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RtCW-Mod: Skinpacks for Ammo and Health

01.07.2005 : 20:55
Schon etwas älter, aber bis heute fast unerwähnt geblieben sind die Skinpacks für Ammo und Health von Mimo.
Zur Auswahl stehen sechs verschieden Designte Packs, je drei für Ammo und Health.

-[ Screenshots ]-

-[ Download ''Ammo and Health Skinpacks'' ]-

Strawberry Newspaper's Blog

Prison Public Meeting 1

01.07.2005 : 11:32
Damit Ihr Euch richtig für das M8D Fragfestival vorbereiten könnt, startet RtCW-Prison heute sein erstes Treffen auf ihrem öffentlich zugänglichen Enemy Territory Gaming-Server.

Die Serverinfos findet Ihr hier.

Der Termin ist Freitag der 1. Juli (Ja: Heute!) um 16.00 Uhr.

Server IP:

Bitte erscheint zahlreich und macht am besten noch Werbung. :)
Anmerkung: Es wird ein kleines Public-Gemetzel werden, dass Spaß machen soll.

RtCW-Map: CTF Valley (Final)

01.07.2005 : 01:32

CTF Valley is the first map ever publiced by RedTop. It is a CTF map, based on the CTF script used in CTF Multidemo, which was made some years ago by ReyalP. However, Multidemo was nothing more then a showcase of the CTF script. The map itself was rather bland. CTF Multidemo still became rather popular because it offered fast-paced, well-balanced gameplay. It also was a really good training of aiming skills... CTF Valley offeres the same cool gameplay and training,
but adds nice surroundings and a cool layout. It is a rather resource intensive map. RTCW is almost five years old now and hardware has moved on since then. RedTop decided to design a map with good looks even though it would run with less fps then the original maps. This doesn't mean that the map is unplayable however. RedTop still manages to get a solid 76 fps with his trusty old GF4 Ti4200 and AMD 64 3200+. Clanmates with deeper pockets still play at 125 fps. The objective of the map is to demoralize the enemy by stealing their holy chalice (no kiddin'). Bring home the objective three times and your team wins. Players that bring home an objective will be instantly sacrificed and will have to respawn. This map is best played 1on1, 2on2 or 3on3. Lieutenants only, no airstrikes or artillery.
| RedTop

ET-Map-Script: Railgun Stopwatch

30.06.2005 : 01:21
Von seven_dc stammt ein ETpro-Script um Railgun im Stopwatch-Modus für Competitions attraktiver zu machen.

-[ Download ]-

New features of the script:
1. Axis can now spawn at the command post when it is build.
2. Allies can not move the train anymore.

All changes are for making railgun fast paced map and remove fullholds.

This script is installed by adding it into servers etpro directory.

ET-Map: Fasthold 1.1

29.06.2005 : 13:10

Axis enigma code is too difficult for the Allies to decipher in a timely manner. Allies must try to steal a code book and an Enigma box from the Axis in order to prevent mass casualties.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: GMC Goldrush (Final)

29.06.2005 : 12:48

Goldrush-Variante des GMC-Clans.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: Refresh Stop (Final)

26.06.2005 : 12:36
Von Jaquboss stammt ein kleiner Mod der vor allem für Leute die den Ingame-Serverbrowser benutzen hilfreich sein sollte.
Der Mod fügt einen Extra-Button unter der Serverliste ein um zu verhindern das weitere Server der Liste hinzugefügt werden. Somit dürfte man nie wieder versehentlich auf einem anderen Server landen.
Einfach die pk3 mit dem verändertem Script ins etmain- und ETpro-Verzeichnis kopieren. Dürfte auch mit allen anderen Mods zusammenarbeiten.

-[ Download ''Refresh Stop'' ]-


ET-TC: ETFortress 1.5 Beta 3 erschienen

08.07.2005 : 14:57

Für ETFortress ist ein Patch erschienen um die Public Beta 1.5 auf 1.5 Beta 3 Patchen zu können. Den Download gibt es auf der ETF-Seite.

-[ ETF Filesection ]-
  • Fixed stationary gate crushing players on border map
  • New unique CTF-style map "bringit"
  • Ammoboxes removed when timing out / per person limit reached
  • Fixed teamchat not appearing for civilians (eg etf_border)
Planet Wolfenstein

RtCW-TC: The Wild West 1.6 Public Beta

25.06.2005 : 09:42
Die Public Beta des WildWest-Mods wurde von Igancio veröffentlicht. Erhältlich ist der Download für Windows, Linux und Macintosh. Die Beta ist nicht sehr weit entfernt von der Final, Meldungen über Bugs und Verbesserungsvorschläge sind jedoch erwünscht.
--> Zum Download

ET-Map: Goldfinger (Final)

24.06.2005 : 11:23

North Africa (Morocco), 1943. The Axis have stolen two Gold crates. The Allied ones must steal these Gold crates and escape with them to the Truck.
| Servers running this Map

ET-TC: ETFortress 1.5 als Open Beta

23.06.2005 : 21:27

LaVaGoD berichtet auf der ETF HP, das Version 1.5 als Open Beta veröffentlicht wird.

ETF 1.5 to release as an open beta
Posted by : LaVaGoD on Thursday, June 23 2005 - 9:58 AM

ETF 1.5 Open Beta

Yes you read that right, ETF 1.5 Open Beta. We have decided to take a new approach with the game and start to release our beta builds to the public for testing. We will take the feedback we get from the community and go back with that information and fix anything that needs to be fixed and then re-release that build (this does not imply will will make any change that is suggested). We hope this will help us release better builds and bring less stress to the player for future releases.

Below is a change log for ETF 1.5 Beta

1.5 Changelog

NOTE: *** omni-bot linux requires *** : ETF will work without it, but without bot support

  • Border map added
  • Fixed assaultforts leak
  • Fixed unix needing other libraries to run servers
  • Fixed crusher doors and trains
  • Removed backpacks for civilians, no longer drop empty backpacks
  • Added g_teamFrags
  • Fixed detpack not clearing in blackhole entity
  • Sentry damage increased
  • Medic can hold 1 less gren1

ETF-Map: Industrial (Open Beta)

23.06.2005 : 21:26

Eine neue Map namens ETF_Industrial wurde als Open Beta veröffentlicht.

ETF_Industrial Open Beta
Posted by : LaVaGoD on Tuesday, June 21 2005 - 4:12 PM

We have decided to release one of our official maps to you as a beta for public testing of its game play. The map is called industrial and is an Assault style map. The goal of the map is to have the offense team place 2 bombs (HE charges) on 2 markers to end the round and win the match. The defense will get points for how long they can hold the other team from blowing the marked points.

I ask that server admins also try and load this map on their server so we can get some proper full games for testing. Also please post your findings here in this thread.

You can grab the map here.

Map Author – Jedis


ET-TC: TCE: A Short News Update

23.06.2005 : 21:09

LordOfKaos berichtet auf der TCE HP von den Fortschritten in der Modentwicklung.
Es gibt einige neue Mapscreenshots und ein kurzes Movie von den Animationsarbeiten.

A Short News Update 6/22/2005 - 10 PM CET

It’s that time again. Most of the work being done is a continuation of the previous work posted. The completion of bahamut is in sight as the mission script needs to be written and tested whilst Airon works his magic on the sound and then a huge whopping compile by Jace. Currently Airon is working hard on the sounds making them sound amazing in all their 44KHz glory (yes that means you need ET2.60 to hear these)

We are striving for TC:E to look, play and feel real and to endorse that a lot of our mappers, skinners and modellers are taking hi-res pictures for both weapon, map and accessory textures/skins. Obviously when you get TC:E you’ll be able to use all these new textures for your own maps.

Here’s just an extract from one of coroner's recent changelogs:

  • improved hitboxes for crouching
  • improved head hitbox for lean (fixes misaligned left lean head hitbox and more)
  • improved head hitbox when player has pistol
  • converted most 22k sounds to 44k using a harmonic reconstruction of the spectrum
  • upsampled <11k bandlimited (voice) sounds to 44k
Oh and did I forget mention HERE is a short preliminary movie of some animation work being done.

G6/TeamTerminator Development Team

| Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Community: Stalag 13 - Turmbau

30.06.2005 : 01:17
Termin für den Turmbau:
Datum: 04.07.2005
Uhrzeit Treffpunkt im TS: 18.00
Uhrzeit Beginn des Rekordversuches: 18.30
Server-IP: - Server Sponsored by [GMC]
Server-PW: stalag13turmbau

Bitte lest Euch auch folgende Regeln gut durch:

Hallo liebe Zocker und Zockerinnen,

in diesm Jahr veranstalten wir den "TURMBAU ZU STALAG13" Zu diesem Rekordversuch laden wir euch ein! Helft uns, den größten Turm der ET-Geschichte zu bauen.

Was wir für dieses Event vorbereiten:

1 x Gameserver mit massig Slots für genug Spieler/innen
1 x Teamspeakserver für alle Gamer, damit man den Bau auch koordinieren kann
1 x Turmbau - Map mit 128 Playerslots 100 Slot ETTV Server

Wir haben euer Interesse geweckt? Dann müsst ihr euch nurnoch anmelden bzw. vormerken lassen.

Um euch für den Turmbau-Rekord-Versuch anzumelden, benutzt bitte das Forum und tragt euch im Anmeldungsthread zum Turmbau ein.

Alle Leute, die dabei mitgeholfen haben, werden namentlich erwähnt. ;-)

Wer jetzt meinen sollte, wir wären billige Kopierer des DooC-Events, dem wollen wir das Event kurz aus unserer Sicht erklären:

Ihr kennt bestimmt alle den Domino-Day, bei der immer wieder versucht wird, den Rekord eines anderen zu überbieten.
Genau das haben wir vor. Clan DooC hat vorgelegt und wir fordern sie durch unseren Turmbau heraus - wer weiß - vielleicht versuchen sie ja - unseren eventuellen Rekord zu überbieten. Es soll einfach nur als Herausforderung angesehen werden und ein klein wenig Abwechslung in den Clanalltag bringen.

Viper von Stalag 13

ET-Map: El Kef (Final + Scriptfix)

02.10.2005 : 19:19

El Kef is a city taken over by the Allied forces in order backup and cover the Tunisian coast. An axis squad is sent over to El Kef to rob a radio transmitter so Axis forces can receive the crypted messages of Allied defense points. The map is split in 2 main sections: A first section where the aim is to rush for a forward spawn flag and destroy a main entrance gate. This section is similar to the first part of oasis because the flag and objective are close and a team door allows an attacking team
covert ops to open a direct access to the final objective. A second section where the aim is to steal an objective and return it to a truck. There are several ways of reaching this objective, and an important one is a command post which provides an advanced spawn for the team that sets it up.

| Marko @ Home

ET-Map: Supplydepot 4 (Final)

23.06.2005 : 10:59
Update: Da für die Map ein Scriptfix erschienen ist, wurde der Download aktualisiert.

Nachdem Supplydepot 3 (Winter) anscheinend nicht auf großen Anklang gestoßen ist, hat EB die Map nochmals überarbeitet.

Changed crane controls and moved them so they are no longer able to be satcheled through the wall, scripting fixes added, Back window by crane is larger to see through but plated with glass, Truck must go slightly further into the garage that has been added, The newer blended

terrain is Sock's alpha fade. Added: Axis second spawn rear exit building for aesthetics, spotlights, a garage - winning allied truck exit, allied first spawn now contains an mg nest, one new sound file for the radio at flagged checkpoint.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Spearhead (Beta 2)

20.06.2005 : 23:34

Die Map von Blitz und jokah^^ wurde für 3vs3 und 6vs6 Turniere entwickelt. Inhaltlich müssen die Alliierten ein Tor sprengen, Dokumente stehlen und mit diesen entkommen.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Assault (Beta)

20.06.2005 : 23:27

Map von Alight Legion. Die Alliierten müssen Dokumente über Nuklearwaffen entwenden.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Tool: Seismovision 2.28

19.06.2005 : 13:32
Der Demoplayer Seismovision ist jetzt in Version 2.28 verfügbar.
Er unterstützt jetzt auch Demos der ET-Version 2.60.

-[ Download ]-
| Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Mod: WhaleClient 1.3

16.06.2005 : 21:22
KillerWhale hat seine Mod WhaleClient in Version 1.3 veröffentlicht.

-[ Download ]-
WhaleClient 1.3 release

WhaleClient is a client-sided Enemy Territory mod for Windows and Linux.
It works with a lot of mods like etpub, shrub and also the standard etmain.
WhaleClient has been designed to fix a lot of ET bugs, as well as add new features:
It has clientsided hitsounds, killingsprees with sound (no need for etadmin_mod), multikills (also with sound), shrublike text shortcuts, built-in etpub_client and more..

A shortlist of new features in version 1.3:

  • Added a new WhaleClient menu for setting most WhaleClient settings.
  • Redone the player's HUD and Scoreboard.
  • Enhanced Spectator viewing.
  • Added multikill messages with sound.
  • Added text shortcuts (like in shrub).
  • Gib chunks are shown.
  • Bannerprinting support.
  • New custom menu system.
  • Added more small features, like altweap reloads.
  • Added new !pizza and !listmaps chatcommands.
  • Added support for map/team/class change autoexec scripts.
  • Added LOTS of new client fixes.
  • ETpub_client integrated. (Modified)
  • This version is built upon the 2.60 patch code.
Full documentation is inside the zipfile.

You can install WhaleClient on your (pure) server or install it on your client (for play on unpure servers).
It has been tested to work with etpub (up until the latest 0.5.2), shrubet (1.1-B and 1.2test13) and etmain on all patches (2.60/2.56/2.55).


SD Forenthread

ET-Tool: TGA_diff 0.8.0

16.06.2005 : 21:19
Sauron|EFG hat sein Tool TGA_diff in Version 0.8.0 veröffentlicht.
Das Tool kann dazu verwendet werden, Vorder- und Hintergründe in Bildfolgen zu separieren (Bluescreen).

-[ Download ]-

-[ Homepage ]-

-[ Tutorial (gescriptete Kameras) ]-

SD Forenthread

ET-Map: Supply Depot 3 (Final)

16.06.2005 : 21:11

Changes: Winter look with some slight cave brush-manipulation & surfaceparms for steps added to ground level shaders. Changed crane controls and moved them so they are no longer able to be satcheled through the wall scripting fixes added. Back window by crane is larger to see through but plated with glass. Truck must go slightly further into the garage that has been added.
Added: Health and ammo cabs at command post (when allies construct), Axis second spawn
rear exit building for aesthetics, spotlights, a garage - winning allied truck exit, allied first spawn now contains an mg nest, one new sound file for the radio at flagged checkpoint, binocsimple shader remapped to infrared-type focal, other small changes may have been forgotten to be flagged here.
| Servers running this Map

PunkBuster 1.190 Client for ET

16.06.2005 : 20:52
Seit dem 15.06.2005 gibt es die neue PunkBuster ET-Client Version 1.190.PunkBuster

ET-Map: Battle of Wolken 3 (Beta 4)

16.06.2005 : 00:00

These maps are set in the vast land of Wolken, the soldiers were dumped here after some accident during some trench digging on the Eastern Front, basically some idiot hit a precious artifact with a shovel that started to make equipment dissapear then personel!!! Wolken is made up of various islands and each island may have a different climate of neighbouring islands making wolken a strange place to live and fight in. Howerver the islands aren't floating around in some grand
sea, oh no, they are floating in what seems like clouds but dont be tempted to stray into the clouds as there is inmense pressure that can crush a man!!! After the embarrasing defeat in the outer regions of Wolken, Axis forces plan to attack and Allied controlled area where intelligance indicates some important information about Wolken can be found. Axis must retrieve this information and escape using a plane Allied forces manged to steal from them in an earlier battle however the plane is out of fuel, this will have to be found in the area. A group of Axis led explorers looking for a legendary weapon once strayed into this region once before, they havent been seen since. It was reported that Allied forces managed to steal an aircraft from an earlier raid on an Axis base and is now located in this region. It appears Allied forces have constructed a fence that is impossible to jump over so any Axis soldiers will have to stick to their objectives to procede ahead.

ET-Ressource Site
| Wolken-Site

RtCW-TC: DeGeneration 1.11

15.06.2005 : 10:25

Es hat leider etwas länger gedauert, aber ab sofort steht DeGeneration auch bei uns zum freien Download bereit.

-[ DeGeneration 1.1 Full (exe) ]-

-[ DeGeneration 1.1 Full (zip) ]-

-[ DeGeneration Patch from 1.1 to 1.11 (zip) ]-

-[ DeGeneration Patch from 1.0 to 1.1 (zip) ]-

Falls DG bereits in Version 1.0 installiert ist, sind die Patches von 1.0 zu 1.1 und von 1.1 zu 1.11 notwendig.

ET-Movie: Unknown Factor 2

14.06.2005 : 19:39
.lex^DKC hat im Movie Forum ein kleines Movie veröffentlicht.

-[ Movieforenthread ]- Foren

ET-Skin: Allied Fieldops

14.06.2005 : 07:19
Neues, kleines Skinpack von Giancarlo Schiano das dem Fieldops der Alliierten ein altes Gesicht wie in den Preview-Screenshots von ET gibt.

-[ Download ''Allied Fieldops'' ]-

Wolfenstein Files

RtCW-TC: DeGeneration 1 vs. 1

13.06.2005 : 19:37

Tunnleram hat bekanntgegeben, das ein DeGeneration 1 versus 1 Turnier am 17. Juni startet.

DG 1v1 Tourney

Author: Tunnleram :: Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2005 8:51 pm

Now that we've released v1.11 of DeGeneration we're going to be having a 1v1 tourney the weekend of the 17th. It's going to be informal and hopefully a lot of fun, but hurry up since we have 7 slots open and they're going fast!

You can find more information in this Post

Tram Design
| sweRTCW

ET-Movie: Reload The Movie Trailer

11.06.2005 : 14:21
Auf der Movieseite von sweRTCW habe ich einen kleinen, sehr schnellen und stylischen Movietrailer gefunden.
Er ist 74,8 MB gross und 2 Minuten und 21 Sekunden lang.

-[ Reload The Movie Trailer @ sweRTCW ]-

ET-TC: TCE Northport WIP

10.06.2005 : 19:21

Im WIP-Bereich der TCE Homepage gibt es Screenshots der überarbeiteten Map "Northport" zu sehen.
Das Mission System wird zur Zeit von Coroner überarbeitet.

-[ TC:Elite WIP ]-
| Planet Wolfenstein