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ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.7

26.08.2008 : 18:01

I thought this day would never come. It's been over a year since the last release. We've been testing the crap out of this over the last few weeks to work out a couple frustrating issues in certain linux distros, but finally got it figured out. 0.7 represents some huge changes in Omni-bot.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''Omni-Bot 0.7''
--> Omni-Bot Website

For best results, install Omni-bot fresh, and DO NOT use old waypoints, map scripts, or bot scripts. It is very likely that they will NOT work. To be more specific, 0.7 will load old waypoints fine, but chances are the map scripts are not compatible. We have gone through all the waypoints and scripts in the download section to update them to at least fix the script errors. The waypoint download section has been hidden for the time being, to try and prevent people from downloading old shit for 0.7 and getting bad broken results.

Click here to see a complete changelog in the wiki. There is far too much to put in a news post here.

HUGE thanks to jaskot and crapshoot for doing untold amounts of testing, scripting, waypointing, bug reporting, and generally just bugging the shit out of me to fix shit while I did my damndest to rush through to release. The high quality of this release is mostly their doing. If something ends up being horribly broken you can of course blame me.

The documentation has been removed from the installer and is available as a separate download. The reason for this is that the wiki has grown so large since the last release the wiki pdf has gone from about 800Kb to over 5Mb. I can't bring myself to double the installer size just for that. The new home for the documentation is the Misc download section, or click here to jump straight to it.

jaymod, etpub, and noquarter have the 0.7 interface integrated into their code, so if you can get your hands on a nightly build you should be able to run them with 0.7, otherwise their next release should get you 0.7 support. I will attempt to push them towards a release as soon as possible.

So download you some Omni-bot 0.7 from the download page, get to playing, and let us know what you think.

The next steps for Omni-bot involve a RTCW release (go crapshoot go!) soonish, finishing out and releasing the Quake 4 and Doom 3 versions(for all 3 people that still play them), and Team Fortress 2!

~DrEvilOmni-Bot Website

QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.7 for Macintosh

26.08.2008 : 17:56
"Server Admins, add the new pk4 to the server so the MAC players can also enjoy promod. Clients will have to add this pk4 to their promod folder also. Please be sure to let me know if anything is not working or crashing. This version is more or less untested so i do not know if anything goes like it should.
Big thanks to RR2DO2 for compiling this!"

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.7 (Mac)''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Public server for testing:
| ETQWpro Website

GC 08: Larrabee und Quake Wars Ray Traced

25.08.2008 : 13:59
Forschungsarbeit bietet noch immer Optimierungspotenzial

Für Intel ist Raytracing ein spannendes Forschungsgebiet. Es verspricht höhere Bildqualität, denn Effekte wie Brechungen und Spiegelungen durch Oberflächen wie Wasser und Glas sind für Raytracing-Spiele kein Problem. Mit der kommenden Larrabee-Grafikkarte kann zudem fehlende Rechenleistung ausgeglichen werden. sprach mit Intel-Forscher Daniel Pohl über Vor- und Nachteile von Raytracing, sein neuestes Projekt Quake Wars Ray Traced und die Möglichkeiten, die Larrabee bieten kann.

--> Lese weiter auf

Danke an Delta für den Hinweis!

QW-Mod: ETQWpro 0.7

25.08.2008 : 13:50
"Hi there,

Ive been working some time now on this release, while the changelog seems short, this is one of the bigger updates.

The ranked server protocol changed and saves lots of traffic now. Stats can not be overwritten anymore.

Ingame Live Stats have been added, you can toggle them with a binding similar to bind "key" "_stats". Those stats get update each "x" settings (changeable by serveradmins and defaulted to 20 seconds). " ~hannes

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.7''
--> Download ''ETQWpro v0.7 (Installer)''
--> ETQWpro Website
--> ETQWpro Wiki
--> Public server for testing:


  • Added es_allowStroyUpDown. Allows serveradmins to disable stroyup / down (serverside)
  • Reworked the whole ranked system. Less traffic (no ingame stats requests anymore)
  • No combined stats anymore.
  • Added new stat value Total Headshots
  • Added live stats (gets refreshed every 20 seconds), use _stats to display them
  • Stats are now also on Ranked servers available
  • Added ec_endgameStats - show endgame stats in the console (end of round)
  • Added es_vanillaMode - disables all ETQWPro vehicle limits / weapon spread / script objects / weapon limits / etc
  • Live Stats in the gui (current accuracy, shots hit, kills ... etc etc) (bind x _stats)
  • By default, all ETQWPro cvars are set to vanilla values!
  • Added important people, people that helped in any way, to the credits
  • Added sniper weapons to the stats page (if you miss a weapon, let me know)
  • Added es_satsSyncDelay (serverside) Delay in seconds between a server -> client stats sync (this is for the livestats)
  • Added es_sprintstyle 3, allows to shoot while sprinting
ETQWpro Website

QW-Map: Retake of the Andes (Alpha 3)

25.08.2008 : 13:40

~ Download ~
Strogg attack, GDF defend.

Main objectives:

1. A dual destructible objective
2. A hack objective
3. A carry objective
Secondary objectives:
1. Destructible right barricade (helps the stroog)
2. Destructible left barricade (helps the strogg)
3. Destructible blocking Boulder (helps the GDF)
Community Enemy Territory
| Servers running this Map

ET-Skinpack: Glowskins (Final)

23.08.2008 : 21:19
Glowing playerskins. Red for Axis, blue for Allieds.
The animated glowing effekt is visible in dark places of a map.

Made to watch recorded demos of matches, not for gameservers!


--> Glowskins (Final)

Wolfenstein with Iron Sight

21.08.2008 : 18:27
As you can see on the screenshot, the new Wolfenstein will contain iron sight.
The image is taken from the singleplayer, we still can't say for sure if the multiplayer will have iron sight, too.
| NoFrag

SD releases Mod Wiki for ET

21.08.2008 : 08:13
SplashDamage finally releases their official Wiki for 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory'. The Wiki contains near all you need to create a map.

--> SD's Wiki for ET (Revision 1.00)

QW-Mod: Instagibmod (Beta 0.1)

21.08.2008 : 07:53
UPDATE: Now for Windows and Linux

All players have railguns, no other weapons. The railgun kills players in one hit, has infinite ammo and no spread. The game is slightly faster than regular ETQW, because you can sprint in all directions and forward sprint is faster than normal.

A new gametype is introduced, Team Deathmatch (TDM), where the team with the most kills wins, either after reaching a scorelimit or when the time is up. The scoreboard has been changed to show stats more relevant to TDM.

Download & Info:

--> Instagibmod (Beta 0.1)
--> Instagibmod Website


  • Including 5 maps: dm_archives, dm_andaction, dm_labmap, dm_library, tdm_attack.
  • All players have railgun only
  • Railgun has infinite ammo, scope, no spread and does 1000 damage to infantry and vehicles
  • Swimming does not inhibit weapon use
  • Sprinting in all directions is possible
  • Sprinting while crouching or prone is possible (not enabled by default, can be changed serverside, sprint speed based on pm_sprintspeedforward)
  • Respawn time changed to 2 seconds on the official maps
  • Megatexture autodownload from server (thanks to Mxyzptlk)
  • Scoreboard lists class, name, kills, deaths, ratio, ping
  • Team scores listed on the hud
  • Game ends when a team reaches the server-side set scorelimit (or, if the scorelimit is 0, the game ends with the timelimit and the leading team wins)
Community Enemy Territory

RtCW-Map: Pirate! (Beta 1)

19.08.2008 : 14:52

~ Download ~
Take on some dirty pirate scum on their home turf. Reclaim the gold that was stolen and return it to it's rightful heir.

This is a Betatest version and is very far from a finished product. Comments and criticism are welcome. Send them to my email. A nifty treasure map is included in the zip file so you don't get lost.

RtCW-Movie: Pulp Fixion

18.08.2008 : 22:32
The finish RtCW-Clan "Fixed" produced the movie "Pulp Fixion". It has a funny intro and shows a lot of frags from their members.
The movie runs 24 mins., weights 725MB, high-quality, has a good camera movement and shows you nice frags along with a few bad-luck scenes.


--> 'Pulp Fixion' @ RtCW4ever

ET-Map: Mountain (Final 2)

18.08.2008 : 22:02

~ Download ~
The Allies must blow the towerdoor, and bring the books to the transmitter. Axis have to prevent this.
| Servers running this Map

QW-Map: Meltdown (Beta 4)

18.08.2008 : 09:55

~ Download ~
In this map we see the GDF trying to put an end to a major Strogg facility located in a once grand city. In order to reach the facility the GDF must first disable the shield generator to by pass the numerous shielded barriers leading to the facility. Once done the GDF must overload the facility's main reactor with additional energy cells, one in total should be sufficient for total meltdown.
Community ET
| Battle of Wolken

ET-Map: Sky Sniper (Beta 2)

17.08.2008 : 22:41

~ Download ~
This time a sniperwar in the sky. Two large zeppelins escorting ammo and stuff for the war. a lot of choppers are escorting it for backup. A way to pass is this time made with helicopters. You can start a heli at youre site and go to the other site, but beware... an alarm goes of when you get on the other site,so it's not easy.

Extra Stuff:

  • Passing helicopters
  • 3 points medic and ammo
  • Funny sounds
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

id, Raven Developers Discuss New Wolfenstein

17.08.2008 : 21:37
CVG is running an interview with Kevin Cloud, executive producer at id, and Eric Biessman, who leads Raven Software's programmers and artists, about the upcoming installment to the Wolfenstein series. They provide some detail about what kind of weapons will be available, what those crazy Nazis are up to this time, and BJ Blazkowicz's new ability to "shroud" himself.

"Press a single button, at any time, and you'll see the other side of reality: a green and violent dimension that's filled with strange creatures and whirling tornadoes of energy. Just being in the shroud gives you options: floating above the ground are 'collectors' - fleshy heavy metal album cover worms that are scavenging electrical energy. Pop them, with a single rifle round, and they'll blast apart, damaging enemies in the real world. They are essentially exploding, hidden, organic barrels. ...In shroud mode, too, occult symbols etched into the masonry are transformed into holes in walls that BJ can simply step, shoot, or lob a grenade through."

Thanks: schneist for reporting | Slashdot

ET-Map: MLB Egypt Fixed (Final)

17.08.2008 : 16:11

~ Download ~
The Allies must blow the towerdoor, and bring the books to the transmitter. Axis have to prevent this.

Fixed a bug in the script (thx to Lynxx), which needed a change in the bsp. The bug is: When the cannon is fired, also the backgate gets blown and allies can't defend the objective. So Axis can Spawn near the rear entry, and get it. ~peyote
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Sands of Time (Beta 2 / Fix)

17.08.2008 : 16:02
The mapscript fixes a place where a player can see through a wall, and gain a unfair advantage. ~peyote

~ Download ~
The Axis war machine is running out of money to keep there war effort going, they have heard of a ancient temple that has a stash of gold that could keep the war going for years, allied intelligence has picked up the information thru informants and have started to secure the area.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: MLB Daybreak (Final / Fix)

17.08.2008 : 15:51
The additional mapscript fixes a bug with the roof teleporter. ~peyote

~ Download ~
Get hold of a damaged tank, repair it as use it to blast the main entrace of the allied Fortress. Then infiltrate, get the keycard and get the 5 charges to the rocket to blow it up.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Marrakech Streets 2 (Final / Fix)

17.08.2008 : 15:38
The additional mapscript blocks some rooftops, to fix a unfair advantage. ~peyote

~ Download ~
An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is being used by the Axis top scientists to test top secret new weaponary. Battle rages through this abandoned area as Allied Special Forces attempt a suprise attack on the town's garrison and try to steal the plans before Axis re-enforcements can arrive.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: 1944 Antwerp (Beta 3 / Fix)

17.08.2008 : 15:25
The original has many bugs, which I hope are all fixed (thx to Lynxx). ~peyote

~ Download ~
The Allies have liberated the city of Antwerp and are using it's valuable ports. The Axis are attempting to reclaim the city by stealing top secret war documents from the Allied Destroyer, and transporting them out of the harbor with a stolen boat.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Transmitter (Final/Additional Script)

17.08.2008 : 14:43

~ Download ~
The Allies have to modify the Transmitter and rearrange the Antenna to overtake the local Radio Program. The Axis have to defend the Transmitter at all costs to hold this strategical important position.

A mapscript which opens a normally always closed tunnel is included into the download file.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Operation Resurrection (Final/Fixed)

17.08.2008 : 14:30
A fixed version of the map, the original contains buggy shader script, which can corrupt other maps and itself. The skinpack changes Axis to Zombies, only in this map. ~peyote

~ Download ~
It's been discovered the Nazi's are performing human experiments to create super soldiers to further their mission for world dominance by performing passages from 'The book of the Resurrection'. A small allied force lead by LT. Joe Johnson was sent to gather more information on one, Alfred Krieger, who is a Nazi Sympathizer and linked to practices in the occult. Information received from Johnson has confirmed our suspicions before losing contact. Allies must stop these Nazi soldiers that feel no pain, no emotion, and have no mercy by stealing the book before the rituals are complete or allow them to become invincible.
peyote's file collection
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: ETQWpro Duel Mod

17.08.2008 : 13:23
The Duel mod is a mod that helps server admins to hold duel cups for etqw. This is a quick, hopefully usefull mod for etqwpro (it won't work without etqwpro). Any feedback is welcome over in the promod forums at

Download & Info:

--> QWpro Duel Mod
--> Duel Mod Wiki
Put the game005.pk4 on the server's etqwpro folder! start the server with g_usecompiledscript 0 and use like any other etqwpro version
Copy the game005.pk4 in the etqwpro folder (where the game001 - game004 pk4s are) connect to the server.
But you may want to delete, or move the game005.pk4 after the duel again, since it will force the game to restart every time you want to connect on a none duel etqwpro server!


  • 0.5 secs spawnprotection
  • only fops and oppressor have valid weapons (rest has no ammo and basically no weapons)
  • setting es_mod_ammo_cont to 0, pistol/blaster wont be available setting it to 1 pistol/blaster is available
  • Lacerator has the same setup like the assaultrifle
  • Blaster has the same setup like the Pistol
  • So those 2 weapons are basically the same...
  • Since blaster ammo is infinite, pistol has 400 shots
ETQWpro Website

ET-Bot: Bobot v04.07a

16.08.2008 : 17:37
A bobot is a robot (bot), a virtual player directed by a computer. Bots will never replace human players, but you can train with them or against them or even add them to your server.

Bobots are realistic bots. They try to copy the human behavior and the human navigation. Bobot really thinks. Like a human player, bobot can do stupid and good things. It is not necessary that the bots are too perfect. They should not behave like robots without defects.

Download & Info:

--> Bobot v04.07a

--> Bobot Website (French)
--> Bobot Website (English)
--> Bobot Website (Spanish)

The characteristics of Bobot:
  • Its navigation by network of neurons trained to avoid obstacles thanks to a genetic algorithm (Joc)
  • Intelligent decision taking (rules system, priorities calculation through fuzzy logic) (3ème Type).Bobot constantly has a dozen of decisions to take. Does it have to get fixed up, to look for some munitions, to get or give a pack, to answer back to an attack or reviver a teammate? Does it have to go to a tank rather than to its main goal ? It asses all the possibilities many times per second and it will take the most adequate decision according to the situation. If a bot gets hurt close to its target it will go towards it but if it is far from it and close to a surgery it will prefer getting medical care. If reviving a teammate it gets shot, it will leave the action in order to answer back and only then will go back to what it was doing if it is still alive. It knows how to pursue an enemy for a while and also protect their mate.
  • The complete tank, truck support. A bobot is able to escort the tanks and other vehicles, to get on a tank and use their machineguns. It is able to wait for their team mates rather than leave alone and risk being shot down.
Bobot Website

ET-Mod: ETpro & ET-Ace

16.08.2008 : 16:51
bani gave green light and allowed the ET-Ace team to release a own version of ETpro with their Anti-Cheat.

bani wrote:
  • etpro team does not explicitly endorse anti3 at this time
  • etpro won't prevent anti3 distribution
  • anti3 distribution must be clearly labeled as 'not an official etpro distribution'
  • anti3 users use anti3 'at their own risk', etpro cannot provide support for anti3 users.
if anti3 proves resistant to attacks (and proves it is trustworthy) we may investigate directly integrating into etpro in the future.

So what does this mean? It means ET-Ace can go forward and publish a mod with ETPro features and their own AntiCheat! And if things go really well, we basically have etpro equipped with anticheat while both of them get updates every now and then.
Let's all have our thumbs up for quad and chaplja and wish them success with this project that might very well save ET! ~decem

Related Links:

--> ETpro Forum
--> ET-Ace

Thanks: Crossfire

idTech4 Engine is going Open Source

16.08.2008 : 16:39
In the latest QuakeCon Recap, this time from LinuxGames, you'll get some insight as to the future of id games on Linux and word that releasing the DOOM 3 engine (id Tech 4) source is on the horizon!

John Carmack said:
"What we can't do is we can't take time away from [other projects]… it does take effort to get these things together. If we are still heads down trying to get Rage out the door, I’m not going to task somebody with putting together the Doom 3 source distribution. But when Rage ships, you can expect the Doom 3 source code to be coming out."

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

Zehn seitiger Bericht über Wolfenstein

16.08.2008 : 16:33
In der neuen PC-Action (Ausgabe 10/2008) ist ein ausführlicher zehn seitiger Bericht über Wolfenstein und ein Exklusiv-Interview mit Raven-Boss Eric Biessman.

Endlich! id und Raven Software schicken Sie erneut in die Schlacht gegen die Pixelnazis! PC ACTION gibt Ihnen auf zehn Seiten exklusiv die volle Dröhnung: Wie sieht‘s aus? Wie wird‘s gespielt? Worum geht‘s? Was dürfen Sie erwarten? All das lesen Sie in unserer Mega-Vorschau!

Fazit Joachim Hesse: "Zuerst war ich wegen der unerwartet biederen Grafik enttäuscht, aber dann hat mich doch die Wolfenstein-Vorfreude wieder gepackt: Die Ballerei besitzt das Flair eines wahren Übershooters! Selbst wenn alle Ideen im Spiel so alt wirken wie die Witze von Otto Waalkes."

Die "Wolfenstein" PC-Action Ausgabe ist ab 20. August erhältlich. Abonnenten haben die neue Ausgabe teilweise jetzt schon im Briefkasten.RtCW 4 ever
| PC-Action

Prefabs: paZur's Shaders

15.08.2008 : 02:29
This shader is based on a texture from BerneyBoys Photorealistic Textures. I added an alpha channel and the tcGen environment of course.

--> Shiny Metal

Prevents that light is shining through doors.

--> Blocking Light

Sky shader based on a skybox shader by ydnar. It has a sun shining through the clouds and some fog. Check out the video.


--> Sky

This is a combiation of two shaders. One being a surface_portal mirror and one just for ripples in the water. This time I added a RTCW .map so u can see how to set up the two brushes with the shaders.

--> Reflection Water

This rain shader is based on deformVertexes autosprite2 that makes the rain alpha texture always face the player.

--> Rain

Source: paZur mapping


13.08.2008 : 21:47 ouvre ces portes après deux mois de construction.

Ce nouveau site multigaming vous permettra de suivre l'actualité de Enemy-territory (les nouvelles maps, mods, skin et sounds) Également nous suivons l'actualité du nouveau Wolfenstein.

Vous pourrez y retrouver toutes les maps de Enemy-territory (plus de 1200 maps) mais aussi tous les skins, les sounds, les mods et les mini-mods dans la section téléchargement.

Nous vous proposons aussi un forum d'entre aide (client, serveur, mapping, etc.) ainsi qu'un prêt de serveur ETpro gratuit.

Le site évoluera rapidement en fonction des envies et besoins de la communauté.

Le staff de XtremeGaming vous souhaite à tous la bienvenue.

--> opens the doors after two months of construction.

This new multigaming site will inform you about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (new maps, mods, skins and sounds). We also inform you about the upcoming Wolfenstein.

You can find all the maps for ET (more than 1200 maps) along with all the skins, sounds, mods and mini-mods in the download section.

We also offer a help-forum (clients, servers, mapping, etc.) and a loan ETpro server for free.

The site will evolve rapidly in terms of desires and needs of the community.

The staff of XtremeGaming welcomes you all.

PieRre via MSN

ET-Map: Adlerhorst (Final 1.0)

11.08.2008 : 07:51

~ Download ~
The Allies are attacking the Adlerhorst and must escort their Sherman M4A3 Tank as it blasts through the defenses. The Axis can disable and delay the Tank with Panzerfausts, grenades, mines or explosives.

Good news for all narrow-band and limited traffic users. The map is now 19MB (Beta had 33MB). ~paZur

Changes from Beta to Final:

Fixed issues:
  • Fixed construction crates (not disappearing)
  • Fixed green/red light indicator at lift
  • Fixed a few overlapping & hovering issues
  • Fixed construction state of MG42
  • Fixed missing morse sound of Command Post


  • Added an escape path for allies through the sewer
  • Added an assault ramp and hatches to the roof at the gate
  • Added more cover around the bridge
  • Removed ability to place land mines on asphalt
  • Added several voice outputs
  • Added extra spawns for allies near the bridge after CP is built
  • Added button inside the lift & the door are now crushing players
| paZur Mapping