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ET:QW - And the winners are...

28.06.2007 : 15:23
The winners of the contest for 10 VIP-Keys of the ET:QW Public Beta are:


The shocked allies engi peakin around the corner, and the axis run home anyway. Stroggs have used a wormhole, and came a bit earlier then expected...


The girls edition of ET:QW looks pretty in pink.


Nice slogan :)
Have fun with the Beta!




This friendly Strogg is teaching a duck.


Megalomaniac ;-)


The fight goes on...

Had choosen inovative pics before technical perfect ones to raise the chance for people who can't handle graphic software.



Da nur 10 Keys verfügbar sind, wurden die letzten drei Gewinner zufällig ausgewählt.

Due the fact that I had only 10 keys, the last three winners was chooden randomly.

Two other pictures made by Ela:


Another picture made by Dim:








Zu schade das es nur 10 Keys gab, hätte gerne jedem Teilnehmer einen gegeben.

To bad that only 10 keys was available, wished it would be possible for me to give everyone mentioned here a key.

ET-Map: Vesuvius (Final)

28.06.2007 : 13:11

~ Download ~
1944, Bay of Naples. Allies are advancing through a town where Axis have been excavating Roman ruins under the streets in search of legendary relics. Allies need to steal the discovered Urn relic from the excavations. Meanwhile Mount Vesuvius has started erupting.
| Mrfin UK

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.66 (Stable)

28.06.2007 : 13:00

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Onmi-Bot 0.66 (Stable)
--> Omni-Bot Website
"Another round of testing and bug fixes, and we have Omni-bot 0.66 Fixing some issues brought up by users after 0.65 and improvements to navigation and scripts.

Note: This update is backwards compatible with etpub and Jaymod releases that support 0.65, however, a couple of the fixes(medics healing enemy, bots not tapping out) were bugs on the mod side of the bot, so you will not see those fixes until the mods are updated with the 0.66 changes."Planet Wolfenstein
| Omni-Bot Website

ET-Map: The Moskee (Beta 1)

27.06.2007 : 00:56

~ Download ~
The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in Egypte in an hidden Moskee. The Allies must steal an Axis Jagdpanther hidden in a garage then blow the Moskee Back Door to open it then, steal the gold bars and drive them to safety in a Boat, then escort this boat to the submarine.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: Jungle Sniper (Beta 3)

06.07.2007 : 11:42

~ Download ~
This time you're playing in a jungle sniper map. There is no way to cross in this map so... Stick to your site and try to shoot the players on the other site. The trees and bush will also give you cover and some tree cabins are in the map where you can snipe from. Again some funny sounds are in the jungle so go and check them out. I hope that everybody likes this map and the others I made.

For questions or something else you can always visit our forum at

[UJE]Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

House of Pain * Trickjump Contest

24.06.2007 : 12:15

14.07.2007 - 15.07.2007

Die house of pain * Trickjump Crew veranstaltet dieses Jahr vom 14.07.2007 - 15.07.2007 den "House of Pain - Trickjump Contest".

Insgesamt ist Platz für 16 willige Jumper. Es können auch mehrere aus ein und dem selben Clan daran Teilnehmen, aber es muss jeder alleine springen. Als Map wurde Kob Trickjump ausgewählt. 21 Realjumps und ein kleiner Gammajump sind in ihr enthalten.

Da bei uns vor allem der Spaß im Vordergrund steht wird es als Preise "nur" Graphische Awards geben, welche man auf der Clanhomepage, in der Signatur oder wo auch immer verwenden kann.

Für weitere und Aktuelle News besucht Dort findet man auch das Anmeldeformular.

Anmeldeschluß ist der 06.07.2007 / 23:59 Uhr.

Über eine große Anteilnahme würden wir uns freuen!

The house of pain Trickjump Crew will organize a Trickjump Contest from 14.07.2007 till 15.07.2007 these Year.

The maximum number of players is 16. It's possible to join the contest with one, two or more members of one clan, but every body should jump alone. The map will be Kob Trickjump. There are 21 realjumps and a little Gammajump. As price it will "only" give graphic awards because Fun is our opinion. You can place these Awards on your Clanhomepage, use it in signatures or other.

News and other stuff -> You will find the register Topic there too.

Have a lot of fun!

ET:QW 4 Newbies

23.06.2007 : 16:16
Ifurita hat für alle die neu in ET:QW sind oder sich mal einen Detaillierten Überblick über das Spiel verschaffen wollen eine neue Website auf die Beine gestellt.
Wer meint bereits nach 2, 3 Stunden Spielzeit der Beta alles zu wissen was das Spiel hergibt wird eines besseren Belehrt.

Visit the Site:

--> ET:QW 4 Newbies
Community Enemy Territory
| Planet Wolfensteiny

ET-Map: MLB Starbase (Final)

23.06.2007 : 16:00

~ Download ~
The allied starbase is a turning point in the war. Allies are preparing an ion cannon which aims at eradicating axis foces. Axis are sent over to crash the gravitational processor which keeps the starbase in the orbit.

| GameDesign Online

ET-Map: Baserace (Final)

23.06.2007 : 15:58
UPDATE: Including Scoreboard Mod

~ Download ~
Its a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads' located in your team's base. Different capture pads correspond to different base constructions and upgrades, so be sure to think about where you secure your Construction Materials. Capture Pads can be used multiple times to upgrade constructions. Also, constructions can be 'synergized' by completing combinations of other constructions. The first team to complete all 40 constructions / upgrades or have the most completed when the timer runs out wins!

| /battlefield

10 VIP-Keys 4 ET:QW Public Beta

22.06.2007 : 17:16

Um es kurz zu machen: Wir haben von SplashDamage 10 VIP-Keys für die Public Beta von ET:QW bekommen um sie im Rahmen eines kleinen Wettbewerbs an die Community zu vergeben.

Der Wettbewerb läuft vom Freitag, 22. Juni 2007 bis zum Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2007.

Der Wettbewerb an sich ist keine große Sache, schickt ein selbstgemachtes Bild mit Bezug auf ET:QW ein und Posted es in diesen Thread.

To make it short: We recived 10 VIP-Keys from SplashDamage for the Public Beta of ET:QW to give them to the community in a small contest.

The contest runs from Friday, 22th June 2007 to Wednesday, 27th June 2007.

The contest is no big deal, send in a self-made picture related to ET:QW and post it here in this thread.

ET-TC: TC:E - Finished M4, M16 and SOPMOD

22.06.2007 : 15:56

An True Combat: Elite wird immer noch gewerkelt, heute gibt's ein kleines Update der Waffen.

"Only the SPR is left.
Screens of the SOPMOD, the M16, M4 iron sight, M4, SOPMOD with new handguard and finally the SOPMOD aiming."


--> Finished M4, M16 and SOPMOD

ET:QW - 10 Public Beta VIP Keys

20.06.2007 : 17:48
Wir freuen uns euch mitteilen zu können, dass wir 10 VIP Keys zur Public Beta von Enemy Territory Quake Wars vergeben können. Um diesen VIP Key zu nutzen braucht ihr keinen FilePlanet Premium Account.

Schreibt einfach eure E-mail Adresse sowie eure System Spezifikationen in diesen Thread.

--> Thread @

We're happy to announce that we can give away 10 VIP Keys for the public beta of Enemy Territory Quake Wars. To use this VIP key a FilePlanet Premium Account is not required.

Just write your email address and your system specifikations into this thread.

--> Thread @


ET-Map: Breakout 3.7.1

20.06.2007 : 12:53

~ Download ~
1944, France, soon after D-Day. A company of Allied soldiers are trapped by superior Axis forces near a french village. They must salvage a tank from the depot, force their way through the village and escape along the railway track.

This is a compact map, with the action focussed around the railway bridge, but the environment is very open allowing plenty of choice and scope for tactics. All the buildings can be entered.Enemy Territory Stuff
| 2bit

ET-Minimod: Simple Med+Ammo Icons

19.06.2007 : 15:53
This is a tiny mod, to change the pickup models for the med/ammo packs into Q3 style simple items. They will yaw towards the player from any angle, easy to see and pulse around the edge slightly. Lower poly than the regular ET pickup models, not that there will be any noticable fps gain in the game. Perhaps on very large servers where the medic/field op's drops packs when killed. Also added a grenade trail when tossed for mods that have a longer tossing range.

NOTE: only changes the pickup models, the hand models/ammo-health rack models remain the same.


--> ET » Mini-Mods » Simple Med+Ammo Icons

ET-Map: TournamentDM v2.0

18.06.2007 : 17:41

~ Download ~
After realising a couple weeks back that this map had actually been used in a 1v1 final after it's original release date which was about 2 years ago as a fun map (and slated for being quite the boring final) I decided to redesign the original map 'tournementdm2' into this new design, it wont play the same as previous release and should hopefully be quite enjoyable to play, adding another dimension into a 1v1 map by adding health racks (at strategic locations) and a side tunnel from the original spawn which should hopefully help counteract the spawncamping noted in the flame journal.

List of changes:

  • 2 Stairways added on either side of the centre of the map.
  • 2 Healthracks on either side of the centre of the map.
  • A bridge has now been put ontop of the spinning ET logo which allows easier passage to the other side.
  • The old bumps in the map which gave you cover at the start have been changed, boxes have also been added as cover.
  • All boxes are breakable after 3-4 bullets adding another dimension, temporary cover.
  • Bugfix; the pillars which would sometimes be shoot-through are now fixed and you cant actually shoot through them, at all!
Planet Wolfenstein
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW: Gamersnation Co-Modleader Interview

17.06.2007 : 09:20

Gamersnation hat ein weiteres Interview mit dem Co-Modleader der sich in Entwicklung befindlichen ET:QW Modifikation "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" geführt.

Gamersnation has interviewed the co-modleader of the mod "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" for ET:QW that is already in development.

Kamikaze ("Mechwarrior: Living Legends"):

--> Interview with MechWarrior: Living Legends mod co-leader
--> "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" Homepage

SplashDamage Forum

ET:QW: Mechwarrior: Living Legends

16.06.2007 : 09:44
Die für ET:QW in Entwicklung befindliche Mod "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" hat einen Juni Newsletter veröffentlicht.

The mod "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" that is already in development for ET:QW has published a newsletter for the month of June.

"Mechwarrior: Living Legends"

--> June Edition
--> "Mechwarrior: Living Legends" Homepage
SplashDamage Forum

ET:QW: Gamersnation Modleader Interviews

16.06.2007 : 09:20
Chris von Gamersnation hat mit Modleadern zweier sich in Entwicklung befindlicher ET:QW Modifikationen ein Interview geführt.

Chris from Gamersnation has interviewed the modleaders of two mods for ET:QW that are already in development.

Zarkow ("AvsB: PMC Warfare"):

--> Interview with "AvsB: PMC Warfare" modleader
--> "AvsB: PMC Warfare" Homepage
PytoX ("Gangs 4 Life"):
--> Interview with the G4L project leader
--> "Gangs 4 Life" Homepage
SplashDamage Forum

ET-Minimod: Visible Fireteam Icons v1

15.06.2007 : 15:31
FireTeam Icons will be visible through walls to allow for better Teamplay.


--> ET » Mini-Mods » Visible Fireteam Icons v1
Wolfenstein Files

ET-Mod: Jaymod 2.1.5 (Beta)

13.06.2007 : 23:34
A new beta-quality build from the experimental branch. For a more detailed changelog please consult the bundled PDF file or online documentation.


--> ET » Mods » Jaymod 2.1.5 (Beta)
Highlights include:
  • New Antiwarp functionality
  • Upgraded Omnibot-0.65 support
  • XP-save option to reset on new campaign
  • XP-save reset for stopwatch game-mode
| Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: TankBuster 2.0.0

12.06.2007 : 21:11

~ Download ~
Spring 1944, Italy. The Allies are finally advancing at the Gustav Line when an S.O.E. Intelligence report reveals a hidden reserve of Axis armour near Monte Cassino. The Allies must breach the depot heavy defences and destroy all the tanks stockpiled there before they can be used in an Axis counter offensive.

The Allies must escort a truck laden with a massive bomb to the re-inforced main gate of the Axis tank depot. The bomb is detonated when the Allied Command Post is built. Once access has been obtained to the interior of the depot, the Allies must assault the tank garage and destroy the 8 jagdpanther tanks inside. Tanks destroyed cannot be repaired.

The shortcut for the Allies to their Command Post is through a Teller minefield. These anti-tank mines have been converted to act as anti-personnel, and cannot be defused. They are only revealed when a Cov Ops goes near them. (The distribution of Teller mines is different for each game)

The depot has a deadly 88mm on the depot roof. It can be aimed at the road, hilltop or minefield. It is tough but can be destroyed by explosive weapons. NOTE: the 88mm can not be aimed unless the Axis Command Post is operational. Destroying the Command Post will prevent aiming although it can still be fired at its current target.

When fighting along the internal railway line, beware of the live rails carrying 750 volts. The power to the live rails is cut if the generator supplying the workshop fan is damaged; this does not stop the trains, which switch to internal batteries.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: 110 Factory 2.0.0

12.06.2007 : 21:07

~ Download ~
Allied raiders must get ashore from their stolen U-boat, storm the Me 110 factory and grab the secret radar components being fitted to aircraft on the production line.
The Allies start inside the U-boat and must assault the forward bunker using high-speed dinghies and weather balloons. Destroying the main entrance to the airstrip will give the Allies access to the Me110 factory and the radar components within.
Allies can enter the factory via the north doors or the side entrance and will need to fight their way along the production line to the south end where the radar components are kept.
The radar components must be brought to the American halftrack outside the factory for an allied victory.
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.65 (Stable)

12.06.2007 : 17:25

Download & Info:

--> ET » Bots » Onmi-Bot 0.65 (Stable)
--> Omni-Bot Website
"The biggest addition is the new Routing System, which waypointers/scripters can use to set up multiple routes to approach map goals. This provides a more dynamic experience by allowing bots to attack goals from multiple routes.

Another signficiant part of this release is an overhaul of the loading system, as there were many issues in the past with people unable to get the bot loading, especially on linux. This should be much more reliable now.

Stability should be dramatically improved, especially with complex scripts."Planet Wolfenstein
| Omni-Bot Website

ET-Map: Château en Espagne (Final)

10.06.2007 : 23:00

~ Download ~
Chateau En Espagne is an old-school CTF-map. You will find the objectives behind the big silly faces (marked also in the command map as blue and red boxes). You have to capture all the 3 in order to win the game. Capturepoint is at the little cottage next to the "panzer-machine". Try to capture those flags before the enemy does!
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW - Fansite Kit v2

09.06.2007 : 13:46
Vom Offiziellen ET:QW Fansite Kit wurde vor einigen Tagen eine zweite Version veröffentlicht. Darin befinden sich neue Screenshots, Box-Art, überarbeitete Logos, paar Soundfiles und einen Quake-Font.

Download @

--> Enter Site » Downloads » Fan Site Kit
Community Enemy Territory

~ StockenfelS - Enemy Territory Song v2 ~

09.06.2007 : 00:59
Eine überarbeitete Version des Songs ist bereits letzten Monat erschienen, jetzt auch bei uns zum Download.
Wer die erste Version noch nicht kennt kann sie sich hier herunterladen.

Das Enemy Territory immer noch eines der besten Spiele ist, beweist die aktive und treue Community immer wieder. Heute hat sie sich um ein weiteres Schmankerl bereichert: StockenfelS aka "(S.FS) Shit" hat extra für unseren Lieblingsshooter ein Lied komponiert, den (S.FS)Enemy Territory Song, den er jedem ET-Fan kostenlos zur Verfügung stellt. Mit eigener Musik und eigenem Text ist es eine Hommage an das, was uns verbindet.

Download & Bandhomepage:

--> StockenfelS: Enemy Territory Song v2
--> StockenfelS Homepage

(S.FS)Enemy Territory Song

Daheim habe ich Frau und Kind,
sie sagt zu mir ob ich nicht spinn?!?
Am Abend komme ich von der Arbeit heim,
und schalte auch schon den Computer ein.

Und Spiele:
Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!
Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!

Mal schauen ob ich heut gewinn...
So ein Mist, ich bin gleich hin.
Der Scharfschütze dort oben am Berg,
Knallt mich ab als wäre ich ein Zwerg.

Ein Medic kommt schnell angerannt,
mit seiner Spritze in der Hand.
Danke dir, jetzt geht's mir wieder gut.
Ihr Feinde seid jetzt dran in meiner Wut.

Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!
Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!

Als Engineer bau ich die Brücke auf.
Und hoffe dann ich geh nicht drauf.
Ich stürme in den Fueldump rein.
Und setze dann mein Dynamit hinein.

Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!
Enemy, Enemy, Enemy Territory!

Musik und Text von (S.FS)Shit


ET-Map: Baserace Winter (Beta 3c)

08.06.2007 : 00:50

~ Download ~
It's a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads' located in your team's base. Different capture pads correspond to different base constructions and upgrades, so be sure to think about where you secure your Construction Materials. Capture Pads can be used multiple times to upgrade constructions. Also, constructions can be 'synergized' by completing combinations of other constructions. The first team to complete all 40 constructions / upgrades or have the most completed when the timer runs out wins!


  • FPS Increase
  • Winter Theme
  • Atmosphere Effects
Wolfenstein Files
| Servers running this Map

Sound Design Toolkit Vol. 1

08.06.2007 : 00:45
Sonic Valley Prouductions, The sound design team that brought big sound to mods such as Iron Grip, The Hidden and Desert Conflict and currently working on Hard Rain, Obsidian Edge 2 and No More Room In Hell are pleased to present a new tool for the mod community. The Sound Design Toolkit Vol 1 is a collection of almost 100 sound fx recorded and created by the SVP team for mappers and modders to use freely without any obligation in their projects.

"Often we have alot of audio that we create that never sees the light of day in our projects" says Sonic Valley General Manager Hermann Rauth, "So we decided a while back to take some of those samples and put them together in a collection. It's our way of not wasting alot of hard work and creates an oppurtunity for us to give something to the mod community, which is one of our main help out mods."

However alot of the audio has been specially recorded for this collection such as Aircraft like F18 bombing runs, Military jet take offs and landings from F15's and the C17 Globemaster as well as a nice radial engine stunt plane. Other sounds include weapons like Anti tank, Sniper Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Whizbys, Explosions, Tanks and much more.


--> Download @ Sonic Valley
ET Resource Site

~CMTC~ ET-Schule

07.06.2007 : 14:01
Für all diejenigen die neu sind und deshalb noch nicht so den Durchblick in ET haben, hat der CMTC (Combat Maneuver Trainings Center) seinen Übungsplatz eröffnet.
--> ~C M T C~ Combat Maneuver Trainings Center
--> Über den CMTC
CMTC-Mavo via PM

ET-Map: Venice (NE4)

05.06.2007 : 13:21

~ Download ~
The Allies have intercepted intelligence that an important transaction will be occuring between the Germans and Italians in Venice today. The Allies must escort their Churchill Tank to blow the library open, commandeer the relic and escape Venice by Boat.

Please read the readme for all changes.SplashDamage
| Servers running this Map