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ET-Map: Pier 16 (v3)

01.11.2005 : 11:00

A cargo ship that is supposedly impervious to conventional weapons is being developed in a secret location only known as Pier 16. The Allies received intelligence of this location and are planning to take it down from the inside. The Axis must protect the ship from sabotage.
Wolfenstein Files
| Chicken Bucket

Problems with Filebase

20.09.2005 : 13:50
~~ Update ~~

Problem is solved / Problem ist behoben

At the moment it's not possible to add new files into the filebase. To uphold the service for the community we've choosen to host the files on a another webspace until the problem is fixed. The "old" and added files are still aviable for download.

Momentan ist es nicht möglich neue Files der Filebase hinzuzufügen. Um den Dienst an der Community aufrechtzuerhalten werden die Files nun auf einem anderen Webspace gehostet bis das Problem behoben ist. Die "alten" und eingetragenen Files lassen sich wie gewohnt herunterladen.

ET-Tool: BBQ Bot 1.0

18.09.2005 : 11:32
Der Serverseitige Administrative Bot für ET von Marko & Kennie wurde mittlerweile in der Version 1.0 veröffentlicht. Alle näheren Angaben zu diesem Tool finden Sie hier in dieser News.

-[ Download ''BBQ Bot 1.0'' ]-


  • You will need an ET Server with Punkbuster enabled in order to run this bot
  • You will need to have logs enabled in your server config AND the "log sync" will have to be set to 1 otherwise stats will only be printed at end of rounds
  • The INSTALL.txt file provided with the BBQ bot archive details the installation steps you need to follow
Bot Features:

BBQ bot is a server side application developed by Marko & Kennie to help in server administration. It runs directly on the game server and analyses the game output on a regular basis. It then parses the output to either send actions back to the server, or sends information to and IRC channel. The bot can run under windows and linux.


  • close to real-time analysis of the game output in order to act or send information to an IRC channel with very short delays
  • low performance hit on the game server due to extremely light code
  • IRC interface to print server events and remotly control the bot
  • Anti swear system to strike when players swear and automatically kick them after 3 swears
  • alert system, to customize text strings that have to be found in player chats to call alerts in the IRC channel (lets players report spawn killers, bad players, uneven teams and any server problem when admins aren available)
  • direct rcon commands to the server via IRC interface. This feature is password protected and the bot control password can be changed easily
  • trace game events such as players connecting / disconnecting, name changes, map changes, frags, referee login...
  • bot control via IRC to change the IRC behaviour of the bot (toggle events to display in IRC, send messages to players on the server...)
  • servers stats generated on a regular basis and displayed directly to the players on the server
  • auto reconnect on PART or KICK from IRC channel
  • manual striking from IRC channel in case you see a swear/insult the bot dosen come across
  • client kicking / banning directly via IRC
  • Bot stats function (players on the server, total strikes given, total players kicked...)
  • non IRC feature to ran in standalone looping back directly with the server
  • IRC config file to execute a set of commands each time the bot joins a channel
Planet Wolfenstein
| Marko @ Home

RtCW-Bot: Fritz Bot 0.54b

29.06.2006 : 13:34

Maleficus hat seinen Fritz Bot gebugfixt und in Version 0.54b veröffentlicht. Wie gewohnt gibt es bei uns alle benötigten Files in einem Downloadfile.

Einige Bugs wurden gefixt:
This fixes a minor issue where bots could have problems finding enemies on a dedicated server, and also fixes a minor bot dynamite planting issue on TE_UFO.

-[ Download ''Fritz Bot 0.54b'' ]-

Mal's Whorehouse

ET-Map: ET-Center (Final)

15.08.2006 : 18:38

The allied advances further into Germany have been hindered by axis radar. The allies hace sent a special unit to a location they believe to be a secret radar installation. They are attempting to sabotage the radar installation to prevent the axis from tracking their advances.

| Servers running this Map

ET- & RtCW-Movies auf DVD

18.09.2005 : 08:45
g3kko hat ein paar sehr gute Movies zu ET und RtCW auf eine DVD mit passendem Menü gepackt. Die Downloadgröße beträgt 4,21GB und Leute mit DVD-Brenner oder ISO-Reader können sich die Filme nun auch an ihrem heimischen Fernseher ansehen.

-[ News + Download @ ET-Scene ]-

  • 4 kings Revolution (RtCW)
  • Adzz Flashbacks
  • Diversion by riv0
  • Infensus the movie (RtCW)
  • JaFo Row
  • knö or die (RtCW)
  • mirro last man standing
  • Born to be lame
  • Dignitas.ET eXposed
  • Mama Rosa
  • mAx Chapter 2
  • mAx - Chapter 1
  • mico - Just another ET Movie
  • Modus Operandi - Vindication
  • Dsky - True Destination
  • Shewie & Ganon - 1st level
  • superboyy puran
  • U96D GZA - Fragmovie
  • Winghaven - Out of the way

Serverbrowser: Xfire 1.45

17.09.2005 : 20:04
Der recht beliebte Serverbrowser Xfire wurde in der Version 1.45 veröffentlicht. Die neue Version enthält eigentlich nur geringfügige Änderungen, die den Umgang mit Xfire jedoch verbessern.

-[ Xfire - Website ]-

-[ Complete Changelog ]-

    Shortcut from Changelog:

  • Added the one feature that everyone keeps telling us we need... blocking. You can block individual user names, and they will no longer be able to message you, send you friend invitations, or show up under friends-of-friends. You can NOT block friends (if someone is your friend, why would you want to block them?).
  • Added ability to set a text status and a game status at the same time.
  • Added estimated time remaining for file downloads.
  • Increased the maximum number of sources you can use during file downloads.
  • Improved paste support into the Add Custom Game Server to Favorites dialog.
  • Xfire In-game marks group chat messages with a double arrow to distinguish them from instant messages.
  • Added sensitivity setting of voice activation for voice chat (go to Tools | Options | Voice to set it).
  • Added a search field on the top of the infoview for the files tab.
  • Improved error messages when initializing Xfire In-Game fails.
  • Fixed several uncommon crashes.
  • Added Xfire digital signature to Xfire.exe and all of our .dll files for additional security.
  • Added support to play sounds specified in skins in .zip files.

ET-Map: Paris Bastille (Beta 3)

11.12.2005 : 00:55

Paris, France, summer 1944. Paris is being liberated. Even though the occupying forces has received the order to burn Paris before it can be liberated, they have refused to do so for various reasons. But an axis commando, hidden in a basement near "La Bastille", still believe that they must execute this order. Their objectives are two pillars, located underground, that support an important building. An allied commando has secured the area, scealed the entrance and are waiting for
reinforcement. They must protect the entrance to the underground, and the two pillars.

| Paris Bastille Site

ET-Map: Hydro Dam (Final)

01.10.2005 : 17:00

Axis and Allied forces have set up operations on either side of a dam, each must collect and return an objective to their bases. Access to the objective is by means of a successful dynamite charge at enemy door. Control of base flags leads to forward spawn opportunity.
Balanced playing area on several levels with interconnectivity between levels. Player can attack from above ground or use the tunnel systems to attack from behind. Twin mounted MG42
provide additional defense for bases. Fog limits view to prevent sniper rule, however there exist several sniper positions.

| Servers running this Map

ET-Movie: ''141-Decimated_Trailer''

11.09.2005 : 10:23 bietet ''141-Decimated_Trailer'' zum Download an.

-[ Download @ (~ 70 MB) ]-


ET-Map: Tramfight (Beta 2)

10.09.2005 : 08:50

Overview: Axis scientist are developing a new weapon called the "venom cannon". A prototype of this weapon was hidden inside a church in a small spanish village. Now allied forces must obtain this prototype...

The Objectives: The game now has 3 stages:
Stage 1: Allies must drive the tram to the old castle: Once there the iron gates in the church will open where the venom cannon (objective) is

hidden. The tram can not be moved untill the next stage has been completed.
Stage 2: Allies must steal this venom cannon and deliver it to the tram.
Stage 3: Allies must drive the tram, containing the objective, to the second station.

The spawnpoints:
- Axis starts with 2 spawns (starting spawn / 2nd spawn), Allies start with only one spawn (starting spawn).
- Once the allies have escorted the tram to the old castle all spawnpoints will change. Both teams will lose their first starting spawn. Allied team will spawn at the extra (2nd) spawn.
In the center of the map is a flag that must or can be captured by both teams. (similar to "railgun"). Once captured players will never autospawn at the flag, but have to pick it manually in the limbo menu...

The Generator: Allies can now construct a generator that will increase the speed of the tram. Once build the tram will speed up from 120 units per second to 200 units per second (the tug in 'railgun' also has a speed of 200 units /sec) The speed increase only applies to the allied team: When an axis players enters the tram the speed will always remains 120 units /sec. When build, the axis can destroy the generator with dynamite only...

| Tramfight Website

ET-Map: Caen 2 (Final)

04.09.2005 : 20:53

The Allies have control of Caen and have set up a Battalion Headquarters across the river. The Axis are trying to regain control of the town and get to a broken down tank, break into battallion HQ, and steal combat intelligence.

| Wolfenstein Files

ET-Map: Guns (Beta)

04.09.2005 : 20:50

The Allies must infiltrate an Axis compound and destroy two big guns.

| Wolfenstein Files

~ Downtime ~

04.09.2005 : 20:36
~~ Update ~~

Downloads funktionieren wieder - Downloads are back

Dem Provider unseres Hosters ist beim Upgraden des Servers ein kleiner Fehler unterlaufen. Das Problem wurde behoben, es kann aber noch bis morgen dauern bis die Seite und die Downloads wieder für jedermann zugänglich sind.
Wenn es nötig sein sollte einfach den Cache des Browsers leeren und erneut auf gehen.

ET-Mod: LamaPro 0.6.6

21.07.2006 : 09:20
Nach Monaten des stillstands wurde eine neue Version von LamaPro veröffentlicht. Der Mod versucht das Feeling von RtCW nach ET zu bringen.

-[ Download ''LamaPro 0.6.6'' ]-

| LamaPro

Serverbrowser: AR Tray Spy 2 (.NET) 2.2.1

02.09.2005 : 22:06
Der AR Tray Spy (Windows only) von Black Thunder erlaubt auf vielfältige weise das Überwachen seiner Favorisierten Gameserver. Pingzeiten, Aktivität oder ob sich gerade ein Buddy auf einem Server befindet. Neben RtCW und ET werden noch weitere Games unterstützt. Als Bonus gibt es noch unterstützung für ventrilo und Teamspeak.
Download, Screenshots und eine detailierte Anleitung finden Sie auf der Altered Realms Webseite.

-[ Altered Realms ]-

AR Tray Spy is a free (read: no adware/spyware) tool to help you continuously monitor and optionally administer your favorite Game servers. Each server get's it's own spot in the Windows system tray where you'll get instant feedback on the number of users on the server, with the ability to immediately jump into the game with a single mouse click.

AR Tray Spy features:

  • Monitor unlimited number of servers
  • Get both visual and/or audio feedback on server status
  • Remotely administer the server via RCON
  • Runs in the system tray with optionally each server as it's own icon
  • Audio/Visual notification on friends joining the server
  • Audio/Visual notification on favorite maps on the server
  • Ping times for each monitored server
  • Email notification of server downtime
  • Optional logging to file of server activity
  • Ability to Auto-Join Full Servers when free slot available
  • Much More...
Planet Wolfenstein

ET-Map: Firetrail (v1)

02.09.2005 : 08:47

The Allies are attacking an Axis Firetrail-Depot and must dynamite the Pumpstation.

| Servers running this Map

6on6 ET-Cup

01.09.2005 : 09:35

Wir von den Lucky-Bitches dachten uns, es wäre mal wieder an der Zeit für einen großen 6on6 ET-Cup. Deshalb haben wir uns dazu entschlossen - gerade jetzt - da viele Stimmen laut werden, die ET "tot" heißen, ein Zeichen zu setzen und uns bemerkbar zu machen.

Mit einer kleinen und einfachen Homepage nahm das Projekt seinen Lauf und befindet sich inzwischen in der finalen Phase. Der erste Cup wird "invited only" ( die nächsten Cups werden für alle Teams geöffnet ) sein und nach zwei Tagen intensiver Werbung und Arbeit dürfen wir uns über die Zusage von 24 Topteams freuen. Zugesagt haben unter anderen:
[M]arauders, Team-Pistols, T4Ce, Purans, Remedium, P!mps, wArning!, negative-image und einige mehr.
Mit xSporting und sind auch zwei deutsche Teams vertreten. Auf den Gewinner warten 6 BNC's für volle 6 Monate.

Am Sonntag den 4. September startet das ganze. Vermerkt euch diesen Termin, denn auch für euch wird das ein super Tag.
Einige Matches werden via ETTV übertragen und sowohl swine als auch TosspoT (Shoutcaster) werden kräftig für Unterhaltung sorgen.

Für mehr Infos besucht einfach unsere Seite: und unseren IRC-Channel: #ET-Cup

P.S. Unterstützung hinsichtlich ETTV oder Gameserver ist natürlich gerne gesehen /msg SPU9
Eingesendet von SPU9

RtCW-Bot: Fritz Bot 5

30.08.2005 : 11:00

Der FritzBot von Maleficus wurde wie versprochen fertiggestellt. Unterstützt werden bis jetzt neben den RtCW-Standard-Maps auch die beliebtesten Custommaps. Für nähere Informationen über die Benutzung lesen Sie bitte den Fritz Bot User Guide.

-[ Download ''Fritz Bot'' ]-

-[ Fritz Bot User Guide ]-

"Fritz Bot is a A.I. bot for the award winning game "Return To Castle Wolfenstein".

This version of Fritz Bot has support for ALL default OBJECTIVE and CAPTURE POINT maps, as well as many popular custom maps of both game types. The waypoint and scripting tools are included with the bot, so that anybody can create paths/scripts for Fritz. A comprehensive tutorial on how to use them will be available shortly on my web site.

Fritz Bot has 100% support for all RtCW classes and weapons, a tactical understanding that matches (if not surpasses) many human pub players, and doesn't cheat, lag or whine. :-)"
| Fritz Bot Website

Stalag 13's BaseRace CUP 2005

30.08.2005 : 10:48
Es ist wieder soweit! Nach dem Turmbau 2005 folgt bald das nächste Ereignis ganz nach dem Motto: "It's a Race to build your Base". Diesmal dürft ihr eure Waffen schonmal durchladen, denn neben dem Klauen von Aufbaukisten ist das taktische Auschschalten des Gegners von hoher Bedeutung!

CUP-BEGINN: 28. Oktober um 18 Uhr
CUP-ENDE: 29. Oktober

Das Turnier wird im Stopwatch-Modus gespielt, teilnehmen kann jeder Clan, der ET schonmal gespielt hat und mindesetens 8 Member auf das Schlachtfeld schicken kann.

Die genaue Anzahl der Clans, die am BaseRace CUP 2005 teilnehmen können, wird in einigen Tagen zusammen mit dem genauen Termin veröffentlicht.

Für Clans, die bisher keine Erfahrung mit BaseRace gemacht haben, aber trotzdem gerne teilnehmen möchten: Unser Public-Server läuft im BaseRace Stopwatch-Modus und ist 24 Stunden rund um die Uhr erreichbar

Dies ist somit schon das 2. Event, das wir zusammen mit unserem Partnerclan "Grimms-Märchen-Clan" ausrichten und wir hoffen, das wieder eine so große Teilnahme wie bereits beim Turmbaurekord 2005 zustande kommt. Für mehr Ínfos kommt auf unsere Seite
Eingesendet von Stalag 13

ET-Map: Trainyard TE (Beta 3)

28.08.2005 : 12:10

Axis have stocked 3 gold-grates in a secret depot. Allies must steal there to be able to constuct new weapons for there troops.

| KLR-Team

ET-Server: New IP

28.08.2005 : 10:27
Seit dem 01. September 2005 ist unser ET-Server unter anderer IP Erreichbar. Denkt daran Eure Favoritenliste zu Aktualisieren.

~ ~

Since the 01. September 2005, our ET-Server will be available under a new IP. Don't forget to update your favorites.

ET-Bot: Omni-Bot 0.31

25.08.2005 : 11:38

Omni-Bot wurde in Version 0.31 Beta veröffentlicht.

-[ Download ''Omni-Bot 0.31'' ]-

Version 0.31:

This is a bug fix release to address the most important issues in the 0.3 release.

-Updated nav files.
-Improved how bots handle "badly" waypointed maps.
-Reduced voice chat usage for grenades.
-Fixed duplicate bot names.
-Fixed minbots/maxbots.
-Fixed sometimes bots could not be added during warmup.

NOTE: We're currently working on simplifying the script syntax for customizing bot/weapon properties. The scripts in this release may be partly outdated. We're gonna update them with working versions asap.

The updater is currently out of order! Please use the full installer!

Version 0.3:
This release marks a fairly major milestone in ET bot support. The triggers in ET are now working, allowing maps to be scripted now, and the scripts to enable/disable the properties of certain goals when certain map events trigger. Unfortunately we didn't have time to include a working script, but I will try my best to post an example script for a map over the next day or so to help people get started. I will also try to expand the scripting article.

Here's the 0.3 changelog.

Omni-Bot beta 0.3
Added mobile MG42 goal for soldiers.
Added bots can be fooled by disguised CovertOps now.
Added map scripting(triggers).
Fixed AI related causes of the "bots do nothing" error.
Changed parameter order of addbot command.
Improved bot grenade handling.

In other news I'll be out of town for the 20th - 27th of this month, so I leave you all in the capable hands of Magik for that time.

We are still awaiting a new version of many of the ET maps, with modifications for improved behavior with the newest version, so the included waypoints may not show the bots in their optimal state.

Omni-Bot Official Website

ET-Map: Alpine Assault (Final)

31.12.2005 : 19:30

The Axis foe have converted an old mine works into a hidden bunker complex, where they are stockpiling weapons for a new offensive. The Top Secret Plans for this attack have also been kept at this location. Can the Allies steal the plans and foil this dastardly attack by the enemy? Train: The Train will run automatically to the next stop once activated. There are four Train stops, two stops just outside the Garage and two within the tunnels. One at the Armoury, and the other, at
the Stores. There are two sets of points within the tunnels that control whether the Train goes to the Armoury or to the Stores. Both teams can use the Train and points.

| Detoeni's Map Art

Quake 3 Sourcecode veröffentlicht

20.08.2005 : 10:28
Heute hat id den Quellcode von Quake 3 veröffentlicht.


id Software
Planet Quake 3
File Planet

ET-Resource Site

Prison 3on3 Cup beendet

26.09.2005 : 08:57

~ Update ~

Der Cup wurde wie folgt beendet:

1. Metallorca
2. Godfathers of Destruction
3. corrupt & Reality Squared

Der Cup beginnt am 25.09 und wir hoffen auf Eure Unterstützung.

Es werden noch ein paar Serversponsoren benötigt und wir hoffen auf eine rege Beteiligung am Prison 3on3 Cup.

Hier bekommt ihr eine Vielzahl von Informationen zu diesem Cup und anmelden könnt ihr Euch hier.

Registrierte Forenbenutzer bekommen über dieses Event Informationen per Newsletter!

2. English We try to start a Cup at 25.09 and so we hope for your support. :)

We are currently searching a few Serversponsors and a Clans which like to take part at this Prison 3on3 Cup.

Here you are getting a lot of informations for this cup and you can register for it here.

Registrered Users of the board are getting some informations through our Newslettersystem!

ET-Movie: ''Winghaven Out of the Way''

17.08.2005 : 19:52 bietet das absolut sehenswerte Movie
''Winghaven Out of the Way'' zum Download an.
Sehr schöne geskriptete Kamerasequenzen und Frags.
Absolut Empfehlenswert!

-[ Download @ (296 MB = 10 Minuten) ]-

ET-TC: TC:E Ladder on Clanbase

17.08.2005 : 22:47

Auf der TrueCombat: Elite Homepage ist folgende News zu finden:

TC:E Ladder on Clanbase
8/17/2005 - 02 PM CET

Clanbase have put a form on their website to see how popular TC:E is. If they get enough responses they will open a ladder for TC:E. So if you are part of a clan or even just yourself and want to play against other clans then go to the url below and fill the form in:

True combat : Elite

Wouldn't it be nice to say you were the FIRST ever champions of the TC:E ladder?

G6/TeamTerminator Development Team


ETpro 3.2.1 Final

17.08.2005 : 16:25
Heute ist die Final vom 3.2.1'er ETPro erschienen. Sie läuft auf unserem Server:

-[ Download ''ETpro 3.2.1 Final'' ]-


  • fix server crash exploit (thanks forty)
  • fix shuffleteamsxp_norestart crashes
  • fix crashes on busy servers (reuse tempEntities instead of panicing in G_Spawn())
  • weapon pickup bb's are now centered
  • limbo'd corpses no longer block weapon pickup
  • fire missions would appear in freecam
  • b_demo_nametags and b_demo_dynamitecounter now override shoutcast
  • demorecordings
  • listcs, setcs no longer truncated
  • listcs can now take a parameter
  • readyup status was sent incorrectly sometimes
  • server crashes hopefully fixed
  • drowning cheat during pause is now fixed (fix by deus)
  • ammoracks would continue to dispense during pause
  • spawntimer would continue counting during pause
  • private messages werent rate limited
  • pak0 added to etpro server sanity checking
  • /ref busted when spam protection triggered
  • sniper zoom hax fixed
  • dynamite and limbo'd corpses no longer block bullets
  • ettv slaves were kicked by mistake
  • scoreboard fixes for ettv
| Baniforum

ET-Map: Bunker Eagles (Beta 1)

16.08.2005 : 14:01

The mission is to stop the Allied mission to retreive a document containing a list of Axis spies in Schoss Adler also known as the Castle Of Eagles and to stop them from escaping the country with the document!

| Servers running this Map