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ET-Skinpack: Danish Partisans

22.10.2007 : 20:19
This skinpack made by Tyrlop replaces the allied soldiers with danish partisans.


--> Danish Partisans
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN

RtCW-Map: =KT= Tribute (Beta)

22.10.2007 : 19:29

~ Download ~
Caen 2 for RtCW. To uphold the memory of "Kommandant" and "Sewer Rat".

Allied Forces Are Attempting To Capture & Escape with kILLjOys HaxXx.
| =KT=Clan

ET-Map: Chateau (Final 2)

21.10.2007 : 03:26

~ Download ~
Update: Better Command Map

The Axis have taken over a Chateau and are using it as a base of operations. Deep within the library of the Chateau are secret documents. The Allies need to steal those documents and transmit them as soon as possible!
| PHA Clan

ET-Map: Temple Sniper (Final)

20.10.2007 : 20:09

~ Download ~
This is a conversion of Temple Sniper. This map is adjusted to UJE style. I wanna thank the makers of Temple Sniper for letting me change this map.


  • Made the map a bit bigger for more sniperspots
  • Adjusted the lighting
  • Terrain aproval for higher sniperspots
  • added some sounds in it
  • Way more cover now
  • Removed some clips that you can get to more spots
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Linux Client Released

19.10.2007 : 23:52
"I'll keep this short and sweet, since a lot of folks have been waiting for this: Hot on the heels of the Linux demo, id Software's penguin wrangler Timothy 'TTimo' Besset has just released the full Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Linux Client!"


--> ET:QW Linux Client 1.1 R8
You can find more information on the Linux version in TTimo's ETQW Linux FAQ.Community Enemy Territory

QW-Tool: ET:QW Stats v1.0

17.10.2007 : 21:43
ET:QW Stats Program is a set of scripts that will parse ET:QW log files to gather stats for the game. It is a two part system. One part processes the log files and records all the information to a database. The second part allows you to display those stats on your website, allowing your players to look at their own stats as well as anyone else who has played on the server.

Download & Info:

--> Download ''ET:QW Stats v1.0''
--> Manual
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Tool: ET:QW Starter v0.97

17.10.2007 : 02:07
ET:QW Starter is a small tool to connect easy to your favourite servers. It also manage the accounts and let you set your individual gamesettings. How does it work?

1. Enter your favourite Game Server data (Name, IP address optional server password)
2. Click "Start ET:QW"
3. ET:QW Starter connect automatically to the selected server without login screen, intro movies, etc.

Download & Info:

--> ET:QW Starter v0.97
--> Info Deutsch
--> Info English
  • no installation required: download & start
  • start options: high priority class, run in fullscreen mode or window, disable intro movies, show FPS, Custom Parameters, etc. More will follow.
  • detect ETQW installation directory
  • Debug Mode (F10). Let create your ET:QW command line for testing or using in other ET tools.
  • encryption for account and server passwords
  • require nearly no ressources (4MB RAM, 0% cpu)
  • launch other applications before ET:QW starts

ET-Map: NFL (Beta 2)

16.10.2007 : 17:18

~ Download ~
Football Match: Each team need to score at least 10 goals to win the match or the highter scoring points will win the match if the time is up. You need to steel the Enemy NFL-Ball and score between FieldGoal.
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Linux Demo Available

16.10.2007 : 16:56
id Software's Timothy 'TTimo' Besset has just wrapped up work on the Linux version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo and it's now available for download! The Linux demo is fully compatible with the Windows version.

--> Download and more at Community Enemy Territory
Community Enemy Territory

~ RtCW Hydro Dam 2 RELOADED ~

13.10.2007 : 12:46

Nach Jahren ist dank saeufer wieder ein "Hydro Dam 2"-Server online! Mit derselben bewährten Config die damals von tomacco gebastelt wurde.
Damit hätten alle RtCW-Hydro-Begeisterten wieder einen festen Anlaufpunkt für ihre Lieblingsmap.

--> Hydro Dam 2 @
Verbesserungsvorschläge bitte hier in diesen

ET:QW: The Strogg

11.10.2007 : 07:43
"The Strogg are a fictional alien race who serve as the primary antagonists in the Quake videogame series, specifically Quake II and Quake 4. They are a playable faction in Quake III: Team Arena and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars."
--> Read more at Wikipedia

ET:QW Theme 4 Mobile Phone

10.10.2007 : 17:07
A theme made by Godfather for the Sony Ericsson K790/K800/810/850


--> ET:QW Mobile Theme


~ WolfMap's ET:QW Server ~

07.10.2007 : 19:46

Aufmerksamen Besuchern wird nicht entgangen sein das wir seit einigen Tagen einen eigenen QW-Public-Server besitzen.
Erreichen könnt Ihr den Server unter folgender IP:
  • Alle vier Campaigns am Stück
  • Unranked - frei von Statwhores
  • Keine Bots
  • Balanced Teams
  • Friendly Fire aktiviert
  • Keine Custom-Mods
Wir wünschen Euch viel Vergnügen bei der durchführung der Missionen!

PS: Natürlich haben auch auf dem QW-Server unsere Serverregeln ihre Gü


07.10.2007 : 19:35
For those off you admins who don't have all the QW CVAR's, download a pdf file with 74 pages here:


--> ET:QW CVAR's
BlueAngel via E-Mail

ET:QW - Complete Linux QW Server Pack

05.10.2007 : 12:20
Here's a complete pack for setting up a linux QuakeWars Server.
The pack contains: The Linux server files, the startupscript, the Setup FAQ, server.cfg, usergroup.dat & punkbuster.cfg

All you need to get ur server started is in this pack.
It's for basic startup your server, this means your server will run great!
Download it here.

For direct setup FAQ look here.

Have fun!

BlueAngel of

Note: also have an eye on this thread by an3k, he is giving some good files for servers.BlueAngel via E-Mail

~ ETpro Trickjump-Server ~

04.10.2007 : 23:37

Seit eben haben wir für alle Trickjump-Begeisterten einen 10-Slot-Server (ETpro) mit ca. 30, 40 Maps am Start.
Viel Spaß beim Jumpen! :-)

--> Jumphouse @
--> ET Trickjump Erklärung

ET:QW Tweak Guide

03.10.2007 : 23:44
Over at you will find a quite good guide to tweak your QW a bit.


--> ET:QW Tweak Guide
Quo Vadis

ET-Map: Supercatapult (Beta 4)

01.10.2007 : 23:44

~ Download ~
Allies have located an Axis Castle that they must conquer to show prove how "PRO" they are, the only problem is that the castle is impossible to invade! the walls and gates are to thick to be dynamited. There is one big hole infront of the castle, and it's impossible to build a bridge for such big hole while being under fire. But the Allies are clever and had build a catapult, not to bombard the Axis Castle with stones, but to bombard the Axis Castle with their own soldiers!

ALLIES: Catpure the flag and hold it for 30 secs. Tip: Use the catapult to shot yourself over to the castle.
AXIS: Defend the flag for 30 mins. Tip: use MG42Tyrlop via MSN
| Servers running this Map

ET-Mod: ETace / Work in Progress

01.10.2007 : 21:14
"The ETACE mod is going to be open-source. Any anticheat code inside will be CLOSED SOURCE. And this anticheat code is going to be one of the two mechanisms we use to prevent cheating. The anticheat code will kick players for using cheats. We however believe we won't issue so many kicks, as the other mechanism (we hope) will actually render cheats unusable. More on this subject once we get closer to the release date.

Asta la vista, cheaters!"


--> ET Anti-Cheat Effort

QW-Tool: ETQW Admin 1.0

01.10.2007 : 17:17
ETQWAdmin was created to tail an ETQW log file and act on it, similar to how etadmin_mod does to ET. This project is in no way associated with etadmin_mod, besides some basic spiritual guidance (The concepts, no code). The idea is that the core program will tail the log file, parse the data, and pass info to whatever plugins are loaded.

Download & Info:

--> ETQW Admin 1.0
--> ETQW Admin Website
Components so far:
  • All components:
    • External Config Files - Run same codebase with different configs (for different servers).

  • ETQWAdmin:
    • Plugin architecture to quickly and easily add features and functions
    • Tails log file, messaging the lines via regexps.
    • Sends messaged data/formatted information to plugins via common interface.

  • Plugins:
    • tcpd
    • rcon

  • ETQWAdmin-IRC-Bot:
    • Nicely displays server chat, connects/disconnects of humans, map changes
    • IRC users can run !players to get a list of players and count of bots (if any)
    • IRC users can chat to the ETQW Server with "::message".

  • Add User Script:
    • Passwords are kept in sha1, so this script (in extras/) will help
Community Enemy Territory

ET-Minimod: Animated Radar Screen

30.09.2007 : 16:57
This mod animates the radar screen in Seawall Battery and all custom maps that use the screen.

Many thanks to Diego for the permission to use the textures and the shader from his map "Praetoria - Mission One: Bunker Hill".


--> Animated Radar Screen

ET-Bot: Foxbot 0.701

30.09.2007 : 15:59
In other bot related news a community member who goes by Yuraj has graciously fixed some bugs in Foxbot and released an update for it, which fixes some long standing bugs with Foxbot such as the teleporter crash and several other issues. The updated version as well as an updates source code snapshot is available in the downloads.


--> Foxbot 0.701
Planet Wolfenstein
| Omni-Bot

ET-Map: Sniper Ruines (Beta 1)

30.09.2007 : 15:38

~ Download ~
Sniper Ruines offers some nice bombed ruines and takes place under cover of dusk. Sniper fans will have a lot of fun, because there are many hiding-places to discover. You can hide very good, what makes it hard for your enemy, to win the fight.
| Servers running this Map

ET-Map: RtCW Depot 2 v1.0.2

29.09.2007 : 23:52

~ Download ~
The Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft gun located at the north end of the depot before Axis troops destroy the Allied Field HQ in the south.

Some players found v1.0.1 too dark. Version 1.0.2 has had the ambient light increased.

RtCW Depot was one of my favourite RtCW maps which I always hoped would turn up on ET. It never did, so I have done a conversion to get this classic played again.

Based on the revised Depot 2, it has a few changes from the RtCW version but remains essentially the same.

The enemy forces confront each other in a rail depot. The Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft gun at the north end of the depot before the Axis destroy the Allied Field HQ in the south.

Best played with larger team sizes of say at least 8 per team, to allow some players to attack the enemy objective while some defend their own.Wolfenstein Files
| 2bit

QW-Tool: QW Promoter 1.0a

29.09.2007 : 23:22
A tool to promote a text from a textfile to your running Quake Wars Dedidacated Server in a specific interval. The Quake Wars Promoter runs from any place, you don't have to run it on your server made by HeftiSchlumpf.

Download & Info:

--> QW Promoter 1.0a
--> QW Promoter Website
Quo Vadis
| Die Schlümpfe

ET:QW Linux Server Files (Updated)

26.10.2007 : 10:50
Finally, the Linux Server files has been released.
Update: R10 is out, it fixes some more crashes.


--> ET:QW Server 1.1 Full R10 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Server 1.1 No Media R10 (Linux)
Zerowing id Software

ET:QW Patch 1.1

28.09.2007 : 00:16
Rechtzeitig zum Europäischen Start von ET:QW steht schon das Update 1.1 für die Spieler bereit. Wer Probleme hat den Patch mit der Auto-Update Funktion zu bekommen, kann sich das File bei uns herunterladen.

Download & Info:

--> ET:QW Patch 1.1
  • Updated Linux client compatibility
  • Fixed performance drop of soft particles on some graphics cards
  • Removed XP award for destroying newly spawned vehicles (spawn camping)
  • Improved bot control of the GDF Titan Tank
  • Fixed dedicated LAN server administrators reverting to default group on map change
  • Fixed players occasionally not being able to change the mission they are on
  • Server Launcher now clears the map rotation when changing game mode
  • Fixed localized clients reverting to unlocalized if player starts a lite server on the same PC
  • Fixed image pure check (anti-cheating) erroneously failing for MegaTextures
Community Enemy Territory

Locki's Pre-Release Talk mit

27.09.2007 : 23:39
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars ist ab dem 28.September offiziell im Laden erhältlich. Wir haben die Zeit vor dem offiziellen Release dazu genutzt um ein Gespräch mit dem Mann zu führen der hinder diesem Spiel Steckt. Die Rede ist von Paul "Locki" Wedgwood, seines Zeichens Lead Designer und Besitzer der Softwareschmiede SplashDamage.

Wir haben Ihn unter anderem darüber befragt wie sich das Spiel von der Planungsphase bis zum fertigen Spiel verändert hat, oder wie man überhaut dazu kommt solch grosse Projekte mit seiner eigenen Firma zu realisieren.
Aber wer wollte nicht schon immer mal wissen was an so einem Releasetag oder am Tag der Goldmeldung in den Studios in Bromley so abgeht?

Da dies ein Interview der etwas anderen Art ist verrät uns jedenfalls schon Locki's allererste Antwort:

"Paul Wedgwood: Ich liebe diese Art von Interview, denn Ihr stellt niemals diese normalen PR Fragen :)"

--> Zum Interview

ET:QW Fan Site Kit v3

27.09.2007 : 22:23
Vom Offiziellen ET:QW Fansite Kit wurde vor einigen Tagen eine zweite Version veröffentlicht. Darin befinden sich neue Screenshots, Box-Art, überarbeitete Logos, paar Soundfiles und einen Quake-Font.


--> Fan Site Kit @
Community Enemy Territory

PlanetQuakeWars in neuem Design

27.09.2007 : 22:17

Unsere Partnerseite PlanetQuakeWars erstrahlt zum Release des Games in neuem Design. Schon jetzt findet man auf der Seite massig Inhalt der eigentlich keine Fragen mehr offen läßt.

U.K.Visuals via ICQ