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ET-Map: FG Warzone (Final)

23.08.2007 : 21:48

~ Download ~
The Axis are about to surrender to the invading Allies. Their only chance not to lose control of the last remaining rocket base is to neutralize it. Allies have to prevent Axis from taking over this strategical Factory Complex at all costs.

Map Features:

  • 6 different spawn locations for Axis
  • 5 different spawn locations for Allies
  • Time Extensions upon objective completion. This avoid having a long lasting round and ends the round quickly if the Axis team can get past a specific objective
  • 1 Neutral command post
  • 6 MG42 gun nests
  • 6 dynamitable Axis objectives
  • A time bomb on the last map section. This has been highly inspired from the MLB Daybreak map. The layout in the last section of FG Warzone makes this objective much more interesting
  • 3 secret rooms. Note that they are in now way like the MLB secret rooms. You don access them the same way, they don give any specific bonuses and are located in map sections that aren strategic. They therefore only act as easter eggs
Flame Guards
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ET-Map: Room Panzer (Beta 3)

23.08.2007 : 21:24

~ Download ~
This is a first playable beta version of room panzer. Pretend yourself in my house it would't almost look like this. It's a pure funmap (again).
[UJE]Niek via MSN
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ET:Revaluation - Additional Skinpacks

22.08.2007 : 01:58

Released now six additional skinpacks, filesize is always under 0.5 MB, four for the axis and two for the allieds.

Download & Info:

--> Soldaten
--> Landser
--> Heer
--> Eichenlaubtarn
--> U.S. Rangers 1
--> U.S. Rangers 2
  • Small rank-symbols on the helmets
  • Gloves for the Axis
  • If a covert takes an enemy uniform, the dead body will loose his gloves and has fitting underwear and boots


TCE Stats Script & PHP Bot Tutorial

20.08.2007 : 16:23
TCE Stats Script and PHP Bot Tutorial for Q3 Engine: (the team behind "Neelix Campaign Creator") wrote a little Tutorial to show Game Server Admins how to write their own Server Bots in PHP.
The language PHP makes it easy for coding beginners to start writing own scripts.
We show how to parse the Game Server Logfile and send Messages back via UDP Sockets.
An example Kill/Death TCE Stats script shows how to parse 3 Game Servers with one Parser Script.
A C++ "Plugin" allows you to slap, stroke, feed the Server and so changes the Server Mood.
The tcestats script is a beta test version. But a skilled Admin should be able to make it run.

Download & Info:

--> Download "php TCEstats"

--> Lesson 1
--> Lesson 2
--> Lesson 3: Loops
--> Lesson 4: Indenting
--> Lesson 5: Comparing strings
--> Lesson 6: Reading/writing files

Supported Games:

  • Enemy Territory
  • Enemy Territory: "True Combat: Elite"
  • RtCW
  • Q3
  • other Q3 Engine Based Games. But not tested yet.
apologet via E-Mail

ET-Map: Ouessant Lighthouse (Beta 1)

20.08.2007 : 16:19

~ Download ~
The battered german warship Scharnhorst will be returning to the port city of Brest, France tomorrow morning. The allies seek to destroy the ship once and for all, and have dispatched a small team to the island of Ouessant. The island holds a lighthouse critical to all maritime navigation; if the allies can destroy this lighthouse before nightfall, the blinded Scharnhorst will ground itself on the rocky shores of the island.
Wolfenstein Files
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RtCW-MP-Map: The Gold Mine

20.08.2007 : 16:15

~ Download ~
Disguised as a Gold Mine, Axis are mining Uranium 235. Allied forces are trying to take the Uranuim back for testing in the getaway truck.

ET-Map: PTA Desert Village (Final)

19.08.2007 : 15:32

~ Download ~
Axis and Allies have to fight for the flag.
Planet Wolfenstein
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ET-Map: Jungle Panzer (Beta 1)

19.08.2007 : 15:29

~ Download ~
This time youre playing in a jungle panzer map. You can jump around whole map with a gravity of 200. Try to get all the people that are humping around. The trees and bush will also give you cover and some tree cabins are in the map where you can panzer from. Again some funny sounds are in the jungle so go and check them out. I hope that everybody likes this map and the others I made.
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET-Map: Lava Panzer (Beta 1)

19.08.2007 : 15:26

~ Download ~
A map mostly filled with containers and trucks. It's made for panzer war to really have a good time. I hope everybody has a lot of fun in this map.
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET-Map: Hospital Panzer (Beta 1)

19.08.2007 : 15:19

~ Download ~
This is a first playable beta version of hospital panzer. After the war the wounded were stationed in an hospital for recouvering there wounds but... An invasion of enemy soldiers started so now they've got to defend there hospital for falling down. Have real fun on this map!
Enemy Territory Stuff
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ET:QW Public Beta Server Files

16.08.2007 : 07:03
Nun könnt ihr auch ein ETQW Public Beta 2 Unranked Server erstellen, auch ohne den Beta 2 Client installiert zu haben.

The standalone server files come in Windows and Linux flavors and basically allow you to run an unranked Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Public Beta server without having the full beta client installed.

Download @ FilePlanet:

--> ET:QW Public Beta 2 - Lite Linux Server v1.1
--> ET:QW Public Beta 2 - Lite Windows Server v1.1
| Community Enemy Territory

RtCW2-Prison in neuem Gewand

14.08.2007 : 23:35
Bei Prison stehen einige Änderungen an und sind schon vollzogen. Das Board wurde überarbeitet, ein neues Design wurde erstellt sowie das Network um eine Page erweitert. Einfach auf den Button klicken um zum neugestalteten Prison zu gelangen.

ET-Tool: ETScript v0.6

13.08.2007 : 11:20
This program will help you writing script files for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory maps.
It features a few handy things that will make your scripting life easier!


--> ET » Tools » ETScript v0.6
This program is made in Visual Basic 6, in Windows Vista.
Tested to run in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.SplashDamage

RtCW-MP-Map: Hotel California

12.08.2007 : 12:43

~ Download ~
Axis are trying to escape Hotel California by stealing the Helicopter Manual and get to Helicopter on the Roof.

ET-Minimod: RHAFT Icons v1

11.08.2007 : 12:40
This is a simple mini-mod that will be a benefit to both teams, no more will you wonder where the teammate is that is requesting a Medic (or anyother class), nor will you have to take your eyes off the playing area to check your teammate's location. /SS/StinVec's RHAFT Icons will now allow you to see the icon for the action that your teammate is requesting.


--> ET » Mini-Mods » RHAFT Icons v1

The visible icons include:
(along with the definition of the anogram in the title)

  • R- Need A Revive Icon Will Be Visible Through Walls To Allow For Medics To Function Better At Reviving Teammates.
  • H- Need A Medic Icon Will Be Visible Through Walls To Allow For Medics To Function Better At Healing Teammates.
  • A- Need Ammo Icon Will Be Visible Through Walls To All For Field Ops To Function Better In re-Supplying Teammates.
  • FT- FireTeam Icons Will Be Visible Through Walls To Allow For Better Team Play.
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Mod: ETpub 0.8.1

10.08.2007 : 17:28
ETPub 0.8.1 is out! This is yet another major new ETPub version, here is an overview of the new features:
Download & Info:
--> ET » Mods » ETpub 0.8.1
ETPub 0.8.1:
  • Improved killingsprees
  • Killingspree sounds
  • Multikills
  • Display banners at multiple positions
  • ETPro anti-warp
  • Fixed physics: Make sure no one on the server has an unfair movement advantage
  • Major upgrades of ATB and PR system
  • Improved weapon restrictions
  • 5 new shrubbot commands
  • Mute time
  • Store warnings and spreerecords
  • Prevent IP spoofing and other exploits
  • Omnibot 0.66 support (included in the download)
  • Adminchat
  • Vote players into spec
  • Many others as well...
ETPub Client 20070801:
  • Many crosshair options (displaying short ranks, HP, classicons)
  • Ingame objective display (+obj)
  • Improved dynocounters
  • altfire reloads
  • client-side anti-lag optimization
  • Many other changes, see changelog for more details
Planet Wolfenstein
| ETpub Website

ET-Map: Lasershooting (Final)

08.08.2007 : 02:41

~ Download ~
The Allies must destroy the Axis health and the Axis must destroy the Allies health.
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ET-Soundpack: RtCW Spirit v2

07.08.2007 : 15:46
RTCW spirit is an aP-projects project to bring RtCW sounds back in game, its younger brother Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.


--> ET » Soundpacks » RtCW Spirit v2
List of all sounds:
Airstrike + Announcer, Artillery + Announcer, Colt, FG42, Garand, Grenade, Impact, Knife, Luger, MG42, MP40, Sten, Thompson, Colt
Wolfenstein Files

id Software: Rage, Steam und Wolfenstein-Film

06.08.2007 : 19:04
"Anlässlich der Veranstaltung QuakeCon 2007 hat id Software nicht nur den Liefertermin für "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars" bekannt gegeben, sondern auch einiges Neues angekündigt: So arbeiten die Entwickler an einem actionlastigen Endzeitspiel namens "Rage", Doom 3 wird bald auch über Valves Download-Plattform Steam zu beziehen sein und darüber hinaus ist eine Verfilmung von "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" in Arbeit."

Kompletter Artikel auf:

Tomacco |

ET-Tool: WolfColor

05.08.2007 : 21:10
Small tool for windows to color your nickname. ETpro-colors are supported.


--> ET » Tools » WolfColor

ET-Map: Baserace (Beta 2a)

05.08.2007 : 21:04

~ Download ~
Just a fixed version of this old version of Baserace for thoose who still prefer the morphing terrain. Only added the three missing textures.
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ET:QW Serverconfig Generator

05.08.2007 : 20:38
InfinityGamehosting hat, wie man aus der Überschrift entnehmen kann, einen Online Serverconfig Generator auf die Beine gestellt.

Zum Generator:

--> ET:QW Online Serverconfig Generator

ET:QW Release Date Announced

04.08.2007 : 14:31
This is the moment you have been waiting for: id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead just announced the official release date for the PC version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars during the id press conference at QuakeCon! Without further ado, here's the scoop: ETQW is slated to ship in North America on October 2, 2007, while Europeans will get their hands on it the Friday before (September 28). Mark your calendars, gentlemen!Delta | Community Enemy Territory

Threewave involved in new Wolfenstein Game

04.08.2007 : 13:08
FiringSquad has a brief update on the new Wolfenstein game coming out of the QuakeCon id Software press conference. In addition to Raven Software, Todd Hollenshead revealed that Threewave Software will also be involved in the development of the new Wolfenstein game, specifically on the multiplayer side. In the past Threewave has contributed levels for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, RtCW: Tides of War and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy; as well as the Capture the Flag gametype and all of the levels for DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil. Threewave is located in Vancouver, Canada, and for all of you job seeking designers out there, they appear to have a number of vacant positions.

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein - Der Film

04.08.2007 : 12:32
Samuel Hadida hat sich die Rechte für den "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" Film geschnappt. Er ist bekannt durch Filme wie Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Necronomicon, uvm. Eine komplette Liste seiner Werke findet ihr in der Internet Movie Database. Roger Avary wurde für das Drehbuch eingestellt. Er arbeitete mit Quentin Tarantino am Drehbuch zu Pulp Fiction und er schrieb die Grundlage für Silent Hill - Willkommen in der Hölle.

Die Hintergrund-Geschichte bleibt eine Anlehung an das Spiel Return to Castle Wolfenstein selbst. U.S. Army Ranger B.J. Blazkowicz führt ein Team von Agenten in Castle Wolfenstein, um mehr über die SS Paranormal Division der Nazis rauszufinden. Das Projekt sollte zuvor durch Mark Gordon von Sony realisiert werden, aber die Rechte wurden ID Software wieder zurückgegeben.

Avary's Statement:

"I've been playing the character of B.J. Blazkowicz since the epic 'Wolfenstein 3D' first bruised my brain and have ever since wanted to bring his adventures to life on the bigscreen." Avary said: "It's time to bust some dams, storm some bunkers and blow up some bridges."
Weitere Infos zum Film:
--> Movie-Infos
--> Variety
Quelle: RtCW2-Prsion | Planet Wolfenstein

ET:QW - Public Beta 2 Released

03.08.2007 : 23:48
"The Enemy Territory Public Beta 2 is now available on Fileplanet along with 25,000 new license keys. The keys are first come, first serve, so head on over there right away if you don't have one yet. Beta 2 offers thousands of improvements, fixes, and additions compared to the first Public Beta and features an all-new map, and the changes are so extensive that even if you are already in the Public Beta, you will need to download the all-new beta client from Fileplanet. You can read all about Beta 2 in Locki's blog update."

Download & Keys:

--> Download ET:QW Beta 2 @ FilePlanet
--> 25000 Keys for Beta 2
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Whoverops Pyramid (Beta 1)

03.08.2007 : 12:31
Cleaned pk3 archive, scripts untouched, lots of garbage left.
Previously 35mb, now 13mb

~ Download ~
The attacking team is determined by whoever captures the flag first. They must then proceed to snatch the Book of the Dead and take it to the truck located outside. The defending team must prevent this happening at all costs.
peyote via PM
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Photorealistic Textures 4 Free

02.08.2007 : 16:00
Wer auf der Suche nach neuen Texturen für ist, kann mal auf folgenden Seiten Vorbeischauen.
--> CGTextures
--> Mayang's Free Texture Libary
--> Photorealistic Textures
Who ever is searching for new textures, can take a look at the sites above.Level-Designer

ET:QW - Public Beta 2 Angekündigt

31.07.2007 : 17:24
Diese Woche findet die QuakeCon in Texas statt. Die Veranstaltung ist eine so genannte BYOC (bringe deinen eigenen Computer mit, eng. bring your own computer) und wie der Name schon impliziert, werden auf der LAN-Party nur id-Titel gezockt. Star der QuakeCon soll natürlich Enemy Territory: Quake Wars sein. Eine erste Betaphase hat das Spiel ja schon durchlaufen, damit die Spieler aber in den Genuss der Abwechslung gelangen, arbeitet das Entwicklerteam Splash Damage bereits an einer zweiten Beta-Version, die dann vorgestellt werden soll. Die neue Valley-Map soll die alte Sewer ablösen, denn sie ist größer und beinhaltet Massen an Fahrzeugen. Der Auftrag der GDF fällt dabei etwas seltsam aus, denn sie müssen die Strogg aufhalten, ein Naturschutzgebiet zu vernichten.
Die Statistikseite wird ebenfalls überarbeitet. Dort finden Freunde der Statistik was das Herz begehrt. Den militärischen Rang, die Achievements, unterschiedliche Ranglisten, Lieblingswaffe, gespielte Zeit und noch vieles mehr. Weiterhin wurde die Spieler- und Fahrphysik verbessert und dass Verhalten der Bots optimiert. Für die ganzen Cheater haben wir die freudige Nachricht, daß Punkbuster integriert ist.
--> Zur englischen Original-News

Quelle: RtCW4ever

Movie-Tool: It's a Wrap! v0.50

30.07.2007 : 20:36
"It's a Wrap!" is a Win32 DLL that adds some movie making functionality to OpenGL games.
  • Create motion blurred images using temporal anti-aliasing.
  • Configurable background color for green screening.
  • Configurable output directory for captured images.
The DLL has been tested with Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, but should work in all Quake 3 engine games. Quake 3 movie makers may be better off using Quake 3 Movie Maker's Edition though.

Download & Info:

--> It's a Wrap! @
Important! Please read before attempting to use "It's a Wrap!":
This is an OpenGL wrapper dll, and playing online with the dll will get you kicked and possibly banned by PunkBuster. Please use a separate installation of the game, this way you can keep PunkBuster disabled in case you accidentally connect to a server.
Planet Wolfenstein