery (3 Models)

06.06.2010 : 18:00
Three new Q3 engine compatible models:

- German Artillery Flak 88
- German Artillery Flak 88 (Destroyed)
- German Panzerabwehrkanone 43 (Pak43)

Download here.
IndyJones via MSN

ET-Map: Document Base (Beta 2)

03.06.2010 : 01:13

~ Download ~
Allies have to steal two secret documents from the Axis base. To do that, they must advance in territory by securing the west bunker.

pred4to5 via PM
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ET-Model: Forklift

31.05.2010 : 01:50
This is a forklift truck model for Q3 engine-based games. Use as misc_model. Clip_metal manually. Don't place it very often - it's rather medium-poly.

Download here.


Polys - 3616
Vertices - 3778
Distinct Vertices - 2189
IndyJones via MSN

ET-Skinpack: Batman

30.05.2010 : 17:14
This ET-Player funmodel replaces the CovertOps for Axis and Allies.
Created by


--> Batman
ischbinz via MSN

~ StockenfelS: The last ET song v2 ~

30.05.2010 : 16:25
This is the second version of 'The last ET song' made by Stockenfels.
For this reworked version he used another rhythm guitar, the refrain is played a bit different and the whole song is new dubbed to archive a maximum of sound quality.

The video was made as tribute to TGS.HA$$ who died last year in a car crash - Rest in peace.


--> The last ET song v2 (english & german version)
--> The last ET song v2 (video, german version)
--> The last ET song v2 @ YouTube

If you're interested in the previous songs he made for ET, download them here:

--> Enemy Territory Song
--> Enemy Territory Song v2
--> ET forever
--> The last ET song

For more music, visit his homepage:

ET-Mod: Jaymod's ''Thanks and goodbye!''

29.05.2010 : 23:46
"With the latest round of spam I've had to clean up on these forums, I've decided it's finally time to close the curtain on the mod and the forums.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who played the mod and enjoyed it, and especially to you guys who made it here and actually talked about it. I poured a lot of myself into this mod and it makes me proud that I was able to provide you guys with something you enjoyed playing with as much as I did.

I haven't talked to anyone else who contributed to Jaymod lately, but I'm sure they feel the same way. And I especially thank Mr.Mxyzptlk for his work on the mod. Not only did he add some major features and optimization, but he pushed me to do more and improve my coding as well.

If you're wondering what I've been up to, it's been much of the same. I played WoW for a long while but I've stopped playing that now as well. I guess SC2 might be my next big thing :) I've been waiting for a good team-based FPS but haven't really found one. Who knows, you may just see another of my mods one day if I find one :)

I've marked the forums as read-only so that it will remain a resource for those seeking help. There's a lot of good info here I'd hate to see go to waste, at least for now."


ET-Map: One Way (Beta 3)

26.05.2010 : 00:14

~ Download ~
Both Allies and Axis are possessing a coder to transmit an SOS. Once activated it will take 5 minutes to do so. Your mission is to interupt the enemy countdown by stealing the enemy coders battery and preventing him to steal your own. There is no delivery point for the battery. Simply hold it. As long as it is not in the coder of the enemy the better it will be for you.

An original map with a little bit of a different objective. What once started as a 1on1 map, can now be applied to small servers with a maximum of 12 players.

Additionally there is an ETPro Mapscript supplied within this mapfile, making it possible to turn this map into a deathmatch map.

Due to the counting system within the mapscript do not use this at 16 Bit server systems when you play for objective. It will most likely crash the server, or at least invoke some unpredictable behaviour.

Qualmi via PM
| Servers running this Map

ET-Minimod: Vietnam Mod for Jaymod

24.05.2010 : 16:19
The THC-Clan made the NQ-Vietnam-Mod compatible for Jaymod.


--> Vietnam-Mod (Jaymod)
Wolfenstein Files

RtCW-SP-Map: Fatal Freight Station

24.05.2010 : 16:15
Your mission is to infiltrate a freight depot. There are a handful of high ranking officers that are residing there. You need to eliminate all the officers, and retrieve the enigma machine. Be careful, the depot is reported to be heavily guarded. Good luck, B.J.


--> Fatal Freight Station
Wolfenstein Files

RtCW-SP-Mod: Additional Weapons

24.05.2010 : 16:08
This mod provides three new weapons to RTCW (PPSh, MP44 and Carabin). Characters' attributes have been changed to make theses weapons appear in the retail game.


--> Additional Weapons

Installation Instructions:

1. Make a backup copy of the "cgamex86.dll" and "qagamex86.dll" files because they will be overwritten.
2. Extract all files (retaining the folder organization) in your "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" directory.

To uninstall, restore the original "cgamex86.dll" and "qagamex86.dll" files and remove the "zzz_additional_weapons.pk3" file from the "main" directory.Wolfenstein Files

Splatterladder registration video

19.05.2010 : 03:18
1869*_Flame made a small video that shows you how to register on Splatterladder, because he heared that some people don't understand how to do it.

Watch the video here:

--> At YouTube
--> At the 1869 Forum
1869*_Flame via PM

ET-Map: CTF Maat (Beta 1)

19.05.2010 : 03:12

~ Download ~
It's a CTF map where both teams have to capture up to 4 flags to win the game. When the time runs up the team with more captured flags wins. In case of a draw the game ends draw.

Cyburk via ICQ
| Servers running this Map

~ WM-Tippspiel 2010 ~

19.05.2010 : 01:01
Wie auch schon zur EM 2008, bietet der deutsche RtCW-Clan dFW (Delta Force Warriors) auch dieses Jahr, in kooperation mit RtCW4ever, die Möglichkeit auf die Spiele der FIFA WM 2010 zu tippen.

Es winken für die ersten drei Besttippenden, Geschenke im Gesamtwert von 125 Euro!

Neben den Tipps auf die einzelnen Spiele wird natürlich auch auf den Weltmeister 2010, auf den Torschützenkönig und auf einige andere kleine Bonuswetten getippt.

Melde dich schnell an, hab viel Spaß beim Wetten & Mitfiebern der WM 2010 und freue dich auf die Chance einen Preis abzuräumen. Der Countdown läuft.

Wir wünschen allen Beteiligten viel Glück!

Zum Gewinnspiel:

--> WM-Tippspiel 2010
deXter via ICQ

ET-Map: Desert Rats v1.0

16.05.2010 : 03:32

~ Download ~
The 7th Armoured Division was a British armoured division which saw service during the Second World War where its exploits made it famous as the Desert Rats.

After the Munich Crisis, the division was formed in Egypt during 1938 as the Mobile Division (Egypt) and its first divisional commander was the acclaimed tank theorist Major-General Sir Percy Hobart. During January 1940, the name of the unit was changed to the 7th Armoured Division. It was during this period that the nickname "Desert Rats" was coined.

The division fought in every major battle during the North African Campaign; later it would land and fight in Italy before being withdrawn to the United Kingdom where it prepared to fight in North West Europe. It began landing in Normandy during the afternoon of June 6 and fought its way across Europe ending the war in Kiel and Hamburg, Germany. The 7th Armoured Brigade was detached from the division during early 1942 and fought the Japanese during the fighting in Burma before it returned to the Mediterranean Theatre and fought in Italy.

Although the division was disbanded during the 1950s, the history, name and the famous 'Desert Rat' flash is carried on by the 7th Armoured Brigade.

Blowfish via PM
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Outer Space v1.0.0

14.05.2010 : 18:59

~ Download ~
Axis will need to destroy the power chrystal! Allied team will need to hold back the axis attacks! Good luck, soldiers!

Axis Objectives:

  • Axis will spawn in their attack ship, and need to destroy the East and West Energy crystal to open the portal.
  • Once the portal is open, axis will spawn in front of it. Now they need to destroy the Door to the power crystal.
  • Additionally the Axis team can destroy the Side wall to get a extra route trough the sewer to get to the door.
  • Once the door has been blown. they way is open to destroy the Power crystal.
  • Additionally the Axis team can try to build the neutral command post.
  • Additionally the Axis team must blow up the power crystal defenses.

Allied Objectives:

  • Allies need to prevent the Axis team from opening the portal, by preventing the East and West energy crystal getting blown up.
  • Additionally the Allied team can construct the protection MG on the main deck.
  • if the Axis succeed opening the portal, the Allies must prevent the Door to the power crystal to be blown up.
  • If the Axis team sill is able to succeed, the allies must prevent at all cost that the power crystal gets destroyed.
  • Additionally the Allied team can build a command post.
  • Additionally the Allied team can build power crystal defenses to slow down the axis attackers.

dwe_flame via PM
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