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Mobile Version of Wolfenstein Planned

15.11.2007 : 18:27
USA Today reports that id Software has announced "id Mobile", a new division of id with plans to develop mobile versions of its classic games Quake and Wolfenstein, as well as a sequel to the cellphone game hit, Doom RPG.
"We are operating on the assumption that mobile gaming has a potential for huge growth," says id co-founder John Carmack. "It's at a tipping point. Everybody has a phone, and almost every phone is powerful enough to do good games on it."

They expect the id name to help draw the attention of potential creative talent to a sector of the industry that's often considered "the ghetto of game development," Carmack says. "It's going to be easier to attract more people to work for a project when they are actually working for id."

The Mesquite, Texas, game maker is no mobile-game newcomer. Released two years ago, Doom RPG for cellphones has sold more than 1 million copies. Sales of last year's Orcs & Elves have topped 400,000. Both of those action games were co-developed by id with Fountainhead Entertainment, a company founded by Carmack's wife, Katherine Anna Kang. A former director of business development at id, she will now serve also as id Mobile's president.

Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein

QW-Tool: QW PowerAdmin 0.9 (Beta)

04.03.2008 : 15:33
This version include support for Competition Mod Beta, is is not tested with QuakeWars 1.5 Beta.

Download & Info:

--> QW PowerAdmin v0.9 (Beta)
--> Morix
  • Support for Competition Mod BETA
  • Flicker free player list
  • Power Admin resizeable

ET-Map: AA-Guns (Final 3)

10.11.2007 : 22:49

~ Download ~
The allies must destroy the AA-Guns before aircrafts can send some food for the soldiers behind the lines.
| Servers running this Map

RtCW2-Prison vorläufig geschlossen

10.11.2007 : 11:31
10.November 2007 - Leider müssen wir RTCW-Prison aufgrund von technischen Problemen für unbestimmte Zeit schließen, um eine qualitativ hochwertige Nutzung des Netzwerkes gewährleisten zu können. Keine Sorge, wir gehen nicht Offline jedoch sahen wir uns zu diesem Schritt gezwungen. Das Prison Forum wird weiterhin Online bleiben wo wir euch dann auch ueber den aktuellen Stand der Dinge auf dem laufenden halten werden. Wolfensteinanhänger begeben sich bitte in dieser Phase zu unseren alles geschätzten Partnerseiten oder um sich weiterhin zu informieren.

Das Prison Team

ET-Map: Lighthouse (Final 2)

10.11.2007 : 11:13
Update: Fixed Version / Gun Clipped

~ Download ~
Allies have set up a command centre on a small chalkstone island, housing a lighthouse off the South coast of England. Axis are attempting to dissable it.
| mrfin

RtCW-MP-Map: Radarbunker (Final)

10.11.2007 : 02:50

~ Download ~
Deathmatch: Kill all Opponents

ET:QW for Mac in Alpha Stage

09.11.2007 : 13:26
AppleInsider brings news of the Mac OS X port of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars under developement by Aspyr Media. Aspyr, who has extensive experience porting id Software's titles to the Mac platform, has sat down with AppleInsider to share a few updates on the progress of their project as they make optimizations and bring it up to date with the 1.2 codebase.
Community Enemy Territory

QW-Mod: Bullettime

09.11.2007 : 02:52
"I toyed around with a script that gives me bullettime in offline play. I don't know how this works on other systems, it worked fine on mine. Please adapt the binding, I bound Q to it as I don't use the lean keys."


--> Bullettime
"So far it's a "draft", so press the bullettime key only once and then again when it's over, ie not multiple times while it's still running, or it could take a longer time to finish.

Have fun!

~Joe999"Community Enemy Territory

ET-Map: Snow Sniper (Beta 4)

07.11.2007 : 16:46

~ Download ~
A very peacefull city in the mountains is being disturbed by snipers. No rest now and no peace anymore. Only fights. This is a snipermap with some special stuff. In the beginning of the map there is almost no snow, and after 20 mintes it's loaded with snow. The map is not completely finished but it's good for a beta test. There is a way to cross but it will not be easy. You can go with the gondels to the other side. Hope you get a warm feeling playing in this map and maybe get a winter feeling or christmas feeling... Have fun!
Enemy Territory Stuff
| Servers running this Map

ET:QW Linux Server Files Updated

06.11.2007 : 20:54
The Linux server files have been updated to R3, this build fixes performance decreases on long running QW servers.


--> ET:QW Server 1.2 Full R3 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Server 1.2 No Media R3 (Linux)
Zerowing id Software

ET-Map: CLV (Final)

03.11.2007 : 18:23

~ Download ~
Axis must escort the tank and get the dynamite to blow up the gascontrols, so they can reach their fuel. Bring the fuel to the other tank so it can blow up the first escorted tank and then the Axis need to steal the gold bar. The Allieds must prevent this all.
[UJE]Niek via MSN
| Servers running this Map

QW-Mod: Headshot Sounds

01.11.2007 : 20:05
New headshot sounds for ET:QW made by |FaL|*RollerCoaster.

replaces the original headshot sound with the sound from ETpro.

replaces the headshot sound with a dark voice saying "Headshot".


--> Headshot Sounds
Works if you play local with bots, should work later if custom-pk4's are allowed for ET:QW and if the server has the mod running.|FaL|*RollerCoaster via E-Mail

ET-Map: Battle of Wolken 6 (Beta 1)

01.11.2007 : 18:01

~ Download ~
Allied forces are preparing to launch a major attack on one of the 3 Portal sites that are located within Wolken, currently under Axis occupance. In order to succeed they must first knock out the reinforced anti-tank gun. Under the cover of darkness Allied engineers where able to construct a special explosive device in order to do this, but the Axis managed to stop them arming it. Now Allies must find a way of getting the deivce operatioal again and blow the antitank gun in order to gain control of the site.
| Wolken Website

ET-Map: Uranproject (Beta 6)

01.11.2007 : 17:11

~ Download ~
Axis try to build their own nuclear weapon. They do it in a laboratory in the "Alpenfestung" (alps-fortress). They had build a small atomic reactor to get some plutonium. Allied had to enter the bunker areas and must destroy the cooling system of the reactor core to stop the axis experiments and destroy the lab-complex. To do that allies must hold the destroyed reactor core for about 1 or two minutes until the reactor is overheated. But the axis can repair the cooling system - and stop the overheating...
| Dark Alchemy

ET-Map: Nihil 2 TE (Final)

01.11.2007 : 16:58

~ Download ~
I made this map because I was bored playing the standard 1on1 ET maps like te_valhalla or tournamentdm2, both great maps but they cant be played forever. This project started to be a map for the UberCup hosted by Krisian "kris" Van Heughten. It grew pretty fast to a nice 1on1 competition map. Enjoy and have fun!
ET Configs
| Servers running this Map

News about the Wolfenstein Movie

01.11.2007 : 16:25
Film director Roger Avary in speaking with horror blog Fangoria:

"One of the foremost experiences I had growing up was playing Wolfenstein 3D. I played the original Castle Wolfenstein game, but really it was 3D that changed things. It was like a quantum leap in graphics at that point, and it was the first time I was transported inside another world and in control of it. My avatar was me, and when I turned it off, it was like I was leaving a very real world."

"What's not to like? You have guys shooting Nazis, storming bunkers, blowing up bridges and busting dams. To me, there's this proud tradition of guys on a mission in WWII . I already loved that, along with monster films, and Castle Wolfenstein kind of pulls both of those together."

"So when the opportunity to do this movie came up-through Samuel Hadida, who produced my first film (Killing Zoe), I was like, 'Hands down, I'm in.' That's the kind of adventure for me. It's something I want to do, and I'm finishing the script now. I've kind of done the festival film circuit; I want to make a big popcorn adventure movie, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein seemed like the perfect thing for me."

Read more about at Wolfenstein Files:

--> Wolfenstein flick: "a WWII 'guys on a mission' movie"
--> Roger Avary talks Castle Wolfenstein Movie
Thanks: Planet Wolfenstein | Wolfenstein Files

QW-Mod: Denglisch Mod v1.2

01.11.2007 : 01:14

Wie einige anderen auch, finde ich die deutsche Übersetzung von ET:QW nicht ganz so prickelnd. Alles nur auf Englisch zu haben war mir aber auch irgendwie zu blöd. Ich habe mich mal an RTCW zurück erinnert und dort gab es im MP eine englische Sprachausgabe mit deutschen Texten. Deshalb habe ich mich mal hingesetzt und etwas zusammen gebastelt, was ich mal "Denglisch-Mod" nennen möchte. ~RollerCoaster

Download & Info:

--> ''Denglisch Mod'' Website
--> Website der ''Fraggers aus Leidenschaft''
Update 1.2:
Die neue Version 1.2 ist zu ETQW 1.2 kompatibel. Ebenfalls muss nicht mehr eine bereits bestehende Datei ersetzt werden. Die Version 1.2 des Denglisch MOD's funktioniert mit einer deutschen und englischen ETQW Version gleichermaßen.
Eine ausführliche Installationsanleitung liegt dem Archiv bei.
Hier die wichtigsten Features:
  • Deutscher Text im Spiel, aber überarbeitet
  • Original Begriffe verwendet: XP, MCP, usw.
  • Original Klassennamen verwendet: Medic, Technician, Field Ops, usw.
  • Die Sprachausgabe für Zeit (Start-Countdown), Beförderungen und Map-Ende sind auf Deutsch (weil ich die eigentlich gar nicht so übel finde).
  • Die restliche Sprachausgabe (VoiceChat, Advisor, usw.) ist im originalen Englisch.
  • Einige kleine Änderungen und (ich nenn es mal) Bug-Fixes.
|FaL|*RollerCoaster via ICQ

ET:QW Client 1.2 for Linux Released

31.10.2007 : 15:56
With only one day delay, the Linux Client 1.2 was released.


--> ET:QW 1.2 Client R2 (Linux) - Full
--> ET:QW 1.2 Client R2 (Linux) - No Media
zerowing id software

ET:QW 1.2 Crashes Solution

31.10.2007 : 00:06
If the game crashes (etqw.exe) if you want to join a server, rename the etqw.exe to - for example - etqw_test.exe

Wenn das Spiel (etqw.exe) beim betreten eines Servers abstürzt, benennt die etqw.exe um nach z.B. etqw_test.exe

ET:QW Patch 1.2 Released

30.10.2007 : 19:07
The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.2 Update has just been released! It weighs in at just over 280MB and comes with a multitude of improvements, fixes, and new features, including full voice communication, an improved server browser, and a variety of XP balancing adjustments. More information on the 1.2 Update can be found in this developer blog update. You can download the 1.2 Update either via the in-game updater or from the mirror below.

In addition to the client update, there are also updated server files available - please note that due to the amount of changes, there is no server update this time around, only a full installer.


--> ET:QW 1.2 Client Update (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Linux) - Full
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Linux) - No Media
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW Patch 1.2 Today

30.10.2007 : 16:00
"The 1.2 Update is currently undergoing final testing and checks, and we're currently plan to release it later today. In anticipation of the update, the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Master Server will be down for maintenance from 16:45 GMT to 17:15 GMT / 9:45 AM PST to 10:15 AM PST. You will not be able to log into your online account during this time and, once the maintenance has been completed, you will need to have updated your game to version 1.2 before you can play online again."
Community Enemy Territory

A First Look at the ET:QW SDK

29.10.2007 : 21:18
Jared 'jRAD' Hefty, Splash Damage's Tools and User Interface Programmer tells us what the upcoming SDK will include.

--> Read all about it!
For short:
  • The latest C++ game code
  • Several tutorial maps
  • High-resolution source art
  • Prefabricated map elements and models
  • The original text versions of all of the assets
  • The tools used to make the game
Community Enemy Territory

RtCW-Map: The Gold v2

28.10.2007 : 13:24

~ Download ~
The Gold v2

ET:QW Update 1.2 coming soon

26.10.2007 : 09:56
To resolve some of the issues which have been raised so far and prove once again their dedication to supporting ETQW and its players; the development crew have put together a new upgrade - currently in testing - for the game featuring a long list of improvements:
  • Voice Communication support
  • Improved balancing
  • Refined stopwatch and team balancing
  • User interface improvements
  • Bot fixes and improvements
  • Bug fixes and additional features.

--> Read all about it!

ET:QW Explained Serverconfig (Retail)

26.10.2007 : 09:48
Update: For Ranked and Unranked Servers.

All cvars you might want to use are included with explanatory notes for each so you know what each cvar does. Additionally a rotation script for all four campaigns and all twelve maps is included.


--> Explained Serverconfig (Retail)
The package contains:
  • README.txt
    • information about each file, example command lines and some general advice

  • rotation.txt
    • rotation scripts for all four campaigns, for all twelve maps and for a mix of all campaigns and maps

  • base/bots/botnames.txt
    • contains the default list of botnames with the prefix [BOT] for each base/guidstates.dat
    • contains a list of banned players and players to automatically make admins base/usergroups.dat
    • contains information about groups, their rights and a list of vote-/executable config files

  • base/server.cfg
    • contains all settings used to spawn a server

  • base/bots.cfg, base/nobots.cfg, base/lowgrav.cfg, base/normalgrav.cfg
    • a vote-/executable config which contains all settings getting set after vote/execution
Community Enemy Territory

ET:QW - Gamer-Config 1.1

26.10.2007 : 09:46
This config was made for some performance tweaking reasons but mostly to make the game more comfortable and make the overviewbetter. If you are using this config you will need to customize your keybindings in the _bind.cfg files. Also all HUD, Crosshair and name/clansettings have to be changed in the config.cfg. Your current gfx settings will be still customizable through the game because I didn't change any main graphics settings. I only unlocked FPS and optimized the graphics for good FPS. ~D3rG4mml3r


--> Gamer Config
Planet Quakewars

ET-Map: Operation Chariot 1.2.0

25.10.2007 : 20:11
Corrects the mistake which made the carried obj icon visible through walls. I quite liked the effect but it confused and annoyed some players.

~ Download ~
In 1942 the greatest threat to allied shipping was the mighty German battleship, Tirpitz. Her vast size meant that the only dock on the Atlantic seaboard that could accommodate her was at St. Nazaire.

So Operation Chariot was born, it's mission to blow up the dock and neutralize the threat of the Tirpitz.

The game commences with the allies having rammed the south gate with the destroyer HMS Campbeltown. They must now attempt to destroy as many of the 6 main dockyard facilities as possible.

There are 6 objectives to destroy, with victory being achieved to differing degrees at game end:

  • 0-1 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Axis victory
  • 2 objectives destroyed Major Axis victory
  • 3 objectives destroyed Marginal Axis victory
  • 4 objectives destroyed Marginal Allied victory
  • 5 objectives destroyed Major Allied victory
  • 6 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Allied victory
The map is very open and the allies can attack the objectives in any order - however, for the sake of gameplay, they don't have it all their own way.

The Allies must deliver a demolition charge, taken from the ship's hold, to any objective before it can be dynamited and destroyed. Two demolition charges are initially available, and when the first two objectives have been destroyed another two demolition charges are made available in the ship's hold. When the fourth objective has been destroyed, the final two charges become available.

This allows the allies to choose their targets, but limits them to attacking up to two at a time.

In addition, the axis have two barracks for their spawning. One is near 3 objectives and the second near the other 3 objectives. Axis players always spawn in the South Barracks, but have a passage that links the two barracks instantaneously - that is, an axis player at the South Barracks can move immediately (teleport) to the East Barracks and vice versa.

This is like having a choice of 2 spawn points, but without the bother of selecting them on the command map.

To guide axis players to the objectives under threat, there are ingame command maps in each Barracks. Indicators on these maps show which objectives are under attack, and which ones are especially in danger because demolition charges have been placed.

By checking this map on spawning, axis players can take themselves immediately to the action.Enemy Territory Stuff
| 2bit

TCE-Maps: 10 new customs

23.10.2007 : 14:50
10 new customs for True Combat: Elite

Download them here:

--> TC:E Maps
The new maps are:
Invasion v2 - Kowloon v0.5 - Lost Powerstation v2 - Mustamaa (Beta) - Office 2 - Raid (Beta 2) - Snowtown - Villa v2.1 - Vorort - Vorort (Beta)
Quo Vadis

ET CUP - Eurocup XVI im vollen Gange

23.10.2007 : 13:08
Der Eurocup XVI ist in Woche 3 angelangt und langsam wird es spannend. Die ersten zwei Wochen sind vorbei und Prison gestattet euch einen Rückblick über den 16. Enemy Territory Clanbase Eurocup mit seinem 16 Teams die sich jeweils in einer der 4 Gruppen des Cups befinden. Euch erwarten die aktuellen Gruppen im Überblick mit dem letzten Lineup des derzeitigen Gruppenersten sowie ein kurzes Community-Statement zu den vergangenen Spielen und die kommenden Wars für jede Gruppe.


Bremen_b2, Braundorf_b4, Supply, SW Goldrush TE, Radar, Frostbite
Mehr Infos und die Gruppen:
--> @ RtCW2-Prison
[DS]Pencil via ICQ

ET-Skinpack: Infantry 'No Quarter' (Beta 6)

22.10.2007 : 20:24
This skin for Enemy Territory will change a number of items in the game, however, the changes will only effect the Axis. For those of you that look for historical detail when playing, will be happy to know that the uniforms and the flags have been tweaked; Also, the Field Ops now has a cool look, as he will now be sporting a pair od shades, and the cvops will now have a face that will match the metality one would need to complete such a job, with a new cap to boot!


--> Infantry NQ (Beta 6)
[EF]Tyrlop via MSN